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Here with us on a Google Hangout is bestselling author, business coach, and all around amazing business woman, Suzanne Evans, to talk about her brand new book, “The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything”.


Suzanne’s story is quite incredible.  She went from a secretary job, making secretary pay, to owning a 7-figure (approaching 8-figure) coaching business.


She dives into the challenges and parts that most don’t know about getting a book published with a major publisher, like the fact that the publisher doesn’t actually sell books for you!  You still have to get books sold, and prove in advance that you can do it!


From there, she dove into her model of how she drove book sales through joint venture partnering.  Amazing!


Suzanne gives us the details of what it takes to actually be labelled a “New York Times Bestseller”, and the affect that can have on your business and positioning.


Then, we ask her perspective on our four pillars of marketing, mindset, networking, and a journey worth living.  


We get her thoughts on hosting live events, sponsorships, masterminds, and so much more!


Suzanne is truly a wealth of knowledge and experience!


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