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In this episode we are joined by marketer, podcaster, and Amazon publishing expert, Brad Costanzo!


Inspired years ago by the book, The 4-Hour Work Week, Brad set out to change his life by leaving the traditional job and sales model and become an entrepreneur.


Brad sought out to identify opportunities in the marketplace for information products and software to fill gaps he found and innovate on existing proven concepts.  


One day, while creating a “how-to” information product, Brad had an epiphany…


Most marketers think only about Google and YouTube when it comes to selling how-to products, where people may or may not be in “buying mode” when they are searching.  However, on Amazon, how-to seekers are almost always in buying mode!  


And so began his quest to master publishing on Amazon as a door opener and skill set to be bring to consulting relationships.


The first decision when it comes to publishing a book on Amazon is whether you are going to publish it for yourself or someone else.  You don’t have to write your own book, but you can still benefit from a percentage of the publishing process if you can help others get their book published by learning the publishing process.


From there, you can engineer a lead flow process, taking book buyers and giving them, as an example, access to free videos that accompany the book, or an additional report available as an email download.


Another innovation Brad came up with was what he calls “reverse ghost writing”, where he writes a high-quality book on a topic and then seeks out an established authority in that niche to put their name on the book and promote it in exchange for a 20% royalty.  




When it comes to promoting your book and coming up with your strategy, there are many different considerations and options.


Becoming a Bestseller on Amazon can happen through the proper “launch” promotion, and through researching your category in advance to determine your level of competition (if the “bestseller” label is what you’re after).  


You’ve also got pricing considerations.  Are you trying to make money from book sales, or can you forgo that income for the sake of pricing your book much lower to generate leads for your back-end marketing funnel process?


Brad’s suggestion is to look at the 3 main reasons for publishing a book on Amazon on this order:  


#1 Credibility  

#2 Lead Generation  

#3 Royalties (income from book sales)


Another fantastic philosophy Brad has is to lead with giving.  Most people lead with asking or taking, they want something and have offered no value or service before hand.


From there Brad dishes on networking.  One great tip that he has is, you don’t have to be a “guru” or authority in your niche if you simply act as a connector.  


A great way to do that is to be the creator of formal networking or mastermind groups in your niche, such as starting with something as simple as a private Facebook group.  Then, consider building to bigger and better connection models, such as high-end paid mastermind retreats.


There were so many awesome tips from Brad in this interview we could barely fit them all in the show notes!!  Thanks, Brad!


To hear more from Brad Costanzo, make sure you check out his podcast, Bacon Wrapped Business at!  Everything’s better with bacon, even business!


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