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Today we’re talking briefly on a topic that rarely gets address in business, your health and fitness.  When you feel great and you look great, you’re going to have more confidence, and you’re going to make more money.  There’s almost a direct correlation.


As entrepreneurs who are often chained to our desks and computers without the structure of the corporate 9 to 5, it’s easy to get into an irregular schedule and start letting routine things like your fitness slip.


I personally found a fantastic solution to this by accident through clients of mine, Lauren and Fraser Bayley.


They are certified personal trainers who previously had been serving their clients through the standard face-to-face personal training model.  This meant that their business wasn’t scalable, they were trading time for money, and could only help a very limited number of people.


What they created and I personally went through for the last 30 days is a virtual group personal training program, which has been freaking awesome (and resulted in me dropping 16 pounds in 30 days)!


One core component is everyone in the program receives a Jawbone UP band, which tracks all of your movement and sleep, allows you to easily journal your food, and even allows you to have other people like me on your “team” so we can see each other’s activity and it allows Lauren and Fraser to track your progress as well.


Their program is simple enough that even a busy entrepreneur can follow it, and it is a ton of fun going through the journey with a group of other motivated people just like you!


I crushed it in July, I’m ready to keep going in August, and I want to invite you to join me!


You can join the exact same program I’m doing by visiting


And, even if you don’t do exactly what I’m doing and what a ton of other entrepreneurs are doing together as a group, my encouragement and call to action for you in this episode is to do SOMETHING.


Make your fitness, the way you look, the way you see yourself, and your life-long health and longevity a priority starting today!


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Host of the podcast, the Competitive Edge, Scott Britton, is here today to each us how he uncovers and gains the competitive edge in business and in life. 


Scott’s story starts with being a collegiate level football player and sustaining a major injury his freshman year that permanently affected his performance.  However, that same injury also helped him gain an incredibly powerful life lesson.


For 12 months Scott was completely devoted to doing his rehab exercises and not missing a single repetition.  And, for him, what that created was a regret-free process.  He was at peace with possibly not being as strong or as fast as he was prior to his injury, because he knew that he had done everything he could.


Scott carries that lesson with him today into his business and applies his “no regrets” work ethic and mindset.


When it comes to marketing, Scott again pulls from his teachings in college football where he learned to gain a competitive edge.  For him, in business, his competitive edge is copywriting.   


Nothing is sold without communication.  So, why not be a master communicator?


Diving further into marketing, Scott’s approach is to reverse engineer success by figuring out what others have done before him.


For instance, when it came to creating his podcast, his focus was on distribution, and specifically on iTunes since iTunes is the single largest traffic source for podcast listeners.  


From there Scott addressed how to get his podcast guest to promote their episode when they were featured on his show.  One idea he came up with was to just ask his guest to mention the episode in a “P.S.” of an email, rather than asking them to dedicate a full email to their list about it.


His other insight was coming at it from the angle of, “How do I make these episodes more valuable for my guests?”  His solution was to create a process that allowed his guests to essentially showcase their value, which they would naturally, in turn, want to share with their audience.




At the end of the day, it’s all about adding value to anyone you’re interacting with.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a potential podcast guest, a customer or prospect, or a spouse or loved one, approaching the situation with a value-add mindset set you up for success.


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Joining us today is Wes Chapman, founder of A Human Project, an organization with a mission to build a community to empower and give a voice to abused and neglected youth.


Wes’s mission and passion stems from his own dark story as a child, and the stories of his siblings and not being able to act and protect them.


Often children in these situations end up on the wrong path in life, end up acting out, and so on, which only gets them labeled as problem children in society’s eyes.  


When really, they just want to be loved.


For Wes, starting this mission is him fulfilling his highest purpose.


Which begs the question…


How do you determine what your purpose is?


Wes’s first tip is just be yourself, and don’t try to be something you’re not.  It’s often uncomfortable, insincere, and likely out of alignment with your core “you”.


To sum it up, “be true to yourself”, Wes says.


To take that a step further or to answer the question of where you go from there, you can challenge yourself and create a positive focus by working to be the best possible version of you.


Regardless of your situation, you always have a choice.


And, for Wes, and really all of us, that choice is simple.  In each situation and each area of our lives, we can either choose to be a victim, or be a hero.


When it comes to children, the starting point is often giving them hope.  Once they have hope, it opens the door to believe in themselves and start to make positive change.


From there we shift gears into how Wes plans to market the project.  This step would often paralyze a lot of people and prevent them from taking action in the first place.


But, getting out there, moving forward, and taking that action is going to trump “planning” all day, if that’s what it takes to move you past the planning stage.


Next is networking, and like many who have been around the block, Wes knows that when it comes to networking the best way to make contacts and open doors is to find a way to open a door for someone else first, by bringing value.


Bringing it all together, when your values, passion, story, and business can align, you can create an extremely motivating and fulfilling mission for yourself and you don’t ever have to “work” another day in your life.


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Back for a short “part 2” Q&A to answer the question, “How do you unlock someone’s peak potential?” is entrepreneur and author of the book “Shorten the Gap”, Mark Lack!


Mark’s first step is getting his clients to realize that they can make improvements in every single area of their lives.


A great observation that Mark makes is that so many people focused on become a “peak performer” approach it with the mindset that they need to focus all of the efforts on excelling in one area.  


However, as Mark points out, having an amazing business but lacking in areas like health or relationships is not going to lead to true happiness and fulfillment, and it may even hinder your performance in that one area if the rest of your life is so unbalanced.


Another great tip Mark shares is to find the people who are already doing what you want to do, or already have what you want, and model them.  Use their stories and their paths as roadmaps to follow to help you achieve growth and success.


In doing so, don’t make the common mistake of assuming that the path to success of those who you are modeling was a straight line.  (It never is.)  There are ups and downs.  The key is to acknowledge that there will be downs, and be prepared to overcome them and keep moving forward.


That one characteristic alone, moving forward when something seems difficult, insurmountable, or when you just don’t feel like it, is what separates nearly all peak performers from everyone one else.


It’s not about trying to avoid ever getting knocked down.  Its about how quickly you get back up again, what you learn from the experience, and how quickly you keep moving forward.


Start today!  Map out the important areas of your life such as your health, your relationship, your business, your family and decide what the very next small steps would be if you wanted to make a tiny incremental improvement in each of those areas.


Then, go do them!


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Entrepreneur and author of the book “Shorten the Gap”, Mark Lack, joins us today to share the secrets he’s already discovered by age 24 to success!


Mark’s story has an interesting start.


In his early teens he set a goal to become a world class paintball player and play on the top team in the world.  Of course, his parents assumed it was another short-lived passion, but they supported his dream anyway.


When he completed his career in paintball, he had done everything he set out to do. He was a world-class player, played on the top ranked team, and had won over $300,000 in prize money.  He was at the top of that sport and couldn’t go any higher.


In order to continue to pursue his path of growth, he naturally sought more…


As luck would have hit, his father introduced him the concept and practice of personal development as he grew his paintball skills.


At age 24, Mark has invested over half a million dollars in personal development, which continues to be his passion.


His awareness and expertise with personal development is now at a point where he realizes that he can take it beyond just helping himself and now help others.


One fantastic takeaway from Mark’s interview was this quote:


“You behave and think congruently to the identity you hold for yourself.”


Meaning, if you see yourself as successful and as a high achiever, then you will behave and act accordingly.


Mark also has a great observation regarding limiting beliefs.  


All beliefs, limiting, empowering, or neutral are simply a high level of certainty about something, as Mark points out.  That certainty is based on references in our past.


Those references may be positive, such as an amazing accomplishment, or negative, such as being told you are “dumb”.  The key is to not only be aware of the references but to control your focus on the positive references that are going to empower you.


From there, we talk making connections with high-level influencers.


Mark hits the nail on the head when he identified that you need to approach those individuals by adding value to them.  Way too many people ask for help or a handout when they should, instead, look to see how they can add value to that person.


The challenge this presented for Mark is that he wasn’t in a position at the time to add value to someone like Brian Tracy.  However, he knew that he would be in that position in the future.


So, his solution was to tie his value into the future and to get the person he wanted to connect with on board with is belief.


Ultimately, it comes back to making the decision that you’re going to play a bigger game.


Mark has honed his vision and decided that he wants to focus on helping young adults be successful, peak performers in life.


For him, the personal development he’s done provided far more of an education and latter to success than his time spent at college and his teachings can be a supplement to the traditional higher education system.


A great final takeaway from Mark is to find out that he wasn’t always confident, didn’t always have big beliefs, and a history of successes.  He attributes all of his change to his focus on personal development.


Therefore, no matter where you find yourself in life, you can always grow, improve, and see positive changes in yourself and your situation!


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Our natural reaction as humans is typically to avoid fear to move away from it.  Host of the daily Gametime Podcast, Andy Zitzmann, offers a more empowering perspective he calls “friending your fear”.


You may have heard the word fear broken down into the four letter phrase, “False Evidence Appearing Real”.


Well, Andy has a better acronym:  “Face, Embrace, Act, Repeat”


Andy’s philosophy is that the emotional response triggered by fear, in the moment, for you, is real.  So, rather than treating it as though it’s not real, he encourages you to embrace it and move towards it (without putting yourself in physical danger, of course).


The first step in the process is to recognize when fear of something is holding you back.  That might be fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of change.


When you catch yourself reacting to fear, you create an opportunity to decide how you want to proceed from there.


We often embrace our fears.  But, we embrace them negatively.


Through Andy’s method, instead of thinking about all the negative possibilities and things that could go wrong, we spend a few minutes thinking about all of the things that could go right and the positive outcomes.


And, once you face your fear, and embrace your fear, the next step is to act, and then repeat.


Are fears are not likely to go away completely.  But, we can certainly diminish them by building our confidence.


Great stuff, Andy!


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Today we are joined by to of our top-level Elite coaching clients, Mark Costes and Andy Zitzmann, to share their quick stories of achieving substantial financial success and finding out that wasn’t the key to their happiness.


We often assume that if we could just make more money, that would solve all of our problems, right?


The problem with that is, certain paths that lead to making more money don’t also lead to true fulfillment and happiness.


Both Mark and Andy found themselves at this point in life.  They were making the most money they had ever made, and they were completely miserable because they were having to give up balance in their lives and do work that wasn’t enjoyable to them in the process.


Essentially, they weren’t living their Life on Fire.


Luckily, they both realized they are fully in control of their lives, their destinies, and they made the conscious choices to change their lives and their business structures to allow them to find balance, become passionate about their work again, and ultimately be happier and more successful than they had ever been.


So, if you’re not living your life on fire, what do you need to change to start moving in that direction and when are you committed to starting that change?


Why not today?


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In the 4th and final video in this 4-part training series Brian Moran takes us inside his Facebook marketing solution that he calls, “The Fan Page Funnel” system!


This system is designed to do 5 things:


#1 - Get you massive amounts of traffic


#2 - Deliver thousands of raving fans who get behind you


#3 - Help you build a huge email list from scratch


#4 - Bring you paying customers day after day


#5 - Let you build a business that you love, without spending hours at your computer and without any affiliates, a huge advertising budget, or an existing list


To learn and implement this funnel, Brian is offering a 6-week training course to a limited number of people that includes:


Week 1:  Learn How to Get 10,000 Leads in 30 days


Week 2:  Getting Your List to Love You (and want to BUY from you!)


Week 3:  Generating Massive Sales


Week 4:  Tripling Your Profits


Week 5:  The Quick Tech Shortcut


Week 6:  Getting 10,000+ Visitors Per Day


And, MANY more bonuses, including…


A $250 Best Buy Gift Card and our $1,000 Facebook Advertising A to Z course!




You follow these 3 simple steps:


1.  Clear your cookies in your browser.  (If you aren’t sure how to clear your cookies just Google how to clear cookies in whatever browser you’re using.)


2.  Go to and sign up for Brian’s course.


3.  Forward a copy of the email receipt you receive from Brian to!


Doors open Tuesday, July 15th!


It’s that simple!


You’re just a few clicks away from a $250 Best Buy gift card, some other amazing bonuses, and the game-changing Facebook Fan Page Funnel course!


Just follow the 3 steps above to sign up right away!


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One of the most common questions asked up to this point in this fantastic 4-part video series is, “This Facebook marketing funnel process is AMAZING, how do I drive traffic to it?”


Brian dives in and covers one tiny tip he uses called a “boosted post”.  


Boosted posts are not a new or innovative strategy.  However, it’s how he places the link in the post that drives the post to be see by 5 times as many people.


The trick is to put the link in the comments and not in the actual post itself!




From there, Brian addresses another common question, which is, “I’ve been using Facebook for a long time and never really made any money with it.”


This often comes down to 2 core problems:


1.  You may be using amateur marketing tactics taught by others that simply don’t work.


SOLUTION:  Stop using those tactics.


2.  Your funnel, copy, or offer may be “broken”.


SOLUTION:  Rather than slowly working through the kinks and trying to figure out how to optimize your process, simply follow Brian’s proven 7-step formula.


For more details, and to grab the PDF Brian where Brian lays out his 7-step process, head over to!  


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Effective marketing is many times just as much of an art as it is a science.  Well, today, Brian Moran is bringing the science side to the table as he breaks down and dissects the exact 7-step process he uses to create monthly 6-figure income on Facebook!


The first step is really what sets his process apart from most other approaches that are not as effective on Facebook, which is creating a custom landing page inside Facebook (vs. taking the person out of the Facebook platform).


For Brian, this results in a 50% increase in his conversions, AND, on average, he’s seeing 70 out of every 100 visitors “Liking” his page, which is essentially like getting another conversion from the same person!


One big piece that sets Brian’s approach apart from the way most other businesses view Facebook is he sees it as an asset.  Both the people who take the time to view and like his content, as well as how to speak to and market to those people.


Way too many business owners see Facebook as a distracting, unimportant website that they need to post the occasional status update on to keep their people “happy” and they are basically just going through the motions without any sort of strategy or goal.


That is a colossal waste of an incredible opportunity.


Walk step-by-step through his process and pay close attention.


One strategy you absolutely don’t want to miss is his upsell process, and almost more importantly his upsell philosophy.  It will forever reshape your opinion of upsetting your clients.


And, make sure you catch the case study results from real clients at the end.  One guy went from struggle for 5 years to generating over $12,000 in income in 2 weeks!


For more details, head over to!  


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We can almost all agree that marketing online is getting harder and harder, more and more expensive.  However, here to show you a new way to market using Facebook is Facebook Marketing Expert, Brian Moran!


Brian has an interesting concept.


He measures his revenue per Facebook fan (or “Like” as they are now called inside Facebook).


Very few if any business look that their Facebook fan page this way.


Brian’s results are staggering though.  We he first started out years ago, he went from struggling to get anything to work online, to finally breaking through and creating his first niche fan page that hit $10,000 fans.


At the time, he was generating pretty respectable revenue of over $3 for each fan he had through his marketing efforts.  So, for each new fan he added, he knew exactly what they were worth - on average.


Fast forward to today.


Brian has perfected his system to the point that he’s now able to generate over $15 per Facebook fan.


We hope you enjoy hearing about Brian’s journey, as well as his strategy of how he’s build multiple successful online businesses using Facebook marketing!


For more details, head over to!  


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I recently had the opportunity to join my good friend and a major inspiration to start Life on Fire, Shanda Sumpter, live on stage at her event to speak on the topic of what’s working in marketing right now.


Today’s episode is that event footage!


I begin with my story and one of the first teaching lessons that comes out of that is the concept of modeling.


To clarify, modeling is not about “copying” what someone else is doing.  It’s about looking at the people in your niche who are doing well and creating your own version of what you like about them and what’s working well.


If you aren’t sure how to start or what to do to begin, this a great way to come up with direction in your business.


Next, an incredibly helpful process is to get clear on who your ideal customer is.  If you already have customers, which one do you like working with the most or would you like to have more of?


If not, what characteristics would you like your ideal customer to have.  You can even go as far as creating an “avatar” which is your model of what your ideal client looks like down to age, gender, hobbies, family life, employment status, likes, passions, dislikes, and so on.


And, where can you apply that information to find more people like your avatar?




Through Facebook marketing, you can target nearly exactly the person your looking for and make sure your ad budget is going to directly to your ideal prospect.


One key to marketing on Facebook is to remember why people are there.  They are not there to be sold.  They are there to connect with people, be entertained, be informed, and so on.  


So, ads that are conversational and show personality typically outperform ads that are not.  


And, the same hold true throughout your marketing funnel.  If someone clicks on an ad they should be taken to a page that’s going to ad value for them.  Taking someone straight from ad to sale almost never works.  (Again, they’re not there to be sold.)


Come up with a “lead magnet” or something of value you can give away for free in exchange for your ideal prospects to take the next action in your marketing funnel, which might be entering in their name and email address.


All along the way, make sure you’re always giving value at each interaction with your prospects, and don’t be afraid to test new things, new headlines, new images, new lead magnets to continually optimize your process.


From there we talk telesummits and podcasts!


A telesummit is a series of interviews with experts in a certain niche.  Typically somewhere in the range of 15-30 speakers are featured and that interview series can either be packaged and sold as a product or it can be given away for free and other products can be sold in tandem with it.


The great thing about the telesummit format is you yourself do not need to be an expert.  The summit is about all of the OTHER experts you’re featuring.  So, it allows you to get exposure, build a list, and become an expert in the process.


To take that concept a step further, why couldn’t those sessions you’re already recording with the experts you’re interview also end up as podcast episodes?


Then, a segment of your interview experts will promote their episode, and you create your content delivery system where the only way to get the free replay of the interview is to go subscribe to and download your podcast.


Boom!  Instant podcast audience!


Your action plan for this episode is to simply get in the game at  There are tons of great episodes there, free trainings, access to “how-to” products, business coaching, and more.  Head over there right now and check it out!


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There’s no limit to what’s possible through personal development.  Today we’re going to share some of the insights and tips we’ve learned from one of the best personal development coaches there is, Michael Bernoff!


One of the core techniques Michael starts with is to be clear on your outcome for whatever it is you’re doing.  


As an example, our outcome for this episode is to give you some great techniques that you can immediately implement in your life to be more effective, more influential, and more confident.


This is incredibly important for entrepreneurs.  It’s easy to become unfocused or get distracted from the highest and most important outcome you need to focus on as a business owner.


From there, another technique is what we call your “moment on fire”.  


Think of a moment you felt absolutely incredible.  It might be the first time you held your child, or the day you crossed the finish line at an Ironman, or a time you nailed a performance in front of an audience.


The key is, it has to be one particular moment in time, a split second.


Take a moment and come up with you moment.  Think about how you felt when it happened, see what you saw, hear what you heard, real relive the moment.


When was the last time you thought about that?


How do you feel now that you’re thinking about that?


Feels amazing, right?


All you have to do to change your state of mind from being in a funk or out of alignment to being sharp, focused, confident and “on” is to think about your moment on fire.


And, now that you’re consciously aware of the moment on fire technique, you can start to find more of them in your life as they happen and even categorize them.


If you have moment when you felt courageous you tap into that when you need it, or happy, or in love, and so on.


Try out these techniques today and stay tuned for more tips like this in future episodes!


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