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Ignite, the premier 3-day event for entrepreneurs in 2014, happening in San Diego, December 5th, 6th, and 7th, is here to make sure your 2015 is remarkable!


This event is over a year in the making, costing over $150,000 to put on, and has an entire team of people planning it to make sure it’s amazing for YOU.


If you’re a 6-figure entrepreneur and now you’ve got your eye on 7-figures, Ignite is for you!


If you have a burning desire to start a movement, a passion inside you to make a real impact in the world, an unrelenting drive to be even more successful than you already are, Ignite is for you.


Day 1 is all about Mindset. We all have limiting beliefs, things that are holding us back from playing bigger and achieving more.  


You’re going to learn how to “hack” into your mind and reprogram those beliefs for success, including smashing through our fears by walking on hot coals!  


Then, on days 2 and 3, it’s all about marketing strategies.


You’ll learn how to “be seen everywhere” by leveraging strategies like Facebook advertising.


You’ll learn how to leverage and build your platform through strategies like YouTube marketing and podcasting, how to become a bestselling author and how to attract followers and buyers to your blog.


So, if you are ready to take a massive leap in our business, Ignite is for you.


For a limited time, you can get a substantial discount on your ticket and claim your seat now by going to and using the promo code “IGNITE” (in all caps) when you register!


Again, just go to and when you’re entering your information to register, just put the word IGNITE in all caps in the promo code box for a substantial discount on your ticket!


See you soon!


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The art of storytelling has been admired for hundreds of years.  And, never has it been more valuable than in our current society, specially for business.


Storytelling in the context of business can help you create a greater connection with your audience, it can allow your audience to relate to your story and possibly even see themselves in it at times, and when you do things like share your vulnerabilities it gives people a higher level of trust.


Ultimately, it helps “humanize” the sales process.


We are so inundated with marketing messages these days,that a genuine, sincere story often stands out among “feature and benefit” sales copy.


So what types of stories are best?


One of the oldest and most impactful stories, which you’ve seen used in movies thousands of times is the “hero’s journey”.


Think back in your life to a time you had to overcome a challenge, and you rose to the occasion, push through, and you won.  You probably have dozens of instances like that if you were to stop and think about it.


Each of those individual stories is a separate “journey” you could tap into for a story when appropriate.


Chances are, you have something compelling, something that other people can relate to and be inspired by.


As you watch this episode, your challenge is to frame out your story and put the pieces together of what you’ve actually gone through that can help others.


Your story could help hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions…


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Looking to find out how to create a virtual summit?  Well, look no further!


This episode is all about how to create a virtual summit, why you would want to, and the benefits of a virtual summit for you and your clients!


First, what is a virtual summit?


A virtual summit is typically comprised of anywhere from 10-25 speakers, usually from within the same niche or theme such as health and wellness, business, or perhaps they may all be successful entrepreneurs, etc..


Each speaker normally has their own individual speaking session where they are sharing tips, ideas, insights, and their story.


Then, all of the separate sessions are bundled up and delivered virtually!


The benefit for the organizer of the summit is not only delivering great content and strategy to the people who watch or listen to the sessions, but it positions you as a leader in your niche and helps foster relationships with the other key influencers you featured on the summit!


Most summits are monetized by charging for access to the interviews.


However, in our case, with the Life on Fire Virtual Summit, we are giving the interviews away for FREE!


We are, instead, giving people the opportunity to purchase a bundle of training programs worth thousands of dollars and make a donation to an organization called Pencils of Promise for just $97!


One common question is, how do you get all of the speakers to want to be a part of your summit?


There are a few different ways you can do this.  


1.  You can allow the speakers to offer something for sale, or a free giveaway on their session.  That provides the opportunity for the speakers to get direct exposure from your summit promotion.


2.  You can first secure an “anchor” speaker, which is someone of high influence in your niche, and allow that person to sell on your summit.  Many times, if you have the right anchor speaker, once the other speakers find out that person is on board they will automatically want to be a part of it.


Start mapping out your summit today!


And, even if you think you’re not quite ready for a summit yet, check out to see a live example of our virtual summit!


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What is “earned media”?  Put simply, earned media is word of mouth marketing.


And, if done right, it can be one of the fastest, easiest ways to grow your business.


As humans, we still trust the feedback and recommendations from people we know more than any other source of media.


So, why not leverage earned media in your business?


When a business gets a 5-start review on, say, Yelp, for example, that’s great!


But, the problem is, the only people who see that review are people actually on Yelp.


What can make that Yelp review substantially more powerful is if you have that person share their review out to other people they know through Facebook, Twitter, etc..


Think about your business.  


Is there a point at which your clients are most excited or a “peak” state?  Perhaps you sell cars for a living.  Right when that person gets the keys and they are ready to drive off, they are at a peak state.


That is the best point at which to earn word of mouth media.


For example, you could take a picture of them with their new car, post it to Facebook and write how nice it was to work with that person, provide your contact information if they ever need anything, and tag them.


That is a perfect way to not only reinforce their happiness with their purchase, but you also have the ability for your name to be shared to others they know.


Test this idea for the next 30 days in your business and let us know what your results are!


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One of the best ways to recognized a large amount of revenue all at once is through having a live a event.  Here are some steps you can take toward planning events for your business!


You can start off small if you’ve never done an event before and organize a 1-day event or even just a partial day event.


From there, you can move up to eventually having large 3-day events.


The benefit of a live event is the personal interaction and the connection you’re able to make with your attendees.


Typically your highest likelihood for making a sale is when you’re in a one-on-one, face-to-face environment.  However, the next best thing to that is a one-to-many, face-to-face environment (i.e. a live event)!


Some of the concerns that can naturally pop up when planning an event may be:


What if nobody shows up?

What am I going to talk about?

How am I going to pay for it all?

What if nobody buys?


The first thing to do if any of those “fear-based” thoughts pop up is to realize that they are an indication that you are about to have a growth moment.  Don’t run away from them.  Embrace them and go toward them.


An important step that can help all of that is to hire an event planning company.  A good event planning company should be able to pay for their fee just from the benefit they provide in the contract negotiation.


You want to approach the planning from the perspective of, “What is it that I want my attendees to experience and get out of this event?”


Once you know your end attendee goal or your value proposition you can then frame out the steps of what you need to go through with your attendees to get them there.


Believe it or not, once you factor in breaks, transition times, etc., the amount of time you have to actually speak is a lot less that you think.


The key is to give incredible value.  Don’t hold anything back.  Give you best stuff, your most beneficial information and strategies.  Not only does this create a great experience for your attendees, but it makes it substantially easier to generate sales from your event.


A massively important aspect of the planning process is how you’re going to fill the room.  Definitely tap into your existing network for that.  If you don’t have an existing network, then perhaps you can partner with other groups or influencers in your area.


The planning process is essentially the same, only bigger, with more opportunity to add value and create a unique and powerful experience, when you move from a 1-day event to a 3-day event.


We’ve been preparing to have our first 3-day event for over a year now and it’s finally time.


It’s HERE!


It’s called Ignite and it’s happening in Sunny San Diego on December 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2014!


If you’re looking to go from being a 6-figure entrepreneur to a 7-figure entrepreneur, this event is for you.


The tickets are $1,000.  However, if you are one of the first people to take fast action, we’re going to get you in for FREE.


Just send an email to and we’ll follow up with you to get your seat reserved!


It’s that simple!


We can’t wait to see you there!


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I just recently stepped up and joined Joe Polish’s Genius Network to the tune of $25,000.  This episode is all about why.  Here are five reasons!


#5.  Thinking Bigger - When you surround yourself with people who think big and act big, you almost can’t help but start thinking bigger yourself.  


In a 5-minute phone conversation I got one idea that completely changed the course of our fundraising process for Pencils of Promise and opened the door to raising a LOT more money!


#4.  Joe’s One-Liners! The guy is seriously hilarious, and there’s absolutely no reason why high-end mastermind groups and networking events can’t be a ton of fun!


#3.  For Friendships That Will Last Forever - Us entrepreneurs, we’re a different breed.  And, when you spend time around other great entrepreneurs, great bonds often naturally form.


#2.  It’s About Connections That Make You Real Money - We’re talking some of the top entrepreneurs in the world, all in a room together.  THAT is where you want to be.


#1.  You don’t have to pay for dinner!  Well, at least I didn’t!


Seriously though, on many levels, business is all about relationships.  And, by joining Joe Polish’s Genius Network nearly any high-level entrepreneur in the world becomes accessible to you.


How fast could your business grow if you had access to almost anyone?


Let us know how we’re doing over here at Life on Fire TV!  Please write us a review in iTunes telling us what you love about Life on Fire TV and leave us a 5-star rating!


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You can’t truly live a life on fire without love.  And, in this episode, I’m taking my love to the next level when I get down on one knee and propose to my amazing girlfriend!


If you’ve ever proposed to someone before, then you know how much excitement and anticipation there is leading up to it.


Imagine having the biggest secret of your life that you couldn’t wait to tell EVERYONE who you care about, knowing how excited and happy they are going to be for you when they hear it, and you can’t tell hardly anyone for fear of ruining the surprise!


Yeah, it’s about like that!


As you see, she said “YES”, and we both couldn’t be happier!


We are honored to share this special day of our lives with you.


But, more importantly, I hope this episode inspires you to do something nice for that special person you love, and if you haven’t found that person yet, then I encourage you to get out there and find that someone!


Thank you for watching and for all of the kind wishes we’ve received!


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Major updates coming at you from Life on Fire Headquarters!


First, Life on Fire TV is officially going down to 2 episodes per week, Monday’s and Friday’s.  However, you can definitely expect some “bonus” episodes to sneak their way in there from time to time!


Next, we are in the middle of testing and getting ready to release our Virtual Summit, which consists of 25 amazing interviews with some of the most incredible entrepreneurs around, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Kevin Harrington from “Shark Tank”, Brian Tracy, John Lee Dumas, and MANY, more!


These are some of the best and brightest minds in business sharing what’s worked for them and what their best insights, tips, and takeaways are from the careers they’ve built!


You can catch all the action at for FREE!


And, finally, we wanted to remind you to think of others, give, and help make someone’s day on this Pay it Forward Friday with a clip from one of our favorite Pay it Forward Friday episodes!




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If you’re looking to grow a brand or business, build a community, or start a movement, one idea that can help you do all of that much faster is to start a podcast!  Here are some great tips on getting started!


Once you determine the topic or theme for your show, you want to determine your format.  


Are you going to do video and audio, or audio only?  For us, we chose to do both audio and video because there is so little competition on the video side.


Next, you want to determine your consistency, or the number of episodes you’re going to have per week.  


We recommend at least 1 episode per week.  Anything less than that and it starts to become easy for people to forget about your show.


We decided to go with 3 episodes per week.  It is incredibly crucial that you pick a number you can stick to and that you never, ever miss an episode.  Your audience will quickly leave you if your episode timing is inconsistent.


When you first launch your show you want to release 5 episodes all at the same time, regardless of how many episodes you’re going to publish per week.  


The reason for this is that when someone subscribes to your show, iTunes will automatically download the 5 most recent episodes.  So, rather than getting “credit” for 1 download when you get a new subscriber, you get credit for 5 downloads!


Your number of downloads, subscribers, ratings, and reviews heavily impact your show’s rank on iTunes charts.


When we started our podcast, we then released an additional episode every day for 5 more days to encourage more people to listen and watch.  


Then, for the next 90 days, it is all about giving.  Giving your best content, your best interviews, without worrying about getting sponsorship or trying to monetize your show.  


Just give.


Once you have an established show, especially if you interview others, you will naturally start to get asked to be a guest on other podcasts.  (And, if that’s not happening, you can simply reach out to those shows and ask to be a guest on their show.)


That can be a huge leverage point to get additional exposure and expand your own audience!


Keep in mind, you don’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to have everything perfect in order to get started.  You will learn and improve so much more by just doing it and jumping in than you will by trying to figure it all out in advance before you begin.


So, take the first step, whether that’s naming your show, buying a mic, getting your logo designed, just take that first step today!


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Most of us have set goals at one time or another.  Maybe we achieved them, maybe we didn’t.  In this episode you’re going to learn a simple, yet, incredibly effective system for how to set goals each month and more importantly, how to achieve them!


First, it starts off with the way you set your goals.  To begin, limit yourself to no more than 3-5 main goals for the month.  Any more starts to make them all harder to achieve.


Then, when determining each goal, the goal needs to be “measurable”.  For instance, rather than saying “I want to work on my relationship” or “I want to be healthier” set goals like having a date night with your significant other once a week or working out for at least 30 minutes 4 times per week.  


One of keys to my goal setting process is my morning routine.  Almost all successful people have a morning ritual they follow.  Here’e what I do…


1. I wake up and even before getting out of bed, I say 3 things I’m grateful for.

2. I read my goals for the month every day.

3. At the beginning of each month I write a letter to myself.  The letter is written as though it’s coming from me in the future, congratulating me for everything I’ve accomplished that month.  (This is huge.  It’s called “future pacing” and it works really well.)  Every day I read that letter.

4. I keep a white board up where I visually check off that I’ve completed my morning routine.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast.  I usually make a quick smoothie.  Studies show that if your first meal of the day is healthy, the rest of your meals are more likely to be healthy.

6. Exercise.  That might be a run, hitting the gym, or taking a crossfit class.  By getting my exercise out of the way in the morning I know it’s done for the day and there’s no way I can let my day get too busy and cause me to miss my workout.


And, finally, the last key piece for how to set goals is incorporating public accountability.  Meaning, involve your friends and family in your goals and let them know what you have going on.


Facebook has made this really easy.  Just put your goals into a short post and put them out to the world.  Then, come back at the end of the month and post an update.


This system has worked phenomenally well for me and tons of other people.


Give it a try and let us know your results!


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