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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 136 of Life on Fire TV. Today starts day one of a three day motivation challenge we’re hosting for you! By joining the challenge you’ll find out how to tap into your mindset, how to clear your negative thoughts faster and replace them with positive ones to help you stay fired up!


This isn’t about motivation that passes and then you go back to your everyday life, this is the kind of motivation and enthusiasm you can tap into whenever and wherever you need it. 


The purpose of the three day motivation challenge is to help you create sustainable motivation, the kind that has you inspired and fired up to get out of bed in the morning. This is about creating the kind of internal state that you want for yourself no matter the outside circumstances, and tapping into that state when you chose to. 


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Can you change your internal state in a moment? (3:45)
  • 3 steps to being motivate and energized in any moment. (9:30)
  • How can you leverage your personal moment on fire? (11:55)
  • The key to breaking through any challenge. (13:40)
  • A personal example of how I overcame a fear. (15:45)
  • And so much more!

The first step in creating the internal state you desire is to find your moment on fire. Think back to a time when you accomplished something no one thought you could, or a time in your life when you were incredibly proud of your achievement. 


It could be sports-related or academic, or a personal thing you did that made you feel like you were on top of the world.


Now drill down to a precise moment in that experience when you had that feeling of satisfaction and attainment. What exactly were you feeling? Remember those feelings and take that into step two: your physiology.


What was your physiology in that moment? How were you standing, what was your body doing? If you completed a marathon perhaps your arms were stretched out over your head and your smiling as you crossed the finish line. If you earned a degree maybe it was when you were walking across the stage with your head held high and your walk was tall and proud.


Take that physiology and put your body into that exact position again, feel those same feelings in this moment. And that will take you to step three: the meaning.


Step three is about attaching a meaning to that experience and that moment of achievement. Does that experience mean you can do anything you want and so can anyone else? Does it mean you really are smart, brave and confident? Choose the meaning you want and attach it to that experience.


So now you have your life on fire moment, you know how your body was in that moment and you have a meaning attached to it. Combine all three and you have the perfect way to change your internal state and be motivated at any time.


And you can apply this technique to give yourself motivation, or energy or focus or any other state you want to create. Want to be energized? Think back to a moment when you were energized, remember how your body was and then attach the meaning of energetic to that experience and body language. Now you have your energized moment on fire and you can tap into it whenever you want more energy!


In this episode I give you a concrete example of my own moment on fire and how I’ve used it to create MORE moments on fire, and how I tap into them whenever I need to shift my internal state. 


You can hear all of that on the 136th episode of Life on Fire TV! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time.




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 135 of Life on Fire TV. On this episode we’re talking about one of the most important ways to leverage yourself in your business: how to hire a virtual assistant, and how best to work with them.


As entrepreneurs we love to do take it all on and do it ourselves! So often we think no one can do it as well as we can. But the truth is hiring someone else to help us is one of the best ways we can grow our businesses. And while we may be very, very good at something if that task isn’t profit-producing and income-generating it is a task someone else can do for us.


Early on in my business I hired Donna who you will hear from on this episode. Donna has been with me throughout my entire business journey. I hired her to help me with social media 5 years ago and since then she has grown into greater roles with greater responsibility. She’s been critical to my success and I’m happy she is a significant part of the Life on Fire team.


Today Donna talks about how she’s grown into her current role as the hub of our customer support team. She’s also hired and trained several virtual assistants (VAs) over the years and has figured out what to do and what not to do with VAs! She shares all of that on this episode.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The two tools to make your life easier when training a VA. (18:30)
  • How to be ready to let go and let your VA handle work for you. (31:50)
  • Are VAs employees or contractors and how does that impact your business? (35:00)
  • How to trust your VA with your social media tasks. (42:00)
  • Should you outsource your Facebook ads? (51:00)
  • And so much more!

The first step in hiring a VA is to make a list of tasks you would like to give your assistant. Even if you aren’t in a place where you can hire someone right now this is still an important step to take because when you are ready you’ll know what you need help with. When you know what you need done you’ll have a better idea of who you need to hire. 


And when you’re ready to hire you have many options. To take the guesswork out of what company to use Donna and I share our experiences with several different companies we’ve used. In the past we’ve worked with Employee 123 and had good experiences. 


We also have worked with Virtual Staff Finder, my friend Chris Ducker’s company. They blew us away with the level of detail and attention they provided. It literally took Donna two days to decide from the candidates they offered us because they gave us so much information on each person - which is a good thing! They made sure we had everything we could possibly need to make the best choice for us, and we did. 


If you aren’t looking for a part-time or full-time VA but you have a project you need completed you can use a web site like oDesk. I’ve used this in the past and it’s worked out well. You sign up, post your project and how much you’ll pay to have it done and then people apply. You choose from the applicants and once you both agree to the terms they start working for you.


Whether you go with oDesk, Employee 123 or Virtual Staff Finder your next step will be to document how you want your tasks completed. You can use a tool like Jing or Snagit to do so. Jing is free and Snagit is inexpensive so they’re both great options for you.


Now your VA is ready to work so your only responsibility at this point is to track their progress and manage them. You can track the progress of tasks by using a tool called Asana. You assign, track and manage tasks within Asana so everyone is on the same page; it’s a much simpler and easier way to keep the workflow flowing.


And that’s how you hire a virtual assistant and manage them! It’s one of the best practices I’ve implemented in my business and it’s paid off handsomely. 


On this episode we also answer some specific questions like how to pay an overseas virtual assistant, how to trust your VA with your social media and why scheduling is so critical to succeeding in business, and in life. 


You can hear all of that on the 135th episode of Life on Fire TV! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you on the next episode.




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 134 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re talking about how to be an unstoppable entrepreneur with perseverance and faith! I’ll share exactly how to get back up when your entrepreneurial journey knocks you down, and actually enjoy it.


Personally I’ve seen my share of ups and downs throughout my career as an entrepreneur, and something I’ve discovered is that I look forward to the challenges, the obstacles and the beat downs that life sometimes has handed me.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • When you hit a new level there’s always a new what? (1:30)
  • The two things you need to enjoy every experience: the good and the bad. (2:10) 
  • What is moneyopoly and how did it bring an extra $30k+ into my biz? (5:45)
  • How to ignite your own movement (11:40).
  • And so much more!

That may sound strange or even counterintuitive but when I’m excited about getting back up again after a knockdown, it makes the getting back up part easier. 


Two things have helped me do so: perseverance and faith. Perseverance is knowing challenges are going to come your way, and tackling them head on each and every single time. 


The backbone of perseverance is a big why. When your journey isn’t just about you or about how much money you’ll make, you’ll find a way lean into the fears, doubts and challenges. 


And when you are pulled by something greater than yourself you’ll rebound faster from those knockdowns and come back stronger than before. 


Faith is the second key component of successfully overcoming any obstacle you face. Whatever your belief system if you have faith in something greater than you that faith will help you stay strong. 


I’ve relied on my faith countless times, and surrendered to a higher power and trusted in that higher power to help me. And countless times it has!


When you have faith, and move persistently in the direction of your dreams in any area of your life from business to personal, you’ll find the motivation, drive and power to overcome any challenge that comes your way.


When you’re ready to harness your faith and your persistence join us at Ignite 2015! I’d love to see you there and to see you living a life on fire. 


Thank you for being a part of Life on Fire TV and we’ll see you on the next episode.




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