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In part 1 of this 2-part interview, super successful real estate entrepreneur, Cole Hatter, takes us inside his home, introduces us to his wife and beautiful baby daughter, and tells us his story of how he walked away from his business completely, only to come back even stronger after his journey of self-discovery!


Sometimes in life, no matter how well it appears things are going, we feel stuck.


We’re not always aware of it when we’re stuck, but Cole was.


He completely disengaged from a thriving real estate business and left the country for 10 straight months to embark on what became a life-changing self-discovery journey.


Upon deciding to leave, he had no idea the next 10 months would reshape his entire life.


It was a journey of selfless giving to others who have impoverished lives and living situations.  In return, he gained the clarity which lead to him propose to the love of his life, build a business that brings in more money than he’s ever made, start a family, and give more than he’s ever given.


There are a TON of little “nuggets” and learning lessons in the episode so pay close attention!


And, make sure you come back for part 2 where drill down into the teachable moments of what has led to Cole’s success!


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