Life on Fire TV (Audio) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth

Facebook advertising can appear to be complicated and expensive. However, in this quick video, you’ll learn that is far from the case.


Follow along as Nick walks you through exactly how to set up your first campaign on screen using Facebook’s ad platform. This includes, how to set your target audience, how to set your bid, and tips on making your ad convert well.


Nail your ad campaign and a 2X to 10X return on your investment is very achievable!


Getting your targeting right is one of the most critical parts to making your ads successful.


Pay close attention to that part of the episode!


And, let’s not forget how important it is to choose the right image and right copy to make your ad stand out and make it compelling (so people want to click on it).


Nick also covers why you must make sure you ad will displayed in the mobile newsfeed.


Discover what precise interest targeting is and why you’re likely going to want to use it often in your Facebook advertising.


And, learn how to upload your email list if you have one and why you would want to run ads to your own email list as a custom audience.


As with anything marketing related, you’re always going to optimize and test your ad campaign and marketing funnel. No matter how well your ads are performing, A.B.T.!


Always Be Testing!


There may be small tweaks you can make to reduce your cost or increase your conversions.


If you follow Nick’s proven Facebook advertising system, you can get likes for pennies, clicks for under a dollar, and leads for a few dollars or less.


Nick has built two six-figure businesses using Facebook advertising. He sold the first business in 2013 for $500,000.


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