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Hola and welcome to another episode of Life on Fire TV! Today’s show is all about the art of storytelling. And not the kind where you sit around a campfire telling tall tales, the kind of storytelling that takes your biggest challenges and makes them into your biggest opportunities.


One of the most powerful things about being a business coach is helping people leverage those challenges to find their purpose and their mission.  And it always starts with story.


Story and storytelling are a vital piece of my one on one VIP Days with clients. In fact, I have them start by telling me their life’s story, all of it: the good, the bad and the ugly. And when we look at the pieces and components we find how to reframe challenges from the past and make them into amazing gifts. 


In this episode you’ll hear:

•How to use your story to attract and inspire others. (4:30)

•Why storytelling connects you and your audience on a deeper level. (6:50)

•How Karen made $75k in under 30 days. (17:15)

•What's the one question that sets everyone free? (20:30)

•And so much more!


A great example of this is my client Karen Fagan. Karen came to me through a friend, and after watching several of my videos, signed up for my VIP Firestarter Elite program. When we sat down for our VIP Day I had her tell me the story of her life.


When you listen to the show you’ll hear all the details (shared with Karen’s permission of course!) but suffice to say Karen had overcome a great deal and faced tremendous hurdles on her way to sitting across from me that day. 


She vulnerably and courageously shared her story of an unhappy childhood being raised by alcoholic parents. Consequently she spent many years attracting unavailable people in every area of her life, including being involved with married men.


But Karen had the courage to overcome and persevere her many difficulties and as we talked during her VIP Day I helped her see the importance and value in telling her story. Up until that point she had only told bits and pieces of it, and had not shared the full scope of her story with her audience.


As we drilled down and really honed her story so she could share it with her audience, I also wanted her to get crystal clear on where she wanted to spend her time so we could focus all her efforts in that direction. Because once you have your story locked down and are sharing it, then and only then will strategies and tactics begin to fully pay off in your business efforts.


During that conversation, Karen did get clear on her story and where she wants to spend her time. In fact, she created an entirely new focus for her business and has been promoting it with her friend Patty Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker!


Listen in to get all the details, including Karen’s take on what that VIP Day meant for her and her business. 


And if you’re interested in having that same experience that Karen had I’m offering an amazing deal right now! Email support at and write VIP Day as your subject line. Be sure to include your phone number so the LOF team can call you back and set up your personal VIP Day.




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Today’s episode is all about finding your purpose and the “3 S strategy”. Strategy doesn’t matter if you don’t have a purpose and a purpose is hard to fulfill if you don’t have a strategy. They go hand in hand to successfully share your true gifts with the world and empower others to do the same.

When you’re an entrepreneur in alignment, you know what your mission in life is. When you have truly nailed your purpose, you go from pushing a boulder up a mountain to being pulled through life with the flow. Everything in your life changes at that moment when you discover your purpose.

Discovering your purpose requires you to be open-minded and then take action. You’ll also (more than likely) need someone like a coach who can look into your past from the outside and help you clearly see your story of the past and create a vision for your future.

3 S Strategy – Story | Stance | Strategy

The 3 S Strategy is a part of all the VIP days which are 4 hours long. We start by drilling down into the story of your past, then figuring out your stance (what really pisses you off and usually comes directly from your story), then we develop a strategy to help you develop your messaging and get your gifts out into the world. 

Your being, your story, your message is a big deal for others to hear. Even if you think it’s insignificant, you’ll discover with the 3 S Strategy why it’s so important to get it out into the world.


Eric Yang’s Story

Eric was raised without love by a housecleaner who hated him. He was a troubled, unhappy kid whose mother left him and was living with a father who was more like an unfriendly neighbor rather than a loving father. By high school, Eric ended up very depressed and wanted to commit suicide. In the end, he was not able to follow through on it. 

One day shortly after his failed attempt, he was walking by a bookstore and just picked the thickest English book which happened to be Tony Robbins’ “Unleash The Power Within”. He holed up in his room for 2 days straight reading it from cover to cover.

Reading that book actually ended up saving Eric’s life and giving him a reason to live. After reading the book, Eric came to the realization that he had been jumping from school to school, running from his unloving parents and the housekeeper who hated him all in an effort to try and change the environments in which he was living. But what he then discovered was… you have to change within to be happy.


Eric Yang’s Stance

“You have to change from within.”

After Eric read the book and made his discovery, he ended up going to a Tony Robbins event and walked on fire. Soon after he came to Life on Fire’s Ignite event and walked on glass and broke through boards. 

He discovered he wanted to help people change within.


Eric Yang’s Strategy

Eric discovered his purpose and now has a moral obligation to share his story to help inspire others and ultimately save lives.

He can devote his life to personal development and learn how to help people change from within. He can do that through writing books, doing webinars, being interviewed, being on stage sharing his stories and strategies on how to change from within.


The Eric Yang Story in 3 lines…


The power of a book

The power of coaching

The power of finding your purpose


In Eric’s Own Words:


Big ah-ha moment was the book “Unleash The Power Within” by Tony Robbins.

Everyone needs to improve as a person.

All the books, energy, and momentum won’t get you there without applying the right strategy.

With the right tools and guidance you can succeed.

Nobody fails alone and nobody succeeds alone.

IGNITE and live a Life on Fire!!!


Complimentary 30-minute Breakthrough Session

Are you ready to make a change in your life and business? Go to to take advantage of my free gift to you of a complimentary 30-minute breakthrough session with me or one of my highly trained coaches. 

Be prepared to get your world rocked in just 30 minutes! This is not your normal bait and switch call or a 30-minute pitch fest. Our goal is to deliver so much value that you’ll be raving to your friends what tremendous value you got from just one 30-minute call.

Fill out the application now to be considered for a complimentary 30-minute breakthrough session. We use the criteria on the form to qualify applicants for the complimentary call (which is a $250 value).

We have reserved several spots for the calls, but they fill up fast!


In Eric’s words… IGNITE and live a life on fire!!!

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Aside from proposing to my fiancé, hiring a business coach was the #1 best decision I’ve ever made in my life, and it’s the reason Life on Fire exists today.


But, how do you go about finding and hiring the right coach for you and, in-turn, making more money?


I wish I could say my story was that I had the insight and forethought to hire a business coach from the get go, but that was definitely not the case.


The lightbulb came on for me, however, when, after following some bad professional “advice” and having one business turn into a total disaster, I reestablished myself, and actually sold my next business by the age of 30.


I thought hitting that massive goal of mine was going to put me on top of the world, but it was actually the complete opposite.  Although I had more money than I had ever had, I felt totally alone and purposeless.


It was about then that I met a friend, Shanda Sumpter, who seemed to have this fantastic life, and great energy, attitude, and business where she takes a week a month off and so on, so I asked her how she did it.


And, very simply, she said, “I have a business coach.”


I thought, “Wait?  That’s it?  That’s your secret?”


For her, that truly was her secret.  She invested $3,000 per month to have 1-on-1 coaching  and group mastermind time with her business coach to help keep her on track, set goals, and bounce strategic ideas off of.  It was basically like taking on a marketing and life strategist as a partner and mentor for her life and business.


So, I begged this woman (Suzanne Evans) to let me into her coaching program which was completely full at the time, and somehow I got her to let me in.


One of the first steps in working with Suzanne was an in-person 1-on-1 VIP coaching day, just her and me.


This was where the magic truly happened.


When you’re inside your own head or your own business, it’s hard to step outside of that, take off the blinders, biases, and limiting beliefs and coach yourself.


This is one of the HUGE benefits of why many professionals hire a coach.  They know that it’s impossible to observe and coach themselves and somehow come up with new solutions on their own that they’ve never thought of before.


Since that day years ago with Suzanne, I’ve come to realize that providing those same 1-on-1 dedicated blocks of coaching time with my clients and really drilling down into their business and lives to come up with clear strategies and and action plan is one of my best skills as a business coach.


One of the key components of a VIP coaching day is to get super clear on what your purpose or your stance is.  


Once you own that, and your life and business are in alignment with that, your business suddenly takes on an entirely new meaning and level of fulfillment for you.


Becoming 100% clear on your purpose is the primary reason for hiring a business coach and something you must receive when coaching with someone.


When it comes to hiring a coach, one significant criteria to consider is, is the coach in a position you’d like to be?  


From there, you want to find out what their areas of expertise are, whether they have other coaches on their team, what their personal background is, what their network looks like, and so on.


So, as a starting point, my free gift to you is the opportunity to schedule a 1-on-1 complimentary 30-minute coaching call with me or my team to help you get clear on your purpose and strategy.


We can only do so many calls, so if it’s something you’d like to take advantage of, head over to now, take a look at the details, and see if it makes sense for you.


Again, that’s my free gift to you, at!


Thank you for subscribing to our podcast in iTunes!  Start living your purpose today!

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Step behind the scenes with us onto one of our recent weekly private group coaching “Profit Activator” calls on how you can literally shred your past!


Are their things from 2014 or further back, memories, debt, bad experiences, etc. that you wish you could just rip into shreds so that these things no longer had any power over you?


That’s exactly what I’m going to teach you how to do in this exercise I recently taught to an elite group of my private coaching clients.


The exercise starts with making an actual list on paper of the things in your past that you want to get rid of.


So, what do you write down?


Write down the things in your life and past that just don’t serve you.


It could be excess debt or pounds you’re carrying, it could be guilt from a past business or relationship, it could be fear of getting out of your comfort zone or failure, anything that you want to get rid of in your life.


What if you could eliminate your belief that you’re not good enough, or that you’re not a morning person, or you don’t take action?


How much better would you feel, and how much more could you accomplish without these unhealthy emotions, beliefs, and memories weighing you down?


Once you have your paper filled out, take one last look at everything on it, because it’s the last time you’ll see these things.


Then, take it, and rip it to shreds!


Shred it into tiny little pieces, tiny little pieces that couldn’t possibly have any power over you.


Now, how good does that feel??!!


So, here’s how you lock it in…


Ask yourself, is it going to hurt me at all to just believe that it will work?


Am I going to be any worse off, by just accepting the process, and accepting that it really could be that simple to reframe my beliefs and the emotional power I’ve given these things for so long?


Of course not.  


Give yourself permission to accept that the positive change you desire could happen that easily without challenging that belief.


Reach out to us on social media or send us an email and let us know how you enjoyed “shredding your past”!


Thank you for subscribing to our podcast in iTunes!  You create your own good fortune!

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