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Today we put the “FIRE” in Life on Fire and jump out of a perfectly good airplane with a bunch of awesome entrepreneurs!


We work hard here a Life on Fire, not only to bring you great content on Life on Fire TV and Pay it Forward Friday, but also for our awesome coaching clients through all of the trainings, coaching, networking, and mastermind events they receive!


So, this short episode is to remind you…


Don’t forget to have fun!  


What’s the point of working hard and making money if you don’t enjoy it??


Plan your adventures first and that ensures they will happen!


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One of the most powerful advertising platforms that has ever existed is Facebook.  Marketers have more data and more opportunities to display their advertising to their exact qualified target audience than ever before.  


Here to show us the “how-to” of tracking your ad performance so you know which ads are performing the best is Facebook Marketing Expert, host of the Entrepreneur Power Hour Podcast, and Life on Fire Elite-level coaching client, Valerie Shoopman!


Step 1 in the process is placing your Facebook conversion or registration pixel.  This is a small piece of code that is triggered (“fired”) when a person lands on a certain page.  


The purpose of the conversion pixel is that it is only trigger when someone “converts”. 


Meaning, if the initial step in your marketing funnel is for someone to input their name and email address, you want to know what percentage of people are doing that.  


By placing the conversion pixel on what’s referred to as the “thank you” page (which is the page people are redirected to right after they submit their name and email address), the pixel will only fire for people who see that page.


Then, by comparing the number of people who clicked on your ad vs. the number of times your pixel fired, you will be able to determine your conversion ratio.


A second conversion pixel can then be created to track the number of sales you generate.  The process is very similar.  This piece of code would be place on the thank you page that gets displayed to anyone who places and order with you, therefore allowing you to track your entire sales process from start to finish!


To place the pixel code on your pages, the code needs to be place between what’s called the “head” tags.  With easy to use software such as LeadPages you can set up a thank you page and input the code in seconds!


You’re now ready to create your ad in Facebook!


Using Facebook’s tracking pixels, Val suggests using “Website conversion” tracking.  You would attach the conversion pixel you created (not the sales pixel, that is addressed in the next step) to this ad so Facebook knows how to track your ad.


The next step is to dive into the Power Editor in Facebook and attach the sales pixel to your ad.  This is what allows you to complete the tracking loop from the first click on your ad until an eventual sale is made!


And, finally, to see all of this tracking and what the progress and results of your ads are, it is helpful to customize Facebook’s reporting features.  This will allow you to display only the information you need to focus on so you can pause the ads that are underperforming and potentially increase your ad spend on the ads that are doing the best!


Great stuff, Val!


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We get asked all the time, how are you able to travel and take vacations and still have time to do two video podcast shows and run an entire business?


In today’s “Hump Day Q&A” we answer that question!


Take a moment and think back to your last vacation…


Chances are you had to get a bunch of stuff done and tie up a ton of loose ends before you left.


But, you got it done, right?  You went on your vacation and your business didn’t implode while you were gone.


How is it that it never seems like we have enough time to get everything we need to done, yet right before vacation, we somehow find a way to do it?


It’s because we are hyper focused, we have a hard deadline, and we become super efficient.


One major source of efficiency we are sometimes forced (in a good way) to tap into is delegation.


We often assume that it would take longer to teach someone else how to do a task than it would to just do it ourselves.  Or, we assume that nobody else can do the task as well as we can.


Both of these thought processes are not only incredibly limiting, they are often wrong.


Nearly any task in a business can be delegated, if you find the right person to delegate to.  


Owners of billion dollar companies that were started by one person running it as CEO often end up relinquishing that role as CEO because they find someone else who can do it better.


If delegation can successfully occur at the billion-dollar-company level, it can successfully happen for you too!


So, here’s your action step:


Plan your next vacation!


You don’t even have to go anywhere.  But, plan to take time and unplug from your business and your normal daily routine so you can live your life on fire!


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Today we cover a topic that’s outside the scope of business and marketing, but very much affects your life and therefore how you show up in business… 




It is our belief that you can’t truly live a life on fire, unless you also have love on fire!


When you’re deeply in love with someone who completes and complements you well, and you feel and receive the same in return, it makes you stronger.  It makes you capable of handling more and doing more.  


It also frees up the mental energy you may otherwise expel on trying to find love or your frustrations over not having a mate to allow you to focus that energy and thought power on other areas.


One of the things that can immediately make your relationship stronger if you’re in one, and can help you attract your ideal love if you’re not, is to love yourself first.  Once you fully love yourself that then allows you to give your best to someone else.


And, cherish your “story” of how you met your mate.  All relationships have a story, such as how Nick and Megan met online, discovered they had dozens of mutual friends, found out they share similar religious beliefs and many, many other things in common.


Make those positives the focus of your relationship.


It doesn’t matter what area of life it is, you get more of what you think about.


If you think you only attract people who treat your poorly or who don’t love you in the way you feel you deserve, then your mind is subconsciously being programmed to find that and give it to you.


Conversely, if you focus on all of the things you love about the person you’re with, the things they do to make you happy, the reasons you fell in love with them, the wonderful things you’ve discovered about them and what you can do to make them happy, that is the key to a life-long love.


So, if you’re in a relationship, are there things you could do to enrich and deepen your love with your partner?  Start today by doing something amazing for your mate, something that makes the person you love happy and feel special.


And, if not, are there things you could do to make yourself more prepared to receive love, and are you focused on the positive, of the abundance of love that’s out there ready for you (and avoiding having a scarcity or “lack of love” mindset)?


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We are joined today by an amazing young woman and up-and-coming entrepreneur, a member of our Life on Fire mentorship program, Erika Tischofer!


At a very young age, and for nearly her entire life, Erika has had challenge after challenge thrown her way as a foster child, having lived in over 30 different homes, having been adopted and then later having to support herself working 14 hours a day while attending high school.


Most of us think we have challenges and adverse situations thrown our way, but when put in perspective, most of us have never had to overcome the types of challenges that Erika has grown through.


What’s most amazing about her story is not necessarily the challenges she’s faced, but how she’s responded to them.  Erika is currently attending San Diego State University on a full scholarship and pursuing her goals as an entrepreneur.


She could have easily use her story as an excuse to hold her back.  But, instead, she has used it as fuel to motivate her to excel.


Having to support herself at age 16 made her quickly realize that she didn’t want to live simply to have to work and therefore miss out on the experiences of life along the way.


And, beyond her own dreams, Erika’s passion lies in wanting to help support foster children, to be someone they can turn to, and to provide them with a better experience in the foster system than she had.


Erika’s first step into entrepreneurialism, as part of her mentorship program, is going to be to dive into Pinterest, immerse herself in the platform and the training, and become an expert in Pinterest marketing.


We can’t wait to share her updates with you!


Erika, you are a remarkable young woman.


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Of all the ways you can possibly grow your business and invest back in your business with not only your time, but your money, joining or forming a mastermind group can be one of the most impactful!


What is a mastermind?  A business mastermind is a group of entrepreneurs who come together, most often for face-to-face meetings on a regular basis, with the goal of sharing ideas, providing feedback to others, and establishing relationships with each other.


Ideally, the group is comprised of high-level thought leaders in the niche or industry.


So, how do you find one?


Start by searching online.  If you can’t find one there, start asking the leaders in your industry if they are part of one or if they know of any.  


And, if you’ve concluded there aren’t any masterminds in your industry, then you are in an incredible position to be able to start one!


Next, how do you get the most out of joining a mastermind?


There is a simple concept called, “givers gain”.  Approach the mastermind with the mindset of how can I help these other people?  Who can I connect them to?  Who are their ideal clients?


By leading with giving, you will stand out from most people and it is certain to come back to you.


From there, if you’re getting together for formal meetings, most likely their will be breaks or the session will wrap at the end of the day and people will end up going to dinner or grabbing a drink.  That is where the relationships and bonds are really formed, in the more casual environment.  So, make sure you’re there!


The key with masterminds is you have to commit to be a part of it.  They only work well when everyone is on board for a 12-month commitment or something along those lines.


That’s what we’ve proven here at Life on Fire where we have our own mastermind for our Firestarter clients.


We meet 3 times per year as part of the benefit of being one of our coaching clients to network, feature fantastic speakers, learn from each other, and find out how we can help each other grow our business.


We have had our meeting formats be everything from renting a large boardroom space in an up-scale hotel to renting out a 12,000 square foot mansion, flying in special guest speakers, and staying their with our Firestarter coaching clients for 3 days.


In addition to 3 live in-person mastermind events per year, our Firestarters receive weekly group coaching calls, two 1-on-1 coaching calls per month with high-level strategy coaches, quarterly training programs, and MORE!


So, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level and you want to dive into an established mastermind that’s already working, receive valuable 1-on-1 business coaching, and access to a network of entrepreneurs, email to schedule a free 25-minute phone call to find out if the Firestarter program is right for you! 


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In this episode we are joined by marketer, podcaster, and Amazon publishing expert, Brad Costanzo!


Inspired years ago by the book, The 4-Hour Work Week, Brad set out to change his life by leaving the traditional job and sales model and become an entrepreneur.


Brad sought out to identify opportunities in the marketplace for information products and software to fill gaps he found and innovate on existing proven concepts.  


One day, while creating a “how-to” information product, Brad had an epiphany…


Most marketers think only about Google and YouTube when it comes to selling how-to products, where people may or may not be in “buying mode” when they are searching.  However, on Amazon, how-to seekers are almost always in buying mode!  


And so began his quest to master publishing on Amazon as a door opener and skill set to be bring to consulting relationships.


The first decision when it comes to publishing a book on Amazon is whether you are going to publish it for yourself or someone else.  You don’t have to write your own book, but you can still benefit from a percentage of the publishing process if you can help others get their book published by learning the publishing process.


From there, you can engineer a lead flow process, taking book buyers and giving them, as an example, access to free videos that accompany the book, or an additional report available as an email download.


Another innovation Brad came up with was what he calls “reverse ghost writing”, where he writes a high-quality book on a topic and then seeks out an established authority in that niche to put their name on the book and promote it in exchange for a 20% royalty.  




When it comes to promoting your book and coming up with your strategy, there are many different considerations and options.


Becoming a Bestseller on Amazon can happen through the proper “launch” promotion, and through researching your category in advance to determine your level of competition (if the “bestseller” label is what you’re after).  


You’ve also got pricing considerations.  Are you trying to make money from book sales, or can you forgo that income for the sake of pricing your book much lower to generate leads for your back-end marketing funnel process?


Brad’s suggestion is to look at the 3 main reasons for publishing a book on Amazon on this order:  


#1 Credibility  

#2 Lead Generation  

#3 Royalties (income from book sales)


Another fantastic philosophy Brad has is to lead with giving.  Most people lead with asking or taking, they want something and have offered no value or service before hand.


From there Brad dishes on networking.  One great tip that he has is, you don’t have to be a “guru” or authority in your niche if you simply act as a connector.  


A great way to do that is to be the creator of formal networking or mastermind groups in your niche, such as starting with something as simple as a private Facebook group.  Then, consider building to bigger and better connection models, such as high-end paid mastermind retreats.


There were so many awesome tips from Brad in this interview we could barely fit them all in the show notes!!  Thanks, Brad!


To hear more from Brad Costanzo, make sure you check out his podcast, Bacon Wrapped Business at!  Everything’s better with bacon, even business!


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We’re here today with one of the founding fathers of internet marketing, Mike Filsaime!


Mike’s story of how he first got starting in internet marketing dates all the way back to 1988, before the term “internet marketing” even existed!


From the beginning, Mike had always applied a “marketers mindset” to computers and the internet (which has served him incredibly well).


At one point he had started his first significant online business and was actually making more than his 6-figure day job as general manager at a car dealership.


One day his boss literally pulled him aside and make him choose career paths right there on the spot!


Lucky for us, he chose internet marketing!   


When it comes to being successful in business, or in anything, really, mindset is a huge component.


Mike quotes the famous acknowledgement that your income is the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  So, pay attention to who you surround yourself with!


From there, his mindset advice is to not allow money to be the focus of your needs and what you do.  If meeting your needs requires downsizing, going from two cars down to one, and so on, then perhaps that’s a way to make sure you’re meeting your own needs faster, so that you can free up your mind from that worry.


Next is networking…  One of Mike’s biggest pieces of advice when it comes to networking is to show up ready to give first.  If you show up with a “me” attitude, it’s going to negatively affect your relationship building and networking.


When then dive into marketing and Mike’s first piece of advice is don’t get caught up in technology.  Your knowledge of how the technology works has little to no impact on how much money your marketing makes.


As Mike puts it, your income is directly related to the amount of value you provide and the number of people you provide it to.  So, focus on providing value and let the people who already know and understand the tech fill in the rest.


When it comes to the “how” of your marketing, Mike points out a major flaw in many people’s marketing approach.  He calls it “will you marry me marketing”.  Meaning, way too many people attempt to go straight from meeting a person and making a contact directly to a sale.  The vast majority of the time that is too much too fast.  A nurturing process is required in order to gain that person’s trust.


Another big piece of the “how” is how are you getting your message in front of people?  Mike acknowledges a big pain point for entrepreneurs right now, which is being inundated with emails and that people simply don’t have time or aren’t willing to spend the time to watch long video sales letters any longer.  


His solution?  




By inviting someone to a webinar, you’re essentially asking to schedule an appointment with them in advance.  Ideally they are blocking their calendar and you have their undivided attention.


The natural question that comes up when considering something like a webinar is how to you get traffic (registrants and attendees to sign up)?


Mike’s put together a great resource for this called Traffic Genesis, available to preview and!


And, here’s a great way to tell if you’re marketing funnel is on track…  If you’ve got people telling you they’ve received more value from the free stuff you give away (like training videos, etc.) then what they paid for in the past and you’ve got people asking how they can give you their credit before your product is even available to purchase, you know you’re on the right track!


Mike’s final thought…


Don’t let your cashflow situation definite who you are and how you feel about your life.


Fantastic stuff, Mike!


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Ever found yourself stuck, in business or in life?  Feeling like you know you are capable of achieving and doing more, but at the moment you’re not at that level?


Personally, I struggled with that for years as a budding entrepreneur.  I was willing to work harder than any of my peers, but it didn’t seem to matter what I touched, it never turned to gold until two things changed…


The first change was I needed to narrow my niche.  I needed to become laser focused on exactly who I wanted to serve and exactly what problem I wanted to solve for my niche.


It was the second change that actually made a much bigger difference for me, however…  


I had just sold a business for a large sum at age 30, thinking I should have felt on top of the world at that point, and I actually felt the exact opposite.  I felt empty, hollow, and purposeless.


After floundering for a bit, a few things aligned and I ended up working with a very expensive business coach ($36,000) per year.


She changed my life.


She presented me with a question I had never thought of…


“Nick, what pisses you off?”


I had no idea what pissed me off??  


But, as I thought about it, it became clear that I hated knowing there are people out there not living up to their potential, people who hate their jobs, people missing time with their families due to work, and I wanted to do something about it.


In under 90 days of starting with Suzanne (my $36,000 coach) I had made my entire $36,000 back, and more.  I went on to make several hundred thousand dollars within my first year of working with her and following her advice.


Would I have gotten to the same place without her advice?




But, the key is, how much longer would it have taken to try to do it without her?


That was the value she provided for me, a shortcut to my success.


There are so many things you can do to “fast forward” your results.


I’ve put these tips and teachings into a free webinar that I wanted to share with you.  I’m calling it “The Entrepreneur’s Shortcut”.  


If you get even one tip out of it that helps you accelerate your results, then it’s well worth it.  (I’m confident you’re going to get a lot more than that though!)


To get free access, just go to!


We can’t wait to see you on the live webinar!!


Make it a great day!!


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Get ready for some awesome prizes in this month’s!  The contests are always free to enter.  To enter, simply to to!


This month our grand prize is a 55 inch flat screen TV!


Prize #2 is a 30-minute, one-on-one coaching session with Nick Unsworth!


And, 3rd prize is a Life on Fire t-shirt!


There are 3 ways to enter this month’s contest…


#1:  Registering for the upcoming live webinar called “The Entrepreneur’s Shortcut” at gets you 1 entry.


#2:  Attending The Entrepreneur’s Shortcut webinar LIVE get you 2 additional entries!


#3:  And, watch your email inbox later this month for a second live webinar that you’ll have the ability to register for to get a 4th entry!


Head over to now to enter!


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Every month we feature a new contest at!  The contests are always free to enter and have awesome prizes like 55 inch TVs, GoPro Cameras, Drone helicopters!


For details on the current month’s contest, just go to!


In this short episode, we picked the winners for our May contest from a live drawing!


The winners are…


1st Prize - Richard Saling won a 30-Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Session With Nick

2nd Prize - Alexa Williams Meisler won a 30-Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Session With Nick

3rd Prize - Jamie ‘Mallet’ Gibbons won 2 Life on Fire Pint Glasses

4th Prize - Michelle Seebachan won a Life on Fire T-Shirt

5th Prize - Tysen Webb won a Life on Fire Gym Bag

6th Prize - Allyson Donaldson won an autographed “Life on Fire” Song CD Single by LaKeisha Michelle!

7th Prize - Biba Pedron won an autographed “Life on Fire” Song CD Single by LaKeisha Michelle!

8th Prize - Rocio Loyola-Duffy won an autographed “Life on Fire” Song CD Single by LaKeisha Michelle!

9th Prize - Lisa Smith won an autographed “Life on Fire” Song CD Single by LaKeisha Michelle!

10th Prize - Jennifer Paige won an autographed “Life on Fire” Song CD Single by LaKeisha Michelle!


Find out how to enter this month’s contest at!  Most months you can enter more than one time.  And, check back to see if you won!


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Facebook marketing continues to be the #1 way to get new clients, build a following, and build your authority in your niche, fast.  In this live footage from Maria Andros’s recent event, “Momentum”, we share how to do just that!


One of the biggest assets an online business can have is it’s email list.  But, how do you build a list?  


Facebook advertising is a fantastic way to rapidly build a list.  It it not uncommon to add 5,000 or more qualified subscribers to a list in less than a week using Facebook marketing.


Follow this 10-step process to not only build your list, market your products and services, monetize your marketing campaign, and create the opportunity for additional sales in the future!


Step 0 - Survey your list and the people you’re targeting with your ads to find out what they want in advance so you can give it to them!


Step 1 - Set up your Facebook business page and invite friends!


Step 2 - Identify and target who your ideal customers are.


Step 3 - Create a clear and concise brand that conveys who you are, who you help, and how you help them.


Step 4 - Follow the 90/10 rule, which simply means, you have to give before you can ask.


Step 5 - Position yourself to create “earned media” (a.k.a., “word of mouth” marketing).


Step 6 - Create your Facebook marketing funnel elements, which include your “lead magnet” (an item of value you are giving away for free, such as a free webinar, ebook, piece of software, etc.).


Step 7 - Test your lead magnet elements, including the offer itself, headline, image, and ad copy.


Step 8 - Optimize your ads for the highest conversions possible!


Step 9 - Rapidly build your “likes” with a “Click “LIKE” if you love” campaign!


Step 10 - Implement a private Facebook group for follow-up, connection, and community building!


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Founder and head of, and author of the industry-changing book, “Launch”, Michael Stelzner welcomes us in his office for some heavy tips and Q&A on how to start your business and follow your passion.


Right off the bat while touring Michael’s office we talk headlines and he shares his “go-to” formula for strong headlines which is sticking with a “How to” (solution based) headline, or numbers, such as “6 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Followers”.


From there, Michael talks about his avatar, Scout.  Michael identified early on that almost nobody in the social media space had an avatar, so he wanted to create a little cartoon character that would be recognizable and associated with his brand.


Next, Michael touches on one of the keys to his content strategy, which is having guest bloggers (experts) provide content for his blog.  It is a brilliant model that allows him to bring the best of the best to his audience through curating the top authorities on various topics.


Another substantial piece to Michael’s content strategy was the type and length of the blog posts he would publish.  Rather than sticking to short 300 word articles, he would insist on 1,000-word (or more) articles that dove deep into “how to” subjects.


It was the quality of these articles that propelled him to build a list of over 10,000 email subscribers in less than 6 months.


This number happened to be very pivotal to his overall strategy as he had decided that he was not going to monetize his content and list with marketing messages until it had reached 10,000 subscribers.


This ended up being a distinctive differentiation strategy for his site, and contributed massively to his growth.


When it comes to his traffic strategy, Michael optimizes for people first.  Meaning, making sure his content is pleasing, consumable, and, of course, highly “shareable”.  


However, SEO is a huge part of their traffic strategy, and Michael shares some fantastic tips and tools.  


For keyword research, check out the tool SEMrush.  And, for blog post search engine optimization, the WordPress plugin “Yoast” is awesome!  From there, make sure you run your site through Google’s free “Webmaster Tools” to identify issues you may not be aware of.  Another great tip is to make sure you claim your page on Google Plus!


From there Michael dishes on Social optimization!  


One of his favorite tools is a plugin called DiggDigg, which is a floating sidebar that helps earn social shares.  Another great tip is a plugin called JM Twitter Cards, which allows your posts to appear with a headline, image, and expanded text in Twitter.  For Facebook, the favorite is back to the Yoast plugin to make sure you’re optimizing your images and your description for Facebook through the Social aspects of that plugin!


Next, we talk monetization, which Michael does primarily through live events.


His first piece of advice, which is along the lines of make good choices and proceed with caution is, “Don’t quit your day job.”  That doesn’t mean don’t try to create an online business or don’t try to become an entrepreneur.  What it means is sometimes things take a little time to do correctly, so allow yourself that time.


For Michael, his background included live events, so that was a natural monetization strategy for him.  But, his next piece of advice was super important to adhere to, which was don’t always try to copy what’s working for someone else, because it may not work as well for you.  If speaking is not your thing, then chances are there are going to be other revenue generating avenues that are going to work better for you and you’ll enjoy more.


When asked the question, “What do you love doing the most in the business?”, without hesitation, Michael pointed to podcasting and the ability to go deep and create dynamic content and interviews with people.


Going forward, one of the projects Michael is most excited about is the site he created called, which is all about empowering busy parents to spend more time with their kids.


And, just before wrapping up, Michael leaves us with this final thought…


“Realize that everyone who you look up to and everyone who has a platform started where you are now.  With nothing.  With an idea.  So, don’t let that idea pass you by.  Make sure you give it a try.  Because, if you don’t you’ll never know what you missed, so just go for it!”


Great advice, Michael!


Make sure you check out Michael’s podcast, “Social Media Marketing”, his site,, if you’re a parent, his new site,, and head over to to get all of the resources Michael mentioned throughout this episode! 


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First and foremost, being a spiritual person is not limited to believing in God or one of the many other deities that are worshiped around the world.  Many people find spirituality in their own way.


What is key is having and believing in a purpose that is higher than yourself.


Another important distinction is that deciding to become a spiritual person should not come with an agenda.  For example, going through the motions of going to church or something along those lines simply because you’re looking to grow the revenue of your business is not the right mindset to have.  That is a “taker’s” mindset.


Genuine and sincere spirituality comes through a givers mindset.  And, the personal, and perhaps business and financial benefits that come from it, are merely a byproduct of your actions and beliefs.


Being a spiritual person also does not mean that you can stop taking action and that things will simply magically appear in your life.  Again, the benefits come from your actions and beliefs.  


However, what has happened in my experience is that through taking tons of action, amazing things have happened like finding love and tremendous growth of our business, which felt almost effortless because I wasn’t pushing and forcing growth to try to happen in those areas.    


One observation that occurred as all of these incredible acts of abundance came into my life was that all along the way as these things were happening, I was giving back.  Giving back through our Pay it Forward Friday podcast, giving back through a fundraiser, and giving back through having just signed a contract to build a $25,000 school in Guatemala.  


As I was providing abundance, I received abundance.


Call it coincidence, but these things have never happened in my life before.


So, here is my call to action to you…


If you already consider yourself a spiritual person, are you truly living it to it’s fullest and giving back, or could you do more?


And, if you’re not currently a spiritual person, is there something out there, a cause, a book, a movement, a religion or some positive source of energy that is bigger than you that you can give to and receive from?


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In part 2 of this 2-part interview, we’re back with real estate entrepreneur, speaker, and coach, Cole Hatter!


First, we tackle mindset.


How do you keep your mindset where it needs to be to become and remain successful?


One of the huge pieces that helped Cole stay focused was accountability, and surrounding himself with people who would hold him accountable to living up to his potential and following through on his commitments.


Another secret of his is finding quiet time to plan and think through your decisions.


“You are where you are today because of the decisions and mindset you had yesterday.”


From there, we hit on purpose, which is the main focus of everything Cole is doing right now.  He sums it up with a great quote.  “You’re not supposed to just survive.  You’re not supposed to figure out a job that pays your bills so you can have an ‘okay’ lifestyle.”


Next, on the topic of marketing, for someone who is looking to get better at speaking Cole has a great tip by following his 20/20/60 rule.  Assume 20% of your audience is not connecting with you and you won’t win them over, 60% like you, and the other 20% love you.  Speak to the 20% who love you.


And, on the 4th and final pillar of a life on fire, networking, Cole’s advice is “invest in relationships in any way you can”.  You don’t always have to spend thousands of dollars to network with high-caliber people, but you do have to find a way to hear the messages of the influencers in your niche.  In addition, he suggests eliminating the relationships with the “toxic” people in your life who are “emotional vampires”.


One of Cole’s last tips was his best, which is don’t be afraid of a “no”.  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and by hearing no or being rejected it actually just means you’re in the same place where you started.  So, never let that hold you back.


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