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We are honored to have Adam Braun, founder of the award-winning non-profit organization Pencils of Promise, as our opening speaker for this Life on Fire Virtual Summit!


You can get free access to all of the Summit speaker sessions at!


And, as a special bonus, if you would like to make a small donation to Pencils of Promise we’re going to give you over $6,000 worth of marketing and mindset training courses for just $97!


Grab all the details and make your $97 donation at, and the proceeds from your donation are going to help build a school for needy children in Guatemala.


Adam started off on what he thought was the path to happiness through pursuing wealth.


By 19 he was interning on Wall Street and looking to make it big.


While following what he thought was his career path, his 1,000 person semester at sea cruise ship was severely damaged and for a period of a few hours it appeared that certain death was the only likely outcome.


Having come so close to dying at such a young age, Adam suddenly gained a new sense of priority.


While backpacking through the countries he was able to visit as part of his time at sea, Adam would ask one child in each country what they want most in the world.


And, one child’s answer from India would forever change his life…


“A pencil”, the boy said.


That became the moment that inspired Adam to want to provide quality education for every child in the world.


Adam’s $25 was the first “donation” Pencils of Promise received when he started it, followed shortly by 400 of his friends and their friends donating $20 each to attend a Halloween party.


He had raised $8,000 from that one event and never looked back…


Adam notes, “Your sense of personal discovery begins where your comfort zone ends.”


He faced challenge after challenge and “no” after “no” when first getting started, but it never stopped him.


Not because he had passion, but because he had PURPOSE.


That was his never-ending source of motivation, his purpose.


Through his hard work and the efforts of his team, and the generous donors who have contributed over the years, they have built over 250 schools, brought education to over 30,000 children, and they now break ground on a new school every 90 hours.


Without the right mindset, Adam would have never been able to grow his organization to a staff of 80 and accomplish all of those incredible numbers.


A big part of that is realizing that as the owner or the founder of the organization you can’t do it all, you can’t maintain the attitude that nobody can do all of the tasks in your business better than you do.


Therefore, he knew he had to build an organization and a culture that would help him fulfill his original mission.


Among many wonderful initiatives Adam maintains throughout his organization, one of the most impressive is that they cover all of their overhead costs through private donations. 


Therefore, 100% every dollar donated by the public goes to help build schools, which is almost unheard-of in the non-profit world.


That fact, along with Adam’s story and takeaways, are simply remarkable.


Again, Adam, we are honored to have you as the first speaker to start the Life on Fire Virtual Summit!


And, for a small donation of just $97 at you can help us on our mission to build a school through Pencils of Promise and in return we’re going to give you over $6,000 worth of top-knotch training materials and courses on marketing and personal development!


Make your donation today!


We’ll see you soon on the next Summit session!


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We couldn’t be more excited to share this special episode with you where we give you a sneak peek into how we’re giving back, through the organization Pencils of Promise, and building a school in Guatemala.


A big part of the mission behind Life on Fire an as organization is is giving back.  


Last December we raised over $5,000 to purchase Kindle eReaders and donate them to foster teens to promote reading and entrepreneurialism and it was an amazing experience.


This year we are raising the bar and have pledged $25,000 to build a school through the organization Pencils of Promise in Guatemala.  


We experience, first hand, the difference of in the quality of the school we are helping to build vs. the existing structures and see how much better and more conducive of a learning environment these children are going to have.


After immersing ourselves in the cause and the culture, and most importantly, spending time with the children in the community, words can’t describe the way it feels to know you’re making a difference at that level.


And, we’re giving you the opportunity to help!


We put together over $6,000 worth of training courses from us, Brian Tracy, Mike Koenigs, Michael Bernoff, John Lee Dumas, and MORE!


We asked all of these amazing entrepreneurs to donate their programs to be part of our fundraising program.


You can get access to all of these programs at for a donation of just $97.


This is an unheard-of deal and these courses aren’t being offered anywhere else for this price!


The proceeds from your $97 donation will go directly to help the children you saw and heard in this episode, and the training courses will be yours to keep forever.


Make a small donation of just $97 and get a HUGE bundle of training programs at today.


Thank you very much for watching and for donating.


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It’s wonderful how recording a podcast allows you to document small moments in time.   Some of which can become big moments in time…


A while back we recorded an episode with entrepreneur and host of the School of Greatness podcast, Lewis Howes.


Not only is his episode so good and inspiring that it’s worth sharing again, but you also literally get to see the moment when we first heard about the organization Pencils of Promise.


Pencils of Promise is the organization we have pledged to build a school with for needy children in Guatemala.


Lewis has built 3 schools with them.


This episode was the entire inspiration for the Life on Fire Virtual Summit that’s about to start.


And, this episode was the inspiration for the Business on Fire Bundle.


The Business on Fire Bundle is $6,000 worth of training courses from us, Brian Tracy, Mike Koenigs, Michael Bernoff, John Lee Dumas, and MORE!


We asked all of these amazing entrepreneurs to donate their programs to be part of our fundraising program.


You can get access to all of these programs at for a donation of just $97.


You won’t find this much educational and strategic training that is designed to help you grow your business and your life anywhere for under $100.


Grab it today at


And, make sure you stay tuned in for the full episode with Lewis.  The guy is an absolutely incredible entrepreneur and he shares a ton of great information on this episode!


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In the context of business, people often refer to their “why” for the reason that they do what they do.  


You may have more than one “why”, but it’s typically 1 to 3 highly motivational and important things that become the purpose behind your passion.


Giving back to others who are less fortune is one of mine…


Here’s why…


About a year and a half ago I had a team member who packed up his family and entire life to move to Honduras.  


We found a way that he could still work from there and I was totally supportive of his move, but I wanted to see what it was all about.


So, I went there myself to see first hand.


What I saw will forever change my life.


Each family who was part of the organization he was working with had adopted 4 orphaned children and they were raising them and educating them.


These were some of the happiest children I have ever seen.  Just full of life!


And, then the next day I saw where they came from…


It was literally, basically, a prison for children.  


Twenty five foot barbed wire walls surrounding this compound.  Inside there was a room where the infants lived until they were 4 years old.  


They were not allowed to come out of this room or see sunlight until they were 4.


It was one of the most gut-wrenching things I have ever seen.


And, I had to help.


I made a significant donation that allowed them to purchase more land and build a new school for more children and I came home wanting to do more…


Two of the most powerful ways you can give are with your time and with your money.


I believe when you weave giving into your company culture and into your personal life, not only does it help others, but it also gives you a higher level of purpose and personal fulfillment.


My entire experience in Honduras essentially paved the way for the project we’re currently helping.


It’s through an organization called Pencils of Promise, founded by Adam Braun, and their mission is to build schools in needy parts of the world.


We’ve pledged to build a school through their organization, and we couldn’t be more excited to give!


In fact, we have other top marketers like John Lee Dumas, Mike Koenigs, Brian Tracy, and many more involved in the project.


How can you help?


We’ve put together an amazing package of over $6,000 in marketing and personal development training programs that you can purchase for a donation of just $97.


We’re calling it the Business on Fire Bundle and you can make a donation, help build a school, and get over $6,000 worth of training programs today by heading to:


We greatly appreciate your support and your generous donation and we hope this episode inspires you to give back and make that part of your purpose and your business…


Thank you.


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Say it however you like, “the size of your income is directly related to size of your rolodex”, “it’s not what you know it’s who you know”…


Having a strong network is incredibly beneficial.


But, how do you build one?


First and foremost, you have to be clear on who you want in your network.


Who are the people who inspire you?  Who are the big names in your niche?


From there, think, “How can I add value to these people?”.


Try putting yourself in their shoes for a moment and ask, “what’s in it for me”?


In our case, we put together a virtual summit, featuring over 25 top entrepreneurs as the speakers.


Each one of these speakers is going to get exposed to an entirely new audience, who could one day become a new client or customer.


For you, think about what your gift is?  What are you uniquely capable of doing or providing that high-level centers of influence need?


If it turns out you don’t feel like you’re currently capable of delivering anything they may need, then learn a new skill that you know they can benefit from.


Here’s your action step…


Make a list of 15-20 influential people in the niche you’re in or the niche you want to be in and start reaching out to them.


If you don’t have some names on your list that make you nervous to reach out to, then you’re not aiming high enough.


Challenge yourself!  It’s the only way to grow, get better, and make more!


And, definitely don’t miss the FREE Life on Fire Virtual Summit!


Just go to and register today!


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We’ve just done something that we have never seen done before in the history of internet marketing!


Which is to approach some of the top names in the internet marketing and personal development industry and ask them to literally gift us one of their top training courses to be a part of our “Business on Fire Bundle” of training programs so that you can have access to them!


How and why did they do that?


The answer is simple actually…


Because we have an incredibly powerful mission, and once they understood that mission, they were happy to help.


We have packaged together over $6,000 worth of resources and training programs, and we’re making them available at for just $97.


And, the mission behind all of it is that all of the proceeds from your $97 donation go to an organization called Pencils of Promise to help build schools for children around the world.


So, what does the Bundle include?


Seven awesome training programs!


#7 is 2 tickets to Mike Koenigs event Publish + Profit where you can learn to become a best selling author (valued at $1,994).


#6 is our program, Product Launch on Fire, (valued at $997) that provides you an exact step-by-step process for how to take an idea you have and turn it into a product or program and how to start selling it.


#5 is Brian Tracy’s High Performance Leadership course designed to help you learn the skills to be an effective leader and have others want to follow you (valued at $497).


#4 is Brian Tracy’s Time Management program, which he sells for $389.  Who couldn’t use more time?  Let Brian show you how to get more time back so you can spend more time growing your business, or just have more time to spend as you please!


#3 is Call to Action, this is a $599 live training program brought to you by one of the top personal development trainers in the world, Michael Bernoff.  Michael’s live training has one simple, let incredibly powerful goal.  He’s going to teach you how to get more done in 5 days than most people typically get done in 5 months.


#2 is John Lee Dumas’s $597 Webinar on Fire program!  This is John’s exact blueprint on how he has used webinars to generate over a million dollars of revenue in under 12 months.


And, the #1 reason you need to get the Business on Fire Bundle, including over $6,000 of training and programs is that you will get a FREE ticket to our event for entrepreneurs, Ignite, happening in San Diego, December 5th, 6th, and 7th.  


This event combines business coaching, marketing training, and mindset hacks to give you the tools and training you need to make 2015 YOUR breakthrough year!


So, don’t hesitate!


This offer will not be available at this price for long!


You can get everything in the Business on Fire Bundle AND claim your free ticket to Ignite, today for just $97 at:


And, on behalf of the organization Pencils of Promise, and the children you will be directly helping with your donation, we thank you so much for your contribution!


Thank you for subscribing to our podcast in iTunes!  


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Some call it “putting butts in seats”, today we’re calling it “How to Fill a Room at a Live Event”.


When planning a live event, by far the biggest concern is always making sure the room is full.


If it’s your first event, you may want to start off with a small 1-day event of, say, 50 to 100 people, depending on the costs involved.


As you get more comfortable with hosting events and knowing your strategy on how you’re going to attract attendees, you can build up to large events, such as a 3-day event with several hundred attendees.


A great strategy for attracting attendees is running Facebook advertising.  This allows you to test your ticket sales process on a relatively small budget and it allows you to laser target the type of people your event is meant for.


Similar to many sales processes, there needs to be a sense of urgency for why people need to sign up now.  


Most likely you will have minimum numbers that you need to reach with your venue to avoid extra charges.  So, it is critical to know your attendance as far in advance as possible.


One way to create that urgency is through offering lower priced tickets to people to sign up early and raising the price as the event get closer.


For us, with our upcoming Ignite Event, we offered free tickets to anyone who registered by September 30th.  


If you’re considering a free ticket offer, it is highly recommended that you still collect some sort of refundable deposit, such as a $97 deposit, so you know who is actually going to attend vs. who has great intentions to attend, but isn’t actually going to show up.


From there, follow up is key.  Your attendees need to receive a confirmation email with the details of your event and any information they need to book travel.


If you’re working with a hotel and you’ve secured a hotel room block, that information needs to be clearly communicated to your attendees.


Following up with a welcome phone call is a great way to make your attendees feel special and to make sure you’re communicating important event details to them.


Another fantastic opportunity you have in your follow-up communication is to encourage your attendees to bring a friend.


Making the bring-a-friend process simple for your attendees can allow you to increase your attendance by up to 30%!


If you want to see how this whole process is modeled, go check out


And, even better, if you want to see how an entire 3-day event for 300+ people is run, AND learn amazing marketing strategies, AND gain an even more successful mindset, AND make incredible life-long business connections…


Then, plan to ATTEND Ignite!


It’s December 5th-7th in San Diego, California!


Grab your ticket today at!


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There is so much exciting stuff happening here at Life on Fire!


We’ve got our FREE virtual summit that’s about to kick off, featuring over 25 world-class entrepreneur speakers like Tony Hsieh, Founder of, Kevin Harrington from TV’s Shark Tank, Gary Vaynerchuk, John Lee Dumas, Brian Tracy, Michael O’Neal, and many, many more!


You can get access to our virtual summit at!


And, for those of you who want the live, face-to-face real deal, Ignite, our 3-day event, happening in December in San Diego, is over 75% sold out.  But, you can still grab a ticket at!


And, as if that’s not enough, we wanted to take you inside our last private client mastermind event.


This event was very small and intimate, unlike our Ignite event which already has over 225 people registered for it.


What you can see though, is the type of experience and the quality that we put into all of our events.


The big takeaway from this episode is, whether you ever coach with us or not, whether you ever join our mastermind, just find yourself a coach, find yourself a mastermind.


Don’t hire just any coach or join just any mastermind.  Find the one that you feel is best for YOU!


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When we first get the entrepreneurial bug it’s often a struggle to figure out exactly what it is we want to do.


Here to answer that question is New York Times Bestselling Author of the book, “What is Your What? - Discover the One Amazing Thing Your Were Born to Do”, Steve Olsher!


Steve believes that your “what” is at the center of where these three things overlap in your life:


1. What you love to do

2. What you’re good at

3. What someone will pay you to do


Even many seasoned entrepreneurs are missing one or even two of these elements.  


Maybe they are getting paid, but they don’t love what they are doing, which is only going to last so long before the person burns out.


Or, maybe they aren’t very good at what they are doing, which is probably substantially hindering their income.


The magic happens when you have all three.


The challenge is typically lack of clarity.  Signs of this are:


- Working way too hard with little to show

- It’s a struggle to generate revenue and new clients

- You’re competing on price

- Your initial spark or enthusiasm doesn’t last long

- You’re reliant on others


Conversely, once you figure out what your what is…


- You can’t wait to serve 

- Money (including lack of money) is no longer a driving factor

- Revenue flows

- People bang down your door to pay you at your desired level of compensation

- You remain engaged, energized and enthusiastic about what you’re doing


But, what about your passion?  Isn’t that your “what”?


Steve warns us not to confuse the two.  


What your are emotionally passionate about may not be what you were meant to do to earn a living, or it may not be what you’re good at.  


Steve acknowledges that of course you want to be passionate about your work.  But, when you try to turn your passion into your work, you introduce emotion into the equation which can cloud your judgement.


Another big distinction Steve clarifies is, “Isn’t your ‘what’ the same thing as your ‘why’?”


Close, but not quite.


When you ask most people what their “why” is, they will start listing off how what they do impacts or benefits other people.  So, in other words your why is external.


Your what, on the other hand, is everything that is internal.  It’s in your DNA, as Steve says.


So, what is it that’s holding people back from discovering their what?


First, Steve points out, most people don’t allow themselves the time and permission to figure it out.


The second reason people don’t discover their what is simply denial.  It can seem easier to just keep doing what you’re familiar with, rather than actually challenging yourself to make a change, even if that change has nothing but upside.


And, third, some people don’t look back far enough in their life to figure out what their what is.


So here are the next steps for you…


Gain and understanding of how to determine your what.


Identify your what.


Create a powerful step-by-step plan.


Become clear on your legacy.


Take the first step and start discovering your what today!


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Familiar with the concept of “paying it forward”?


If you’ve been tuning in to Life on Fire for any decent amount of time you know we’re all about paying it forward!


It’s so easy in life and in business to keep our heads down, work away, and stay focused on our own lives, needs, and wants.


The phrase “givers gain” is so very true.  Ever since I started intentionally giving, it has come back into my life in so many ways and in such abundance.


But, I truly believe it’s not the just the act of giving that allows you gain, it the intention with which you give.


And, as crazy as it sounds, when you give without an agenda and without wanting or trying to gain anything at all, that seems to be when you gain the most.


We’re about to be give in a MAJOR way to a group called Pencils of Promise to help build a school for impoverished children.


It’s all happening through our Life on Fire Virtual Summit, which consists of over 24 amazing interviews with some of the most incredible entrepreneurs around, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Kevin Harrington from “Shark Tank”, Brian Tracy, John Lee Dumas, and MANY, more!


These are some of the best and brightest minds in business sharing what’s worked for them and what their best insights, tips, and takeaways are from the careers they’ve built!


You can catch all the action at for FREE!


We’ve never set our sights on such a large goal like building an entire school, and we’ve never been more excited to make it happen!


I hope this episode reminds you and in inspires you to go out and give to someone.  Put a smile on someone’s face.  Make someone’s day.


And, let me know how it made you feel!


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