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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 189 of Life on Fire. If you’ve watched or listened to an episode of the show before you know I’m a big proponent of attending events. You also know I walk my own talk which means I go to events as much as possible. One I recently attended is called Emerge and the focus of today’s show is my 3 biggest takeaways or “ah has” from the event.

On this episode we’ll talk about why you’re capable of more than you know, why who you spend time with has a significant impact on your life and why thinking like a kid again can be so beneficial to fully realizing all of your dreams.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Can you push yourself further than you think is possible? (1:50)
  • Who are you the average of? (3:15)
  • What in your life do you want that you aren’t asking for? (5:55)
  • Where are you settling, and how can you stop? (6:05)
  • And so much more!

Emerge the event was like a “mancation” with 700 other men; we were all competing in challenges, camping and doing other great stuff together. We had pull up challenges, bench press competitions and even a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest while keeping their head in ice water!

The first thing I learned from Emerge was that we are all capable of at least 10x more than we think we are. Take the ice water contest for example. With this contest there was a certain environment happening: the guys holding their breath could hear when others were bowing out, giving them extra incentive to stay in and push themselves to a whole new level.

And that’s exactly what happened: one guy pushed himself to staying under for 3 minutes and 56 seconds!

Another example of this was a guy on our team during the bench press competition. We could all physically see that his muscles had given out, but he pushed himself for another 5 reps past that point! He did so because of his environment: the encouragement, support and accountability around him helped him go farther than he could have by himself.

The second lesson I took away from Emerge is the importance of proximity and the people around you. In essence that means any time you can be around people who have the lifestyle you want or are the type of influencers you want to be, be around them and it will elevate you faster than you can on your own.

We’ve all heard we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, and it’s true. This event was just another great reminder of that fact.

And the final takeaway from Emerge is the idea of thinking like a child. When kids are young they believe anything is possible, any dream, wish or hope they have can come true. They have no limits in their minds and they ask for anything and everything they want.

What would happen if you were to take that approach in your life? What if you dreamed big like you were a kid again and you asked for what you wanted, instead of settling for what you got? How would that change your life? What would be different, how would you be different? Start dreaming, start asking and stop settling - and you’ll be well on your way to truly living a life on fire.

Tune in for more details and more inspiration on episode 189 of Life on Fire! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next week.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 188 of Life on Fire. Today we’re talking about what I learned from recently competing in a Tough Mudder competition. If you don’t know what a Tough Mudder is it is basically a 10-12 mile obstacle/mud course that you and your team run together.

Recently Megan and I participated and you’ll see footage of it on episode 188, thanks to our teammate Carlos’ GoPro footage! You’ll also hear the four biggest lessons I learned from competing. You’ll definitely want to hear those - especially a technique I share that you can use today to make your goals a reality (even if goal-setting hasn’t worked for you in the past).   

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you have to let people in and ask for help. (2:35)
  • How our mental perception is often worse than reality. (4:50)
  • Are you capable of more than you think you are? (6:20)
  • What is the difference between a goal and a commitment? (8:05)
  • Why integrity matters so much, and how to keep it. (10:45)
  • And so much more!

Doing a Tough Mudder was on our Life on Fire list - something I encourage you to do too. Megan and I wrote out 100 things we want to do while living our life on fire, and then each month we do one of those things. We call this a life on fire list which is more positive and inspiring than a bucket list!

One of those things on our list was a Tough Mudder, and even though it lived up to its name I’m so glad we did it! Both Megan and I learned so much, and today’s episode is all about my four biggest personal takeaways.

4. Teamwork.

Number four is the importance of teamwork. In a Tough Mudder I went through crazy obstacles, obstacles that I never could have completed without the help of my team. There is no way a person can do this thing alone. Just like every aspect of life from career to health to your personal life, you can’t do it and it’s okay to ask for help.

The lesson here is don’t try to keep doing things by yourself, especially if you are running a business. Join a mastermind, get a team to support you and help you through the good and the bad.

3. Perception.

Coming in at the number 3 spot is perception. The perception I had before doing the Tough Mudder was that the electroshock therapy part of it would be terrible!

Based on the Tough Mudder video and my friend’s experience I had the perception that this part of the race would be just awful, but looking back now it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. And don’t you say the same about certain things you’ve done in your life now? Remember that the next time you are faced with a challenge - your perception is making it worse than it will be!

2. You are capable of 10x more than you think you are.

One of the purposes of the Tough Mudder is to show you this. When you are going through these crazy obstacles you have to dig deep to keep running. Once you’ve done this in the race you realize you can do more than you thought you could in the rest of your life: you can ask for that promotion, start that new business, etc.

1. Goal-setting.

And the number one takeaway from doing a Tough Mudder is goal-setting, specifically why making a commitment is different than setting a goal. Commitments have more power: think of marriage vows: do you make it a goal to stay true to your spouse or do you commit to it? You commit to it of course, it is more powerful.

A simple technique I used to achieve our goal of doing a Tough Mudder, and to make it a commitment, was to share it publicly. There’s no way I would’ve stuck to doing the Tough Mudder if I hadn’t done this!

I shared it with my Facebook community that I would do a Tough Mudder and I also shared the date by when I would do it. In the mean time I started to get in shape, started training for it.

As the date got closer I thought people would’ve forgotten about my commitment to competing in the race, so I considered not doing it. I have a lot of other things I could do with my Saturday, and some other fears started to creep in. But between Megan’s encouragement and my public commitment, I went for it and completed my goal of competing in a Tough Mudder.

I believe it’s important to honor your commitments like I did with the Tough Mudder, personally I would’ve lost the respect of many of my clients and my mastermind community. Instead I chose to stay in integrity and have congruence between my words and my actions.

The next time you are setting a goal use this technique: share it publicly and watch what happens to your results! You’ll begin to see goals differently too. So why not get what you want out of your own life on fire and share your commitments publicly? Listen to to episode 188 to hear all of that and more, then go share your goals with your Facebook community.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 187 of Life on Fire. Last week we brought you the top 7 proven strategies that six and seven figure business owners are using. Today’s episode those very same high income earners are sharing their 7 favorite resources that help them grow their audience and increase their bottom line.

This is from the same invite-only mastermind event hosted by my good friend and business coach Suzanne Evans. Again the only people you’ll be hearing from are those who are earning a minimum of 7-figures in their businesses. And the main focus of their businesses is events.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • One resource that generated a $100k check. (4:30)
  • How opt-outs generate six figures for one business. (6:35)
  • What site creates 300,000 unique views? (8:20)
  • Is the Wingman Coaching team right for your business? (12:30)
  • A site to find the best credit card point deals for your business expenses. (17:30)
  • And so much more!


The first of the nine resources we’ll list here is Crowdfire. While you may have heard of Crowdfire you may not be using it the way this entrepreneur does. He calls it “stupid simple”! Here’s what he does: when someone follows you on twitter Crowdfire sends them a direct message.

In that direct message you can customize it, and his messages all say: “Hi what kind of business do you have? I have a show available every Thursday on iTunes.”

Nearly all of his followers will reply, and as a result he has seen a 20% opt-in conversion rate! He has never see anything like from Twitter before. He recommends using Crowdfire and then have your assistant go back and direct message the person to see if it can lead to something more.

Another interesting resource recommended is an opt-out page. You might think why in the world would an opt-out page do anything for someone’s business? Because he cleverly created an apology video which is on that page. He has also listed resources the person opting out might find useful, they are all affiliate links. From those links alone he makes six figures!

The third resource offered up is The man who owns says he gets 300k unique visitors a month from content on Zergnet. They post content related to their event for a reasonable fee and that content brings people to their site, and eventually to their events.

The fourth resource we’ll list here is This is a resource we use at Life on Fire, and here’s how it works: go to the site and enter a keyword. The site then pulls up all the related posts that have the most likes and shares on social media. With that information under your belt you can curate content that is proven to be viral.

And you can use that information to create content too; when you know what topics have gone viral you can base your own content on that and increase your traffic.

Fifth is another resource we use at Life on Fire and it’s called This is a tool to manage all your social media. With Agora Pulse all of your updates, comments, notifications are in one dashboard. And it’s far more sophisticated than hootsuite or the like.

To make the most of your social media hire one person and train them on Agora Pulse. Their only job is to get to inbox zero! They don't have to scour all of your platforms, they do it all from Agora Pulse’s dashboard.

Sixth is a site devoted to helping you find credit card loopholes. For example if you spend a lot with Facebook ads consider getting the Citibank double cash back card. The man who shared this bit of advice buys a new piece of real estate every 8 months with the cash back money he generates from his Facebook spending when he uses his Citibank double cash back card!

He also recommends negotiating credit card points into your event contracts. He does so now and scoops up another 100k-200k points every time he signs a contract for an event!

The seventh resource we will touch on is from the same man. He recommends using a particular type of font, Courier, when emailing your list to ask them a question. He swears this works better than anything else he’s tried, but only if you are aiming at the 30-60 year old crowd.

If you are then use Courier font to make the question you ask standout from the rest of your email. When you do there should be a significant increase in your conversations. He says it seems to work so well because it strikes a chord of nostalgia in that particular age group. It reminds people of typewritten letters from their younger days.

But again he only uses it for questions, and when he does he gets a ton of responses. Typically about 750 people write him back when he asks questions using the Courier font, so keep that in mind if you want to boost your response rate from your audience.

Those are just 7 of the resources these top performers recommend, there are plenty more on today’s show! So tune in to hear the rest on episode 187 of Life on Fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 186 of Life on Fire. One thing all entrepreneurs do is look for ways to grow their business. What if you could find seven strategies that 7-figure earners have used to 10x their business? In today’s episode that’s exactly what you will hear!

My good friend is business coach Suzanne Evans and she recently hosted an invite-only mastermind event. The people at this event had to be earning a minimum of 7-figures in their businesses with events as their primary focus.

While at the event attendees were seated in groups and each group had to choose the best strategy from their participants. The chosen strategy was shared with the entire audience and you’ll hear seven of those on this episode. You’ll hear everything from teleseminars to beta testing to bring a friend contests, and each strategy is explained in detail.  

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What simple technique has generated $25 million in sales? (4:10)
  • How to avoid cancellations and chargebacks from your clients. (5:10)
  • Should you open your event with an offer? (8:30)
  • Why running a beta version of any program or service makes you successful in the long run. (10:20)
  • How to successfully run a "bring a friend" contest. (12:05)
  • And so much more!

The first technique we’ll cover is the teleseminar. This group used a teleseminar as a way to introduce people to their live events. They kept the strategy simple: 5 days with 2 hours of content a day for a flat fee of $500.

This gives people a preview of what the live event will be like without requiring much effort on the part of the participant; they simply have to pick up the phone from the comfort of their home. The people who used this strategy believe that is one of the reasons it works: it is simple, easy and uncomplicated.

Using this method they estimate they have generated $25 million in sales! They also don’t have cancellations or chargebacks, and their upgrade percentages are much higher than they were when using Skype.

Another strategy discussed today is when to make the offer during your event. One group voted this strategy as the best from their table: open your event with the offer! Sound crazy? Maybe, but it worked.

Although she didn’t give specifics, the woman behind this idea said their company had their highest conversions ever when they opened the event with their sales offer. They also had their highest caliber group of people ever. And this group signed up, committed and gave deposits during the event.

She attributes the success of opening with an offer to several things: it takes the pressure off because the offer has been made (and people aren’t wondering when it’s coming like they would normally). Also everyone feels they can be authentic, they could have genuine conversations because the proverbial cat was out of the bag. It created an environment of authenticity and connection, and that in turn created more sales from people who genuinely wanted to participate.

Another intriguing strategy discussed is the beta test. In essence a beta test is a trial run of a new product or service you want to offer. In exchange for your participants’ feedback and involvement in the testing of your product or service, they pay a reduced fee for whatever it is you are selling.

The beauty of the beta testing is you are expected to screw up! Your audience doesn’t expect everything to work perfectly, and they are expected to let you know when it doesn’t. You learn what works, what doesn’t and what could be improved. They gain valuable lessons and information, at a reduced rate.

Very important is the fact that you also gain case studies, cash and curriculum. Once you run the beta test you have case studies for your live event. You should generate cash from the sales of the beta test, cash you can put into your live events. You also have a buttoned up curriculum that has proven to be successful when your case studies used it. Those 3 Cs: case studies, cash and curriculum, are the basis for a solid live event.

In addition to those three strategies there are four more on episode 186. Get ready to take some notes, take action on these proven techniques and start truly living your life on fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 185 of Life on Fire.Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or creating your ownbusiness there are 5 ways you can unlock your own freedom, andtoday I’m talking about each of them.

The five ways are knowledge, purpose, relentlessaction, networking up and utilizing a coach. In this episode I’llexplain what each component means and why they are critical tocreating and sustaining your long-term success. These apply toeveryone from 9 to 5 workers to CEOs to solopreneurs.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why purpose is important.(2:50)
  • How your biggest messes can lead to yourbiggest messages. (5:05)
  • Why proximity is important to your success.(9:10)
  • A strategy I used effectively to work withDaymond John! (9:45)
  • Why a coach is so critical to creating alife on fire. (13:05)
  • And so much more!


5. Knowledge.

We’ll work our way down from five and start withknowledge. If you want more freedom you need to have knowledge: totruly develop yourself, your business and the best version of youyou’ve got to know how to do that and that comes fromknowledge.

There are a few ways to acquire knowledge, booksbeing the obvious one. Whether you listen to the audio book and orread the hard copy, books are a great way to learn more. A goodpractice to have is to get up every morning, do some sort ofmovement (like walking, running, hiking, etc) and listen to a bookat the same time. 

Another way to increase your knowledge is to go toevents. If there is something in particular you want to learn aboutfind out when there will be a conference on it and get there.Chances are the very best in the industry will be at the event andyou can learn from them, and network with them.

4. Purpose.

Fourth on this list to unlocking your freedom ispurpose. If you don’t have a strong why behind you then wheneveryou achieve whatever you have set out to do, that achievement won’tfeel as fulfilling. If your purpose is big enough it will pull youthrough the difficult times and will make you want to jump out ofbed in the morning!

A great way to discover your purpose is to do anexercise I call the 3 Ss: story, stance and strategy. Write outyour story in a timeline format: map out the big milestones of yourlife and take a step back. You’ll see the dots and connect themwhen you do this.

Then think of your stance: what really fires you upor makes you angry? That is what you are passionate about and willbe what you create your movement around.

Finally is strategy and that simply consists ofputting your story and your stance into action.

3. Relentless action.

Work your face off! Not literally of course but puteverything you have into your efforts. Personally I spent most ofmy 20s sacrificing everything else for my business: relationships,friendships, family, even God…I put it all second to my business.So today I work my face off but only during certain hours, I keep astrict schedule and I adhere to it. But during those hours I takerelentless action to achieve what I want, and I recommend the sameapproach to you.

2. Networking up.

When you’re at a networking event be sure you arenetworking up. And what I mean by this is find out who the topinfluencers are in your market. Now create a strategy to connectwith them by adding value to their lives.

More than likely the influencers you want to connectwith are very busy, so if you want to build a relationship withthem the best way to do this is to give to them. Always startrelationships with giving as your top priority. Ask yourself howyou can gain their wisdom and still give back.

Find a way to make their lives easier because themore successful someone is the higher the chances are that they areoverwhelmed! So remember to give first and add value to theirlives.

1. Get a coach.

And finally the top way to unlock your own freedom isto get a coach. I always recommend this whether or not someonechooses to get coaching through Life on Fire because when I hiredmy first coach at 30 it changed everything for me!

You can go it alone but it will be so much harder andtake so much longer if you do. And don’t let lack of money stopyou. If you don't have the cash flow what can you do to get closeto them and learn from them? Can you work for them? Volunteer attheir events? All of these are great ways to learn and grow fromtheir knowledge.

All five of these pieces are critical to success:knowledge, purpose, relentless action, networking up and getting acoach. When you listen to episode 185 you’ll dig into each one soyou can start implementing them in your life. Doing so will helpyou be well on your way to creating your life on fire!



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