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The “Instagram Gal”, Sue B. Zimmerman is here with us today to show us how to crush it and monetize Instagram!


Sue has now had 18 businesses, all successful in their own right, dating back to her teenage years.


So, she’s well aware of what it takes to start and grow a business.


One of her skills has been to observe the trend-setters, particularly her teenage daughters, who were avid Instagram users over 2 years ago.


For Sue, the Instagram lightbulb went off, and she’s been on a mission to master the platform ever since.


Sue’s got 7 steps to success on Instagram:


1.  Have a rockin’ bio - Including a professional avatar, searchable username, strong description, unique hashtag, and a URL to drive traffic


2. Post with purpose - What is the emotional feeling you want people to have when they discover your account?


3. Create a hashtag strategy - Unique hashtags are the key to a great strategy on Instagram


4. Engage - The more you engage with others, the more others will engage with you!


5. Promote your account - Tell your existing audiences you are on Instagram


6. Send a Direct Message - A direct message is a private message that can be sent to an individiual or group up to 15 people in one post


7. Lead people to where you want to do business


And, don’t miss Sue’s ninja tip, which is to maximize your username.  Most people have unused characters in their username that they could add to allow people to find them easier.


Make sure you grab Sue’s 5 hashtag tips at as well!


And, for more #InstaAwesome tips from Sue, follow her on Instagram at @SueBZimmerman now!


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