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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 202 of Life on Fire. Have you ever found yourself not taking action because you weren’t sure on your purpose or because you wanted more clarity? Our guest for today’s show, Calvin Wayman, was in that same boat. But Calvin did something that may seem counterintuitive: he decided to take action to create clarity.


On this edition of Life on Fire, Calvin explains how attending a Life on Fire event and participating in strategy sessions helped him see action was the key to clarity. He applied his unrelenting drive and energy to those actions, which gave him the clarity he had been so hungry for. Listen in to hear how taking action can help you find clarity too.


In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What door to door selling taught him about connecting. (2:10)
  • How he almost got thrown out of an event! (6:00)
  • Why action leads to clarity, and not always the other way around. (7:05)
  • How he built a successful social media business in less than 8 months. (8:20)
  • Why feeling like a fish out of water is normal when leveling up. (9:30)
  • And so much more!


Calvin was like many of us not long ago; he was working in a good job but a job he didn’t love. He wanted to have his own thing and one day he decided to take a giant leap in that direction: he quit his job.


He had no back up plan, nothing in the works but he did it anyway! As you might have guessed, Calvin is fearless with his actions. He is a great example of someone who runs through wall after wall to make his vision a reality, and he shares what some of those walls were on today’s episode.


After he quit, he was excited for about the first 24 hours! Then reality kicked in, as did fear and anxiety. He was living in Utah at the time with his family, but opted to take a job in southern California knocking on doors to sell solar.


Since he wasn’t sure what his passion was he decided to hone his skills while he figured it out. Door to door sales was a great way to do this because one of his mentors had once told him if he could sell door to door he could do anything!


While in southern California, he heard about Life on Fire and an upcoming LOF event. Calving had watched me interview Gary Vaynerchuk and also saw that John Lee Dumas was going to be attending. So Calvin signed up, and with his usual gusto, decided to get as much out of the event as he possibly could.


Being at that event didn’t help him get clarity around his purpose or passions, but it did help him get crystal clear about the lifestyle he wanted to live. He created a plan based around that lifestyle, and part of that plan including replacing his door to door sales income.


His next steps were to take action. Even though he was so uncomfortable following those steps, he did it. As we talk about on episode 202, this was key for Calvin and is key for you.

You're not always going to have clarity about what it is you want to do. But by taking action, you’ll bring greater clarity into your life.


So Calvin got on Periscope, got his first email opt-ins there and then took his Periscope knowledge to get on Huffington Post, and The Social Media Examiner.


Taking all of those steps helped him understand he loves fast-paced and cutting edge subjects, he loves things that are always changing. And what is more changeable and fast-paced then social media? Calvin chose to start a social media business. And even though no one knew him 8 months ago, today he’s running a thriving agency and publishing his first book, Fish Out of Water.


Listen in to this edition of Life on Fire to hear more about why he wrote this book, how it can help you, as well as his offer of a free social media audit!

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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 201 of Life on Fire. There are certain similarities in the journey of all entrepreneurs, no matter what industry they are in. Luke Nessler and Jeff Welsh are a great example of that.

On this show, Luke and Jeff talk about the origins of their digital marketing firm, Impakt Marketing. They explain why they got started, how they made the leap from local experts to working with national big names, and how they’ve overcome their biggest challenges. Listen in to hear their story, learn from their experiences and get closer to living your life on fire.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What was their original vision for their agency? (2:50)
  • Their intern strategy for lean growth, and how you can you use it. (4:15)
  • Why they’ve never needed to advertise to get more clients. (5:20)
  • What is the biggest challenge they've overcome? (8:05)
  • How did they almost double the attendance for MotoCross? (10:05)
  • And so much more!

Luke Nessler and Jeff Welsh are the co-founders of Impakt Marketing. The two met while working at a co-working space. They began to collaborate on projects for local agencies, until they realized they could work together for their own clients!

With that light bulb moment lighting the way, they took the leap to go out on their own. Today they have a crew of their own working for on large campaigns for nationwide brands. On payroll, they have 11 people including themselves. And on any given day there are a few interns working in-house as well, growing the office team to 16.

And those interns have been a key part of their strategy to grow in a lean, controlled and progressive way. Their offices are in a college town in West Virginia and they tapped into the local market of talented college students to help.

After asking one of their former professors to send over his best and brightest, Luke and Jeff took those interns under their wings. They taught them about the business and utilized the interns’ talents. Rather than the usual coffee runs and print job assignments, these interns gained valuable skills they could use as graduates.

And some of those interns have even stayed on staff. In fact, one of their best employees today started as an intern with them. Because of that, Impakt Marketing has a reputation on the West Virginia University campus as a great place to get an internship.

Impakt Marketing has also built a reputation with their clients. They’ve never had to do any advertising since they opened shop! Rather than advertise, they invest in relationships. They go to events and network, and build connections with people. That was the key to going from being a locally-focused agency to a firm that works with big name national brands with extensive campaigns.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels or neglect their roots, they’ve created an on-demand video product that helps small businesses do what Impakt does for their large clients. So the small companies that Impakt normally wouldn’t work with, still get the benefit of Impakt’s expertise, and Impakt gets an ongoing source of revenue.

To hear more about how and why they’ve created their launchpad program as well as how they doubled the attendance for one of their clients’ events, listen in to episode 201 of Life on Fire.


Hey hey! Welcome to episode 200 of Life on Fire. This is another special edition: straight from our private mastermind is the one and only Dr. Matt Hubbard. Dr. Matt is back to chat with us about one of the fastest ways to create your life on fire: your vision.

On this episode of Life on Fire, he shares techniques to discover and claim your vision and provides tools on how to maintain that vision and your purpose even when times get tough. I couldn’t think of anyone better to deliver this message than Dr. Matt so sit back, tune in and soak it up!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What are the guard rails in your life? (5:00)
  • Why core values make life so much easier. (12:00)
  • Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of what? (26:00)
  • What should you do if your vision hasn’t been realized yet? (36:35)
  • Why you must “weed” your mind every single day. (1:00:10)
  • And so much more!

On today’s show, Dr. Matt begins by explaining why you must know what your energy leaks are and you must address them when claiming your vision. Even if you are going for it and are on point to achieve your goals and your mission, those energy leaks will stop you or thwart you if you don’t address them along the way.

Once your foundation is in order and those leaks are properly addressed, there are typically problems with our internal state that may stop us from achieving our vision. For most of us seeing is believing, yet vision is defined as the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

We are all born with incredible imaginations and from those imaginations come our unique dreams, visions and callings. No one else has the same dream as we do, it’s ours from God. We shouldn’t expect anyone else to understand our dream or our vision because God gave it to us and us alone.

But without imagination, we stop looking at what is possible. We let other people’s opinions and beliefs stop us from envisioning all that could be. So we must invest in understanding and shifting our personal belief systems, doing so will give us the ability to embrace our vision.

Dr. Matt spells out a great exercise to help us embrace our unique vision on today’s show. Take a piece of paper and pen/pencil, set a timer for two minutes and then write down anything and everything you want in your life. Go ahead and do it, then come back.

Now look at how many things you have written down. Do you have less than 10? 10-20? Over 20? Over 30?

Dr. Matt compares your numbers to how well your plumbing is working. If you have less than 10 you (your vision and your mindset) are clogged. If you have over 10 but under 20, your drain is draining slowly. If you have over 20 and under 30, you are okay. If you have more than 30 you are living a life on fire!

This exercise is from one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books and is an exercise you should be doing regularly to help expand your imagination, your vision and mindset. It’s a tool to get unstuck.

You can help even more by buying Success magazine, a travel magazine and a great homes magazine. Using pictures is extremely powerful - images get to the subconscious, words do not! So find pictures that speak to what you want and create a vision board or put them up around your house where you will see them regularly.

In fact, you want to see these images every single day. As Dr. Matt explains in this episode, our minds are “slimed” every day and the weeds of negativity are constantly growing there. We’ve got to “unslime” ourselves and pull out the weeds on a daily basis.

Also on episode 200, he explains how to use a core value sheet to find out what really matters to you and why surrounding yourself with people who will call out your blind spots is incredibly important. He brings tremendous value on those topics and so much more - check it out on this edition of Life on Fire!



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 199 of Life on Fire. Fear and faith have something in common: they are both the belief in something you cannot see, hear or touch. And which one do most people choose? Fear. Which do you believe when you are faced with a challenge: faith or fear?

On this edition of Life on Fire, I’m sharing with you a recent talk I gave at my church about the importance of choosing faith over fear. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this conversation will stretch you and help you think…especially the next time life offers you a challenge and the opportunity to embrace faith, or give in to fear.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • How and why I surrendered, and what happened as a result. (1:30)
  • What my knee surgery and recovery taught me about having faith over fear. (3:50)
  • Every challenge is a what? (5:05)
  • What experience has radically changed my life? (8:00)
  • Why embracing suffering can produce positive results. (8:20)
  • And so much more!

I’m so honored to bring this special show to you today. When my pastor asked me to speak at my church during the upcoming Sunday service, my immediate reaction was fear. I hadn’t ever done something like that before, how could I do it now?!

But then my faith kicked in, and I said I’m going to do this. And the result is what you’ll hear on this episode. I tell the story of my knee injury, surgery and recovery, and how I learned an invaluable lesson about having faith over fear.

You see, when my knee became injured I had just given myself over to God. Little did I know the tests that were immediately ahead of me! One Sunday I surrendered to follow the Holy Spirit, and not long after my knee gave out and I was told I would need surgery.

What I also didn’t know was that my insurance company had dropped my coverage, but had sent the letter to the wrong address. They had no trouble finding me to send me my bill, but they couldn’t mail me to tell me my coverage was gone!

But I chose to have faith, and I went ahead and hired the best surgeon to repair my knee and oversee my surgery. And even though I had the best surgeon, did all the physical therapy and exercises they told me to do…even though I did everything I was supposed to do, my knee wasn’t recovering.

They were telling me I’d never be able to do CrossFit again, may never be able to run the way I could prior to the surgery, things like that. Again I had to have faith, and I did. I decided to embrace my faith fully and started attending men’s prayer circle at 5am.

One morning at circle, a man shared how the group’s prayers had helped him heal his foot. My immediate response was “good for him, it won’t work for me.” But when I heard that thought I again knew I could give in to fear - the fear that I would pray for my knee and it still wouldn’t be healed - or I could have faith.

So I asked the man with the now-healed foot to pray for me. And I surrendered, gave myself over to the moment and allowed the Holy Spirit to work through me. It did. I went to CrossFit right after the men’s prayer circle and was able to squat again, something I hadn’t been able to do! In fact, I did the entire workout and my knee felt great. It was well and truly healed.

On episode 199, I share more about the power of faith over fear including the opportunity that lies within every challenge we face. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, this show is a great lesson in the power of faith over fear, and how having that faith can help you create your very own life on fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 198 of Life on Fire. Since The Secret became a worldwide phenomena, most of us have created vision boards or at least have heard of them.

But if you’ve created a vision board only to have it not come true, there may be some crucial steps you haven’t taken.

On this show I’ll explain the key components of creating a vision board guaranteed to make your dreams a reality. I’ll also give you several examples from my own life highlighting how I’ve used these strategies to buy and sell a business by 30 and to meet and marry the woman of my dreams! Check it out on episode 198 of Life on Fire.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • How can you reframe fearful thoughts? (3:45)
  • The role action plays in creating a vision board that works. (4:55)
  • What my tattoo will teach you about achieving your goals. (8:30)
  • Why are monthly incremental goals are so crucial? (13:35)
  • My letter describing my next vision: a real-life example for you to follow. (15:00)
  • And so much more!

When I was 28 years old, I was 50k in debt. I had had 11 business failures since deciding to be an entrepreneur at the age of 28. Everyone was doubting me, telling me to be more like my brother and get a “real” job, etc.

But one day my mom gave me a copy of The Secret, the book, and wrote I believe in you inside. For a split second all the fear, stress, and overwhelm, all melted away. In that split second I had the courage to believe in me too. So I read the book in one sitting, and it changed my life! It was exactly what I needed at the exact right moment.

The Secret showed me how my thoughts were creating exactly what was showing up in my life. What we think about we bring out, and I was bringing about more fear and stress with my thoughts.

After reading the book I felt inspired and decided I would sell a company in two years, by the time I was 30. Even thought I didn't have a business to build and sell at the time, that was my goal. So I created a vision board to help me visualize that goal over and over again.

But I didn’t stop with a vision board, I took even more action: I wrote a letter to myself. This letter was written as if I had already achieved the goals I created in my vision board. This is a key step after you create your vision board: write a letter to yourself as if your goals have come true and your vision board is now reality! 

The next key step is to break your vision down into monthly goals, and post them publicly on Facebook. That is exactly what I did after creating my vision board and writing a letter to myself.

And here’s what happened: even thought I didn’t have a business at the time my vision was to create one, build one and sell one before I was 30. So when I saw an advertisement for an Eben Pagan event, I went. At the event I was inspired to learn Facebook ads and help other business owners with their ads.

It didn’t take long for my business to take off, my Facebook marketing agency was growing like crazy. It was my first major career success, part of my vision had come true.

Now I had built and grown a business, the remaining piece of the puzzle was to sell it. It was two months from my 30th birthday when one of my clients offered to buy my business. They wanted more of my time and I said no, I wanted to stay diversified. So they offered to buy my agency.

I agreed and the sale of my business happened just before I turned 30; I had achieved my goals and my vision board had come true!

Now if you’re thinking this was just a fluke, listen in to hear how I used this same technique and set of steps to find and marry the woman of my dreams. Join me for episode 198 and be inspired to envision and create your life on fire too!


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