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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 145 of Life on Fire TV. In this show we’re talking about one of the hottest topics around right now: video marketing. Sharing her real world wisdom and passion on how to make this tool a staple in your business toolbox is none other than Suzanne Evans.


Suzanne is an entrepreneur and business coach - I’m one of her students! She has grown her business to $7 million a year in under 6 years. 


Currently she has 15 full-time employees, she’s been on Inc 500’s Top 5,000 list 3 years in a row and has the 6th fastest growing company in South Carolina, where she’s headquartered. She’s also a New York Times best-selling author. In other words Suzanne is the real deal! 


On this show she shares how she created her tremendous success, and how you can apply the same strategies in your business. Specifically we dive into why video is a necessity, the 3 types of video you should be doing as an entrepreneur, and how to cash in using video.



In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What are the 3 sources for business loans? (21:05)
  • Why stories sell. (43:00)
  • How many videos should you be doing per month - minimum? (1:04:10)
  • Sales is a transference of what? (1:05:00)
  • What Suzanne believes the real purpose of money is. (1:11:20)
  • And so much more!

Suzanne is living proof of the value of video marketing. To make video marketing easy she breaks it down into the 3 categories or types of videos we should all be making for our audience.


1. Positioning.

Just like you need great copy, you need great video. And similar guidelines apply here: put your best message forward in a high quality and professional manner. 


If you aren’t seeing results from your marketing it’s because you are being beaten by people who are better positioned than you are. They may not be as good as you but if their positioning is better they’ll beat you every time. So get your best message out to your people in a clear, concise and professional way with video.


2. Personality.

This is where you let your freak flag fly! This type of video is the expert on-the-go type. These videos should be a mixture of iPhone, on the fly type videos as well as professional-produced videos. 


In these videos you show you are warm and homey, this is where people fall in love with you. 


Suzanne’s tips for doing this: 

1. It’s how you say it, not WHAT you say. 

2. Know when to stop talking! These are great at 2 minutes and under so know when enough is enough! 

3. Talk to ONE person. Just like with your copy you find a person and talk to them…do this in your videos to create connection with your people.


3. Promotional.

These are the videos where you sell your stuff and make money! They MUST be high quality, because high quality = more sales. These videos must also hold engagement and attention. If you're spending money on videos from only one of these categories spend it here!


Suzanne has a few other tips for us in this episode. She says when you make the leap into video be certain you are working with a videographer who knows marketing. They have to know how to edit and make it sizzle; they need to know the world of marketing and video so do your homework before hiring someone.


And at a minimum you want to be making 1-2 videos per month, that’s the bare minimum! You want to position video marketing in your mind as a key component of your marketing toolbag, it’s not just a one-off.


Suzanne’s wisdom continues on today’s show - hear all of her wisdom and enthusiasm when you listen in to episode 145 of Life on Fire TV. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time.




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 144 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re talking about another important topic for entrepreneurs: technology. Specifically how to scale, automate and grow your business with technology

And here to cover the ins and outs is Scott Robley from InfusionSoft. Scott was a teacher for 2 decades and has always had a passion for helping people learn and apply that knowledge to improve their lives. When he made the switch from education in the school system to educating entrepreneurs he knew he had found his home. 

Today he gives us the 3 phases of lifecycle marketing and how to utilize them, 3 things every entrepreneur needs to be successful and and why having the right system, like Infusionsoft, is so vital to your success. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why people don't buy WHAT you do, but WHY you do it. (10:00)
  • If you want something right - DON'T do it yourself! What to do instead. (17:15)
  • Think your market is everyone? Think again - Scott explains. (19:20)
  • Everyone is in this business - what is it? (22:30).
  • An advanced strategy for getting referrals. (28:20)
  • And so much more!

The three phases of lifecycle marketing are important to know, they are the linchpin of your marketing process. 

1. The first is attract.And there are three components to the attract phase: know your target audience. attract interest. collect your leads. 

When you know who your people are you can attract the right fit for your business. And when you know them you can find out their pains so you can offer solutions. 

From there it’s a matter of giving and serving. Scott says if you want to out-earn your competitors you have to out-give them. So after you’ve found your right people, attract them and give them great information that helps them and solves their problems. Naturally you’ll need to have a lead capture process for all of these interactions.

2. The second phase of lifecycle marketing is sell. As soon as some people find you they are ready to buy from you, but not most. So you’ll have to educate them, give them an offer and then close the deal. 

Educating is most important step because you’ll add value, nurture, and share what you do and WHY you do it. In this stage and all others the more value you add the more natural it is to offer them something. 

And when you make an offer you need two things: 1. relevancy and 2. permission. If you are relevant and they give permission it's offensive not to offer!

3. The third phase is the wow phase. In the wow phase you must deliver and wow, offer more and get referrals. 

As Scott shares on this episode remember you've got to be different to make a difference. What do you do to wow your customers? What's your cookie ala the Doubletree Hotel chain? 

Your wow doesn't have to be anything expensive but it must be something. And from this stage on it's game on! Offer more, wow them more. Sometimes it doesn't have to relate at all - just offer them more. 

The last piece of the wow puzzle is get referrals. Scott has a very simple strategy to making this happen: ask for referrals!

On this episode Scott also gives the pyramid of success for entrepreneurs: the 3 things each of us need to be successful in what we do no matter our business model. 

The first is to get a coach, someone who is a few steps further down the road than you are. The second is find a community of like-minded people to support you and help you on your journey - and people you can also help. 

And finally the last leg of the pyramid is to have a solid customer relations management system in place, like Infusionsoft, to automate and drive your lifecycle marketing process.

There’s plenty more where that gold came from - listen in to episode 144 of Life on Fire TV to get it all! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 143 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re hearing from my good friend and previous visitor to the show, Mr. Cole Hatter.

Cole is a man living an incredible life, and he’s doing so because of his views on money. On this episode he shares how his entrepreneurial views on debt and making money matter have led him from being broke to a multi-millionaire who lives with purpose and passion. 

The first topic he touches on is mindset and how we’ve all been raised to think about money. Specifically Cole shares the difference between good debt and bad debt. 

Most of us have been raised to believe debt is bad, no exceptions. But Cole makes a clear distinction between the good and the bad: the good is debt we use for leverage to help us create assets and streams of income. Bad debt is used to buy possessions, expenses and consumer goods. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What Zig Ziglar's wife can teach us about money. (10:30)
  • Is opposite ever better? (17:30)
  • What Shark Tank can teach us about good debt. (29:20)
  • The mindset shift that took Cole from broke to millionaire in 20 months. (56:30)
  • What is a for-purpose business? (1:02:05)
  • And so much more!

Cole hammers home one very important point: don’t use debt to buy things that cost you money, use it to create MORE money. The next time you get out your credit card to buy a brand new TV reconsider, Cold would tell you that’s an example of bad debt. 

But if you’ve started a new business or want to get in on an investment deal and the only way you can is to use your credit card, go for it. That’s what good debt is all about: leveraging debt to make a successful business or create another income stream for yourself.

In short: if it makes you money it costs you nothing. Read that line again and let it sink in!

In this episode Cole also shares the different quadrants we can live our lives in financially. The one we’ve all been taught to go after is the earning quadrant. This is when we make a lot of money but have little to no purpose for our lives. Nearly everyone has been taught either directly or indirectly that the more we earn the happier we will be. That’s an example of the earning quadrant.

But Cole disagrees. He believes we can live in another quadrant: the thriving quadrant. This is when we make money and that money matters, it makes a difference in the world. 

The thriving quadrant is when our purpose and our profits combine. We earn plenty of money and can be comfortable, while we can still give of our time and our dollars to worthy causes. Or we can even devote our businesses to worthy causes. We create for-profit businesses in this quadrant. 

And finally Cole shares the three key points he wants each of us to take away from his talk. They are each important and incredibly valuable! Check it all out on episode 143 of Life on Fire TV!.Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time.




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 142 of Life on Fire TV. On this episode we’re talking with the one and only John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire.


John and I have a one on one chat about how he revolutionized podcasting with his show and brand, Entrepreneur on Fire. We also talk about the mental muscle necessary to face his fears along the way.


If somehow you haven’t heard of John or his podcast Entrepreneur on Fire, you’re one of a handful in the world! His podcast episodes are downloaded by over a million unique users and are heard in over 145 countries around the globe.


The format is simple: he asks entrepreneurs a series of questions in the span of roughly 30 minutes. His unique twist is how often he publishes: 7 days a week. 



In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What quote inspired John to start his podcast? (12:00)
  • What is the Impostor Syndrome and who suffers from it? (12:55)
  • His first step in creating Entrepreneur on Fire. (18:35)
  • His strategy to land interviews with Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss. (22:30)
  • What is OPA? (32:00)
  • And so much more!

Seven days a week was unheard of in podcasting back in September of 2012 when he launched. Everyone told him it hadn’t been done because it couldn’t be done! But John followed his gut and went for it. 


On today’s show he tells his story of how he spent years searching for that thing he was meant to do, he knew his heart there was something he was meant to create but it took him years to find it.


During this interview John shares how he overcame many mental hurdles and difficulties from the inception of his show to today. He candidly talks about how he stared down his own fears and conquered his own Impostor Syndrome to create Entrepreneur on Fire, a world-wide brand.


We also dissect his daily strategy and how he sets up each day for success. He uses what he calls focus: Follow One Course Until Success. He does that with his projects and also his daily tasks. He works one thing, completes it successfully and then moves on to the next.


And we wrap up with two things most people don’t know about him - you’ll definitely want to hear his response to that question! Check it all out on episode 142 of Life on Fire TV! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time.




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