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In part 1 of this 2-part interview, super successful real estate entrepreneur, Cole Hatter, takes us inside his home, introduces us to his wife and beautiful baby daughter, and tells us his story of how he walked away from his business completely, only to come back even stronger after his journey of self-discovery!


Sometimes in life, no matter how well it appears things are going, we feel stuck.


We’re not always aware of it when we’re stuck, but Cole was.


He completely disengaged from a thriving real estate business and left the country for 10 straight months to embark on what became a life-changing self-discovery journey.


Upon deciding to leave, he had no idea the next 10 months would reshape his entire life.


It was a journey of selfless giving to others who have impoverished lives and living situations.  In return, he gained the clarity which lead to him propose to the love of his life, build a business that brings in more money than he’s ever made, start a family, and give more than he’s ever given.


There are a TON of little “nuggets” and learning lessons in the episode so pay close attention!


And, make sure you come back for part 2 where drill down into the teachable moments of what has led to Cole’s success!


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Of all of the different ways to grow a business and create sales online, one of the very best ways to do so is through live webinars.


The closer you can come to a 1-on-1 personal interaction with someone, the more likely you are to generate a sale.


So, first off, what is a webinar?  


It’s essentially a seminar over the web.  It’s a virtual presentation, with typically one speaker or presents slides or shows their computer screen presenting to an audience of people “attending” virtually by logging to the live stream of your presentation through their computer.


Of the many reasons to consider webinar marketing two primary reasons are that it can be done entirely over the internet without leaving your own home, and you can potentially have hundreds or even thousands of people on a webinar at the same time (very inexpensively).


When crafting your message and creating your content, think of who your ideal customer is, and what problem do they have that you can solve?


Once you’re clear on your content and “hook” (the appeal that is going to spark the initial interest in your prospective attendees), and you’ve mapped out your marketing strategy, the next consideration is your conversion strategy.


How are you going to generate sales (which don’t necessarily have to happen right on the webinar, but there needs to be a clear call to action at the end of your webinar that will ideally lead to sales in the near future, such as after a 1-on-1 strategy session call with you).


Start off by setting expectations of the benefits they can expect by the end of the webinar.


From there, you want to engage.  Ask questions, check in with them every few minutes with more questions, or statements like, “Have you ever been in that situation before?” as you’re telling your story.


Next, transition into your main body of your content.  


Give them your very best stuff, your very best tips, techniques, strategies, and so on to solve their problems.


Stick to 3 to 5 main topics that you think are the biggest “pain points” (what do they really want to solve the most in their lives).


If possible, bringing on live people to provide real testimonials to back and validate what you’re saying is fantastic.


Then, you want to end with your very best stuff, a recap, and seamlessly transition to your call to action.


A huge tip when presenting your call to action and why they should take the next step today is to provide an “urgency bonus”.  Something that they will receive, or a limited number of the first “X” people who take you up on your offer will receive.


Done correctly, this strategy can literally change your business overnight!


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One of the most common questions we’ve been asked since starting Life on Fire TV is, “How do you create your shows?”.  So, we decided to bring our cameraman, Eric Casas, who is also our editor, in front of the camera this time to tell you!


Before you ever hit record, you need to plan out your strategy.  Your strategy includes not only what you’re going to talk about, but also where your content is going to be seen, how you may be able to repurpose it, if and when you will monetize it, and so on.


For us, monetizing our show from the start was not important.  Our highest priority was to build a large and loyal following by producing great content on a high-quality show.


(He’s a hint…  When it comes to podcasting, video podcasting is WIDE open.  There is almost no competition.)


Next, there are two things you absolutely cannot sacrifice.  Lack of consistency and poor quality are the top two reasons people stop watching or listening to podcasts.  If your show has 3 episodes per week, then you absolutely must deliver 3 episodes, every single week.  


And, when it comes to quality, not only is the quality and value of your content important, but you must have clear, radio-quality sound, and crisp, clear video.


Okay!  So, for gear, you can get started with something as simple as a Logitech C930 USB camera (don’t use your laptop camera, the quality won’t be good enough) and a Yeti USB mic.  Both combined will run you under $200.


When it comes to your background, avoid anything too busy looking, like wallpaper.


A small tip when determining your camera angle, angle it so that you’re slightly looking up, or straight.  You don’t ever want to be looking down on people.


For lighting, check eBay for two, 50-watt LED panels. However, 3-point lighting is ideal.


Once you’ve got your gear dialed in, the best tip for having great content is to not overthink it and not over analyze it.  The more natural you feel the more natural you’ll appear and the more likable and genuine you will be.


Don’t forget to have fun with your show!  While you want to be informative and provide great value, there is still an entertainment factor required to keep people’s attention.


For more notes on gear, check out the show notes for this episode at!


Now, get out there and start recording!


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Joining us today is marketer, promoter, networker, and all-around awesome business woman, Lindsay Hawley!


Lindsay first shares with us her story of where she same from and how she grew up as a child.  Having hurdles and challenges early in life could have easily caused many people to end up down the wrong path.


However, for Lindsay, her story actually propelled her to find her purpose and passion in helping others and inspired her to seek out healthy challenges as a way to grow, learn, and better herself.


A great networking takeaway from Lindsay is how she’s able to stand out at events or when making new contacts with people.  Sometimes it’s about going the extra mile.  Other times, it’s really just going that extra inch that others don’t think of or aren’t willing to do.


For example, the next time you’re attending an event, as if you can help with registration.  Not only is it a great way to give back, but you meet everyone who is attending the event!


From there, Lindsay and Nick dive into the amazing virtual event that will be coming your way soon, the “Life on Fire Summit”!  


With her help, we are looking to raise $25,000 to build a school in Guatemala, and bring the content and ideas from 20 incredible, world-class entrepreneurs to you through our virtual summit!


So, stay tuned!  More surprises to come!


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We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”


Networking and being a “connector” can be one of the fastest ways to grow your business.


Another commonly noted observation is that your income is the average of the 5 people you hang around with the most.


So, if your current network is not comprised of people who are making what you want to make, then it’s time to start networking up!


A great way to open new doors and expand your network vertically is to attend events in your industry.


And, the best part is, you don’t even have to have anything you can personally offer someone who you’re trying to connect with.  If you’re in the process of building a solid, influential network in your industry, all that you may need to solidify a relationship to someone is introducing them to someone else.


Everyone attends events and networking functions with a “what’s in it for me” mindset.  


Don’t be that guy or gal.  Be the person at the networking event who walks up and asks questions like, “What do you need right now?  How can I help you?  Who (or what type of people) do you need to connect with at this event?”


Ask those types of questions to enough people, and suddenly you become a connector, which can provide far greater benefit, many times, than simply passing a referral to a sale.


Next, collecting business cards is great.  But, in this electronics age, a much better way to track key contacts is to put them directly into your phone, or better yet, have them put their own information into your phone.  From there, immediately text them with your complete contact record (your “digital business card”).


And, make sure you connect with the person on Facebook!


Now, get yourself out there.  Find the next event you can attend, throw a cocktail mixer for your area if possible, and become the person who knows everyone in your industry!


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Here with us on a Google Hangout is bestselling author, business coach, and all around amazing business woman, Suzanne Evans, to talk about her brand new book, “The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything”.


Suzanne’s story is quite incredible.  She went from a secretary job, making secretary pay, to owning a 7-figure (approaching 8-figure) coaching business.


She dives into the challenges and parts that most don’t know about getting a book published with a major publisher, like the fact that the publisher doesn’t actually sell books for you!  You still have to get books sold, and prove in advance that you can do it!


From there, she dove into her model of how she drove book sales through joint venture partnering.  Amazing!


Suzanne gives us the details of what it takes to actually be labelled a “New York Times Bestseller”, and the affect that can have on your business and positioning.


Then, we ask her perspective on our four pillars of marketing, mindset, networking, and a journey worth living.  


We get her thoughts on hosting live events, sponsorships, masterminds, and so much more!


Suzanne is truly a wealth of knowledge and experience!


To get a copy of her book, go to


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Singer, songwriter, and recording artist LaKeisha Michelle talks how she went from a career she wasn’t passionate about to truly living a life on fire.


Stuck in a job she didn’t like, in a city she didn’t want to be in, her journey to make that change and start living the life she wanted was inspired by meeting Nick and discovering the brand and mindset of Life on Fire.


From there she sat down and immediately wrote and recorded her single, “Life on Fire”.


And, over the coming months she gained opportunities to perform on stage, leave her job, and even move to L.A. to pursue her career.


It was a risk.  It took a lot of guts.


But, she did it.


Life often rewards us for following our heart and taking calculated risks.  


LaKeisha, we are honored and inspired by your story and by the fact that you wrote the Life on Fire song!


Okay, now it’s your turn!


Follow the exercise in this episode, discover where your passions and skills align, and take the first step toward YOUR life on fire.


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One emotion every single person experiences from time to time, is fear.  


That doesn’t have to be fear of something dangerous or life threatening.  


Often times, it’s simply fear of something new, fear of change, or fear of taking action.


And, if you’re not able to find ways to overcome fear, it can be paralyzing (and worse, prevent you from getting or achieving what you really want).


Whether it’s in your business, a business you want to get started, your love life, or an adventurous activity you have planned, overcoming that fear, and learning not to avoid or go around that emotion, but to embrace it and push through it, is key.


That feeling of fear or anxiety that pops up in those situations is your mind indicating that you’re about to enter what is uncharted or inexperienced territory for you.  Otherwise, if it was familiar to you, you would have comfort and confidence based on your past.


Simply put, fear in those types of situations is your mind’s way of telling you…


You’re about to learn something new.


The amazing thing about what can often feel like crippling fear, is that once you push through and experience that thing that is new, have that conversation, pick up that phone, whatever it is, you often feel an exhilarating sense of accomplishment for having succeeded.


That thing that was creating incredibly negative emotions inside you, once surpassed, many times creates incredibly positive emotions which we can label as the feelings of “growth”, “learning”, and “success”.  


So, how do you overcome fear?


There is a simple, 2-step process:


Step 1:  Recognize the fear.  Acknowledge your emotional state, the fact that you’ve come upon a mental roadblock that is preventing you from moving forward.  


Hint:  If you find yourself procrastinating about something, fear can commonly be the reason why.


Then, Step 2 is to “reframe” the fear.  To reframe the fear means to make a conscious choice about how you’re going to let it affect you or motivate you. 


The part that can be so crippling is that we don’t even consciously acknowledge what’s happening in these moments, and therefore don’t realize that we have a choice as to how we’re going to let it affect us.


It is nearly impossible to experience significant growth in business or in life without getting outside your comfort zone.


Want to experience rapid growth in those areas?


Then, LIVE outside your comfort zone.  Spend more time learning, growing, and trying something new than you spend playing small and doing what you’ve always known.


What’s the worst that can happen?  You fail?


Failure rarely means “catastrophic disaster”.  And, “failing” is really only failing if you don’t learn anything from the experience.


If you know that growth and success are what typically lie on the other side of your fear, then having that feeling of fear just becomes and indicator that something great is about to happen.


The more you become comfortable going toward your fear, the more confident you become and the less you “fear”, fear.  It’s power over you diminishes every time you break through it.


Take a look at your business and your life, and make note of that one thing you know you really need to do right now that will make a major difference but fear has been holding you back…


And, go towards it!  Embrace it!  Overcome fear, and do it! 


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Here to present at our VIP mastermind retreat on one of the most burning questions when it comes to starting a podcast, “How will you monetize it?”, is 7—figure per year podcaster, John Lee Dumas!


When John first started his podcast, it was the question everyone around him asked, “How are you going to generate revenue, how are you going to monetize it?”


John’s answer was, “My audience is going to tell me how.”


And, that’s exactly what happened.


As he began to add email subscribers to his email list a few at a time, he would reach out and ask them a very important question, “What are you struggling with?”.  


From there, he began to categorize answers that he started to receive and saw trends begin to emerge.


What helped John tremendously in that process was knowing his “avatar”.  He created an exact profile of who his ideal podcast listener was all the way down to giving his avatar a name, an age, the number of children his avatar has, what his frustrations are, and even how long his commute is too and from work every day.


Once you become clear on your avatar, you know exactly who you are serving and can allow that to assist in decision-making in your business.


Next, once you have determined how to monetize your podcast, you can look for additional and ongoing monetization opportunities.  It’s possible that the initial way you started monetizing may not last forever.


Some additional tips to a successful podcast launch are, JUST START.  We all feel some level of anxiety around starting something new.  But, the reality of delaying something that you are for sure planning to do is that you’re simply delaying your results.


When you start, make sure you have at least 3 episodes in iTunes so people have a reason to subscribe (vs just downloading 1 episode).


Also notable, is the “New and Noteworthy” stage in iTunes.  The first 56 days your podcast is in iTunes, it is eligible to be featured in the top of iTunes software under the heading New and Noteworthy, which has the potential to generate a tremendous amount of organic (free) listeners.


The opportunity with podcasting is only growing.


Get out there and establish yourself in the world of podcasting!


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Wondering what the key is to driving your videos up the ranks in YouTube?  Bryan Dulaney’s got the answer, and he’s walking us through his proven 13-step process today.


Step 1 is keyword research.  Under 20,000 searches per month and under 600 searches per day is the sweet spot!


Next is making your video educational and informative, and giving a clear call to action (what to do next).


From there, it’s optimization…  Optimize your file name, title, description, then choose your category and optimize your tags.  Make sure you use a custom thumbnail, call to action overlays help, and then you’re on to getting views.


Implementing a press release system helps “blast” your video out to the masses.


By the end of day 1, it is ideal to have 50-70 unique Twitter tweets about your video, 50-70 Facebook likes, and 50-70 Google+ shares.  


Also, having 200-300 Facebook recommendations on your press release within the first few days is crucial as well as 200-400 Facebook likes (US-based if you’re in the US).


You want at least 30 video comments within 24-48 hours and 50 video likes on YouTube.


Rapidly getting at least 5,000 or so views is a major milestone you want to hit quickly.


Next, is gaining 50-65 YouTube subscribers.


Often overlooked is the “thumbs up” on YouTube.  50-70 people who have searched and “thumbs up’d” your video adds to boost your video.


On day 2, you want to get 20-30 additional visits and likes to your press release.  


By day 3, you need to have 700-900 social bookmarks to your press release + RSS + ping your press release.


Next, you want 15-25 real Twitter accounts with at least 100,000 followers to tweet your press release and 80-100 “do follow” social bookmarks.


To add additional value, keep the process going with as many views, likes, and comments as possible in addition to watching other people’s YouTube videos on the account you set up and make real comments on other videos.


Finally, you want to continue to add additional videos to your channel, link to the video from as many high-quality places as possible at a steady pace, and embed the video in as many places as you can (as long as the site permits) and reply to comments as they come in.


As you can see, Bryan and his team have been “mad scientists” when it comes to secretly perfecting this system!


Start getting some YouTube love today!


For more from Bryan, go to!


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Today’s Hump Day Q&A question is, “What is your product launch training all about?”


It doesn’t matter if you are “launching” (think “getting ready to sell”) and information product, a training program, a physical product, or even something like a book or a new song, you still need a launch plan!


Our clients have requested that we teach a training specifically on how to create, package, promote, and profit from selling a product, which is exactly what the upcoming Product Launch on Fire training is all about.


Over the course of 20 days, through a series of 8 live group coaching sessions, we’re going to take you all the way through that process, A to Z.  We call it, The 20 Day Challenge.


The first step is getting really clear on what your passion and purpose is in order to help you come up with your product idea if you don’t already have one.


From there, we want to go out into the marketplace and validate that there is, indeed, a market (buyers) for your product idea before you spend the time to create it.


Next is your marketing plan.  You’ll put together your plan for exactly how you’re going get your product in front of potential buyers and how you’re going to convert those buyers into sales.


Then you’ll see how to address the technical aspects of delivering a product.


You’ll receive email script, video script, and sales page examples so that you can see the psychology of how your marketing should fit together to provide the highest percentage of conversions (sales) as possible.


You’re going to receive an entire written blueprint on how to do a product launch.  We paid $100,000 for the blueprint that we’re going to give you at no additional cost.


Lastly, you’re also going to receive one free month of our Firestarter coaching program, which includes 4 additional group coaching calls and 2 one-on-one coaching calls.


We are only taking 40 people in the program.  Of which, approximately 25 spots are already taken at the time this was published.


To claim one of the remaining spots, simply go to!


We can’t wait to work with you and help you launch YOUR product!!



Have a hump day Q&A question? Visit, and let us know what your question is!


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Inspirational entrepreneur, Lewis Howes, welcomes us into his West Hollywood crib for this 1-on-1 episode of Life on Fire TV with host, Nick Unsworth!


Tour Lewis’s high-rise pad and see how he leverages having an assistant to help run his business, prepare his meals, and even decorate his living space, allowing him to be freed up from all of those tasks to focus on more important areas of his life and business.


From there, Nick and Lewis sit down to talk details.


One of the key things Lewis immediately referenced is seeking out and having mentors. Mentors allow you to short-cut your progress in many instances because you can learn from their experience.


An important piece of leveraging a mentor is making sure your actions are aligned with your purpose.  However, not all entrepreneurs have truly discovered what their purpose is.   


Lewis has an excellent activity he goes through to help discover your purpose, which is to walk through and describe your “perfect day”.


Another big takeaway on the marketing piece was acknowledging that all top professionals perform at a higher level and get better results when working with a coach.


Next, without hesitation, Lewis’s suggestion for where to focus your time and money in your business is your branding and your list.  


How your brand yourself (and how you stand out from others in your niche) greatly determines how successful you become in that niche.


Lewis touches on how high-quality branding can open many doors for you, such as lending credibility when looking to land guest blog post opportunities.


One of the huge, overriding themes to Lewis’s success (which sounds obvious, but somehow escapes many entrepreneurs) is you have to be in it for the “long haul”.  You have to make your decisions based on what’s best for the long-term health of your business.


Lewis, you inspire us, Sir!


Make sure you check out Lewis's podcast, The School of Greatness!


And, for more interviews with top entrepreneurs, tips, and strategies to take your business to the next level, go to!


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Peek inside our private client mastermind retreat where Twitter expert, AJ Amyx, teaches his strategy of how he helps anyone dominate Twitter!


AJ has a proven 4-step strategy to gather leads for less than $2.68 per conversion.


Not per click, not per lead, that’s per CONVERSION!


Step 1 is Power:  Who do you help?  What do you help them with?  Benefit, benefit, benefit.


Step 2 is Packaging:  Your online presence must be congruent with your offline confidence.  Lead with branding.


Step 3 is Plan:  Know your numbers for when you need to post.


Step 4 is Promotion:  Play the follow game.  Spend 15 minutes a day following followers of people like you.


Remember, the three most important things on Twitter are relationships, relationships, relationships.


Following the steps above, AJ recently built a clients page from 0 followers to over 10,000 followers in only 10 weeks!  Now we’re talkin’!


Ready to put together your plan to dominate Twitter?


Go to to grab his excel spreadsheet Tweeting schedule!


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