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I recently had the honor of taking a two-day bootcamp from the most decorated Navy Seal of all time, Mark Devine.


I thought we were going to focus primarily on mindset.  And, while we did, it turns out, it was also the most physically grueling thing I’ve ever experienced.


But, what I discovered in the process is what separates the upper elite-level performers like, U.S. Navy Seals, from everyone else isn’t primarily their physical abilities, it’s their mental abilities.


Navy Seals have unbeatable minds.


And, you can learn to have one too.


Mark instills that you can actually do 20 times more than what you believe you are capable of.


Imagine this…


After what seemed like the longest day of non-stop, cross-fit style training ever, you are suddenly summoned to run straight into the ocean when it’s pitch black at night and lay, floating on your back, arm-in-arm with your teammates while freezing cold ocean water keeps crashing, and crashing, and crashing over your face…


It feels like you’re going to drown, over and over again, every few seconds.


What’s crazy was that exercise ended up mentally “breaking” the guy in the group who was by far the most physically fit and he quit and went home early.


After almost drowning as a child, you can probably image how mentally challenging that particular activity was for me.


But, I pushed through it, along with the rest of the group (minus the one guy).


To be totally transparent, once I found out that we had signed up for something that was going to be incredibly physically intense, I almost quit myself before I even started.


I began to come up with excuses about how I hadn’t worked out and how I was feeling kind of sick, and in that moment, I caught myself…


I realized that if I was resisting going that much, that was exactly why I needed to do it.


Of everything that we learned, one of the most amazing techniques was simply how to breath better.  As humans we slow learn many bad habit and bad techniques, and oddly, most people don’t breath properly.


Another giant mental shift came from the fact that they made us stay positive, upbeat, and happy by making us smile and yell out positive chants in unison.  It sounds crazy, but it actually worked.


And, although the way it was being applied to me was through physical activities, it’s really no different in business.


I’m not talking about “faking it ’til you make it”, I’m talking about putting on a positive mental mindset and pushing forward with a smile on your face and a good attitude even when you don’t want to, even when you’ve been beaten down a bit, and even when you’re scared.


Next came visualizations.  Another massively helpful action is to picture yourself having already achieved your goal.  Your brain can subconsciously “see” the path of how to get you there easier if it has a clear picture of what your outcome is supposed to look like.


The fourth and final cornerstone of the teaching was the concept of micro goals.  


We all know what goals are.  We typically think of goals annually or maybe monthly.


But, what about daily?  Or what about minute by minute if you’re doing a highly important activity like a long run where you want to give up, or making your sales calls that you know you need to make in order to grow your business?


So, the question is, what are you truly capable of?


What can happen when you leverage these techniques?


I would HIGHLY encourage you to read Mark Devine’s 3 books, all available on and challenge yourself to find a level of greatness that you didn’t even know was inside of you.


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Are you ready to get better at what you do in 2015?


We are!


And, that’s what today’s short episode is all about, how we can help you by giving you more of what you want from Life on Fire TV?!!


In 2014 we did all kinds of episodes from teaching topics, to interviewing other entrepreneurs, to flying across the country to bring you special guests, to giving you behind the scenes footage of our private mastermind, calls, and events, Pay it Forward Friday and more.


Now, we want to give you one focused and massively valuable episode per week.


So here’s where we need your help!


Hop over to and take a quick 7-question survey to help us make Life on Fire TV even better for you.


Just for doing so, we’re going to enter you into a phenomenal raffle contest where the first prize is a VIP coaching day with me!  (Valued at $10,000)


And, four additional prizes of Life on Fire t-shirts and wristbands!


Just go to to enter to win!


Contest ends at 11:59pm PT on January 31st!


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Ever heard of the concept of “paying it forward”?


Doing something kind for others just to be nice?


Some believe in doing it in the hopes that it will come back to them, and interestingly it often does.


But, we like to do it just because.   :)


Sometimes we film it, and what you’re going to see in today’s episode was the very first episode of “Pay it Forward Friday TV”!


We hope this inspires you to want to go out and give.


You don’t have to film it or make it grand, it’s just about spreading kindness for the sake of spreading kindness.


So…  Who’s day can you make today?!!


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Back for part two of the Life on Fire Virtual Summit is #1 iTunes podcaster, John Lee Dumas, to teach us how to create, grow, and monetize a podcast!


Over the last 2 1/2 years, John has created and grown one of the top podcasts on all of iTunes, Entrepreneur on Fire.


As a result, he has also built a 7-figure per year business in the process, all based on his podcast.


So, how did he do it?


John’s first step was to enlist help, in the form of a podcasting mentor.  At the time when he started there was very little in terms of courses he could take or training available on the topic.


The passion that made him want to become a podcaster was his own love of podcasts on his long commutes to work, time at the gym, and so on.


One day, he simply ran out of podcasts to listen to.


And, then it hit him…


“There needs to be a 7-day a week podcast!”


His mentors told him he was crazy, that nobody would want to listen to a podcast that often, that he would get burnt out, but it turns out John was right.


Watch a listen as John walks through every single step of creating podcast from the first recording of the audio file, to adding the necessary data and notes to submit a new episode to iTunes.


When things get technical they can seem scary and confusing at first.  But, as you’ll see, he lays it out very simply and the process becomes one you can do in your sleep once you get the hang of it!


From there, you’ll find out how John leverages that same content to be broadcast to multiple other platforms, capturing new audiences outside of iTunes.


Next John dives into his growth strategies.  This is truly the key to having a successful podcast.  The bigger your audience, the more impact your show will have (and the easier it is to monetize)!


And, when it comes to monetizing, one of the most desirable forms of monetizing is through sponsorship.  


That’s when other companies pay you, typically on a per-episode basis, for you to read their short advertisements during your show.


This alone can create 5-figures per month of income if your podcast is large enough!


So, where do you begin?  It can all be a bit overwhelming if it’s not laid out for you step-by-step.


Luckily, John has packaged up all of his knowledge and made it available to you in his step-by-step training at!


Hundreds of podcasters have gotten their start by going through John’s system, and there’s still plenty of opportunity for new podcasters to make their mark in iTunes and the various other platforms!


Start yours today!


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We are so excited to bring you today’s special episode featuring 7-figure podcaster, John Lee Dumas, live from stage at our recent Ignite Event to speak on his journey and leap from the corporate world into entrepreneurialism!


John’s post-military life found him sitting in a cubicle, commuting to work, and doing the suit and tie thing, every day, like so many others do.


For him, this simply wasn’t enough.  As he puts it, he wasn’t living his life on fire and he felt his life slowly extinguishing.


After 6 years of trying different career paths and not find his passion he had a defining moment one day while on a long commute when he ran out of podcasts to listen to.


A lightbulb went off and he said, “There needs to be a 7-day a week podcast.” 


And, what John wanted to make unique about his show in interviewing entrepreneurs was not only highlighting their current successes, but specifically talking about their failures, their “ah-ha” moments, and what we can learn from their trials.


Making that leap from a 6-figure stable corporate salary to start a podcast was terrifying, John admits.


However, he acknowledges, that the feeling of being scared is also proof that you’re on the right track.


You have to get outside of your norm and your comfort zone in order to make radical change happen in your life.


And, “You have to find your leverage point”, John says.


For him, it comes back to a pledge he made to 4 dear friends and comrades he lost while serving in the Iraq war, which was that he was not going let their sacrifice be for nothing by living anything less than what is his life on fire.


When it came to starting his podcast, John had a bit of an issue in that he had no idea whatsoever how to create a podcast!


So, he made a very strategic move that he will be forever grateful for, which was to reach out to someone who was where he wanted to be and ask to be mentored by that person.


Luckily, the person accepted John’s request, and with a hefty investment from John to his mentor in exchange for her coaching, that was the moment that made it real for him.


He was no longer a dreamer or an amateur.  He had become a “doer” and aspiring professional.


When it was time to build his business, John’s foresight and discipline to avoid distraction and avoid trying to jump on everything that appeared to be an opportunity is what truly allowed him to focus and thrive in his “lane”.


Most people want to cast out their net and go one mile wide and one inch deep, never creating any real depth in any particular area.


John, however, had the complete opposite approach, he chose to go one inch wide and one mile deep, creating a massive focus on the things he needed to do to be successful.


Your income and happiness will be directly related to how you use that time.


He reminds us that no matter what business you’re in, your biggest asset is your time.


So, very true.


And, finally, we ask John to describe his life on fire, which he answered with two words, “Ripple Effect”.


Meaning, he feels that he’s truly having an impact when not only does he receive a message from someone thanking him for how he’s inspired or helped that person, but THAT person has an email from someone who they have helped an inspired.




If you’d like to learn more on how to start your own podcast, go to, to learn directly from John, how to start your own podcast and follow in his footsteps!


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Here to give you the steps and insight to discovering your purpose is NY Times Bestselling Author, Steve Olsher!


Steve refers to discovering your purpose as finding out “What is Your What?”.


The path for Steve to discovering that he had the gift and wisdom within him to help others discover their purpose came at the bedside of his dying stepfather.


Up to that point, Steve’s business pursuits and successes could be summed up in his words as “chasing the dollar”.  


In that instant, holding his stepfathers hand in his last few moments of life, it occurred to Steve that was the only legacy he had created up to that point, and he knew he had more within him.


If you’re questioning whether you’ve found your true purpose, Steve points out that, for him, he knew he wasn’t living his highest purpose when every day he would wake with a lack of “fire” for what he was doing.


The framework he created for himself, eventually became a class, which eventually became the book, “What is Your What?”


Imagine doing what you truly love for a living.  Many people think of rock stars and professional athletes and think, man, they have the life.


As Steve reminds us, what we don’t see when those people are performing is all of the hard work they put in to get there.


And, that’s the part that stops most people.  Actually doing the work.  Way too many people hit a tiny bump in the road, it stops them like an impenetrable force field, and they never keep going.


It’s a 3 step process, says Steve:


1.  Identify what your “what” is

2.  Be willing to make a slow, steady transition to doing your what

3.  Work your ass off


Significant change doesn’t happen overnight.  But, if you start in small increments, it can happen, for many.


One big distinction you may need to make if you are looking at this type of transition is getting very serious about what it is you want (how much you’d like to make, for example) vs. what you really need (what you could get by with, if you had to) in order to actually make the transition.


You may WANT $250,000 per year.  But, you may be able to make some sacrifices and “make the leap” once you hit $5,000 per month.


Big difference.


Another big different Steve points out is your purpose, many times, won’t be your passion.


You may have a passion for cooking, or horse riding, or woodworking.  But, that may not be your gift and the way you should attempt to earn your income.


Passion is based on emotion and feeling, which can possibly lead you down illogical paths for pursuing income.


The key is matching your gift, with the vehicle to deliver your gift, which you then use to help others.


You can start at either end of that equation.  If you aren’t sure what your gift is, you may already know who you love to help, for example.


Steve believes that we all have a unique gift inside of us that is just waiting to be unlocked and discovered.


The first step…


Is to take the first step.


A great first step is to grab a free copy of Steve’s book, What is Your What at!


We hope you got a ton of great information out of Steve’s interview!  If so, please write us a review in iTunes telling us what you love about Life on Fire TV and leave us a 5-star rating.


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Most of us have set goals at one time or another.  Maybe we achieved them, maybe we didn’t.  In this episode you’re going to learn a simple, yet, incredibly effective system for how to set goals each month and more importantly, how to achieve them!


First, it starts off with the way you set your goals.  To begin, limit yourself to no more than 3-5 main goals for the month.  Any more starts to make them all harder to achieve.


Then, when determining each goal, the goal needs to be “measurable”.  For instance, rather than saying “I want to work on my relationship” or “I want to be healthier” set goals like having a date night with your significant other once a week or working out for at least 30 minutes 4 times per week.  


One of keys to my goal setting process is my morning routine.  Almost all successful people have a morning ritual they follow.  Here’e what I do…


1. I wake up and even before getting out of bed, I say 3 things I’m grateful for.

2. I read my goals for the month every day.

3. At the beginning of each month I write a letter to myself.  The letter is written as though it’s coming from me in the future, congratulating me for everything I’ve accomplished that month.  (This is huge.  It’s called “future pacing” and it works really well.)  Every day I read that letter.

4. I keep a white board up where I visually check off that I’ve completed my morning routine.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast.  I usually make a quick smoothie.  Studies show that if your first meal of the day is healthy, the rest of your meals are more likely to be healthy.

6. Exercise.  That might be a run, hitting the gym, or taking a crossfit class.  By getting my exercise out of the way in the morning I know it’s done for the day and there’s no way I can let my day get too busy and cause me to miss my workout.


And, finally, the last key piece for how to set goals is incorporating public accountability.  Meaning, involve your friends and family in your goals and let them know what you have going on.


Facebook has made this really easy.  Just put your goals into a short post and put them out to the world.  Then, come back at the end of the month and post an update.


This system has worked phenomenally well for me and tons of other people.


Give it a try and let us know your results!


Love the goal setting on fire system?  If so, please write us a review in iTunes telling us what you love about Life on Fire TV and leave us a 5-star rating.


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At age 23, Jake Ducey, is lighting this world on fire and inspiring others to ditch the traditional playbook of life and to truly focus on living life to it’s fullest and being happy!


Jake first realized he wasn’t on the path he should be as a 19-year-old college student.


Books by people like Jack Canfield, and a 6-month backpacking trip around the world with no map, led to his journey of personal discovery and provided some of the enlightenment and experiences that allowed Jake to write his first book that year.


This, in itself, could have posed a significant challenge considering Jake admits that english and writing were his worst subjects as a student.


However, Jake’s belief is, “You can gain any skill or overcome any sign of weakness that you think you have, if you have the write intention.”


After self-publishing, “Into the Wind”, Jake got noticed by one of the greats he looked up to, Jack Canfield, and was also picked up by a major publishing house to write his brand new book, “The Purpose Principals”.


Jake’s inspiration for writing The Purpose Principals was that many of the iconic success stories of entrepreneurs and celebrities we see often start with failures and overcoming enormous challenges.  


Those “pre-success” stories are what Jake looks to tell in The Purpose Principals.


Being an up-and-coming writer, Jake had to do a good part of the research into the pasts of people like Jay-Z and Brad Pitt on his own through countless hours of scouring articles online.


It’s his hope and goal that hearing the stories of others who have reached almost inconceivable levels of success and finding out that they are just people, and that they had to struggle in the beginning as well, will spark more young people to follow their dreams and passions.


Jake’s ultimate goal is to inspire activism in entrepreneurialism by imploring entrepreneurs to want to build successful businesses, not just for the sake of padding their own bank accounts, but to give them the opportunity to give back and to make a difference in our culture and in the world.


Jake’s new book, “The Purpose Principals” comes out the day this interview is released, January 2nd, 2015!  


Make sure you go to your favorite book retailer and grab a copy of his book and leave him a review as well!


And, most importantly, TAKE ACTION!  


There may be a specific story inside Jake’s book that resonates with you and really hits home.  Let that story fuel your ambition and your motivation to put YOUR plan into action! 


We hope you found Jake’s story and passion highly motivational.  If so, please write us a review in iTunes telling us what you love about Life on Fire TV and leave us a 5-star rating.


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