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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 211 of Life on Fire. Today we have one of the most inspiring and motivating people on the planet: Joseph McClendon III. You may remember him from episode 195, and episode 196 of Life on Fire. He’s Tony Robbins’ top coach who speaks on stages around the globe, and he is a force of nature!

On this episode, Joseph opens up his home to us and gives us a tour. He shares some of his passions, including introducing us to his some of his “children”: his musical instrument collection and his Koi fish!

After checking out his digs, we get down to business and talk about what makes someone successful. He outlines the role the unconscious mind plays in that success, as well as how to overcome your own blocks. He also explains what magnetic success means and what he will be sharing from stage at December’s Life on Fire event.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • Why having rituals will set you up for success. (8:00)
  • For how many years did Joseph read and re-read Think and Grow Rich? (19:45)
  • How much of a role does the unconscious mind play in success? (21:00)
  • What can you do to overcome unconscious blocks? (22:20)
  • One of Joseph's techniques to avoid self-sabotage. (28:00)
  • And so much more!

One of the first topics we cover is what he has uncovered about successful people and their mindset. Traditionally people will say success is 80% mindset but he has discovered it is 60% psychology (how we think), 20% mechanics (what we do) and 20% attraction (situation, circumstances).

People who achieve more in less time do so by thinking differently than those who simply dabble or fail. He believes we have to change how we think so our feelings change, and then we can and will have a bigger impact in our own lives and our world at large.

He also has some sound advice to those who are new to personal development: it's important to understand that your training never stops. Today he still attends seminars, is always training and always learning. He says it is imperative to keep your feet in the river of growth, and to know that it is a lifelong process.

Personally he read and reread Think and Grow Rich from the age of 19 until he was 32! He continued to read it because he got something new from it every time he picked it up. By doing so he was developing the practice of rehearsal.

He explains that personal development means rehearsing whom you wish to become. In the process of rehearsing, you develop into that person. So find some training on specific areas where you want to improve, take the training and start rehearsing!

I also asked him to breakdown the role the unconscious mind plays in success. In his extensive experience, Joseph says it makes up 70% of someone’s success! Because it is so significant he encourages everyone to program it and operate it so it is speaking and thinking things that benefit them. It is a remarkably powerful tool we can all tap into and use for our own good.

Also on today’s episode, he shares the biggest lessons he's learned from Tony both as a friend and as a businessman. You’ll get to hear what Joseph is bringing to the event in December, including how to be a magnet for the success you want in your life. Watch today’s show to hear all of and so much more on episode 211 of Life on Fire! 


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 210 of Life on Fire. Today you’re going to hear one attendee’s story about attending a Life on Fire event, and how doing so helped her transform an old, limiting belief into a positive, and motivating one!

On this episode, Charissa da Silva of The Branded You joins us to talk about why attending this event came at the perfect time in her life and what she’s doing today. She candidly shares the emotions and thought process she went through during the first two days of the last Life on Fire event. You’ll hear what is was like for her, why it was so impactful and the business she’s created today as a result of being there.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What fear Charissa faced on the first night of the event, and why it was so powerful. 
  • Can we be successful on our own? 
  • What was the first step in her transformation? 
  • How she got two clients before the end of the second day! 
  • What advice she has for anyone considering attending a Life on Fire event. 
  • And so much more!

Today Charissa runs a branding and web site business called The Branded You. She helps people get clear about where they have potential, helps them to find their light and illuminate their businesses online. She founded the company in April of this year, after a strong desire to do something different in her career.

Back in October of 2015 she was looking for something to help her move in a new direction. She had been working in her family business and was losing her passion for it, as was everyone else involved.

A Life on Fire video found its way to her, she watched it and, through the magic of Facebook targeting, Life on Fire continued to pop up in her newsfeed. She liked how personable and nice Nick seemed and she wanted to do something different to help her figure out what was next, so she eventually signed up.

Once she took the plunge, she got more and more amped up for the event! The emails helped her get excited and she couldn’t wait to go. But on the first night of the event she came face to face with a long-standing fear of hers: breaking a wooden board.

She remembered trying to do the same thing when she was a lot younger and never succeeding. As a result, she felt like she had never been able to follow through and complete things. But this time she was determined to focus, prepare and overcome her fear by breaking the board.

While standing in line awaiting her turn, she became more and more terrified. In fact, she was holding back tears while trying to mentally prepare herself for the experience. People around her saw her distress and tried to help alleviate her fears, but she told them to leave her alone.

Until she realized she was isolating herself, something Nick had told them earlier in the day would never lead to success. No one can succeed on their own, we all need help. She knew she needed help and the support was available all around her. So she turned to the man behind her, apologized and asked him to share about himself.

Connecting with him helped her calm down so she could go for it when it was her turn with the board.

When she didn’t succeed on her first attempt, that old fear crept up again and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to follow through. But she listened to the person holding the board for her, focused on them and focused on seeing the space behind the board. She took a second turn and succeeding!

But the transformation didn’t end there for Charissa! She was called to the hot seat on day two, and had to confront another fear of being the center of attention. Listen in to find out what that was like for her and so much more on episode 210 of Life on Fire!



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 209 of Life on Fire. If someone told you that you were capable of increasing your performance and your results by 20x would you believe them? Now what if the person who was telling you was a commander and one of the most decorated Navy SEALs in history? Then would you believe that person?!

On this episode, Commander Mark Divine drops by to explain why you truly are capable of 20x your performance and the four skills you need to develop to do so. We also talk about my experience at his Unbeatable Mind program, and what you can expect to hear from him when he speaks at our Life on Fire event in December.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why applying principles is as important as learning them. (4:05)
  • How do yoga and martial arts help develop character? (9:55)
  • One breathing technique to slow your body and mind. (13:40)
  • What does it mean to feed the courage wolf? (21:10)
  • What is the difference between visioning and visualization? (25:35)
  • And so much more!

When you hear Mark Divine’s Navy SEALs background you can’t help but be impressed. He entered BUD\S training at 25 years old (it’s the six month program to become a Navy SEAL) and he graduated first in his class. 

For the next 10 years he was on active duty, doing intelligence and foreign internal defense work in 45 countries. The decade after that he was in the SEALs reserves as part of Special Operations Command in the Pacific and Hawaii region. He was the commanding officer of SEAL Team 1 on the reserves side.

His time with the SEALs saw him serving in Iraq and the Middle East, before he retired as a commander in 2011.

While in the reserves, he got back into the business world when he launched the Coronado Brewing Company. He followed that success with SEAL Fit and Unbeatable Mind. His primary focus today is on SEAL Fit, Unbeatable Mind and his newest yoga program called Kokoro Yoga.

He’s taken what he’s learned from his time as a SEAL and translated it into lessons and programs for entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone else wanting to develop their full potential. His programs are based on the fundamental principle that character is developed through integrative training. That integrative training encompasses the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and intuitive parts of our selves.

There are four skills that when combined set the stage for this integrative training: they are breath control, positivity, visualization and action. He explains each of the four in detail during our show today, a summary of each is below.

1. Breath control

Mark explains breath is profound, it links the mind, spirit and the body. So learning to control it and use it for different purposes is critical to generating your highest level of performance.

For example, you can calm yourself in any situation by learning and training your body with a technique like box breathing. Box breathing is when you breath in through your nose for four counts, holding it for four more counts and then exhaling through your nostrils for four counts.

2. Positivity

Once your breathing is under control, the next skill is positivity. With a calm body, you can become aware of your thoughts and you can change them as necessary. Create a mantra for yourself, like the one we used at Unbeatable Mind: “…feeling good, looking good, I oughta be in Hollywood!”.

3. Visualization

With a calm mind and body that are focused on the positive, you can move onto the third skill: visualization and the use of imagery. Now you can focus your positive thoughts to lead you to victory. Create a clear vision of what that victory looks like, be as specific as possible and include smells, sights, sounds, and feelings. Make the visualization as rich as you possibly can.

4. Action

With the other three under your belt, ask yourself what is the smallest task you can take that will lead to the biggest opportunity for success? Then take that action, with your image of victory in mind. Mark says no plan survives contact with reality so you must have vision of victory. But right now with best information you have, take the simplest and most effective action step to lead you in that direction.

He explains each of those four skills in greater detail on today’s show, as well as why they need to be developed individually before you can effectively combine them all. He also gives an example of how to develop and implement these four skills.

Mark is one of our speakers for December’s Life on Fire event so he also shares what he will be speaking about from stage. Be sure to check out what he has in store for you on episode 209 of Life on Fire! 


Hey hey! Welcome to episode 208 of Life on Fire. Continuing from last week’s episode, today’s guest is here to share his experience of attending a Life on Fire event. Amateo Ra, a business coach for conscious entrepreneurs and spiritually-minded individuals, joins us to talk about how being in the “hot seat” helped him make that final leap to living in his full power and in his full potential.

On this episode, you’ll hear what actually happened during his hot seat moment on stage and the ripple effect that has had not just for his business, but for his clients’ businesses. Check out this episode to hear that ripple, and to find out how a Life on Fire event could change your life, your business and your clients’ businesses too.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • A simple yet proven way to grow your authority and build your tribe.
  • What is the “hot seat” and why is it so effective?
  • How one verbal commitment led to over $250k in sales.
  • How do you know if you should attend a Life on Fire event?
  • And so much more!

Amateo Ra is a business coach for conscious entrepreneurs and spiritually-inspired individuals. He works with those who are looking to make a big impact and income in the world. He’s also a self-professed event junkie! He loves attending events.

So when the Life on Fire Facebook ads found their way across his path, Amateo was intrigued. He had the feeling it would be a great group of people, so he secured his ticket and made sure he was at the event. When he arrived, he found he knew tons of people in the room. In fact, he knew so many people it instantly felt like he was surrounded by family. And today, he remains in touch with many people he met there!

At one point during the event, Nick was talking about using a specific guest blogging strategy to grow your business. He was explaining how to utilize other people's blogs to get exposure, and build your authority and your tribe that way.

Amateo listened intently. He had done a phenomenal large-scale guest blogging strategy that hasn't been recreated since, so when his partner at the time told him to raise his hand, he did.

Nick had him come up on stage and Amateo shared on the mic about the articles had written and how they'd gotten shared on a multitude of sites. The shares went from 20,000 to 50,000 to 100,000, etc. A few of the articles even had over a million shares.

Plus, readership was generally 3-10x the amount of shares, so millions and millions of readers were seeing his articles. Amateo shared that one of the blog articles in particular built his email list by something like 8,000 people! It was a massive amount of exposure, and was all done organically.

Amateo shared his story, wanting to inspire and encourage others. When he was done, he sat down and Nick moved on to the next portion of the day: the hot seat.

As fate would have it, Amateo was on Nick’s list for the hot seat so Nick brought him back up to the stage! So he rejoined Nick on stage and magic ensued. Nick understood Amateo’s passion, mission and his approach to things as well as how he does things differently than others.

On that stage and in that moment, Nick inspired Amateo so much that Amateo made the commitment to produce a live event in six months. Amateo says he felt as though he was being called forth as a leader, he had no choice but to step up!

After the event, he knew he had to make good on his promise. He wasn’t going to let Nick down nor anyone else who had been in the room. He knew there was only one way and that was through the experience of doing the event, so less than six months later he had produced his first high end live event!

That event generated over $100k in income with just 25 attendees. Within another eight months, he held his second event which brought in over 60 people and over $150k in sales. In fact, that second live event is still continuing to generate sales today!

Since those events, his tribe has expanded, and he launched a business mastermind group. He’s also doing high end beautiful retreats around the country. On this episode, he shares that he feels like he is living his life purpose on the highest level that he could have imagined!

And it's continuing to grow in scale. He found his passion for live events and for helping to coach and support others in producing their own live events. He recently helped a client produce a live event with over 100 high-quality women entrepreneurs with world-renowned guest speakers. The experience generated over 100k in sales, mostly paid upfront.

Also on this show, Amateo explains who should attend this event. He says if you are feeling inspired to come or are intrigued even a tiny bit, you should just do it. You don't know what is going to happen if you do! It could be far beyond your imagination.

Allow Amateo to explain who you can expect to meet at a Life on Fire event, and why you should just get there on episode 208 of Life on Fire! 


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 207 of Life on Fire. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not attending just one Life on Fire event could transform your life you’ll love today’s guests! Alycia’s and Randy’s lives were both radically changed because they went to a Life on Fire event.

On this edition of the show, you’ll hear both of them talk about why they attended their first event and why they have attended every event since then! You’ll also hear them share how they met, how Randy gave his life over to God at the second event, and the big surprise Randy gave Alycia at our most recent Life on Fire weekend.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • How one click of a Facebook ad changed Randy's life. (1:40)
  • Why it's worth being at an event, from beginning to end. (2:30)
  • What kind of people are in attendance at Life on Fire events? (7:30)
  • The surprise one attendee planned for his girlfriend at a Life on Fire event. (8:15)
  • And so much more!

When Alycia first put down her deposit to attend her first Life on Fire event, she had no idea that one simple act would change her life forever. As fate would have it, she ended up moving to San Diego that very same weekend.

In the midst of the chaos of moving, she still decided to go. She missed the first two days but got there for the last day. She wanted a dose of positive energy and she knew she would find it at the event! Today she says that day was completely amazing, and totally worthwhile.

Randy was also in attendance for that event. Before the event he was telling his friends how much he wanted to find true love. He also wrote on his vision board that he wanted to surround himself with entrepreneurs and other people on a growth path of their own. Not long after he had done that, he saw a Facebook ad for Nick’s event. He clicked on it, signed up and attended.

On the last day of the event, Randy willed himself to attend! Not because he wasn’t loving it, he was, but because he had gone out to celebrate a friend’s birthday the night. He showed up late on that last day, but he was still there and ready for experience.

When he arrived, everyone was filing out for lunch so he went to the market in the hotel and grabbed some food. He sat down near Alycia and some people she was talking with. Eventually they all began to chat and decided to head out into the California sunshine for the remainder of lunch.

Soon Randy and Alycia were by themselves talking, they hit it off and exchanged information. They followed up after the event, and began dating.

Things really took off for them at the next two Life on Fire events. At the second weekend, Randy was moved to give his life over to God. He committed himself and his path to Jesus Christ during an optional portion of the final day.

Randy says everything changed from that moment on for him.

And it really changed for both of them at the third Life on Fire event! Randy, with my help, planned an incredible surprise for Alycia. You’ll have to check out today’s show to find out what it was, but I’ll give you a hint: she said yes!

You’ll also hear Alycia explain what to do to prepare for attending a Life on Fire event, so you can have the same transformative experience she and Randy have had. For all of that and more listen in to episode 207 of Life on Fire! 


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