Life on Fire TV (Audio) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth

During this live business coaching session from stage, Nick expertly helps this entrepreneur identify her target market, her ideal client profile, as well as her marketing strategy and action plan, all within 30 minutes! 


This is truly a gift that Nick has to help entrepreneurs quickly become laser focused on exactly where they need to spend their time in their business and what they need to take immediate action on.


People can spend weeks, month, even years sometimes toiling over what their course of action should be with regard to the next steps in their business.  But, in nearly all of our business coaching sessions with our clients, it almost always comes down to those three things, target market, ideal client profile, and marketing strategy.


There are some HUGE takeaways to be had from this session if you come at it from the perspective of, "How can I apply what Nick is saying to MY business?"


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