Life on Fire TV (Audio) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth

Since 1991 Alex Mandossian been mastering the art of communication and marketing and today he’s going to share with us how he uses Google Hangouts to get to the top of the search rankings in Google.


As we take a quick tour of Alex’s one-man office, we couldn’t help but notice the mastermind pictures with Larry Kind and Mohammad Ali on the walls.


Alex had reached out to highly influential thought leaders and offered to facilitate high-end masterminds for them.  


From there, this lead to him building relationships with billionaires, fortune 500 company heads, and other top entrepreneurs.  


His secret?


He didn’t charge anything to organize and run the masterminds.  He simply gave himself and his time in order to earn those relationships.


When it comes to how Alex has achieved his success, Alex says, “Most of everything I’ve learned is through observing what works and then reverse engineering it.”


Another secret of Alex’s is split testing, which is taking something such as a headline, and image, a color, or some other piece you’re using in your marketing and creating another version of it to see which version performs better.


So, where do you start?


When you think like Alex, you are never starting from scratch.  There are always other resources, other experts, other competitors you can observe to figure out what’s working so that you don’t have to start from a blank canvas.


Alex imparts a huge tip regarding testing, which is never fall in love with your idea, offer, product, etc., as that will only limit your creativity and potential.


Following his own advice, Alex observed that the two biggest media players online right now are Google and YouTube, and that the one thing that connects the two are Google Hangouts.


So, what Alex does is approach 5 influential thought leaders who are already successfully selling products through other channels and offers to set up Google Hangouts with them, for free.


Next, we talk selling.


Alex notes that most people focus on ROI (return on investment) when selling.  Alex, however, focuses on the COI (cost of inaction).  What are people losing by not taking action or not making changes?


This is incredibly powerful for a number of reasons, but one in particular is what makes it so significant…


People have not yet experienced the things they want, it’s emotionally unfamiliar to them.  Whereas, people are intimately familiar with the things they already live and know, which makes that and exponentially more powerful motivator.


For Alex, it all comes back to his passion which is teaching and training.  


Being a trainer of trainers is his mission, and he’s doing a tremendous job fulfilling on that mission. 


If you’d like to see Alex’s Hangout strategy in action, he’s made every hangout he’s ever done available at and you can also grab his assessment to find out how others see you and what your marketing persona is at! 


Great stuff, Alex!


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