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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 154 of Life on Fire. Our most valuable and precious commodity is time, it’s something we can never buy back or replace. So how can we make leverage our time to crush it in our businesses - and enjoy our lives in the process?

That’s what we’ll be talking about on today’s show. Specifically we’ll cover my top productivity tips that will help you no matter what industry you’re in or where you’re at with your business. And you’ll also hear a live hot seat session with two of my elite Firestarter clients.

Productivity is an area we can all improve in. As I’ve grown Life on Fire I’ve learned a lot of helpful tips and suggestions to make the most of the time I invest in my business. I’ve got 12 tips for you - directly from my own experience! 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What part of the day is most critical to success? (8:20)
  • Are you creating profits or just busy work? How to know the difference. (16:20)
  • The importance of deadlines. (19:30)
  • Why what you eat plays a role in your success. (31:20)
  • How to handle the challenges of being an entrepreneur. (39:30)
  • And so much more!

1.) My first tip for more productivity is to create a morning routine. How you start your day is up to you, you CAN choose to be a morning person! The key is to make it fun and you’ll want to get up and get going.

Make some time for exercise, listening to inspirational material and eating a lean, clean breakfast. Do it for 30 days and see how you feel.

2. Focus on profit-producing activities.

An easy way to do this is to journal your days. Put everything you do in your journal and you’ll see where you are spending your time. Then you can tell if you’re doing income-producing activities or just busy work.

3. Calendar everything.

This goes hand in hand with #2. Whatever it is you’re going to do for that day put it in your calendar and stick to it. Give yourself a start time and an end time for each day.

4. Create time blocks.

When you’re creating that calendar use time blocks and batch your time according to the activity you’re doing. Set aside a specific day and time for making sales calls, for doing coaching calls, etc.

It’s important to do right-brained activities on specific days and left-brained activities on other days, otherwise you’re going to tire yourself out and you won’t be at your best. Also give yourself time to work ON your business from a high level standpoint, and not just in it.

5. Give yourself a break.

You need time throughout your day to eat, drink plenty of water and get in short bursts of exercise. Doing those three things will keep your energy up and keep you from feeling fatigued (also telling yourself you’re going to have energy all day will help!).

So schedule breaks regularly and in short intervals.

6. Binaural beats.

There’s an app called Relax that I use. It is a binaural beats app that tunes your brainwaves to help you focus better on the task at hand. I pop in my ear buds, listen to it while I’m focused and I get more done in less time!

7. The fuel you feed your body.

What you feed your body plays a pivotal role in how much energy you have, and the more energy you have the more you can accomplish in less time!

For 30 days try not eating carbs, and drinking more water during your workdays. Add in some greens - I like Amazing Greens - for extra energy between meals. You’ll feel the difference when you do.

8. Get a standing desk.

You don’t have spend a few thousand dollars to do this, try something like Varidesk that goes on top of your existing desk. I do this, and it definitely has boosted my productivity!

9. Be aware of your emotions.

Learn how to detach yourself from certain outcomes or situations. Your self-worth shouldn’t be tied to whether or not you make a sale. You’ll create more energy and more joy in your business if you don’t depend on a specific scenario to be happy in your business.

10. Set micro goals throughout the day.

I do this for myself, you might’ve guessed by now how much I love setting goals! But when I get everything accomplished for my day I stop what I’m doing, even if it means my workday is over at 5pm rather then the 6pm I had scheduled.

And then I reward myself, something you should do as well. Give yourself the gift of a massage or go enjoy a hobby of yours when you’ve finished early that day. You’re worth it and your business will thank you for it!

11. Make time for fun.

Yes you should take your work seriously but not so seriously you never have fun! Be your best, do your best but enjoy life too. Everyone has challenges and once you embrace those challenges everything in your business will become more enjoyable.

That’s part of being an entrepreneur: the more successful you become the bigger your challenges will be. If you’ve got big challenges you’re doing something right!

12. Journal your week.

Write down what happened in your week and reference your calendar when you do. It’ll be easy to see what’s working, what’s not working and where you can adjust when you calendar everything and then write it out in your journal.

And those are the top 12 ways I recommend to be more productive and have more joy in your business. Take whichever of those appeals to you and apply it to your business, create your own blend of tips and make it your own to fit who you are and what you do.

If you have anything you’d like to add leave a comment below, I’d love to know what has worked for you!

On this episode we also talk with two of my Firestarter clients about what they’re doing in their health and fitness to make a big impact on the world, and I put them on the hot seat! There’s plenty to discover from what they share so tune in and enjoy episode 154 of Life on Fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 153 of Life on Fire. Today I’m giving you one of the keys that took me from being $50,000 in debt to selling my business within 2 years of implementing it.

What is it exactly? It’s a mastermind. On this episode I’ll be walking you through each of the 8 steps to creating your very own successful mastermind. We’ll cover the two reasons to start a mastermind of your own, how to choose the purpose of your gathering, and where to host it.

My first experience with a mastermind came at a point in my career when I was failing at everything I touched. One business idea after another fell flat, and no matter what I did I couldn’t make anything work.

It wasn’t until I went to a mastermind event put on by Eben Pagan that things started to come together for me.

In this episode you’ll hear

  • Two reasons to start your own mastermind. (1:45)
  • How I’ve implemented masterminds in my Life On Fire business. (3:05)
  • Why the purpose of your mastermind is key to success. (3:45)
  • How to be sure you have the right people in the room. (5:00)
  • What’s the best venue for hosting your mastermind? (6:45)
  • And so much more!

From attending Eben’s event I learned and implemented these 8 steps to a successful mastermind. After running many of my own I can tell you firsthand these types of events can absolutely change the course of your business. So let’s take a look at each of the 8 steps.

1. Identify your purpose with the mastermind.

What is your primary reason for wanting to have a mastermind? Is it to help your attendees have “ah ha” moments and on-the-spot transformations? Or are you more interested in the networking angle? Or do you want a hybrid of the two? Whatever you want it to be choose your purpose before going on to step two.

2. Make sure you have the right people in the room.

Once you know why you’re gathering people you can choose who you are gathering. For instance if you’re wanting to help fellow entrepreneurs create more income you’ll want to gather entrepreneurs; it wouldn’t make any sense to have people with jobs be a part of your mastermind. 

3. Set the date.

This is of course a critical piece of your mastermind event: choosing a date. Ideally you want to pick a date that is 120 days out, 90 days is okay too but 120 is the sweet spot.

4. Get the venue.

The number of people you’re going to have and the purpose of your mastermind will help you determine where to host your event. If you’re having a smaller number of people - like 20 or less - you could have it in your home or in the back of a quiet restaurant.

But for larger groups you’ll want to choose a hotel. And when you’re working with a hotel make sure you thoroughly review your contract and all the details so you’re getting the best deal possible.

5. You’re ready to go!

Get everything ready so your start to the event goes smoothly: have registration ready with name tags and paperwork for everyone and get people into the room by 9am. An early start is good!

Also have an ice breaker you can do with your group, something that will set the tone for the event and also connect the people in the room. You want people to bond and begin to form relationships with each other.

6. Choose the format of the mastermind.

Do you want to do hot seats for everyone there? If so everyone gets a certain amount of time and they answer specific questions about what they do while on the hot seat. This way everyone in the group knows what they do and can give solid referrals that can lead to business.

A wonderful way to facilitate this is to provide referral slips for everyone. This is a great way to prove the value for your attendees - have them actually have generated business as a direct result of being at your event.

7. Food!

Make sure you have food that keeps people active. No gluten, no pasta, keep it clean with salads and lean meats. And be sure to provide it on-site. As far as the dinners invite other amazing entrepreneurs who will add value. This is where people are creating relationships and solidifying bonds. Keep the dinner on-site or nearby. This is the time when people really get to know each other, they have a few drinks and loosen up; before you know it information is being exchanged and business deals are in the works!

8. Weave in fun and adventure into your mastermind.

With our Life on Fire crew we’ve done everything from jetpacks to flying trapeze to spending a day on a double-decker yacht together! And it’s been so fun for everyone who joins, and really creates a bonding atmosphere.

Whatever you decide to do with your group make sure it’s fun and adds adventure to their experience, two critical pieces to helping people form long-term connections. They’ll remember you and your event when you do!

On this episode of Life on Fire we also talk about specific real-life examples we’ve done with our LOF mastermind events, examples that show you how to make the most of your future masterminds. So listen in, take some notes and then go out and start your own mastermind! 


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 152 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re talking with none other than Katherine (Kat) Humphus of Savory Made Simple and Kat’s Kitchen Collective.

Kat has an interesting and inspirational story to share. She is a classically-trained and award-winning chef who has worked in the finest restaurants under some of the most prestigious chefs in the world. But she left the restaurant world to teach the world about food, and healthy eating.

On the 152nd episode of Life on Fire TV Kat shares how she went from Kat’s Kitchen Collective being a blog to a first-rate meal delivery service, in under 30 days!

Kat doesn’t have a typical chef story. She didn’t know she wanted to be in the world of food professionally until she was 19. In an effort to hide from customers at her hostess job she asked the chef for a job in the kitchen. Almost instantly she fell in love and knew she had to work with food, it was her passion.

To bolster her career and her talents she applied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. If you’re not into food it’s the school where Julia Child learned to cook, and has since become THE school for professionals chefs to be trained.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • How naivety worked in her favor. (8:20) 
  • How she fed an extra 800 people in August (17:00)
  • Why to lead with profit-producing activities and build as you go. (20:40)
  • What's been her biggest challenge? (29:30)
  • How to embrace the suck. (36:50)
  • And so much more! 

After her time in Paris, she applied to work for some of the best restaurants in the world. Today she chalks it up to naiveté - she didn’t doubt herself or her experience level, she just went for it. And she worked with some of the greats including Thomas Kelleher at one of the top restaurants in the world, The French Laundry in Napa.

She came home to San Diego after  after working with these incredible chefs and opened multiple restaurants, earning the title Best Chef in 2014 and Top Female Chef among other noteworthy acknowledgements.

But with those titles and honors came grueling long hours, and something inside of Kat knew she could apply her some work ethic, knowledge and skills to create her own successful business. So she left the restaurant scene, not knowing exactly what was next but wanting to share her passions on her blog Kat’s Kitchen Collective.

She was smart and from the beginning grew her mailing list. And when she came to an Ignite event with other Life on Fire attendees she was inspired! She signed up for a VIP Day and together we uncovered her movement and her promise around food.

From our time together Kat came up with the idea for Savory Made Simple, a meal kit delivery plan for people who wanted simple, savory and easy-to-make meals at home. 

Within the next 30 days Kat had 50 customers and had gone to earning five figures a month with her idea! And she also fed 800 people who would’ve gone without; she donates a portion of every sale to the San Diego chapter of Feeding America. 

Today she has every intention of expanding the operation to go well beyond San Diego into the rest of California and then eventually the entire United States.

On this show we dive into what she’s learned along the way, what her biggest challenges have been and why it’s important to take action even when you don’t know how everything is going to work out! It’s all here on this episode of Life on Fire TV. 



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 151 of Life on Fire TV. Today Dr. Matt Hubbard, my personal friend and fellow entrepreneur is here to recap and share our experience at Wizard Academy.


No we didn’t run off to a Harry Potter camp for a week! Don’t let the name fool you, Wizard Academy is a space for innovation, creation and growth. It’s a place where some of the top entrepreneurs in the world come together to learn, grow and expand every aspect of their lives.


Dr. Matt was there with me, along with about 30 of the best and brightest entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We had our minds blown time after time. From Myers-Briggs tests to drinking wine before 10am to learning about portals, Wizard Academy showed us some of the keys to serving others more fully.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The important role environment plays in fostering innovation. (8:00)
  • What is the most popular and most legitimate personality test? (10:50)
  • What is The Diamond and what can you learn from it? (19:50)
  • What is Principle 13 and why does it matter? (22:20)
  • There are 40 ways to look at a problem and only 40: true or false? (23:30)
  • And so much more! 


One of the days we were there was spent learning about the Myers-Briggs test. We took the test, got our results and then learned about the various types of people. This is one of the few legitimate personality tests out there. 


With our results in hand we did various exercises to see the personality types in action, and how we can interact with people no matter how different or similar they are to us. Knowing your type helps you better understand who you are, and also helps you understand others, so you can create better relationships with the people in every part of your life.


Roy Williams, the wizard of ads, joined us and again, blew our minds. One of the most pivotal lessons he taught us was a piece of copy he wrote that connected with all the personality types. He is the absolute king, and it was masterful. Dr. Matt shares that example today.


Dr. Matt also raises another important lesson we learned: the importance of going to conferences and events outside of your industry. When you go to a conference, weekend seminar or other type of experience in your industry you get to network and connect of course, but you’re also talking with people who probably have the same types of problems you have.


To bring some innovation and creativity to solving your problems get out to other events, interact with people who don’t do what you do and you’ll find new perspectives and experiences that may help you rethink your situation in a new way. You may find an unexpected solution you wouldn’t have found inside your industry.


On this show we also talk about the 40 Triz Principles (and why hardly anyone knows what they are), as well as how Henry Ford revolutionized automobiles and why that matters to you today. So grab a pen (or 3!), get ready for some notes and enjoy this episode of Life on Fire TV. 




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