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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 133 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re talking about one of the hottest topics around: podcasting. 


Obviously you know what podcasting is, but what if you wanted to have your own podcast? Do you know how to create and launch a podcast? Or what the potential pitfalls and the possible benefits of having your own show are? 


I’ll walk you through the fifteen steps necessary to launch your podcast, get your show off the ground and make it a smashing success. Learn from my mistakes and my wins so you can create a successful podcast, grow your audience, your client base and your revenue!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a video podcast? (7:40)
  • How I got over 15,000 organic, unpaid views of my show. (15:00)
  • The 3 S strategy: how to use it to create your podcast. (25:40)
  • What do 99% of my coaching clients have wrong in their business? (38:30)
  • How to choose the format of your podcast. (40:20)
  • And so much more!

I’ve learned a lot in the time since this show was first born and I’d like to share with you each step that has helped me go from our initial launch to being one of the top-ranked video podcasts on iTunes. 


Here are the steps:


1. Choose something you’re passionate about. 

Get in alignment with your purpose and your passion and create a show based on that. 


2. Define your outcome. 

Why are you doing this and what will you get out of it? What will you give your audience?


3. Research and model.

Go on iTunes and see who is doing what. Look at their logos, their descriptions and their categories. 


4. Define your ideal customer.

Who would you love to work with? That is your ideal customer and that is who you will target with your show.


5. What is your format?

Do you want to do interviews, Q&A’s, a scripted format, or a how-to? Depending on your format you may or may not choose video. 


6. What is your twist?

Before John Lee Dumas started Entrepreneur on Fire no one was doing a 7-day a week show. Everyone, including his mentors, told him he was crazy and it wouldn’t work. He proved them wrong. So what can you do that is unique and will add your own spin?


7. Get your gear.

You will need certain gear to make the audio great, so do some research on this. Even if you’re doing video you still need great audio because you can make two shows out of it: one of video and one of audio only. 


8. Produce your show.

Production is obviously very important. Your intro should frame for your listener what they’ll get out of the show and your outro should be a call to action. And your editing needs to be on point, if it doesn’t sound good people won’t listen!


9. Logo of your show.

You need to have an eye-catching logo and include a video icon in your description. If people see the video icon they’ll know you also have an audio version of your show (and you should) so they’ll look for that if they prefer audio. 


10. The technology.

If you’re doing audio only you’ll upload your podcast to Libsyn. But if you’re doing video you want to host your videos on Amazon S3 and post them on YouTube. Don’t host your videos on Libsyn.



11. Submit to iTunes.

Optimize your keywords for the best possible ranking. And be sure to answer your audience’s one burning question: What’s in it for me?


12. Launch strategy.

Have five episodes ready to go the day you launch and then release one a day for however many days you choose. After that go back to your normal schedule (once a week, twice a week, three times a week, etc). 


13. Marketing your show.

Have a subscribe and review contest, ask friends and family to participate and share your show. Get on other people’s podcasts and give value to their audiences so those people want to listen to you too. It’s a fast and simple way to reach more people.


14. Rise up the charts. 

Take advantage of being on New & Noteworthy your first 8 weeks. Get a high ranking in your category so it’s easier for people to find you.


15. YouTube marketing.

If you’re doing a video podcast you want to post it on YouTube as well. YouTube is the second-highest ranked search engine in the world so it’s an especially good source if you are creating a how-to podcast. 


I go into great detail on all of these steps on today’s show. I know it’ll help you launch a successful podcast so dive in and get to it! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire TV!




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Super successful real estate entrepreneur, Cole Hatter, takes us inside his home and tells us his story of how he walked away from his business completely, only to come back even stronger after his journey of self-discovery!

Sometimes in life, no matter how well it appears things are going, we feel stuck.

We’re not always aware of it when we’re stuck, but Cole was.

He completely disengaged from a thriving real estate business and left the country for 10 straight months to embark on what became a life-changing self-discovery journey.

Upon deciding to leave, he had no idea the next 10 months would reshape his entire life.

It was a journey of selfless giving to others who have impoverished lives and living situations. In return, he gained the clarity which lead to him propose to the love of his life, build a business that brings in more money than he’s ever made, start a family, and give more than he’s ever given.

One of the huge pieces that helped Cole stay focused was accountability, and surrounding himself with people who would hold him accountable to living up to his potential and following through on his commitments.

Another secret of his is finding quiet time to plan and think through your decisions.

“You are where you are today because of the decisions and mindset you had yesterday.”

From there, we hit on purpose, which is the main focus of everything Cole is doing right now. He sums it up with a great quote. “You’re not supposed to just survive. You’re not supposed to figure out a job that pays your bills so you can have an ‘okay’ lifestyle.”

Next, on the topic of marketing, for someone who is looking to get better at speaking Cole has a great tip by following his 20/20/60 rule. Assume 20% of your audience is not connecting with you and you won’t win them over, 60% like you, and the other 20% love you. Speak to the 20% who love you.

And, on the 4th and final pillar of a life on fire, networking, Cole’s advice is “invest in relationships in any way you can”. You don’t always have to spend thousands of dollars to network with high-caliber people, but you do have to find a way to hear the messages of the influencers in your niche. In addition, he suggests eliminating the relationships with the “toxic” people in your life who are “emotional vampires”.

One of Cole’s last tips was his best, which is don’t be afraid of a “no”. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and by hearing no or being rejected it actually just means you’re in the same place where you started. So, never let that hold you back.

Thanks for watching!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 131 of Life on Fire TV. Today I’m helping you figure out how to quit your job now and prosper with purpose. 


Most of you tuning in are either entrepreneurs or wantrepreneurs (people who want to be entrepreneurs). This show is devoted you! Whether you want to leave your job or you simply want to find that thing that really lights you up, this show is for you. 


Today’s episode highlights the strategy I use to help my clients who are in the same spot you’re in. It’s the 3 S strategy and I’m going to share the story of my client PJ Dixon to show you how he quit his job and now prospers with purpose - and how you can do the same!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What PJ's story can teach you about living your life on fire. (1:50)
  • What is the 3 S strategy? (4:20)
  • What's one of the important aspects of finding your purpose? (12:40)
  • How community plays an impactful role in entrepreneurship. (22:00)
  • Why investing in yourself is so crucial to success. (25:50)
  • And so much more!

When I met PJ Dixon he had a corporate job and was spending up to 13 hours a day either at his job, going to his job or getting ready for his job. He was grateful for it, but he knew in his heart he was meant to do more. He had a purpose and he was determined to find it and create a life based on it.


During his one on one private coaching session with me, we used what I call the 3 S Strategy. We really dug into his life and helped him discover what it is that calls to him.


Let’s look at each of the S’s in the 3 S strategy PJ and I used to find his new business and his purpose:


1. The first S is story. What is your story? 


PJ and I went deep into his story: what were those moments in his life when he felt most alive and most inspired? You can ask yourself the same questions and answer this for yourself.


2. The second S is stance. What is your stance, what is your mission?


Once we dove into his story and looked at what makes him come alive, we had to define what it was about those moments that have been so powerful for him. What did he stand for in those experiences? When we answered that question we found his stance, his mission and his movement. 


3. The third and final S is strategy. How can you make your stance into a business?


This is where the rubber really meets the road, and where most people’s fears and limiting beliefs pop up. They did for PJ! We knew his story and his stance, but how could he take those two things and create a viable, thriving business from them? 


And when we did come up with the idea for his business that brought up his fears and limiting beliefs: was he really going to be able to support himself with this business? Would anyone pay him to do this for them? Would it, could it actually work?


The answer was yes! He started by working with clients one on one, gained some reps in the trenches with them and also gained social proof for his business. 


And when he attended my Ignite event in December of 2014, his business skyrocketed. He met people who referred their friends to him and his client list grew and grew. He had found his purpose and he was ready to quit his job, which is exactly what he did!


Today, because he was willing to invest his time and energy into his life and a new path for himself, he has a whole new future. 


You can have that too by implementing the 3 S strategy we talk about in this show, and by investing in your future with a coaching program and community like Life on Fire.


Listen in to hear all the details and much more on today’s show. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire TV!




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 130 of Life on Fire TV. I’m super excited to share today’s show with you for two reasons: the first reason is this topic: it’s so critical to living a life on fire! And my second reason is my awesome guest: Michael O’Neal.


Today Michael and I are talking about hobbies and the important role they play in living a life on fire. If you don’t know Michael he’s the host of one of the best podcasts out there today: The Solopreneur Hour. Check it out here ( 


I brought him on the show because I recently decided to take up a hobby and I needed help in choosing one. Michael introduced me to the world of audio equipment and autocross racing; I’ve been hooked ever since! But this episode isn’t about me, it’s about what hobbies can do for YOU.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why are hobbies so important? (1:20) 
  • The balance outside interests will bring to your entrepreneurial life. (5:00).
  • Can a hobby ever make money for you? (8:00)
  • Why the journey is more important than the end goal. (9:30)
  • What losing my grandfather taught me about priorities. (12:05)
  • And so much more!

As entrepreneurs we can easily spend from dusk til dawn on our businesses, but if we add hobbies to our lives they give us an opportunity to gain perspective and add another kind of fulfillment. 


There are of course times when we have to be head down and completely focused on our entrepreneurial endeavors, but there are times when we can turn off our phones, our laptops and our tablets and spend some time on something that isn’t about business. 


One of the greatest advantages to being an entrepreneur or solopreneur is time freedom, doing what we want when we want. So why not take up a hobby and enjoy some of that freedom? Take an exercise class on a Tuesday at 3pm, practice the banjo on Thursdays over your noon hour. It’ll be good for your business and for your life!


The most successful businesses and entrepreneurs in the world are the ones who enjoy the journey, they have a destination in mind and are working towards it but they enjoy the process along the way. 


When we add hobbies to that journey we enrich ourselves and create more vibrant, fulfilling experiences as we enjoy the entrepreneurial journey. 



After you watch today’s show send us a Tweet and tell us what your hobbies are or what hobbies you’re interested in taking up. Thank you in advance for the Tweet and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire TV!

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