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Hey hey! Here we are again with another episode of Life on Fire TV. Thanks for being here and tuning in. Today we’re talking about webinars and the top 5 ways to market yours. 


I’ll give you the nuts and bolts of the five most effective tactics I’ve used to market my own webinars and my clients’ webinars. These strategies have generated millions of dollars in my own business, and in theirs. On episode 129 we dive into the details of these five tools.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to create a buzz with social media. (3:30) 
  • Why videos are so effective (5:00)
  • Why you need to help others, before asking them to help you. (8:30)
  • When and how to share your personal story. (10:35)
  • A technique that can generate 4x your ROI! (14:20)
  • And so much more!

Let’s get to ‘em!


5. Social media.

Social media is a great way to market your webinar because your audience can share it so easily with their people. It’s simple, it’s effective and when done right, will grow your audience.



4. Video.

This is the fourth option for marketing your webinars: video. Videos are great because they are easy to share, and you can provide a great deal of content about the actual webinar. In your video give your audience a quick summary of the what, the why, the how and the what’s next about your webinar.


3. Joint ventures.

Joint ventures are partnerships, and when you use this technique to market your webinar you need to think about them from that perspective. 


There are specific ways to create tremendous value using joint ventures - and there things to avoid doing when using this tactic! Who you chose as well as how you approach them are critical components. 


On this episode I cover both of those points in detail to set yourself up for success using joint ventures to market your webinars. 


2. Email.

There are really two reasons to use email to market your webinars: to build excitement and buzz about the webinar and then to follow up after the webinar. 

One key point to remember is to provide value throughout the entire email process, beginning to end. You always want to be giving to your audience!


1. Facebook ads.

This is the top way to market your webinar. There’s a lot of versatility with Facebook ads: you can upload your own email list to create a custom audience, and you can reach new people with Facebook ads. 


On this episode I share details on how to use Facebook ads that has the potential to generate a four-fold return on your investment!


Check that out and much more on today’s show. 


And when you’re ready to dive in even deeper check out our webinar training page here too! It’s a completely free resource we’re providing for you that gives you all of the details we talk about on today’s show, plus much more. 


Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire TV!




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Hey welcome to another edition of Life on Fire TV! Today it’s all about the wide, wide world of webinars, specifically how to attract customers using webinars. I’ll walk you through the step by step process I use with my clients to help them generate tons more leads and profits.


Whether or not you’ve used this strategy before today’s episode has plenty of tips, tricks and tools for you to implement. Seasoned vets and first-timers alike will benefit from what I discuss on the show. 


Listen to this to find out why you should use a webinar, what components to include in your webinar and then how to close the webinar for maximum impact on sales and lead generation.



In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What a lead magnet is and why you want one (2:40).
  • Financial freedom: what it really means (5:30).
  • What’s the wrong way to do a webinar? (8:55).
  • How to max out your webinar (and why it’s a good thing!) (18:00)
  • Should you give away your best content? (23:15).
  • And so much more!

So why webinars? They are the next best thing to being face to face, in-person with your target market. If you want to leverage yourself and scale your business, webinars are key. By being the person at the helm you set yourself as an expert, it’s your virtual stage. 


On this episode I explain the steps to setting up your webinar by giving you the story of my client, Brian. I helped Brian find his passion, then map out a step by step plan to create and market his webinar and his product based on that passion. 


You can follow along and make note of the steps I talk about to set up your own webinar. Once those are in place, here’s what you’ll want to include in your webinar: 


1. The introduction

If you can have someone else introduce you that would be killer! 


In your introduction you want to welcome them, thank them for being there and acknowledge people by name. Ask them what their #1 thing is they want to get out of the webinar. 


Also have a contest. Have three prizes you give away at the end of the webinar; they will go to the three people who first correctly answer 3 questions based on the webinar content. That way people are tuned in, focused and they want to stay til the end.


2. Your story

This should be short, sweet and relevant to the webinar’s content. People aren’t there to hear all about you, they are there to learn from you and walk away with valuable information to make their lives easier. So make sure your story is authentic, relevant, and brief. 


3. Three pieces of content (your best stuff!)

This is where you give away the goods. A lot of people make the mistake of not giving away their best content here, they worry no one will buy their course if they do. And that’s simply not true. 


Your job on the webinar is to make everyone’s lives better by having been there, and that boils down to you giving your most valuable information to them. 


4. Testimonial (social proof)

Provide a testimonial from one of your clients about how you’ve helped them and made an impact in their businesses with the information in your product or your services. 


5. An offer.

Then finally you close the webinar with an offer. If you are doing this for the first-time you MUST use the value bomb strategy. You say to your participants that  you’ve given everything you’ve got, and you want to keep adding value. 


So you offer them a survey and you’ll choose 5 survey participants to receive a 30 minute session with you. On the survey you’ll ask things like: what is your biggest challenge and frustration with (your webinar topic)? What was your favorite thing and least favorite thing about the webinar? How can I improve it? 


Be sure you highlight what benefits they’ll receive from spending 30 minutes on the phone with you. 


If you’ve already hosted a webinar, try the stampede close where you give away a cool bonus to the first 10 people who buy tonight. 


And that is how a webinar is done! Be sure to listen in and take notes, I give away all the details you’ll need to make your first (or next!) webinar a smashing success. 


If you’re ready to find out more check out our webinar training page here too!


If you liked this topic stay tuned for next week’s show on how to market your webinar. You’ll want to catch that one for sure. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire TV!




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Remember the Super bowl commercial where the employees at McDonald’s pay it forward by letting their customers pay for their food by giving hugs & calls to mom?

If you haven’t seen it, check out the link below.

That commercial served as the inspiration for this very special Pay It Forward Friday episode featuring the Life on Fire, Firestarter Pro & Elite members. 

We wanted to wrap up our mastermind with a bang so we visited a couple of McDonald’s locations to surprise a few employees with a stack of Amazon Gift cards! 



The reaction of the workers we surprised is priceless! Please like and share this video if you would like to see more Pay It Forward episode

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Hey everybody! Thanks for tuning in for another episode of Life on Fire TV. On today’s episode you’re going to see real-life examples of my Firestarter group facing, challenging and overcoming their own fears…and what that has to do with being an entrepreneur.


I recently spent a weekend with my coaching clients and on our last day we all gathered on a bus and took off for an adventure. They didn’t know where we were going or what we were doing when we got there - somehow we managed to keep it a secret from them.


You’ll see on today’s show how excited (and nervous in some cases) people were when we arrived and they figured out what we were doing: we were flying on a trapeze!


In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How life as an entrepreneur is like being on a flying trapeze. (1:50)
  • The power of leaning into your fears. (2:05).
  • Why you have to get out of your head and go for it. (4:30)
  • And so much more!

One of the most important lessons I wanted to share through this experience - and the reason it’s an episode being sent to you - is that every single one of us has fears as entrepreneurs. Every day of our entrepreneurial lives is like this flying trapeze exercise: we’re excited and we’re afraid.


But when we get out of our heads and get into action, when we actually get on that trapeze and go for it, we create the power that drives us forward. Facing our fears through action is what grows our businesses and, ultimately, our lives.


Developing yourself by facing your fears head-on is a vital step in creating the life you ultimately want. It’s about trusting yourself and ignoring that voice that tells you you can’t! 


So whatever the flying trapeze is in your life, that perspective client you’ve wanted to call but haven’t, that webinar you’ve wanted to set up but haven’t, whatever it is stop listening to that fearful voice and take action on it right now.


And remember you don’t have to do it all on your own. To make it easier and get through the fear faster you can work with a coach like me and surrounding yourself with other people who are on the same journey as you, like my Firestarter clients on today’s episode.





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Hey everybody! Thanks for tuning in for another episode of Life on Fire TV. On today’s show a very special woman joins us to tell her story, Shirley Solis.


Shirley candidly and authentically talks about how she’s turning her greatest challenges into opportunity. We dive into her VIP Day and what brought her to the Life on Fire Community, including overcoming tremendous difficulties in her marriage and how those led her to discover her true purpose and calling in life.


Shirley shares the full story in the audio and video below, but when I recently met her she told me she and her husband are strong Christians who have built a business helping families of faith homeschool their children. They’ve traveled the country working with these families and being an example of a happy, committed marriage.


Until Shirley found out her husband had emotionally cheated because of an addiction to pornography. Later she discovered he had physically cheated as well.



In this episode you’ll hear:

•Why leaning into your greatest challenges creates opportunity. (1:15)

•How Shirley turned around her marriage, her family and her business. (7:00)

•What to do when your Life on Fire vision scares you. (18:30).

•What's one of the most powerful questions to help you define your purpose? (23:20)

•Why accountability is so important. (25:00)

•And so much more!


Shirley openly shares all of this during her VIP session with me, and goes on to talk about her decision to stay committed to her husband, their six children and the life they’ve created. She chose to step into her power as a woman, and be a leader for everyone in their family and in their business.


That commitment and that stand brought her to me. She had a program she wanted to expand, scale and grow called “Building Character With Your Children”. But as we talked about that program Shirley said it felt like it was her “duty” to build it.


So I dug in, asked her a few key questions to get her thinking beyond duty and start thinking of what her version of a life on fire would look like. When you listen to this episode you will hear with your own ears when her “ah ha” moment happens! 


And it’s a transformative moment for her, Shirley describes in vivid detail what her real purpose and mission is in this lifetime. She is incredibly excited to work with women and hold live events that completely reinvent what a motivational and inspirational conference should be like. From tastes to colors to sounds, Shirley creates it during our session.


You can hear a clip of it in this episode, but it’s the most impactful if you listen to the full audio or video of our VIP session. I strongly recommend the full length version if you’ve been considering having your own VIP Day. You’ll really understand what’s possible for you if you see and hear Shirley create her life on fire!


And when you are ready to turn your challenges into opportunity email support at and write VIP Day as your subject line. Be sure to include your phone number so the LOF team can call you back and set up your personal VIP Day. 



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