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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 176 of Life on Fire. I’m always pumped up to bring you one of our shows, but I’m extra fired up to bring you today’s! Our guest is my friend and yours, Dr. Matt Hubbard.

Dr. Matt has joined us on a few previous editions of the show, but you can never have enough insights and wisdom on mindset from this man. He is crushing it in every area of his life from work to family to adventure.

And the reason he’s able to do so is his mindset. On today’s episode he drops valuable knowledge bombs about the 4 steps to take to make changes, and the 3 things you must have to create a powerful, positive mindset no matter what is going on around you.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you must honor yourself. (11:10)
  • The reasons finding your tribe is imperative to success. (16:00)
  • Why a study proved group collaboration is more powerful than individual problem-solving. (18:05)
  • What is number one thing that cuts off dreams? (27:35)
  • All breakthroughs happen where? (30:30)
  • And so much more!

Dr. Matt is always a welcome guest to this show, he is someone I am modeling my life after. In fact both Megan Ann and I decided - independent of each other - we wanted to model ourselves after Dr. Matt, his wife and their family. They are amazing examples of people living lives on fire.

It all starts with mindset. Because you’re here listening you’re on the right track. And you fall into one of three types of people: you’re either sick of what you’re doing and looking for something else. Or you’ve got one foot following your passion but one foot lagging behind in your old life, and you’re looking for that push to put both feet into your passion. Or you’re already living an epic life, but you know there’s more of you to develop.

The first step in moving out of any of those categories and fully embracing your ultimate life on fire, as Dr. Matt shares on this show, is to first get real with yourself; acknowledge there is a burning desire within you and you need help to release it.

Second find your tribe. Find the people who are going to lift you up and support you, and hold you to the highest standard. Stay away from the naysayers and the Negative Nancys of the world - they won’t get you anywhere and will only drag you down.

Third is discover your plan. Whatever it is that you want to do, find that out. Whatever you are most called to do, whatever you have been put on this earth to do go out and do it.

And the final step is to execute that plan. You may not know how so get help. Talk to people who are doing great things, seek their counsel and surround yourself with them. Acknowledge you don’t know how to follow through on your plan, and seek the help you need to figure it out and execute.

Dr. Matt also shares three keys to a powerful mindset: environment, accountability and correctability. You have to plant a seed in soil where it will flourish. Just like you can’t grow an orange tree in winter in Montana you can’t have an idea and then have negative thoughts about yourself and about fulfilling that idea, it’ll never come to fruition.

Also you must have three people to hold you accountable to your ideas and your dreams. This is absolutely key to your dreams coming true; in fact, not having accountability is the #1 thing that cuts off dreams from becoming reality. Get accountability and get your life on fire.

Finally you need to be correctable. That means you must be coachable, do what your coach tells you to do because that is why you hired him or her. And don’t give in when it gets uncomfortable, that is when you are closest to your biggest breakthrough! Embrace it, move forward, be coachable and be correctable.

Along with those keys to a powerful mindset Dr. Matt shares how to honor the space between the old you and the not-yet you, and why collaboration is critical to success (and isolation is a destroyer). On episode 176 of Life on Fire Dr. Matt not only educates, but he also entertains! So tune in and check it out.


  • Dr. Matt Hubbard’s web site
  • Dr. Matt on Twitter
  • Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John J. Ratey and Eric Hagerman
  • Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton
  • Who Switched Off Your Brain? by Dr. Caroline Leaf
  • Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf
  • 21 Day Brain Detox, Dr. Caroline Leaf’s program
  • Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine
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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 175 of Life on Fire. If you’re like many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs you have a vision for your business - but you hate selling! But you also know sales are important: without them you don’t have a business.

Here to share an authentic way to sell, without being pushy or sleazy, is Lisa Sasevich. Lisa is known as the Queen of Sales Conversions, and runs a multi-million dollar business that’s been ranked on Inc.’s list of the top 500 fastest growing privately-owned businesses!

She got there by using what she has coined as The Invisible Close; today she shares the framework and positioning for that close on this episode.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What Lisa did to become the queen of sales conversion. (14:00)
  • If she lost it all what would she do to get started? (17:20)
  • What are the 3 ways people find you? (25:15)
  • Why speaking for free is so beneficial. (29:30)
  • Why you're helping your competition if you aren't making your offer. (46:05)
  • And so much more!


On this show Lisa lays out what she calls “the invisible close”, including the 3 ways people find you and the mechanics of making your irresistible offer.

The first thing to know when creating your offer and making the close is that you have all the expertise you need. You don’t need to earn more degrees, or learn anything else. Be ready and step up with what you’ve got right now. By adding structure to your knowledge you will be fully prepared to share your message with more people, and grow your clients and increase your revenue.

At the heart of everything is your irresistible offer. In a moment we’ll break down the mechanics of making that offer but first you need to know the 3 ways people can find you and hear your offer.

The three ways are networking, speaking and online promotion. Networking means meeting more people, connecting with others and sharing what you do. Speaking can be everything from live to virtual. So getting on stage, giving interviews on podcasts, radio shows, virtual summits and telesummits all fall in this category. Online promotion delivery is email campaigns, Facebook and other social media.

If Lisa had to pick one way to deliver a message it would be speaking. As long as you’re prepared ahead of time with what you’re talking about there are lots of speaking opportunities. Lisa started with chamber of commerce groups. You can start there, you can search for meet up groups or other organizations in your area - lots of people are looking for speakers!

And this is where you assume your throne. As she shares on this episode today no one is going to discover you, you have to assume your throne. By speaking to groups and positioning yourself as the expert on your topic - which you are - you are assuming your throne.

As you speak to various groups you will find your target audience, you will get clear on your brand and you will hone your signature talk.

The final component of this is your irresistible offer. Ask yourself what is the offer you want to make? Once you know that then you can create these 3 pieces of the offer:

1. The main dish.

This is the main way you will deliver the transformation you are promising. Will it be coaching calls? Will it be an online video course or a weekend workshop? Whatever it is spend about 10% of your time sharing the delivery mechanism, and 90% of your time talking about the transformation it will provide.

2. Bonuses.

There is an old school model that most of us have seen where there are thousands of dollars of bonuses thrown in to the main offer. While that may work in some arenas still Lisa recommends offering a few bonuses that are tightly-related to the main offer.

3. Include a limiter.

A rookie mistake most people make is to forget this last piece of the offer puzzle: include a limiter. There are two types of limiters: time and quantity. You can give a certain time limit on the pricing of your offer, or even your entire offer. Or you can make the make the offer only available to a certain number of people. Either of these limiters will help make your offer an irresistible one!

Also on today’s episode Lisa expands on how the systems she uses are designed for heart-centered entrepreneurs, and why they’ve been so successful. You’ll also hear the story of how she started speaking for free and soon made $10k in 90 minutes at one of her presentations! Listen in for all of and more on this edition of Life on Fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 174 of Life on Fire. Growing your brand and getting more exposure to potential clients is an important piece of having a successful business. And one of the best ways to do this is by hosting a virtual summit.

Dr. Sky Blossoms recently did just that! She is a relationship coach and best-selling author who helps successful men find the loves of their lives.

And she joins us for today’s show to share how she successfully created a virtual summit in just a few short weeks - and the benefits it gave her, her audience and the speakers who participated. She shares her firsthand knowledge about virtual summit creation, and how you can attract the love of your life!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to cross-promote your virtual summit and grow your audience. (4:50)
  • What is branding by association and how does it apply to virtual summits? (5:35)
  • How did Dr. Sky land her anchor speaker for her virtual summit? (6:55)
  • How setbacks actually helped her create an even more powerful event. (9:10)
  • What is the value speakers get from being on your virtual summit? (11:05)
  • And so much more!

Dr. Sky and I met when one of her friends encouraged her to attend a Life on Fire event. She had just picked up her badge and was walking down the stairs of the hotel when I was walking up those same stairs. We said hello and I hugged her and thanked her for being at the event. She likes to say I had her at hello!

During that event she saw the value in joining our elite Firestarters mastermind group, and doing so helped her when she decided to create a virtual summit.

As part of the coaching program she had access to step by step instructions on creating a virtual summit, so she took action - a key part of her story - and followed each module. Over the course of the next three weeks she would go from idea to completion of her virtual summit.

On today’s episode she she shares the value in virtual summits for herself, the attendees and the speakers who participated, as well as the product she created solely because she created this summit.

As the head of the virtual summit Dr. Sky received many benefits: she gained great contacts and deepened relationships with other entrepreneurs, her brand recognition grew, her audience grew, her revenue increased and she brought on more clients.

But one thing she didn’t anticipate receiving was a new product! She had an idea for her own product: Seductive Communication. And the only reason she came up with this creation was because of her virtual summit. She committed to including something of her own in the product bundle they were selling to the audience, and that is what she created.

She says she never would have the idea otherwise, and she certainly wouldn’t have brought it to market as fast as she did without her virtual summit.

Naturally her audience who attended the summit also received tremendous value; they heard from experts on many topics relevant to their lives and learned valuable information they could apply right away. And they also had the option to purchase a product bundle valued in the thousands - and they could get it for a few hundred dollars because they attended the summit.

Dr. Sky shares all of this on today’s show, as well as how to provide value for your speakers and how to position your virtual summit to attract an anchor speaker.

She also talks about a major setback she had in the process of landing her anchor speaker, and how that actually helped her land the perfect fit. It’s an important lesson in persistence and trusting in the process of what you’re doing.

Listen in to episode 174 of Life on Fire to hear that and so much more!



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  • Best Thing Ever, by Dr. Sky Blossoms
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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 173 of Life on Fire. Whether or not you realize it you are in sales. Every day you are selling something: you’re selling yourself to your clients if you have your own business, you are selling to your boss if you work for someone else, you are selling your kids on doing their homework, etc.

But if the idea of selling gives you the heebie jeebies like it does me you’ll want to listen to today’s guest, Ben Chaib. Ben is a master salesman who has generated over 926 million dollars in sales in his career.

He was a speaker at our most recent Ignite event, and he gave a rousing presentation on authentic sales. He explains the two tips necessary for effective communication and sales, as well as the reason most people fail in sales and how you can avoid doing the same.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you're in sales, even if you don't think you are. (5:10)
  • Why do most people fail in sales? (6:55)
  • How to give a dollar value to the word NO. (8:00)
  • When is price only an issue during a sales conversation? (16:00)
  • You receive an objection for one of two reasons: what are they? ( 16:10)
  • And so much more!

With over 926 million dollars in sales under his belt Ben knows the sales process better than most people. That kind of success can only be the result of a true and authentic understanding of what works and what doesn’t work during the sales process.

On this episode Ben shares his two keys to dramatically increasing your business through more sales. The first tip is to embrace the no. While you may have heard this from other sales professionals, Ben takes it a step further: he teaches how to attach a monetary value to each no you get.

Take how much your product is worth - Ben uses the example of $28,000 on today’s show - and then the number of conversations it takes you to get a yes - again Ben’s example is 35 - then divide 28,000 by 35. The answer is the monetary value of each conversation.

By mentally training yourself to think of each conversation being worth that number you’ll have more conversations, regardless of the outcome. It’s a terrific tip to staying unattached to the outcome and staying focused on the action.

Ben’s other tip is significance. Price is only an issue in the absence of value. So as long as you’re talking to someone who wants what you have all you must do is build value, and build trust. And the easiest way to do that is by uncovering the other person’s problem and having them share what the implications of that inaction has on their business and their life.

Today he also shares why it’s important to find out what a solution will mean to them and have them get present to that possibility, and why doing so will create so much value your price point won’t matter! Listen in to episode 173 of Life on Fire to hear that and so much more!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 172 of Life on Fire.  Today is an extremely special episode with none other than Daymond John.

Daymond was the guest speaker at our recent Ignite 2016 event and he graciously attended a private lunch for our Firestarter community. He spent 30 minutes answering questions from the group, and that’s what today’s episode is about.

The questions ran the gamut from how to spend $1k if you’re starting your business to the toughest challenges he faced and the most important metrics to focus on when starting your business. He also gives us insights on his upcoming book, Power of Broke.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What does living a life on fire mean to Daymond John? (0:30)
  • A true entrepreneur does these three things, what are they? (3:15)
  • What is the only thing we are selling in any business? (4:00)
  • OPM theory: what is it? (6:55)
  • What are the key points for evaluating strategic partnerships? (11:45)
  • And so much more!

If you don’t know Daymond you surely know his brand: FUBU. He grew that business into a six billion dollar business (yes billion with a B). Today he’s a best-selling author, speaker, and co-star of the world famous TV show Shark Tank. He’s also been named Global Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by the White House.

But first and foremost he is an entrepreneur; no matter how successful he’s become, or how well known or rich he has stayed hungry. And that’s one of the points he touches on today: why he’s kept that hunger and why it’s so critical to your ongoing success.

Today he also touches on the importance of strategic partnerships. He says they are far more valuable than cash, so if you only have a thousand dollars to invest in your business start with strategic partnerships. Who can you team up with to create a winning relationship on both sides? What can you offer them and what can they give you?

Daymond also talks about his greatest challenges, two challenges we all face: time and health. None of us can create more time, and we can’t ever get it back once it is spent. If we don’t have time our health often suffers as a result.

To better leverage your time there are certain metrics you should focus on as a business owner. There are only three ways to run a business, these three should be your focus:

1. Acquire new customers.

2. Upsell existing customers.

3. Have your customers buy more frequently.

That’s it, there is no other way of operating your business. Daymond learned these three ways form Jay Abraham, a mentor of mine.

Another question he was asked was when to get an investor: when you run out of cash or when you want to go to the next level? Daymond’s answer is when you want to go to the next level.

He continues: if you are running low on cash you need to do everything else before bringing on an investor solely for that reason. Dig in your couch! Stop going out to dinner twice a month, sell some of your TVs. Use your credit cards, ask the bank if you can get lower financing than your credit cards first but use those if you need to. Then go to friends and family and strategic partnerships, before resorting to an investor.

Also on this episode he responds to questions like where to start first, how to build your team and outsource in a way that grows your business, as well as his predictions for the next 10 years. You’ll hear answers to all of those questions, and a few more - plus why he says retail is absolutely dead! Check it out on this edition of Life on Fire TV.


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