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We are so excited to feature our partners on the Life on Fire Virtual Summit, Mike & Robin Pisciotta, in this special session to speak on how to build your authority, list, and profits with a virtual summit!


For Mike and Robin, their Life on Fire, their reason for wanting to be entrepreneurs, can be summed up in one word, Freedom.


Isn’t that what we all want as entrepreneurs?


Well, the road to achieving that isn’t always a predictable, simple straight line.


Mike and Robin had to completely start their business models over from scratch 3 times after they were forced out of their physical business location due to eminent domain and redesigning their online business.


However, what they gained in all of that was real life experience, which they were soon able to leverage…


Within 90 days of changing their business model, they planned and hosted their first summit.


One of the biggest benefits of creating their summit was INSTANT authority and instant credibility.


It can feel like you’re seen everywhere when you have all of your individual speakers talking about you.


So, how do you get your speakers?


Mike and Robin like to focus on landing their “main stage” speaker first through having their graphic design really dialed in, and having a list of the other speakers they are trying to attract.


Once the look of the summit is perfected and you have your anchor speaker on board, that’s the key to being able to attract your other speakers.


If done correctly, one of the biggest benefits of creating a summit is the list it can build for you.  A huge tip on this is to keep in mind the types of people you’re trying to attract when selecting your speakers.  


It’s not just about building a list and growing your numbers, its about getting the right people on your list.


Mike and Robin’s first summit built them a highly targeted list of over 5,000 people nearly overnight!


And, ultimately, your summit will help you connect with your audience and be the hub for the value you’re providing.


From there, they jump into the juicy part, monetization!


On their summit, Mike and Robin generated over $17,000 of revenue before it even started! Then, they added an additional $21,000 by packaging it as a physical product, not to mention selling out their group coaching program and filling their private client roster!


One summit was the catalyst that launched them into mid 6-figures in under 9 months!


Wouldn’t it be incredible to have that kind of your success yourself?


Well, we’ve decided to team up with Mike and Robin to put together our years of experience crushing it with multiple summits and teach our entire process to you.


Get all the details of what you’ll learn before we close the doors at!


We couldn’t be more excited to bring this opportunity to you!


Just go to and grab one of the remaining spots and start building your authority, list, and profits today!


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Today’s featured entrepreneur has made millions blogging and he’s here to share with us how.  We are super fired up for you to hear Ray Higdon’s story and strategies!


After the bottom fell out of the real estate market, Ray found himself in a bit of a desperate situation and needed to generate income, fast.


It was right at this time that he discovered network marketing.


Ray didn’t have an existing online presence he could tap into, a list, or even an online funnel.  He had to build his business through pure grit.


And, when it comes to network marketing, it’s often a rapidly polarizing conversation.  


However, unlike the typical abrasive approach that way too many network marketers take, Ray’s approach was to very quickly disqualify those who were not interested.


Next, when it came to blogging, his logic was that he could build and write his blog posts in a way that they had shelf life and they became assets that could continue to generate business for him for years to come.


His blogging philosophy is that he’s in it for the long haul.  


His approaches don’t necessarily generate new income overnight, he’s not overly concerned with how each blog post is going to turn into a transaction, or with getting things perfectly search engine optimized.  


His primary focus is building community and asking himself, is this something my community would want to read and would get value from?


For any business, the #1 reason for blogging is to build your list and build your community, Ray points out.


One of the biggest mistakes Ray sees is bloggers not having any sort of free giveaway, or “lead magnet” as a way to generate more opt-ins to your list and provide more value.


Ray’s advice when it comes to your lead magnet is to ask yourself, “What does my target market stay up late at night thinking about?”


Speak more about their problem than your solution.


And, when it comes to optimizing your content so that it has the biggest impact on your business, one simple change Ray made was to put a call to action at the end of all of your content.


Your call to action may be to get your free giveaway, sign up for a webinar, or take some next step.  


Don’t assume your prospects always know what you want them to do next, and don’t assume that everyone who consumes your content is already on your list.


Speaking of which, Ray has two great ways you can get more from him!


First is his podcast, which you can find at


And, Ray has free training which you can take at!


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On this episode of Life on Fire TV, we have one of the legends, marketing and personal development expert, Brian Tracy.


We dive right in with Brian to find out what he’s found to be common, repeatable traits of successful entrepreneurs.


First, you obviously have to sell something to someone.  However, one factor that he’s seen is that some of the most successful people already like and consume their own product themselves before they market it to others.


Also, the age-old method still stands true of finding a large group of people with a similar problem and determine an acceptable solution to that problem.  


From there it’s down to determining the demographic, psychographic, and now the ethnographic characteristics of your ideal customer.


“Your customers want you to be rich, as long as you make them happy”, Brian points out.


The first step is to make them happy, then make them *happier* than your competitors do.


Tracy astutely notes, whether you think you’re in customer service or not, if you’re in business, you’re in customer service.  


Customer satisfaction is how you measure business success.  This is measured three ways:


1.  Do they buy from you?

2.  Do they buy again?

3.  Do they bring their friends?


To grow your business, Brian says, there are only 4 questions to ask your customers:


1.  What should we do more of?

2.  What should we do less of?

3.  What should we start doing that we’re not doing now?

4.  What should we stop doing completely?


Siting a recently worldwide study, when it comes to predicting a businesses success, there are 3 major factors to focus on which are having clear goals and objectives (including financial goals), measuring EVERYTHING, and third, special rewards for excellent performance.


When starting out, and seeing time management, Brian notes that you need to work about 60 hours a week, full blast, 10-hour days, 6 days a week.  Way too many people are seeking “balance” when their starting out.  The development phase of your business needs to be out of balance and more heavily weighted on your business (in the beginning) if your business is ever going to get anywhere.


More valuable than any other piece of his interview, Brian emphasizes that when you’re “working”, work.  Don’t socialize or browse the internet, or get caught in personal conversations or texting, WORK.


Make a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish that day and start with the most important one first.  The most important mindset accomplishment is to start and complete and important task first thing in the day.


Finally, when it comes to being a great leader, you have to have vision.  You have to know what you’re trying to accomplish every single day and you have to focus on doing your most important tasks every day.


Brian has set up a fantastic leadership assessment, which you can take for free at!


And, Brian has made an even more generous opportunity available for you, which is donating TWO of his courses to the!


We’ve combined Brian’s two courses, which he normally sells for over $800, along with 6 other courses, which you can get today for just $197.  And, the proceeds from your purchase go directly to the Pencils of Promise foundation to help build a school for needy children. 


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Here today to teach us how to publish a book on Amazon in less than 2 months is Amazon best-selling author, and internet marketing guru, Mike Koenigs!


What started Mike on his journey to write his first book is actually when he was receiving life-saving cancer treatment at Duke hospital.


Laying there facing possible death, Mike realized that although his career would be a form of his legacy for his family, for him, a book was a much more permanent form of legacy that he wanted to leave.


While on heavy doses of chemo, Mike could muster about an hour a day of energy that he would use to speak his book into his iPhone so that it could be dictated into written form.


Since then, he’s written 7 books and coached over 400 others on how to get their book written, published, and promoted on Amazon.


As Mike points out, creating a book is one of the fastest, easiest ways for others to consume your value and for you to spread your thoughts, ideas, and messages.


In the digital age we live in, not only can books be distributed at no additional cost to the author using means like the Kindle platform and audio books, but paperback books can essentially be printed on-demand through platforms like Amazon, eliminating the need to buy and maintain massive inventory.


Mike’s book writing process consists of 5 steps:


1.  Preparation - This is where you determine what the theme of your book is going to be, who your audience is, and what problem or interest your book will address, as well as the title, subtitle, etc.


2.  Performing - This can be you being interviewed to verbally “write” your book, you interviewing others, or possibly you dictating it and “interviewing” yourself.


3.  Publish - has made it easier than ever to publish a book.


4.  Promote - This step consists of leveraging all of the existing platforms that are out there such as Amazon and iTunes, digital and audio, and so on.


5.  Profit - The final step is to convert all of the available mediums to actually making money, such as consulting, building your email list, and directly making products and services available.


When it comes to structuring the title, subtitle, and look of your cover, start with what’s already working.  Go on Amazon, study the bestsellers in the category you want to write about, and find the commonalities those books have.


And, once you have your book completed and published, the possibilities of how you can use it are nearly endless.  


You can use it to get speaking opportunities, land clients, land consulting opportunities, create interview opportunities, start your own podcast, and on, and on.


Mike has generously offered to make his book Publish and Profit available, which outlines this entire process in great detail at!


Get started today!  As Mike says, “The world belongs to implementors!”


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Since 1991 Alex Mandossian been mastering the art of communication and marketing and today he’s going to share with us how he uses Google Hangouts to get to the top of the search rankings in Google.


As we take a quick tour of Alex’s one-man office, we couldn’t help but notice the mastermind pictures with Larry Kind and Mohammad Ali on the walls.


Alex had reached out to highly influential thought leaders and offered to facilitate high-end masterminds for them.  


From there, this lead to him building relationships with billionaires, fortune 500 company heads, and other top entrepreneurs.  


His secret?


He didn’t charge anything to organize and run the masterminds.  He simply gave himself and his time in order to earn those relationships.


When it comes to how Alex has achieved his success, Alex says, “Most of everything I’ve learned is through observing what works and then reverse engineering it.”


Another secret of Alex’s is split testing, which is taking something such as a headline, and image, a color, or some other piece you’re using in your marketing and creating another version of it to see which version performs better.


So, where do you start?


When you think like Alex, you are never starting from scratch.  There are always other resources, other experts, other competitors you can observe to figure out what’s working so that you don’t have to start from a blank canvas.


Alex imparts a huge tip regarding testing, which is never fall in love with your idea, offer, product, etc., as that will only limit your creativity and potential.


Following his own advice, Alex observed that the two biggest media players online right now are Google and YouTube, and that the one thing that connects the two are Google Hangouts.


So, what Alex does is approach 5 influential thought leaders who are already successfully selling products through other channels and offers to set up Google Hangouts with them, for free.


Next, we talk selling.


Alex notes that most people focus on ROI (return on investment) when selling.  Alex, however, focuses on the COI (cost of inaction).  What are people losing by not taking action or not making changes?


This is incredibly powerful for a number of reasons, but one in particular is what makes it so significant…


People have not yet experienced the things they want, it’s emotionally unfamiliar to them.  Whereas, people are intimately familiar with the things they already live and know, which makes that and exponentially more powerful motivator.


For Alex, it all comes back to his passion which is teaching and training.  


Being a trainer of trainers is his mission, and he’s doing a tremendous job fulfilling on that mission. 


If you’d like to see Alex’s Hangout strategy in action, he’s made every hangout he’s ever done available at and you can also grab his assessment to find out how others see you and what your marketing persona is at! 


Great stuff, Alex!


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I’m so excited to bring you my session of the Life on Fire Virtual Summit, which I’ve titled, “The 6-Figure Profit Plan”, which is all about how to generate income with Facebook Ads & Webinars.


This session is one of over 25 free sessions we’re bringing you as part of the Life on Fire Virtual Summit.


If you aren’t already subscribed, make sure you subscribe to our podcast on iTunes to get all of the replays!


A big part of the reason we’re doing all this is to help build schools for underprivileged  children around the world who don’t have access the public education like most of us do.


As an incentive to help us with this cause, we have donated our $997 “Product Launch on Fire” course, along with John Lee Dumas’s “Ignite Your Webinar” training, Brian Tracy’s Time Management and Leadership courses, Mike and Robin Pisciotta’s “List Building Machine” program, and several more to a package of training courses we’re calling the “Business on Fire Bundle”.


These courses sell for over $6,000 separately.  


However, for a small donation of just $197 you can have them all!


Get instant access and make your donation today at, and the proceeds from your donation are going to help build a school for needy children!


And, now to dive into today’s session!


More than anything else, what I see businesses struggle with the most is getting more leads.


If businesses owners could solve that one problem, that would provide the fuel to solve virtually any other problems their business may face.


Driving Facebook ads is a fantastic way to grow your business!


We have seen clients add a million dollars of new revenue to their revenue using the exact strategy we’re teaching today!


The 6-figure Facebook strategy will help you…


- Build your email list

- Create a “celebrity” like brand with your niche


- Substantially boost your “likes” (to increase social proof)

- Rapidly increase your income and live a life on Fire!


If you to take an even deeper dive into Facebook ads, and learn how to master this skill so that you can add an additional 5, 6, or even 7-figures to your business this year…


Then you’re definitely going to want to check out 


We’re putting on a live 4-week group training bootcamp, meant to coach you through learning the exact blueprint and process of how to run Facebook ads for your business.


You’ll be learning on live webinars with me and my team, so you can ask questions and get feedback real time.


You won’t find another business-building training out there like this!


Registration is open for just a few more days!


Grab one of the few remaining spots at today!


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Learn How to Leverage Facebook Ads to Grow Your Authority and Profits with Business Coach and CEO of Life on Fire, Nick Unsworth, and Facebook Marketing Expert, Valerie Shoopman!


This video is one of over 25 speaker sessions of the Life on Fire Virtual Summit!


You can get free access to all of the Summit speaker sessions at!


And, as a special bonus, if you would like to make a small donation to Pencils of Promise we’re going to give you over $6,000 worth of marketing and mindset training courses for just $97!


Grab all the details and make your $97 donation at, and the proceeds from your donation are going to help build a school for needy children in Guatemala.


To start, I wanted to share a quick backstory about how my life was before I became a Facebook marketer and started running Facebook advertising.


Long story short, I was $50,000 in debt, had taken some bad advice, and had a business that failed.  


That was a little over 5 years ago.


What turned things around for me was Facebook marketing.  


Within 6 months of when I chose to become a Facebook marketer and advertise on Facebook I had made my first $100,000 online.


I started taking on clients, getting them great results, getting more and more clients, and eventually building an entire business that I sold for $500,000 almost 2 years ago.


I've since used Facebook ads to build a second business.


That's how powerful Facebook advertising can be if you do it correctly.


In this session, Valerie Shoopman is going to walk you through exactly how to set up your first Facebook ad campaign, as well as the strategic tips she and I have learned after running hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook ads for ourselves and our clients!


And, if you want help learning, step-by-step, in even greater detail how to run ads and grow your business, we've got a great resource available to you at the end of the session!




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Join me in this episode on a few of my recent adventures like going to Tony Robbins’s event and walking on hot coals!


My first stop was New York and the Pencils of Promise annual gala.  Pencils of Promise is the organization we are building a school through. 


That was an absolutely amazing event to attend.  One of the highlights was watching Gary Vaynerchuk on stage auctioning off his time to hang out and drink wine for $90,000!


Next it was on to Tony’s event in Dallas where I walked on hot coals with thousands of his other attendees.


And, let me tell you, after you’ve walked on red hot coals and completely shattered that fear in your mind, nothing in your life or your business can stop you.


From there it was on stage and Mike Filsaime’s event in San Diego!


What an honor it was to be on their stage.  It was just a few years ago that I was attending an event like that trying to figure out how I was going to make it in the business.


Now, I was instead up on stage telling the story of my journey.  So much fun!


And, the fun didn’t stop there!  That same day it was in the car and up to LA to attend a gala Mike Koenigs and his wife put on for the Just Like My Child foundation.


From that event came an opportunity to be published in Forbes.  Crazy.


I hope this fun episode inspires a couple things for you…


First, just GO for it!  Get out there and make things happen.  Don’t worry about what other people think or the reasons why you can’t.


Next, if you are looking for that type of “life-changing” event to attend, we are giving you that event, this December 5, 6, and 7 in San Diego, and it’s called Ignite.


If you’re ready to Ignite your business and Ignite your life, then you need to be there.


The event is almost sold out, but there are still a few seats left at the time this was recorded.  


Go to to get a FREE ticket now!


It’s just a $97 temporary holding deposit to reserve your seat now, and when you arrive at the event you will receive your $97 back and attend for free!


Grab your seat while you still can today!!


See you soon!


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