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On the line today is none other than social media icon, and New York Time Best Selling Author of the “how-to” social media book, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”, Gary Vaynerchuk, to talk details on how to crush it on his favorite platform, Twitter!


We start off asking the question, “Why Twitter?”


For Gary, that was an easy one.  He says Twitter is the one place where we can get consumer’s points of view for free and not pay for data and we can action on these points of view, such as joining a conversation, and you’re welcomed rather than shunned for joining.


One challenge Gary points out (which is a great tip if you can be patient) is that Twitter is a long-term play.  If you try to move too quickly before you’ve built rapport and added value you aren’t likely to see success on the platform.  


As Gary points out, you can’t just throw “right hooks” (which is to take or ask), you have to throw jabs first (which is to give or provide value).


In Gary’s opinion, Twitter is the only true social media platform as it is predicated on community and conversation, as opposed to a platform like Facebook which is all “push” driven.


When it comes to establishing your account, Gary highly recommends using your own name, rather than your brand or company name.


Gary’s recommendation for how to get in the game on Twitter is to go to and just find people who are talking about your topic.  The key though, is again, the “jabs”.  You can’t just go straight at people with your sales pitch.


Gary sums it up well with a great analogy.  “Twitter is a cocktail party.  You don’t go to a cocktail party and deliver a presentation.”


It’s about connecting and building relationships.


When it comes to searching, you have to search what people are actually going to say, like “drinking a smoothy” or “hitting the gym” vs. just “smoothy” or “exercise” where you may get a lot of unrelated content or spam.


Another tip Gary shares is to weave what is trending into your content (without overdoing it, of course).


So much great Twitter feedback packed into one episode!


Gary, you rock!


To get a free copy of Gary’s book, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World” (just pay the shipping) go to!


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Is there a business model out there that could never be duplicated, never be “ripped off” or copied?


It turns out, there is, as our guest today, Chris Ducker, points out, and that business is the business of YOU.


Nobody else has your same personality, your same thoughts, or your same unique gifts.


So, how to you go about communicating YOU to the masses?


Chris points out that there are 3 types of content you can produce:


1.  Educational

2.  Inspirational

3.  Entertainment


The keys to determining which one to use when is to know your audience and what it is you want them to do next.


This leads to the natural question of, “How do you monetize YOU?”


Chris, and others who have successfully gone down this same path, find that your audience themselves will tell you how to monetize.  They will speak up with problems that they want solutions for.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with making money, as long as you are providing quality and value.


And, “in order to sell, you must be seen”, Chris says.


So, here are your action steps:


1.  Identify your niche

2.  Know who you’re helping

3.  Create great content

4.  Build “P2P” Relationships

5.  Monetize Your Brand


Start building the brand of YOU today!


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I cannot begin to tell you how transformational the Ignite Event was for the 300 people who were lucky enough to attend.


We are still getting emails and Facebook comments almost daily from those who were there.


I've put together some exclusive event footage that I think you're going to love!


You're going to see how we literally walked across thousands of shards of broken glass and punched through 1-inch thick boards!  (Sounds crazy, I know, because it WAS!)


And, I also included some really special footage for you from our Firestarter client Inspiration Panel from stage.


Where you hear our client Molly's amazing results!


She became a Firestarter coaching client of ours 12 months ago, and she's now leaving her government job to work full time in her business (and make a LOT more money)...


And, hear from another Firestarter coaching client of ours, Chadi, who fired 80% of his clients who weren't ideal, and in less than 6 months completely replaced that income with ideal clients who he loves working with!


Make sure you watch all the way to the end if you're interested in finding out how you can achieve results like Leeta, Molly, Chadi, and MANY others...




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We sit down, 1-on-1, with Jonathan Budd, one of the top internet marketers, who has achieved incredible success, to find out more about who he is and what lead him there.


As you’ll quickly discover, Johathan Budd is one of the most sincere and genuine entrepreneurs you can find, which undoubtedly played a tremendous role in the millions he’s made.


But, more than the impressive track record of success is the focus on takeaways and the learnings along the way, as well as the desire to live a balanced, healthy, happy life full of love.


If there is only one thing that sticks with you from this interview, it’s all you really ever need, Jonathan’s advice to Nick years ago, “Take massive freaking action.”


Like any successful entrepreneur, Jonathan has experienced many failures along the way.  However, what sets people like him apart is, as he puts it, “finding the gold in your failures”.


There are TONS of “nuggets” in this episode, so get ready!


Enjoy this fantastic interview, and go take MASSIVE action on that very next step that you know you need to do.


And, for more interviews with top entrepreneurs, tips, and strategies to take your business to the next level, go to


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Having strategic joint ventures partners can help nearly any business grow at a faster rate.  Here to tell us his method of how he builds JV relationships is 7-figure online entrepreneur, Kevin Thompson!


Kevin’s had the “entrepreneurial bug” since high school.  


After the untimely passing of his father just before Kevin would have gone off to college, Kevin instead spent 4 years in the Army and then found his way to what is considered the most dangerous job on the planet…  


A Bering Sea fisherman (like the TV show “Deadliest Catch”).


Kevin spent 7 seasons risking his life on the sea to amass $200,000 in savings when he was finally ready to start a business, safely on land!


His first venture was a carpet cleaning business.


And, while he was not risking his life by cleaning carpets, his business was slowly struggling due to the wrong marketing.


What turned his carpet cleaning business around was meeting Joe Polish and discovering some of Joe’s marketing materials and advice.


Shortly after implementing Joe’s suggestions, Kevin had one of the top carpet cleaning businesses in his area by catering almost exclusively to high-end homes, which created some major shifts in his way of thinking.


The most significant change came from realizing that he enjoyed the marketing side, testing, and teaching others his system more than running his cleaning business.


So, he sold the cleaning business 11 years ago and became a full-time online marketer!


One of Kevin’s biggest leverage points was to approach people like Joe Polish who had an existing audience of carpet cleaners and other potential joint venture partners with similar audiences like home inspectors to come teach and sell his system at their events.


Without necessarily realizing it at the time, Kevin was build his business based on JV partnering.


Like many others have noted, Kevin found that high profile influencers and entrepreneurs get approached constantly by others who are looking to take from them.


However, what Kevin found from one of his mentors is that almost above all else, people who have attained that level of status value hearing that something they did or something they created helped you in some way.  


The simple concept of genuine appreciation.


Kevin points out, it’s not a “tactic” or a “strategy”, showing sincere appreciation to others is simply a way of being.


Our challenge to you is to implement Kevin’s advice and to take the time to send a text message to 15 people in your life who you want to show sincere appreciation to and do it just for the sake of making them feel good, without expecting or asking for anything in return.


“Just stand back and watch what happens!”, after sending your texts, Kevin says!


For more from Kevin, make sure you visit his website to get access to his “A-List” entrepreneur partner attraction process!


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The “Instagram Gal”, Sue B. Zimmerman is here with us today to show us how to crush it and monetize Instagram!


Sue has now had 18 businesses, all successful in their own right, dating back to her teenage years.


So, she’s well aware of what it takes to start and grow a business.


One of her skills has been to observe the trend-setters, particularly her teenage daughters, who were avid Instagram users over 2 years ago.


For Sue, the Instagram lightbulb went off, and she’s been on a mission to master the platform ever since.


Sue’s got 7 steps to success on Instagram:


1.  Have a rockin’ bio - Including a professional avatar, searchable username, strong description, unique hashtag, and a URL to drive traffic


2. Post with purpose - What is the emotional feeling you want people to have when they discover your account?


3. Create a hashtag strategy - Unique hashtags are the key to a great strategy on Instagram


4. Engage - The more you engage with others, the more others will engage with you!


5. Promote your account - Tell your existing audiences you are on Instagram


6. Send a Direct Message - A direct message is a private message that can be sent to an individiual or group up to 15 people in one post


7. Lead people to where you want to do business


And, don’t miss Sue’s ninja tip, which is to maximize your username.  Most people have unused characters in their username that they could add to allow people to find them easier.


Make sure you grab Sue’s 5 hashtag tips at as well!


And, for more #InstaAwesome tips from Sue, follow her on Instagram at @SueBZimmerman now!


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Joining us today is an entrepreneurial legend, Kevin Harrington, the inventor of TV infomercials and a “Shark” from TV’s Shark Tank!


In his 30 years of marketing, Kevin has done over 4 billion dollars in sales through being the first to mass market products like Ginsu knives, the Jack Lalane Juicer, Tony Little’s Gazelle fitness machine, and many, many more.


Not every product Kevin touched turned to gold, he notes that there were many failures along the way.


But, at every opportunity, even with things that didn’t work, he learned more and more about what did work.


In fact, only one out of every 3 or 4 ideas he attempts is a success, which means he sees much more failure than success.


His secret is to fail fast and fail cheap.  He tests ideas on a smaller level to determine their viability, makes changes if they don’t succeed, and he’s able to cut his relatively small losses if the project doesn’t work out.


As entrepreneurs, we have to condition ourselves to be able to expect and handle failure without emotionally crumbling every time it happens.


One of the major pillars to Kevin’s success is networking and relationships.


The first ever informercial product he brought to market was as a result of attending a trade show.  He has partnered with competitors to form non-profit organizations and has constantly put himself in the types of places that create opportunities for himself.


In addition to knowing and learning how to sell the products he creates and discovers, Kevin also has to know how to sell himself to potential investors and partner.


He shares a few steps of his 10-step system…


The first step is, you have to have the perfect pitch for your audience.  Kevin advises, “You have 7 seconds to get someone’s attention.”


Particularly with seeking investors, Kevin points out that you have to know what that investors sweet spot is.  For example, some don’t like start ups, others may be more concerned about growth vs. profits.


So, we ask Kevin, when should a business consider raising capital?


Kevin says, there are at least 3 reasons to raise capital:


1.  To start a business 

2.  To expand a business

3.  To leverage the risk of the business and “cash in” on some of the business equity, such as creating an IPO


That capital can come from savvy investors who can also bring their knowledge and contacts to the table, or from more “silent” investors.  


Kevin suggests that you don’t need to hold out for the investors with experience and connections because you can acquire those things if you have enough capital.


Next we ask how a person begins to network and become connected.


Kevin’s recommendation is to become a “Key Person of Influence”, (KPI, as he calls it).


His “guru” status started with writing a book, which lead to speaking engagements, interviews, podcasts, TV appearances and more.  Pretty soon Kevin was everywhere and his authority was evident.


One massive tip that Kevin imparts is, that every business owner should be thinking, planning and preparing for raising capital.


If you run your business in a way that you’re positioning yourself to become attractive to investors, chances are, you’re going to have a much more successful business.


Your financials will be more organized, your research and competitive analysis more thorough, and so on.


When speaking to potential investors, your investor wants to know that you are focused on them and concerned about their interest.


One strategy Kevin has used is to agree that his investor will receive 100% of the profits from their investment until the full amount they’ve invested has been paid back to them.




What an absolutely jam-packed interview with the one and only Kevin Harrington!


To learn straight from Kevin, his step-by-step system on how to position yourself and your business to raise capital from investors, make sure to check out his Maverick training at!


His 28-part guide will have you primed and ready to start seeking willing investors!


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Ever wondered how to get JV partners?  Here today to tell us how to get BIG JV partners is Anthony Amos!


Author of the book, “How to Catch a Shark”, Anthony shares his tips on how to create relationships with influential people.


Anthony notes that when it comes to creating business ventures with highly successful people, rather than attempting to approach the person directly, you are far better off meeting them through one of their existing contacts who is worthy for them to take notice.


What he found was establishing a relationship starts with truly being congruent with the influencer.


One way to determine whether that’s possible is to study personality types.  


First, it starts with knowing your personality type.


From there, it’s studying the other types that exist so that you can quickly identify characteristics upon meeting people in order to better understand them and better communicate with them.


When structuring your “offer” (aka, what you want from the “shark”), you will be successful far more often if you seek to add value first.


Nearly everyone who approaches major influencers and highly successful entrepreneurs is looking to take before they give, which is the total wrong approach.


So, what should someone new do?


The main thing is just keep moving forward and take imperfect action toward your business goal.  That will always trump sitting around and trying to plan out every detail before beginning.


There will inevitably be things in your business that you don’t like doing or shouldn’t do.  


Anthony’s advice is to bring in other people to handle those tasks and give them a percentage of the revenue and ownership for doing so.


You always want to retain control of your business, but all that requires is 51%, which leaves you 49% to work with!


Your playbook is:


1.  Get your concept to market as quickly as possible.

2.  Refine your concept based on real world testing and results

3.  Seek out partners who can come on board and assist with the aspects of the business you need to delegate

4.  Position yourself to add value to your “shark”


Ultimately, people want to connect with other people who they like.


As Anthony puts it, “The authenticity of your personality is the creation of everything you want.”


So, take massive action, seek to add value, and start working on your “shark plan” today!


And, for more from Anthony, make sure you visit his website at and grab his book, “How to Catch a Shark”!


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Business coach, Bill Baren, joins us for this session of the Life on Fire Virtual Summit to talk coaching, mentorship, determination, and success!


Bill’s start in the real world came just after graduating from Stanford with a degree in computer science.


So, where did he go from there?


The music business, of course!  (Against his parents wishes!)


At his peak, he had a small, independent record label, a music store, 85 employees, and over $10,000,000 per year in gross revenue.


After realizing he wasn’t living his true calling, he sold off his business, and planned to regroup while living off of his 5 year payment coming from the sale of his business.


The payments stopped after month 4.


So, with a newfound urgency Bill was lucky enough to come across coaching.


Bill spent the next 4 years working toward becoming a business coach.


It wasn’t until he started failing even further before he finally developed a repeatable system that worked for him.


And, after making $25,000 per year for 4 years, Bill’s income jumped to 6-figures within 6 months of putting his new sales process in place.


What Bill did was become a master sales communicator.  And, in his process, his communication is 85% about listening and only 15% about speaking.


By truly understanding what it is someone desires and helping them see and feel that it’s possible, that’s how you create success with them.


As Bill says, “The person that can keep them feeling that pure place of possibility is the person they’re going to hire (as a coach).”


For Bill, what makes a great coach is fully committing to be the coach and realizing that their experience is not about you, as the coach, at all.  It’s about you being a doorway toward helping someone move forward.


And, what he finds in his clients and his own life, is that consistency and unrelenting determination are the keys to success.


“Everything we want goes through the island of doing what we don’t want to do first”, Bill acknowledges.


In addition to his honed enrollment skills, one of the things that has undoubtedly made Bill successful is the fact that profits are not the primary driver of his business decisions.


Impact on his clients comes first.


Bill reveals that he’s often knowingly made decisions that made him less money because it ultimately resulted in a better outcome for his clients.


Great stuff, Bill!


So much wisdom packed into one interview!


To get a mind map of Bill’s sales enrollment conversation process, Bill has made that available for you at!


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Come with us behind the scenes of the Life on Fire Virtual Summit to learn how to put on your own 6-figure virtual summit!


Virtual summits have some incredible benefits to the attendees and speakers, as well as the “host” or the business that is putting the summit on.


Such as…


- You are almost instantly positioned as an expert by virtue of proximity to your other expert summit speakers

- You can immediately build and grow a targeted email list, even if you don’t have one to being with

- If using paid advertising, we’ve recently seen lead costs as low as 70 cents each!

- You can create an upsell process to offset your advertising cost

- You will have made life-long connections to your expert speakers

- You don’t have to create any of the speaker content if you don’t want to!


My initial summit experience came out of my previous business failures and attending an inspiring and motiving business building event.


I came home, narrowed my niche, made the decision that I wanted to be a Facebook marketing expert, and started working on the Facebook Mastery Summit.


My first step was graphic design.  I’m by no means a graphic designer, so found someone who could inexpensively create a great look for my summit as I knew that was key.


Next, I used the sophisticated look of my summit to attract my “anchor” speaker (a well-known authority in my niche).


And, once I had my anchor speaker locked in, it was easy to approach and get commitments from my other speakers!


As a result of bring on 10 speakers, I was able to create an email list of 5,500 people, and I sold the recordings of the speaker sessions for $497 and generated $105,000!


And, throughout the process of building my own business, interviewing other experts, and running my own Facebook ads, my knowledge level quickly reached “expert” status as well.


Once you hold something like a virtual summit, if marketed correctly, you have the appearance of being “everywhere”.


People who are in your ideal target audience, as well as other experts on your topic will have seen your ads, seen your name mentioned in multiple people’s emails, and depending on how you release the content via YouTube, a podcast, etc., you appear to be everyone from a content standpoint too.


THAT is how you make a splash and enter the marketplace as a leader.


Here are the steps to follow to put on your own summit!


1.  Narrow your niche - You have to have a targeted message to a targeted audience.

2.  Modeling - Who do you want to be like in your niche and what can you learn from them?

3.  Select your ideal customer - Who do you want to serve and what do they need?

4.  Name your virtual summit - What do you want to be known for?

5.  Graphic design - Design matters!  LeadPages is a great option!

6.  Get your anchor speaker - You may decide to let them sell their course or product 

7.  Get more speakers - Leverage your anchor speaker to get the others!

8.  Launch traffic - Set the start date, get your speakers the info they need to promote, and start promoting

9.  Facebook ads - If your budget is at all permitting, definitely test Facebook ad traffic to your summit

10. Deliver the sessions - This can be as easy as setting up a group phone line!

11. Repurpose your content - Consider releasing your summit content as a Podcast, a book, or even a physical training product!


Now, I realize seeing this list and putting it all into action if you’ve never done it before can feel a little overwhelming, no matter how fired up you are to get it going and how much you know it can impact your business.


So, I’m taking on a small group of personal coaching clients, along with my teammates Robin & Mike Pisciotta to teach you our in-detail, step-by-step virtual summit systems that we’ve both used to create 6-figure returns.


However, today is the last day to get in.


Get all the details of what you’ll learn before we close the doors at!


We couldn’t be more excited to bring this opportunity to you!


Just go to and grab one of the remaining spots and start building your authority, list, and profits today!


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