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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 227 of Life on Fire. Hey hey! Welcome to episode 227 of Life on Fire. Today’s show is a personal one for me and was a tough show to make and share with you. A lot of people struggle with their weight and I have been one of them.

I felt like I was out of integrity with Life on Fire and our mission because every other area of life has been on fire for me and my wife. Our marriage, our business, our finances, our friendships and our faith have all been amazing - but my health and my weight have always been a battle for me. My weight has gone up and done for most of my life, until recently when I decided to change all of that using the same five step process I use for my clients.

Listen in to today’s episode to hear how I’m achieving Life on Fire-worthy health and fitness, and how my commitment to maintain it! Whether you struggle with your weight, your love life, your finances or any other area this process will work for you too.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How I am using the process we teach to overcome my lifelong struggle with weight. (3:45)
  • How do you go from being stuck and overwhelmed to getting what you truly want? (5:45)
  • Why you must publicly declare your vision. (7:35)
  • The importance of writing a letter to yourself: the what, the how and the why. (9:05)
  • What roles do faith and fear play in making your vision a reality? (13:10)
  • And so much more!



More About This Show

As I said earlier making this show was a bit tough! It was a little embarrassing, to be honest because I believe having a life on fire is about having the whole picture: being healthy, having a great marriage, great relationships, having a successful business, and being wealthy.

I had all of that except my health. My weight has been up and down and up and down since I was kid and I was constantly stressing out about it; it consistently bothered me and I tried diet after diet after diet.

But Megan helped me see I needed to shift my lifestyle; she suggested I use the same process we teach our clients and apply it to my weight and my health. And she challenged me to do a men's physique competition. Megan says she did so because she knew I'd have to put in the work and I'd see the results when I did. She wanted me to be happy and feel good about myself.

My first thought was this is a totally crazy idea - it's the furthest thing from my comfort zone! But after my initial reaction I knew this was an opportunity to get results and most importantly, shift my entire lifestyle. Thirty days of another diet wasn't going to do it, I knew it was time for real change.

The process Megan was talking about is one we have used to help our clients achieve their goals and dreams. We’ve also both used this process in our lives and together in our marriage so it was time for me apply it to my weight and my health.

1. Create your vision.

Come up with a vision for what you want. You have to get clear on it, and how you’re going to commit to it. You have to have actions in place to reach your vision, and attach a big why to your vision, something that pulls you to take those actions and make your vision a reality. Megan helped me get clear on mine and part of my why is to be healthy for her and our baby Aidan.

2. Public declaration.

Declare your vision publicly and include an end date for your vision. By when are you going to achieve it?

For me I went on Facebook and posted a before photo of mine along with my public declaration that I was going to compete in a men’s fitness competition by March 18. There was no wiggle room after that!

Now think about it for yourself: what do you want, what is your vision? Can you make a public declaration of it and say by when you'll have it? Then go do it!

3. Write your letter to yourself.

This letter is so important because it makes the declaration real. Write your letter as if you have already achieved your vision, as if it has already happened. Read it in the morning, the evening and any time you need a pick-me-up. It's there to encourage you and for you to know these things are going to happen.

Your letter also trains your subconscious mind: the subconscious doesn't know the difference between a vividly imagined experience and real life. So make it vivid!  Be sure to put in emotions and make it vivid: include sights, sounds, smells, make it clear as if you are there experiencing it!

4. Resource up.

Whatever you want to achieve means you have to become a different person to achieve it, and you also need new and different resources around you to help you. For me it looked like signing up for fitness competition, hiring a health coach to tell me what to eat and what to do at the gym.

What resources do you need for your vision? Go out and get them!

5. Choose faith over fear.

Every single day there will be challenges thrown your way, be prepared for them with your resources, your letter and your faith.

I’ve encountered plenty of challenges since publicly declaring my fitness competition vision. The first week after starting my challenge I was rear-ended on the way to the gym. Then once I got into the swing of things our baby Aidan arrived six weeks early - that was a major change of plans! But that's life, it brings challenges your way so you have to adopt a mindset of faith over fear.

I've had lots of fears about this fitness challenge, but I always come back to my letter and choose to believe I can do this and it is possible. That alone will help me achieve this, and it will help you too.

Today’s show is something I wanted to share this with you because I am in the middle of this journey and I want you to see firsthand how this works. I am going to be #1 at this thing and I’m going to maintain my health and fitness - and I wanted you to be there on the journey with me.

I also want to encourage you to get the full training at We take this five step process, drill it down and personalize it so you can create a 2017 action vision plan. We teach you how to put this into your life and achieve what you want. No strings attached, it’s all free for you at

This process has worked for us in our lives and in the lives of countless people we've trained and coached. Join us! Step up to your vision for your very own life on fire right now.




Hey hey! Welcome to episode 226 of Life on Fire. Today we've got a unique show for you! Instead of Nick or a guest of Nick's, I am here: the first lady of Life on Fire, Megan Unsworth. I’m sharing my very first experience preaching at our church, C3. The preach is called I Am Worthy and it is my personal testimony of finding God.

Today’s show is about how this experience literally changed the course of my life and how you can find your own purpose, and worthiness too. It’s all here on episode 226 of Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why the people you surround yourself with matter so much. (2:15)
  • The difference between being a “checkmark Christian” and a Christian. (2:30)
  • How do you know you are worthy? (4:30)
  • How to have love in your heart and peace of mind. (6:50)
  • Who will bless you far more than you ever thought possible? (8:30)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

At 24 I was in a direct sales jewelry company that was Christian-based. At their rallies and monthly meetings they talked openly about God and His love. I was open-minded and curious so I asked one of the leaders of my group if I could attend church with them. The leader said yes and I attended church for the next few months.

One Sunday they did altar call and with a fast-beating heart I raised my hand and accepted God into my life. But here's the kicker: I thought of myself as “Christian”, but I wasn’t fully living a Christina life. I had one foot in the kingdom and one foot in real life, and by one foot in the kingdom I mean one pinky toe!

The people I was surrounded by didn't serve me, and I knew it but I hadn't fully committed my life over to God yet. So I went to church every Sunday, and that was it. It was like a "checkmark" - I wasn't with God the rest of the week.

Instead, I sought man's approval. I was the girl who always had to be in a relationship. When one ended I went right into another one. The reason I was doing that was my abandonment issues: my father committed suicide when I was 8 and my mother left when I was only 3 months old.

After my father died I was raised by my grandparents and aunts and uncles. It was a great life but that little girl who lost her parents so young still longed for relationships. I sought that out in romantic relationships. I ended up in relationships that didn't always serve me and I didn't always serve them; it reached a breaking point when I heard the words I don't love you and I never will.

My confidence was so low at that point, it was rock bottom for me.

Until I found C3 through the Hubbards. I saw their marriage and how God was at the center of it all; I was inspired by it, and vowed to have the same in my life. Ever since that day - four years ago - I have been in attendance at C3!

Shortly after meeting the Hubbards and joining C3, I went to a Cherish conference. The pastor prophesied over me and told me I am a child of God. God is my Father and He loves me, He wants me to stay on the path and not do things on my own. He loves me unconditionally and will show me the way.

In that moment I finally understood I had a father, and a daddy in heaven who will never forsake me. I knew I had found my worthiness, God made no mistakes when He created me or any of us. He saved me from a downward spiral and I regained my self-worth through Christ.

And that is my message for you too: you are worthy. Through God you are saved from your enemies, including yourself! Those negative thoughts, the comparisons and the not-good-enough moments, they can creep into your future.

God created you to be bigger, dream bigger and have a vision that He created for your life. God has not given you a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love, and sound mind. God doesn't want any of us to live in fear, He wants us to live with the power of the Holy Spirit. To have love in our hearts and peace in our minds.

Once I understood that and reclaimed my worthiness through Him, I declared I would find the love of my life. I started praying for him and God brought me Nick.

On Sept 18, 2015 we were married and have surrendered it all to God: our life, marriage, business, finances, and family. Life isn't always easy for us but with God there is always an ease.

I am now more on purpose than I have ever been in my life and I will forever praise God for that.

I knows I am worthy of love, abundance and a life God has called me to and so are you. Like our beautiful son Aidan, who was born six weeks early but is perfect and blessed in every way, you too are a child of God.

Hear about our journey with Aidan and more on this episode of Life on Fire. 



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 225 of Life on Fire. If you’re like most people you’ve set goals, you’ve probably even been really excited about your goals. But if you’re also like most people, you haven’t achieved ever goal you’ve created for yourself.

Why don’t goals always work for everyone? Because they’re not as strong as declarations. After working with high performers, big-time achievers, and Navy SEALs, I found a five step process to achieving anything you want for yourself and your life.

On episode 225 of Life on Fire you’ll hear the process explained step by step; you’ll also hear how I’m currently using it for my health, and you’ll have access to a resource that will help you implement this process into your life right now!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why goals don’t always work, and declarations work. (2:20)
  • What role does integrity play? (3:00)
  • Why your declaration needs a timeframe. (5:00)
  • Does your subconscious mind know the difference between pretend and reality? (6:55)
  • What is resourcing up and why is it critical to your success? (7:50)
  • And so much more!


More About This Show

If you’ve set goals in the past and haven’t achieved them, you’ve probably also spent some time examining why they didn’t work. There’s a very simple reason: goals don’t carry much weight.

Think about it - is it ever someone’s goal to be faithful in their marriage? Heck no! Would you want to marry someone who said that to you? Of course not! You want to marry someone who will declare their faithfulness, and declare it in front of your friends, family and other loved ones.

Do you see the difference? A declaration is far more powerful than a goal. I’ve seen it in my clients’ lives and I’ve witnessed it in my own life.

With that in mind and based on research with Navy SEALs, celebrities and other high performers, we’ve come with a new model for achieving declarations. There’s a five step process to making your declaration a reality and we explain each step on today’s episode.

1. Step one is to start with your vision and get clear on it. What is that you want to achieve in your life? What does your life look like when you do? Think of all the areas of your life from your health to your love life to your business and finances to your overall lifestyle - what do you have in all of those areas? When you’re clear on that then move on to step two.

2. Step two is to declare it publicly so it carries weight. When you tell others what you are doing it keeps you on the hook for it! Be sure your declaration has a timestamp on it - by when are you going to achieve the thing you’ve set out to do?

I did this recently with my health and weight: I declared publicly that I am competing in a men's fitness competition! Megan encouraged me to declare it, she wanted it to be challenging for me so I could set the habits for a healthy lifestyle. Now that I’ve declared it it means I have to follow through! And I will do so at my competition on March 18th.

3. Step three is writing a letter. This is key! You are writing this as if it has already happened: the emotions you feel, embody those feelings and write that in your letter.

Then read it every morning when you wake up, and before you go to bed. Train your subconscious mind to believe this has happened. Your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between pretend and reality. Reading it every day keeps you fired up and on track.

4. Step four is resource up. This means getting books that will help you, getting coaching, joining groups, etc. Do whatever you can to get yourself to become the person who will achieve that vision and make your declaration real.

5. And finally step five is choosing faith over fear. Life is going to throw you so many obstacles, but keep the faith. You will probably get some big monkey wrenchs thrown at you along the way but choose faith. Reading your letter twice a day, and relying on your resources will help you choose faith over fear.

Using this five step process I have taught over 2500 people to get what they want: to have better health, happier marriages and relationships, more money, bigger and more successful businesses, all of it.

In fact, Megan and I are so passionate about this training that we are teaching this on an upcoming webinar. If you are setting resolutions and goals and aren't achieving them, what are you going to do differently to get different results? Take a stand for yourself and your life right now, check out for free access to the full, intensive training and then get living your Life on Fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 224 of Life on Fire. We all know the importance of taking action, but what happens when you’ve been put through the ringer? Are you still able to take those bold actions and say yes to your dreams?

Our guest for today did and it’s made all the difference in his life. Michael O’Neal of The Solopreneur Hour joins us for this episode of Life on Fire. In this interview from our Life on Fire event, Michael shares his journey from losing both his parents in the same year to launching one of the top business podcasts on the market today.

Listen to episode 224 of Life on Fire to hear the courageous action he took along the way and how his life is excelling as a result today.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How not to get discouraged if you don't have success right out of the gate. (9:20)
  • What platforms should you use to connect with your audience? (10:45)
  • Tenacity breeds what? (20:00)
  • Why the how is none of your business. (23:55)
  • Who should you not take advice from? (25:00)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

In 2007, Michael’s life changed drastically when both of his parents died. His dad’s death wasn’t a surprise, but his mom’s was a shock. The loss of both of them in the same year was devastating; he lost his home, his cars, his retirement and savings, all of it.  He describes that time in his life like the opening scene from Private Ryan - chaos reigned everywhere.

The next year he met a guy who he had hoped would become his mentor, Michael was looking for a way to make money and get out of survival mode. This guy, who was a billionaire, said he want to help Michael but he had so much chaos in his life that he never had a chance to properly mourn his losses.

Michael broke down and cried for the first time since his parents’ deaths, and then made the decision to take his parents' ashes to Europe, something he had always wanted to do for them while they were alive but he never got the chance.

So he put his parents in a parmesan cheese shaker (yes you read that right) and for four months he spread their ashes around Europe. He took them to The Vatican, the beaches of Normandy, etc.

On the way back from Europe, he had $14 in his bank account and nothing else. He was 37, and began to think about what was next for me. It was then that he had the realization he never wanted to work for a dollar again in his life.

He didn't know what he wanted to do next, but he knew what he didn’t want to do. So he began saying yes to whatever came along! He said yes and found a lot of great opportunities. He joined a network marketing company and started doing social media for them, one day finding himself on stage with them.

That experience led him to launching The Kick Ass Life with David Wood, a podcast that quickly became one of the top 10 podcasts in the self-help arena.

Michael was behind the scenes doing all the production, while David was the host. One fateful episode David was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and wasn't available, Michael jumped in and recorded a show.

He liked it, and thought it was something he should do. His hunch was confirmed when other people wrote in telling him the same thing.

Not long after, in August of 2013, Michael launched his own show, The Solopreneur Hour. It was a hit almost immediately and he says there are multiple reasons for its success, one of which was being the right show at the right time.

During this interview, he encourages everyone to not give up if they don’t have the same kind of success right away. He frames it this way: if you are blogging, tweeting, vlogging, or podcasting then you are part of media. You are a broadcaster of some sort, and that means you are in a vast marketplace. Not everyone will resonate with what you offer so you may have to try a few avenues before you find your groove.

On this show, he also explains why you have to meet your audience where they are at and he gives an example of how they have started doing this with a podcast he co-hosts with Hines Ward (Hines is a former football player and Super Bowl MVP with the Pittsburgh Steelers).

Michael also shares the power of permission with your audience and why monetizing should not be the first thing on your mind when starting a new venture. You’ll hear all of that and more on the 224th episode of Life on Fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 223 of Life on Fire. Character. Have you ever considered the role it plays in success? Whether it’s crossed your mind or not, our guest on this show is talking about why character is critical to success.

Shirley Solis is here to share her story of taking a $10,000 grant and turning it into a six-figure business, as well as highlighting the character traits that have played key roles in the success of some very notable people.

On this episode, you’ll hear how she came to me as a client about a year and a half ago and how she discovered character and why it’s important to living a life on fire and why being resourceful can help you overcome any odds! This is an inspiring and equally informative show that will help you dig deep to find the character traits you need to creating your own Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is the one topic that can guarantee you success, but people aren't talking about? (2:20)
  • What homeschooling her children taught Shirley about character. (8:45)
  • Who was the man with “the midas touch”, and why does he matter? (12:50)
  • The role personal responsibility has played in Brian Tracy's success. (15:35)
  • How Shirley turned a $10,000 grant into a six-figure business. (24:40)
  • And so much more!


More About This Show

According to Shirley, at the foundation of everything we do is character. It is the one thing that will ensure you are successful in every area of your life and in every endeavor.

She came to this understanding by overcoming a procrastination habit. In school she would put things off til the last minute, even getting up in the morning! She’d wake up about 10 minutes before her school bus would arrive and would dash outside to catch it so she could get to class on time. She even pulled an all-nighter once to write a 50 page paper! She got an A on the paper, which only encouraged her procrastination tendencies.

But when she had kids that all changed. She married at age 18, had her first child at 19 then her 2nd at 20 and her third by 21. She had three children in 3 years, all of whom are boys!

It soon became clear that waiting til the last minute didn't work so well anymore. She realized she couldn't wing it anymore, her children would get her bad habits and things just weren't going to go well for all of them. She decided she couldn't live that way any longer and she wanted to be a better example for them; she knew she had a responsibility to them.

She made the decision to homeschool her children and along the way discovered character at the heart and foundation of every successful person’s story.

So what exactly is character? Shirley gives Webster’s definition of it as being “…the engraved qualities in a person”. Basically character is your core and who you are when no one is watching, character is what it looks like when you are in the midst of a struggle and who you are in that struggle. It’s things like honesty, punctuality, and reliability. There are many character traits - 52 in fact.

Shirley goes on to say that when things get tough character is what grounds you and keeps you on track. Character is your unfair advantage; it’s not talent, not looks, etc - only character.

If you would take two people with equal talent, the one with character will go further. On today’s show she gives some real life examples of people who utilized character to succeed including Brian Tracy, Barbara Corcoran, Will Smith, Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey.

She talks about how Brian Tracy went from being a high school drop out and sleeping in his car to creating over 300 courses for people all over the world in multiple languages! He is now being paid $500 million to consult with companies about their businesses.

And all of this happened because he took personal responsibility. He said “If it's to be it's up to me”. That quote from Brian is a great example of taking personal responsibility, a necessary character trait for success.

She also talks about Barbara Corcoran who learned to be resourceful. Barbara’s mom taught her to use whatever assets she had or could find to make the best of any situation and to get ahead. Barbara used that to get more tips as a waitress and then later to build a real estate empire in New York City and to be the savvy investor she is today.

All of us can follow in Barbara’s footsteps. We all have something that life has given us that we can use, we must be resourceful and find it and use it.

Also on this episode, Shirley shares her own resourcefulness story. She talks about applying for a startup challenge, writing up her plan, asking for what she wanted and getting $10,000 as a result! She also talks about Tony Robbins’ consistency character trait, Will Smith’s commitment and more.

Listen in to hear that plus recite a pledge to make your character your unfair advantage on today’s 223rd edition of Life on Fire!



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 222 of Life on Fire. Today we have one of our very own Life on Fire clients who is now a coach with us, Jenn Beninger.

Jenn is here because she has an amazing story of going from in debt, overweight (her words!) and living in doubt, not enjoying her work, and dealing with uncertainty and turmoil. She was not living a Life on Fire! But all of that changed because of an event she attended and her willingness to be coached.

On episode 222 of Life on Fire you’ll see and hear from a brand new Jenn: she rocks the stage, looks amazing and has an inspiring journey to share. To boot, she’s going to tell you how and why you want to market yourself on YouTube. Check it out!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What are the top two search engines in the world? (12:00)
  • What are the three main limiting beliefs people have about video? (14:00)
  • Will YouTube actually pay you for your videos? (15:15)
  • Why everything should have a call to action. (26:50)
  • The maximum length your YouTube videos should be. (30:30)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

Jenn Beninger has been an entrepreneur for 20 years, she knows what it’s like to go through the ups and the downs. When we met, she was experiencing a pretty big down. She had put everything into a business partnership and had built a big social media marketing business - only to see it crash and burn.

After five months of feeling depressed, her husband suggested she get a job. She said she was going to an event; she knew being around likeminded people would get her mojo going again.

She and I met in the hallway at the event, after I had spoken on stage. I gave her a ticket to an upcoming Life on Fire event in June of 2015. She had plenty of reasons why she couldn’t be there but when I asked her why I’d never heard of her, that question silenced her objections and showed her she needed to be there.

Attending that event helped Jenn start on a new path, and today she is an expert at YouTube marketing. On this episode, she explains the limiting beliefs people have around doing video and the keys to creating and growing your business with a successful YouTube channel.

Before you can begin to do the legwork on your YouTube channel, Jenn walks you through a quick mental exercise to show you what’s possible. After you hear that, Jenn gives you a step by step process to figuring out what videos to create and how to create them.

The first step when you don't know how or what to create with your videos is to do keyword research, then you’ll need to create 3 types of videos and you’ll need specific tools to do so.

In terms of keyword research, this is where you will spend the most amount of time, this is the heavy lifting piece. If you make videos that Google and YouTube want you to make then they will rank you. Your content can be your own, but it's how you title them and how you describe them and the keywords you use in the description of the video that will help you get ranked. The content is still yours: it’s still your passion, your view and your approach.

To properly do your keyword research you go through three tiers: go to Google Adwords. Type in what you think people are asking about, then look at how many searches it gets and the competition for that keyword or keyword phrase. You want low competition, with a good amount of searches.

Next you want to go to YouTube and type in the same phrase: this will show you what else pops up in YouTube. Whatever pops up are your ideas for your next five videos!

Finally you need to see how many people are watching videos on your chosen topic/keyword. If there aren't many views you don't want to make a video about that phrase, or you should find a way to title it something else that is more popular.

Repeat this process for about 20 topics so you have a variety of things to choose from when creating your videos, and so you can also produce videos in bulk.

Also on this show, Jenn explains the three types of videos you want to have and the equipment you’ll need. This is a must-listen show whether you have a YouTube channel or not! You’ll hear how simple it is to get started, and why having well-done videos helped one of Jenn’s clients land a $97,000 contract!

It’s all here on episode 222 of Life on Fire. Be sure to watch it, and let us know what you think in the comments. Thank you for being here and for watching the Life on Fire content, I’m so grateful for you!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 221 of Life on Fire. We’ve got another very special guest for you on this show: Sabastian Huynh is an amazing man who has gone through some incredible transformational experiences in his life!

Today he’s taking what he has learned from those transformations and helping others set their lives on fire. Sabastian is in charge of our coaching program at Life on Fire and he has changed the game for our coaches and for our clients. Right now you’re only accessing 70% of our capabilities, he helps pull out that last additional 30% of your human potential.

And you're about to see it in action! Tune in for a discussion on the three ingredients to rapid growth, tips for identifying and clarifying your vision as well as the three things that make a declaration and the three that don’t. All of that and more on episode 221 of Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why if you are always in integrity your vision is too small. (4:00)
  • A vision versus a safe goal: how do you know which one you have? (7:50)
  • Why to remove money from the equation when envisioning your dreams. (13:45)
  • Must you be in tune with your emotions to create a powerful life? (32:05)
  • The importance of daily requests when you are creating a big vision. (48:30)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

Sabastian kicks off this episode by listing the three ingredients to rapid growth: integrity, visibility and accountability.

He explains that integrity is not just your word but how to keep your word after you’ve given it. It’s important to understand this distinction because if you are playing a big game you’re going to be out of integrity often. As you build momentum and your life grows, circumstances will blow up your word and you’ll have to renegotiate it.

Which leads to visibility. How visible is your word? How many people know you’ve given your word to your vision and what your vision is? Allowing people to see and know what you are up to is important because it ties into the third piece: accountability.

Accountability is when you give your permission to certain people to hold you to account. This could be a coach, a mastermind group, a business partner, your team, etc. Accountability is the final piece of rapid growth, when you have it in place along with integrity and visibility, you are much more likely to achieve your goals and vision.

He also has three tips to identify and clarify your vision.

The first is your vision has to be free with no judgment. You should have freedom when you create it and go after it.

The second tip is to have an emotional connection to the vision. You know you have an emotional connection when there’s a significant pain involved in not reaching and achieving your vision. If you don’t get emotional, then it’s just a safe goal.

And the final tip is that your vision must impact you, others and the world. Your vision should be big enough to impact you, your immediate family, your community and then the world. As you live out your vision it ripples beyond you, beyond your family, beyond your community and out into the great big world.

Sabastian also reminds you that you don't need to know the how. Rather you can and should create as you go, when obstacles show up you simply go above them and/or  around them. As entrepreneurs, we are leading the way when we do this and it’s our duty to step up to the plate and stop being afraid of how something will get done. The how doesn't matter, the intent you have does.

Tying into the how piece of the puzzle is Sabastian’s three components of a declaration, three things that make a declaration real.

The first is that something is going to happen because YOU said so. That something

wasn't going to happen until you said it was going to happen, and now that you’ve said it it will become real.

The second piece of a declaration is that it is inspiring and it stretches you outside your comfort zone.

And thirdly, a declaration accomplishes the extraordinary. It does not go after the ordinary, it sets out and achieve the extraordinary.

He also gives the three things you don't need for a declaration: evidence, agreement and authority. He explains why you don’t need any of these on this episode, and he has people share what has happened for them when they’ve put all of this into play in their lives.

You’ll also find out why entrepreneurs need to be weird, why leading with giving leads to greater success and why the Life on Fire family shares their monthly wins with each other. See it all on episode 221 of Life on Fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 220 of Life on Fire. Today’s guest is someone you should listen to not because of the size of his bank account or the success of his businesses, but because he is a walking, talking, living example of a Life on Fire.

Dr. Matt Hubbard is my friend and mentor and one of the greatest teachers I know. He made an extra special appearance at our recent Life on Fire event. This episode is all about how to stretch yourself and expand your vision to have the greatest impact on the world. You’ll hear Dr. Matt walk you through a two-minute exercise to see how big your goals and dreams are, and then he explains how to grow them even bigger.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What happens when your purpose is bigger than your problems? (5:00)
  • What is a buzzkill and how do you know if you have one in your life? (10:30)
  • A two-minute exercise to expand your vision. (18:00)
  • Why you should regularly book time to just think. (27:20)
  • The power of the pack is in who, and why does it matter? (46:50)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

One of the first things Dr. Matt explains is why you must have a solid philosophy for why you do what you do, and how having that philosophy is what will get you through the difficult times.

Another critical factor to getting through the challenges is to have a mastermind group and accountability partners who will cause you to grow. They’ll also help you avoid listening to the buzzkillers in your life. Those buzzkillers could be anyone from a parent to society at large. Our culture is not one that tells us to dream big and will strip your passion from you if you don’t take precautions.

For those reasons it’s especially important that you are particular about the people closest to you, they have the greatest impact on every area of your life from your bank account to your health to your love life.

To check in and see where you are in terms of vision and dreams, Dr. Matt walks you through a two minute exercise. Set a timer for two minutes and write down anything you want to be, do or have in your life. This could be anything from the kind of work you want to do to the homes you want to have to the trips you want to take to the kind of health and family you most desire.

See how many things you can write down in a two minute timeframe, and then check listen to today’s show to see how you faired.

The reason for this exercise, as Dr. Matt explains, is that we have to see something first before we can achieve it. We have to see ourselves with the happy marriage, the dream family, the ideal home and fabulous vacations before we can create them.

Dream boards/vision boards can help you with this as can writing down your dream list. It’s helpful to get magazines and other images to inspire you and help you think and dream big.

Wanting to reach for these things is not about having them, but about who you need to be to achieve them, who you need to serve and how can serve humanity. If you provide great service then someone will pay for it because you add value to their life and they'll add money to your bottom line

Also on today’s episode, Dr. Matt explains why he sets aside time to simply think about his life: his businesses, his marriage, his children, his legacy, etc. You’ve got to allow yourself to simply think, and take some time away from the “grind” or the grind will grind you straight to your grave.

He also explains why he became a chiropractor, why accountability has been so critical to his success as well as a candid sharing of the income he’s made from his first year after chiropractic school to 2016.

You’ll learn all of that and see an amazing clip from an inspiring movie too! Check it out on episode 220 of Life on Fire and then leave a comment below letting us know what you are committed to doing going forward!



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 219 of Life on Fire. This week is part two of our conversation with Joseph McClendon III. If you missed part one be sure to check out episode 218!

Joseph is a brilliant personal development speaker, coach and author who is Tony Robbin’s right-hand man. He joined us at our recent Life on Fire weekend event, and spoke on the topic of vision. Today he continues in that same vein by sharing the three things you need to do to become a different person, and go farther faster. Listen in to hear what those three things are on episode 219 of Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The words you say to yourself do what? (3:35)
  • What is a geometric psychological personal shift? (12:50)
  • What is our greatest ability? (16:05)
  • Fortune favors who? (18:05)
  • What does Kirlian photography have to do with success? (23:00)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

Joseph kicks off this episode by revealing the power of your why. If you can find your why, find something that calls to you in a deep way, it will change how you think and you change how you feel. By changing your thoughts and feelings, you begin to change your surroundings and the world around you. As you change so does your world.

He gives an example to illustrate this. If your dearest most precious loved one was inside a home that was surrounded by a electric fence and a toxic moat but they needed you to save them you would do it. Even if there was a no trespassing sign outside, you would do everything to save them.

But if you had to go through all of that just to get a ten dollar bill you probably wouldn’t, because your why isn’t big enough. So you must have a why that pulls you forward in a big, big way and when you have that you will begin to change yourself and your life.

To facilitate that change you need more than just a vision that calls to you, you also need the reasons why that vision is important and attractiveness.

On this episode, Joseph highlights an exercise to help you create that vision and the reasons why it’s important.Then he goes on to explain what attractiveness is and why it’s been overlooked in the past.

The attractiveness piece of this puzzle is what most personal development coaches miss and few people consider. Through his own life experiences and the clients he has worked with over the years, Joseph has found that attractiveness is the key to the kingdom.

Attractiveness is how well you attract situations and circumstances in your life to support you in achieving your greatest goals and vision. It is what some would call luck, but Joseph describes as fortune. He says it is 20% of all success.

Instead of the 80/20 rule - 80% of success is psychology and 20% is mechanics - he says it is 60/20/20. Sixty percent is psychology, 20% percent is mechanics and 20% is fortune (or attractiveness).

He also describes the science behind this rule. When you put your intention and attention on something you begin to draw it to you with electromagnetic energy. The things you desire are attracted to you and you are attracting them. This is why some people seem to get all “the breaks”, and things just go their way. Their attractiveness is high.

Joseph explains how Kirlian photography illustrates this beautifully, and why we should all harness this principle. Today he goes on to define what magnetic success is and why it’s never too late to have a happy childhood!

Get ready to dig into all of that and more on this episode of Life on Fire with Joseph McClendon III!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 218 of Life on Fire. If you watch the Life on Fire episodes regularly you’ll surely remember today’s guest: Joseph McClendon III. If you haven’t caught Joseph on this show before, he’s Tony Robbins’ righthand man and he is incredible.

Joseph has spoken to over 4.5 million people around the globe and today he’s back to talk about getting clear on your vision. This is part one of a two-part series so be sure to check out episode 219 too! But first get ready to tune in, turn on and take action with Joseph McClendon III on this edition of Life on Fire.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why do we all learn more in our first 12 years than in any other period of our lives? (4:10)
  • What is the reason someone has different results than you do? (10:00)
  • What does prosequences mean? (15:15)
  • Is willpower a myth? (29:00)
  • What are the two fatal flaws achievers have? (40:00)
  • And so much more!


More About This Show

Joseph covers a lot of ground on this show. He discusses his neuroscience practice, what prosequences are and how the book Think and Grow Rich changed his life and led him to do what he does today.

He briefly touches on his practice to explain that the faster way to overcome a fear or a challenge is to face it head on. He gives some examples from his patients. If they were afraid of dogs, a dog would be in his office for their appointment. If they were afraid to talk to women, there would be a woman in his office when they arrived.

And it’s because the faster way to get results now is to face that fear head on.

Another topic he covers is the term prosequences. Prosequences are the opposite of consequences. They are the resourceful, fortunate, preferred and desired things that happen as a result of good behavior and positive behaviors. When you do the right things, call the right people and take the right actions, then you'll have a better life.

However, sometimes calling the right people and taking the right actions are calls and actions we are afraid of, or are uncomfortable with. We can learn to like them and with time they become easier and more comfortable, even second nature.

Joseph gives an example from this childhood. He grew up in Hawaii and loved to fish. He would do anything if it meant he could go fishing! Normally, he hated his chores and his homework and wouldn’t do them, unless it meant he could go fishing when they were done.

One day his mom asked him why he would only do his chores and his homework if fishing was the end result. He told her it was because he liked fishing, and he hated the other things.

His mom was smart and told him to learn to like the stuff he doesn’t like! Joseph jokes that it took him another 10 years to catch on but eventually he did, and it stuck with him.

Another lesson he shares is the myth of willpower. Anyone can do anything when they are excited about it, but it matters what you do when it gets hard and uncomfortable. Many of us have drank too much one night and swore we wouldn’t drink again, only to drink again. And many of us have promised ourselves we will start our diet tomorrow, only to quit when we see cake the next day.

Instead of relying on willpower or motivation, we can focus on vision to help us go further, faster. Today Joseph explains why vision is different than a dream, and also provides an exercise to help you get clear on what your vision is. Check out episode 218 of Life on Fire to find out what that exercise is and to do it for yourself!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 217 of Life on Fire. Today another awesome guest is joining us, Mark Divine. You may have heard Mark before, but on this episode he shares stories he’s never shared on this show!

If you don’t know Mark he is one of the most decorated navy seals of our time; he graduated #1 in his buds class (that is the class you must graduate from in order to become a SEAL). He has also trained hundreds of navy SEALS, and as a result he has learned so much about achieving ultimate performance in every area of life.

On this episode of Life on Fire, Mark shares some of those lessons including a breathing technique to calm your body and sharpen your mind in any situation as well as some amazing visualization exercises he has used for himself and his trainees. Listen in for all of that and more on episode 217 of Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why it all starts with the body. (4:50)
  • What is the only limitation there is? (27:30)
  • How his intuition literally saved his life. (40:40)
  • What are weak thoughts? (54:00)
  • Why what's going on inside is what makes the difference between winning and quitting. (1:05:10)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

On this show Mark jumps right in and explains some specific strategies you can use to take control of your body, your mind and your spirit to develop your full self.

The first one is your why. Mark says you must wake up to your why. What is it you are meant to do with yourself and your life? Find it and develop your personal ethos around it. Your personal ethos is based on three things: your purpose, your passion and your principles.

If you truly want to succeed in life, you have to know why you are doing something; what is it that you alone can do on this planet? Each of us has a unique brilliance to contribute to the world. And your why is that unique thing you can contribute.

Take time to figure out your why because that is the thing that will pull you through any obstacles, challenges and doubts you encounter along the way. To illustrate this point, Mark shares a story of how a group of SEALs rescued Army Rangers in Somalia, against seemingly insurmountable odds.

The second strategy is to build your foundation. To truly build a solid foundation you must fuel yourself properly for performance. You eat when you need to eat, not when convention dictates. If you need to graze throughout the day rather than stuff yourself with three meals then graze.

But your foundation is not just fueled by food, it also fueled by air and water. Drinking water throughout your day is critical as is breathing. Breathing properly is key to optimizing your physical and mental health, which Mark explains on this episode. He also walks you through a proper breathing exercise that will give your mind more clarity and will bring more energy to your body.

The third strategy is to up level your training. He explains you must train physically, in some form every day. And you must do so deliberately, with a focus on every area of your life including the mental, the spiritual, the intuitional, the physical and the emotional.

Finally, his fourth strategy is what he calls the grow up and clean up strategy. This means you take full and complete responsibility for the growth of your character and your consciousness. You do so through trainings, preferably integrative and immersive ones. These types of trainings, like Mark’s Seal Fit and Unbeatable Mind programs, are the most effective at accelerating your growth.

This step also includes becoming aware of your thoughts and your stories, listening to your mind to see what serves you and what doesn’t. You clear out what doesn’t, and focus on what does and strengthen the positive.

Those four strategies dovetail into Mark’s big four skills which he also breaks down on this episode. You’ll hear the details behind breath control, including the breathing technique to calm your body and stimulate your mind, positivity, imagination/visualization and focus.

Mark really brings some amazing insights and tools to the table so tune in to hear all of them! And then let me in the comments below what your biggest insight and takeaways were from Mark on episode 217 of Life on Fire!



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 216 of Life on Fire. Today we’ve got an extra special edition of the show - you’re going to see and hear the 2016 Inspirational Panel from our Life on Fire event.

These guest speakers are real people who started out like you: wondering if they could actually achieve their dreams, and on this episode you’ll hear how their success stories: the how, the when and the why behind it all.

This is one of the sessions that will show you that you are capable of so much more; it’ll help you ignite your purpose and your passion to live your own life on fire! Check it out on episode 216 of Life on Fire and see how anything is possible.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you lean into fear and not away from it as an entrepreneur. (9:00)
  • Hear the official Life on Fire theme song! (12:05)
  • Why having a coach and community who sees you greater than you are is vital to success. (33:00)
  • Why the "how" is none of your business. (54:00)
  • One client’s journey from a 20 year career to realizing her dream of creating an autistic research and treatment center! (57:40)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

There are several speakers you’ll hear on this show, the first one is my man P.J. After attending his first Life on Fire event, he declared publicly he was going to quit his job by May 1st of 2015. He followed through on that declaration and in the 18 months since he has been on 30+ podcasts, speaks from the stage regularly and is now creating his first series of international events.

Today he shares how he has gone through a few iterations of his business and has learned how to lean into the fear of every change, evolution and experience along the way!

P.J.’s story illustrates that on the other side of fear is something greater and if you can take a step back to look at life from a new perspective then new opportunities will open up for you. Like he says on this episode, take a different perspective and you’ll take a different path.

You’ll also hear from Lakeisha, who is a natural singer and performer. She’s even the creator of our Life on Fire theme song and you’ll hear it on this show!

Lakeisha has been a hair and makeup artist by trade, but really wanted to become a singer and make her living as a musician. However she found herself feeling stuck in the “how” and kept questioning how she could make a living as a music artist. She couldn't let go of the past failures that were holding her back.

And then started coaching with Life on Fire in October of this year and by the time the event rolled around in early December she had secured $9k in contracts to sing! With support, hustle and vision she made her dream a reality and it’s only getting bigger.

Another inspirational story you’ll hear is from Calvin. Calvin went from knocking on doors and making $20k a year to being published in Entrepreneur magazine, being a guest on John Lee Dumas’ EO Fire podcast, publishing his first book, becoming debt-free and being paid to speak to 2000 people!

Calvin was another person who had to learn to stop worrying about the how, he finally realized that part of the journey was none of his business! He discovered it's all about making a decision and then doing everything to make that decision the right one.

Taking that approach freed him. He has learned one of the secrets of the most successful people in the world: they don't wonder or worry if they made the right decision or not, they make it the right decision and get on to making things happen. As Calvin says on this episode: Done is better than perfect!

You’ll also hear from Daniel about how he left his job, started selling his own products and earning $10k a month. He also shares that he has now learned to embrace his full potential and stop short-changing himself.

Mina has also made massive shifts in her business and created a much bigger vision for herself and her business.

And finally Tracy shares how she created her dream of Artc: an autism research and treatment center. You’ll hear how a big why pulled her beyond her fears, doubts and worries, and made Artc a reality today, complete with an amazing supportive community.

Tune in to hear those stories for yourself on episode 216 of Life on Fire.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 215 of Life on Fire. One of the things we talk about on this show is what it means to have a life on fire: it means more than just having a fantastic business, it means enjoying and feeling fulfilled in every area of your life. From creating meaningful friendships to having great health, to feeling spiritually fulfilled to being with the love of your life and having a family together.

Very recently my wife Megan and I were blessed with the first member of our family: our first child, Aiden John Unsworth was born. On episode 215 I share the miraculous experience that was Aiden’s birth and his journey into this world.

Our baby boy was due on January 1st of 2017 - but he couldn’t wait that long, and he arrived six weeks early. There are no words to possibly fully express and capture the emotions running through my body right now, but I had to try by documenting it in this episode!

Aiden is the answer to prayer and the fact that he is super healthy is the answer to even more prayer.

Last Thursday, November 17th, Megan & I were faced with some pretty crazy conversations from the ER Doctors.

Today Aiden is breaking all NICU rules and will be released way ahead of schedule! Instead of coming home on January 1st of 2017, he's on pace to be released in a few days which would be a month and a week early! #GodStory

It's weird that I almost feel like a "braggy" parent saying that but phooey to that! He's a dang miracle who should be acknowledged!

I've never felt more love and support in my entire life. It was like everyone was pulling for us and Aiden.

Ooh and this is crazy...

I'm a part of a Christian business brotherhood group called the "Lionchasers”. Dr. Pastor Matt Hubbard reached out via Facetime literally as Megan was in the middle of escalating from 5cm to 10 cm after her water broke.

Yep, definitely an interesting moment to accept a Facetime call!!

However, I knew why he was reaching out: he had the entire group of Lionchasers praying for us as I was helping Megan while she was being crushed by contractions.

I still can't believe that they Facetimed us at literally the perfect time to cover us with prayer right when she was about to give birth!

From there, they brought us to the operating room and it was on...

I will NEVER forget how calm, cool, and collected Megan was. She had been experiencing contractions on almost no sleep for 36+ hours by now so, so it was like nothing on earth could possibly phase her.

She was as focused as a diamond-cutting laser beam and committed to her goal of a natural "easy and effortless" birth that she prayed out. This was so nuts: Megan (like our son Aiden) broke the operating room rules.

The doctors were accustomed to the screaming and the fact that it would take awhile in there. But Megan grabbed her legs, took deep breaths, and pushed while without releasing her power (breathe). Then 5 - 10 count pushes and 20 minutes is all it took, and baby Uns - aka Aiden John Unsworth - was born :)))))

No pain meds for Megan before or after! The nurses would ask her if she wanted a refill on her pain meds and she would say "no thank you." They would be so confused and ask why, and she would say: “I’m not taking any."

I didn't think I was capable of loving Megan any more deeply but...yep it happened in a big way. I love my God even more for all the answered prayers. And I love my wife even more for being such an incredible mom & wife. And I just freaking love my little man Aiden John Unsworth! So grateful!

Thank you for being a part of our family and our lives; and thank you for all of your prayers and mattered...a lot.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 214 of Life on Fire. I’m so fired up for this episode - we’re talking about how to host a live event and how to do it the right way. Live events have been key for Life on Fire and I’ve learned a lot with each event I’ve hosted. 

On this episode I’ll share with you the inner workings and behind the scenes of what makes a live event great (and what doesn’t) and why events are phenomenal in growing your brand, your audience and your bottom line.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What does experience have to do with a live event? (0:50)
  • Why a high ticket price for your live event isn't a good profitability strategy. (1:30)
  • Should you have other people speak at your event? (2:40)
  • Why my live events without Gary Vaynerchuk and Daymond John were twice as profitable! (3:00)
  • The irresponsible and responsible ways to host a live event. (4:45)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

The first thing to know about hosting an event is that it’s all about the experience. You want to take the time to build an experience for people, come up with a plan and a vision of how to do so. It’s important to know the theme and the purpose of the event you are hosting, and to know that in advance.

I see a lot of entrepreneurs miss this critical piece. They spend six months working on the details of the event without having first created an outcome for it! And part of that outcome needs to be profit. Yes you want to use live events to build your brand, your community but profitability needs to be in there too.

This is where I also see people make mistakes. They go for high-priced tickets and try to make all their money on the sale of tickets. This strategy doesn’t work, especially if you don’t have a big list and are using media buys (like Facebook ads) to get butts in the seats! It's your responsibility to have a profitable live event so think through the end game of the event: map out ticket prices, your offers you will have at the event, and your overall onsite experience for your attendees.

Part of that overall experience may include other speakers. This is ultimately up to you, I think you should because it’s great for networking and connecting with people. But there are some pitfalls to watch out for, some that I have learned the hard way myself.

If you feature someone as the big speaker and the highlight of your event you are taking away from you. For example when we've brought in a big gun like Gary Vaynerchuk or Daymond John then the focus was on them and not on the Life on Fire brand. So Bbe careful not to take away from yourself in the process of having other speakers there.

Having big names is tempting for a few reasons: you'll get more people in the room and you may also be afraid that people won’t show up just for you, you may feel like you need a big name or two so people have a reason to be there. 

While you may get more attendees with big names, I have found they weren't as inclined to do business with us, they were there for other reasons. In fact, at Life on Fire we have found that our events without the big names are twice as profitable! The bottom line is big names build your brand, but they don't grow your business in the long-term.

And if you are worried about no one showing up just for you - stop it! Stop thinking people won't come just for you! That's a limiting belief, and you don’t need it any more. If you are doing a live event it's because you have a passion and a mission, so let that be the focal point.

Bring in speakers who complement that mission and what you are about, but do so without you being pushed to the back of the stage at your own event.

Also on this episode, I’ll share what to keep in mind when building out the experience of the event, what not to do when hosting an event and what I’ll be doing for everyone who attends my upcoming Life on Fire event in early December. Tune in to hear it all on the 214th edition of Life on Fire!



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 213 of Life on Fire. Have you ever considered writing a book? Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again about your business? If you said yes to either - or both! - of these questions then today’s guest is your man.

Andy Broadaway is a six-time best-selling author (yes six!) as well as the founder of Abundant Press. He joins us on episode 213 of Life on Fire to talk about the process he uses to help his clients to become best-selling authors, why books are such powerful lead magnets, and simple steps you can take to write your own book even if you aren’t a good write

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why books help close deals. (1:10)
  • How to know what to put in your book. (4:20)
  • Can you still write a book if you aren't a good writer? (5:50)
  • What strategy do Andy's clients use to make their books ideal marketing tools? (12:35)
  • Hear how one of his clients beat outranked Deepak Chopra and Mother Theresa on Amazon! (12:15)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

Andy Broadaway is a book publishing expert, business strategist and amazing connector who joins us for today’s show. Andy got started in book publishing back in 1993 when he opened the doors to Abundant Press. He knew then a simple truth that remains today: books are an incredible way to establish credibility and grow your business.

On this episode he explains why he looks at books as part of your overall long game in business. They are not about making a few dollars upfront, although they can generate revenue. Instead he recommends using your book as a tool to open doors, create connections and grow your audience.

Rather than think of selling your book for as much as possible, think of your book as a way to introduce yourself and your knowledge to your audience, and to do so in a way that helps them solve any problems they are facing.

For example when you meet someone and they ask a question about your business you can give them a copy of your book and tell them it’s in Chapter 3! Doing so changes the conversation and elevates your reputation and your brand.

Andy also shares how he works with his clients including the conversations they have to find out what information should be included in their book. Whether or not you work with Andy, you can use a tip he recommends in today’s show: take the top 18 to 20 questions people regularly ask you about your business and use those as the topics for your book. This is a good way to provide people with information you know they are looking for, and a great way to be seen as an authority in your industry.

He also shares some of his clients’ recent success stories. Lately he and his team have been doing a lot of international best-selling launches.

In particular he recalls working with one client to get her to the top spot in two countries on Amazon; in the process she became #2 most popular author on Amazon! She also beat out Deepak Chopra, Mother Theresa, and other notable names.

One more strategy you can use from Andy’s chat on episode 213 is how to utilize the inside of your book cover. He has all of his clients include a few lines that say: Register this book to get more information, videos, resources, and training materials at (insert web site here). He says you must use a web site dedicated to that one book.

And when people go to that dedicated web site they will be added to your lead funnel system. Be sure you give them some high value content and then lead them to another sale. Doing so helps your book become your ultimate lead magnet!

Check out today’s show for all of that and more with Andy Broadaway of Abundant Press. 


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 212 of Life on Fire. Do you know the story of your brand and the story behind why you do what you do? Knowing your story and sharing your story are two of the most powerful things an entrepreneur can do for their business.

On this episode, I’m joined by Tamara and Danielle of Serious Take Productions. This dynamic duo finds the magic in their clients’ stories and helps powerfully share them through video branding trailers. They are also the people who created and produced Inspired by 11, a documentary about 11 inspiring entrepreneurs.

Today they’ll explain how Inspired by 11 came about, what a branding trailer is, and some simple questions you can ask yourself to get clear on your message. We’ll also talk about an upcoming event they are showcasing, and much more on episode 212 of Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Where did the idea for Inspired by 11 come from? (3:50)
  • What is a branding trailer and why is it so effective? (6:35)
  • Simple questions to ask that will clarify your messaging. (10:00)
  • What is their motto at Simple Take Productions? (14:55)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

Like so many great entrepreneurial success stories, Serious Take Productions began from a desire to create inspiration for others. Tamara Thompson, the founder of Serious Take Productions, went back to school for filmmaking at The Art Institute after finding a passion for the craft from silly YouTube videos she made!

With her education and experience, she wanted to create video that would inspire others. She put together a web series with contestants from American Idol, The X-Factor and The Voice.

And she did it for free because she wanted to build connections and help people. But when she struggled to pay her bills, Danielle stepped in and suggested she find a way to pursue her interests while making money.

So Tamara took a job as a video production manager for a corporate company, then when feeling as though her creativity wasn’t being expressed, she went to another company. At that company some of her co-workers suggested she watch Shark Tank. She liked it and soon found The Profit with Marcus Lemonis, which she also really liked.

The pieces of the puzzle began to come together when Danielle suggested they start working with entrepreneurs. Then the idea for the Inspired by 11 movie came and everything started to click. They interviewed 11 entrepreneurs about their stories, their pain points, their trials and tribulations. You can see the film for free on their web site.

At the same time, Serious Take Productions began building their client list and helping entrepreneurs share their stories through the medium of branding trailers.

As they explain on this episode, a branding trailer tells an entrepeneur’s story and grabs their message. By collaborating with the entrepreneur, they storyboard the concept out before creating it on video.

The result is that when the story is told in the right way, people buy in automatically, without any pushy sales tactics. A branding trailer is not about convincing people to work with you or buy from you, it's about clarifying your brand and authentically sharing your story.

Also on this episode, Tamara and Danielle give a few questions you can ask yourself to start that clarification process as well as why they created their event, The Ultimate Stage Experience. They both share something you wouldn’t know about them, including Tamara’s 27 hours in a coma following a hit and run accident. Tune in for that gripping story and much more on episode 212 of Life on Fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 211 of Life on Fire. Today we have one of the most inspiring and motivating people on the planet: Joseph McClendon III. You may remember him from episode 195, and episode 196 of Life on Fire. He’s Tony Robbins’ top coach who speaks on stages around the globe, and he is a force of nature!

On this episode, Joseph opens up his home to us and gives us a tour. He shares some of his passions, including introducing us to his some of his “children”: his musical instrument collection and his Koi fish!

After checking out his digs, we get down to business and talk about what makes someone successful. He outlines the role the unconscious mind plays in that success, as well as how to overcome your own blocks. He also explains what magnetic success means and what he will be sharing from stage at December’s Life on Fire event.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • Why having rituals will set you up for success. (8:00)
  • For how many years did Joseph read and re-read Think and Grow Rich? (19:45)
  • How much of a role does the unconscious mind play in success? (21:00)
  • What can you do to overcome unconscious blocks? (22:20)
  • One of Joseph's techniques to avoid self-sabotage. (28:00)
  • And so much more!

One of the first topics we cover is what he has uncovered about successful people and their mindset. Traditionally people will say success is 80% mindset but he has discovered it is 60% psychology (how we think), 20% mechanics (what we do) and 20% attraction (situation, circumstances).

People who achieve more in less time do so by thinking differently than those who simply dabble or fail. He believes we have to change how we think so our feelings change, and then we can and will have a bigger impact in our own lives and our world at large.

He also has some sound advice to those who are new to personal development: it's important to understand that your training never stops. Today he still attends seminars, is always training and always learning. He says it is imperative to keep your feet in the river of growth, and to know that it is a lifelong process.

Personally he read and reread Think and Grow Rich from the age of 19 until he was 32! He continued to read it because he got something new from it every time he picked it up. By doing so he was developing the practice of rehearsal.

He explains that personal development means rehearsing whom you wish to become. In the process of rehearsing, you develop into that person. So find some training on specific areas where you want to improve, take the training and start rehearsing!

I also asked him to breakdown the role the unconscious mind plays in success. In his extensive experience, Joseph says it makes up 70% of someone’s success! Because it is so significant he encourages everyone to program it and operate it so it is speaking and thinking things that benefit them. It is a remarkably powerful tool we can all tap into and use for our own good.

Also on today’s episode, he shares the biggest lessons he's learned from Tony both as a friend and as a businessman. You’ll get to hear what Joseph is bringing to the event in December, including how to be a magnet for the success you want in your life. Watch today’s show to hear all of and so much more on episode 211 of Life on Fire! 


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 210 of Life on Fire. Today you’re going to hear one attendee’s story about attending a Life on Fire event, and how doing so helped her transform an old, limiting belief into a positive, and motivating one!

On this episode, Charissa da Silva of The Branded You joins us to talk about why attending this event came at the perfect time in her life and what she’s doing today. She candidly shares the emotions and thought process she went through during the first two days of the last Life on Fire event. You’ll hear what is was like for her, why it was so impactful and the business she’s created today as a result of being there.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What fear Charissa faced on the first night of the event, and why it was so powerful. 
  • Can we be successful on our own? 
  • What was the first step in her transformation? 
  • How she got two clients before the end of the second day! 
  • What advice she has for anyone considering attending a Life on Fire event. 
  • And so much more!

Today Charissa runs a branding and web site business called The Branded You. She helps people get clear about where they have potential, helps them to find their light and illuminate their businesses online. She founded the company in April of this year, after a strong desire to do something different in her career.

Back in October of 2015 she was looking for something to help her move in a new direction. She had been working in her family business and was losing her passion for it, as was everyone else involved.

A Life on Fire video found its way to her, she watched it and, through the magic of Facebook targeting, Life on Fire continued to pop up in her newsfeed. She liked how personable and nice Nick seemed and she wanted to do something different to help her figure out what was next, so she eventually signed up.

Once she took the plunge, she got more and more amped up for the event! The emails helped her get excited and she couldn’t wait to go. But on the first night of the event she came face to face with a long-standing fear of hers: breaking a wooden board.

She remembered trying to do the same thing when she was a lot younger and never succeeding. As a result, she felt like she had never been able to follow through and complete things. But this time she was determined to focus, prepare and overcome her fear by breaking the board.

While standing in line awaiting her turn, she became more and more terrified. In fact, she was holding back tears while trying to mentally prepare herself for the experience. People around her saw her distress and tried to help alleviate her fears, but she told them to leave her alone.

Until she realized she was isolating herself, something Nick had told them earlier in the day would never lead to success. No one can succeed on their own, we all need help. She knew she needed help and the support was available all around her. So she turned to the man behind her, apologized and asked him to share about himself.

Connecting with him helped her calm down so she could go for it when it was her turn with the board.

When she didn’t succeed on her first attempt, that old fear crept up again and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to follow through. But she listened to the person holding the board for her, focused on them and focused on seeing the space behind the board. She took a second turn and succeeding!

But the transformation didn’t end there for Charissa! She was called to the hot seat on day two, and had to confront another fear of being the center of attention. Listen in to find out what that was like for her and so much more on episode 210 of Life on Fire!



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 209 of Life on Fire. If someone told you that you were capable of increasing your performance and your results by 20x would you believe them? Now what if the person who was telling you was a commander and one of the most decorated Navy SEALs in history? Then would you believe that person?!

On this episode, Commander Mark Divine drops by to explain why you truly are capable of 20x your performance and the four skills you need to develop to do so. We also talk about my experience at his Unbeatable Mind program, and what you can expect to hear from him when he speaks at our Life on Fire event in December.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why applying principles is as important as learning them. (4:05)
  • How do yoga and martial arts help develop character? (9:55)
  • One breathing technique to slow your body and mind. (13:40)
  • What does it mean to feed the courage wolf? (21:10)
  • What is the difference between visioning and visualization? (25:35)
  • And so much more!

When you hear Mark Divine’s Navy SEALs background you can’t help but be impressed. He entered BUD\S training at 25 years old (it’s the six month program to become a Navy SEAL) and he graduated first in his class. 

For the next 10 years he was on active duty, doing intelligence and foreign internal defense work in 45 countries. The decade after that he was in the SEALs reserves as part of Special Operations Command in the Pacific and Hawaii region. He was the commanding officer of SEAL Team 1 on the reserves side.

His time with the SEALs saw him serving in Iraq and the Middle East, before he retired as a commander in 2011.

While in the reserves, he got back into the business world when he launched the Coronado Brewing Company. He followed that success with SEAL Fit and Unbeatable Mind. His primary focus today is on SEAL Fit, Unbeatable Mind and his newest yoga program called Kokoro Yoga.

He’s taken what he’s learned from his time as a SEAL and translated it into lessons and programs for entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone else wanting to develop their full potential. His programs are based on the fundamental principle that character is developed through integrative training. That integrative training encompasses the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and intuitive parts of our selves.

There are four skills that when combined set the stage for this integrative training: they are breath control, positivity, visualization and action. He explains each of the four in detail during our show today, a summary of each is below.

1. Breath control

Mark explains breath is profound, it links the mind, spirit and the body. So learning to control it and use it for different purposes is critical to generating your highest level of performance.

For example, you can calm yourself in any situation by learning and training your body with a technique like box breathing. Box breathing is when you breath in through your nose for four counts, holding it for four more counts and then exhaling through your nostrils for four counts.

2. Positivity

Once your breathing is under control, the next skill is positivity. With a calm body, you can become aware of your thoughts and you can change them as necessary. Create a mantra for yourself, like the one we used at Unbeatable Mind: “…feeling good, looking good, I oughta be in Hollywood!”.

3. Visualization

With a calm mind and body that are focused on the positive, you can move onto the third skill: visualization and the use of imagery. Now you can focus your positive thoughts to lead you to victory. Create a clear vision of what that victory looks like, be as specific as possible and include smells, sights, sounds, and feelings. Make the visualization as rich as you possibly can.

4. Action

With the other three under your belt, ask yourself what is the smallest task you can take that will lead to the biggest opportunity for success? Then take that action, with your image of victory in mind. Mark says no plan survives contact with reality so you must have vision of victory. But right now with best information you have, take the simplest and most effective action step to lead you in that direction.

He explains each of those four skills in greater detail on today’s show, as well as why they need to be developed individually before you can effectively combine them all. He also gives an example of how to develop and implement these four skills.

Mark is one of our speakers for December’s Life on Fire event so he also shares what he will be speaking about from stage. Be sure to check out what he has in store for you on episode 209 of Life on Fire! 


Hey hey! Welcome to episode 208 of Life on Fire. Continuing from last week’s episode, today’s guest is here to share his experience of attending a Life on Fire event. Amateo Ra, a business coach for conscious entrepreneurs and spiritually-minded individuals, joins us to talk about how being in the “hot seat” helped him make that final leap to living in his full power and in his full potential.

On this episode, you’ll hear what actually happened during his hot seat moment on stage and the ripple effect that has had not just for his business, but for his clients’ businesses. Check out this episode to hear that ripple, and to find out how a Life on Fire event could change your life, your business and your clients’ businesses too.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • A simple yet proven way to grow your authority and build your tribe.
  • What is the “hot seat” and why is it so effective?
  • How one verbal commitment led to over $250k in sales.
  • How do you know if you should attend a Life on Fire event?
  • And so much more!

Amateo Ra is a business coach for conscious entrepreneurs and spiritually-inspired individuals. He works with those who are looking to make a big impact and income in the world. He’s also a self-professed event junkie! He loves attending events.

So when the Life on Fire Facebook ads found their way across his path, Amateo was intrigued. He had the feeling it would be a great group of people, so he secured his ticket and made sure he was at the event. When he arrived, he found he knew tons of people in the room. In fact, he knew so many people it instantly felt like he was surrounded by family. And today, he remains in touch with many people he met there!

At one point during the event, Nick was talking about using a specific guest blogging strategy to grow your business. He was explaining how to utilize other people's blogs to get exposure, and build your authority and your tribe that way.

Amateo listened intently. He had done a phenomenal large-scale guest blogging strategy that hasn't been recreated since, so when his partner at the time told him to raise his hand, he did.

Nick had him come up on stage and Amateo shared on the mic about the articles had written and how they'd gotten shared on a multitude of sites. The shares went from 20,000 to 50,000 to 100,000, etc. A few of the articles even had over a million shares.

Plus, readership was generally 3-10x the amount of shares, so millions and millions of readers were seeing his articles. Amateo shared that one of the blog articles in particular built his email list by something like 8,000 people! It was a massive amount of exposure, and was all done organically.

Amateo shared his story, wanting to inspire and encourage others. When he was done, he sat down and Nick moved on to the next portion of the day: the hot seat.

As fate would have it, Amateo was on Nick’s list for the hot seat so Nick brought him back up to the stage! So he rejoined Nick on stage and magic ensued. Nick understood Amateo’s passion, mission and his approach to things as well as how he does things differently than others.

On that stage and in that moment, Nick inspired Amateo so much that Amateo made the commitment to produce a live event in six months. Amateo says he felt as though he was being called forth as a leader, he had no choice but to step up!

After the event, he knew he had to make good on his promise. He wasn’t going to let Nick down nor anyone else who had been in the room. He knew there was only one way and that was through the experience of doing the event, so less than six months later he had produced his first high end live event!

That event generated over $100k in income with just 25 attendees. Within another eight months, he held his second event which brought in over 60 people and over $150k in sales. In fact, that second live event is still continuing to generate sales today!

Since those events, his tribe has expanded, and he launched a business mastermind group. He’s also doing high end beautiful retreats around the country. On this episode, he shares that he feels like he is living his life purpose on the highest level that he could have imagined!

And it's continuing to grow in scale. He found his passion for live events and for helping to coach and support others in producing their own live events. He recently helped a client produce a live event with over 100 high-quality women entrepreneurs with world-renowned guest speakers. The experience generated over 100k in sales, mostly paid upfront.

Also on this show, Amateo explains who should attend this event. He says if you are feeling inspired to come or are intrigued even a tiny bit, you should just do it. You don't know what is going to happen if you do! It could be far beyond your imagination.

Allow Amateo to explain who you can expect to meet at a Life on Fire event, and why you should just get there on episode 208 of Life on Fire! 


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 207 of Life on Fire. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not attending just one Life on Fire event could transform your life you’ll love today’s guests! Alycia’s and Randy’s lives were both radically changed because they went to a Life on Fire event.

On this edition of the show, you’ll hear both of them talk about why they attended their first event and why they have attended every event since then! You’ll also hear them share how they met, how Randy gave his life over to God at the second event, and the big surprise Randy gave Alycia at our most recent Life on Fire weekend.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • How one click of a Facebook ad changed Randy's life. (1:40)
  • Why it's worth being at an event, from beginning to end. (2:30)
  • What kind of people are in attendance at Life on Fire events? (7:30)
  • The surprise one attendee planned for his girlfriend at a Life on Fire event. (8:15)
  • And so much more!

When Alycia first put down her deposit to attend her first Life on Fire event, she had no idea that one simple act would change her life forever. As fate would have it, she ended up moving to San Diego that very same weekend.

In the midst of the chaos of moving, she still decided to go. She missed the first two days but got there for the last day. She wanted a dose of positive energy and she knew she would find it at the event! Today she says that day was completely amazing, and totally worthwhile.

Randy was also in attendance for that event. Before the event he was telling his friends how much he wanted to find true love. He also wrote on his vision board that he wanted to surround himself with entrepreneurs and other people on a growth path of their own. Not long after he had done that, he saw a Facebook ad for Nick’s event. He clicked on it, signed up and attended.

On the last day of the event, Randy willed himself to attend! Not because he wasn’t loving it, he was, but because he had gone out to celebrate a friend’s birthday the night. He showed up late on that last day, but he was still there and ready for experience.

When he arrived, everyone was filing out for lunch so he went to the market in the hotel and grabbed some food. He sat down near Alycia and some people she was talking with. Eventually they all began to chat and decided to head out into the California sunshine for the remainder of lunch.

Soon Randy and Alycia were by themselves talking, they hit it off and exchanged information. They followed up after the event, and began dating.

Things really took off for them at the next two Life on Fire events. At the second weekend, Randy was moved to give his life over to God. He committed himself and his path to Jesus Christ during an optional portion of the final day.

Randy says everything changed from that moment on for him.

And it really changed for both of them at the third Life on Fire event! Randy, with my help, planned an incredible surprise for Alycia. You’ll have to check out today’s show to find out what it was, but I’ll give you a hint: she said yes!

You’ll also hear Alycia explain what to do to prepare for attending a Life on Fire event, so you can have the same transformative experience she and Randy have had. For all of that and more listen in to episode 207 of Life on Fire! 


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 206 of Life on Fire. If you were here for last week’s show you know we have a very special event coming up. If you missed that episode you can listen to the announcement right here.

Today, rather than hear me talk more about why you should join us, you’ll hear testimonials from past attendees on what they loved about the experience. You’ll hear from Chris and Trish, who can’t wait to start building their new lives and a host of others. Listen in to hear what they got out of being at our Life on Fire events, and how other people were transformed by a Life on Fire event.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is the big, bold claim we are making with this event? (0:30)
  • What is the most expensive real estate on Earth? (4:10)
  • Why this is the place to shift anything in your life. (5:05)
  • How I’ve created the event I’ve always wanted to attend. (6:00)
  • And so much more!


We’re making a big, bold claim with our upcoming Life on Fire this December - we are going to transform your life when you attend! You will walk into our event having one way of being, one way of living your life and you will walk out having been transformed.

But rather than listen to me talk about why you should come, you’re going to listen to past attendees share what they got out of being a part of Life on Fire. You’ll hear directly from people about what shifted for them and who they were a result of showing up and playing full out a Life on Fire event, just like the one coming up in December.

For example, Chris and Trish talk about being Firestarters and how excited they are to start building their new lives together.

Jason shares how grateful he is for the person who gave him a ticket to attend, he hadn’t even planned on going but being there changed everything for him. He loved the speakers, the connections he made and the fantastic participants he became friends with.

Michaela is making her dreams come true after being at a Life on Fire event: she expanded her mind, her network, and her belief in herself. She recommends everyone come and everyone make friends like she did, now she knows she has people in her corner supporting her every step of the way.

Rob was blown away by the speakers he heard too; he only knew three of the people who were going to be on stage but those three and everyone else who spoke were fantastic. He learned something from all of them, and he learned a ton from his fellow attendees.

You’ll hear from a few others on episode 206, the main message you’re going to hear is if you want to shift anything in your life, from business to romance to finances, this is THE place to do it! If you want clarity around your vision and your life’s mission, this is THE place to find it! If you are a doer who wants to change, expand or improve your life, this is THE place to do it!

Listen in to episode 206 of Life on Fire to hear why now is the time to be an action-taker, grab your spot, and be one step closer to living your life on fire



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 205 of Life on Fire. This is a special episode dedicated to our upcoming Life on Fire event, and what it means for you. On December 1st, 2nd and 3rd of this year we are hosting a one-of-a-kind experience in San Diego.

This is your chance to experience the Life on Fire community, firsthand. On today’s show we’ll talk about what makes this event so unique and so transformative. Check out episode 205 and then share with your friends and family - and bring them with you to San Diego in December!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The goal of each Life on Fire event is what? (2:30)
  • Why you need a vision for your life, and how this event will help you create it. (3:00)
  • How to reignite your childhood dreams. (4:50)
  • What this event will do for your limiting financial beliefs. (6:00)
  • And so much more!


When we created this event, my wife Megan and I, we designed an event that would be exactly the kind of event we’d want to attend. Having invested thousands of dollars in our growth, both individually and as a married couple, we have been to many events over the years and have learned what really works as an attendee.

The kinds of events we’ve both been to have been everything from NLP to emotional intelligence to tons of marketing programs. What we’ve learned and what has worked for us is what we share with you.

For me personally, attending live events is what took me from failing at 11 different businesses to growing and selling a company in just two years. I created that breakthrough because I attended a weekend seminar, and that’s the kind of experience both Megan and I are committed to you having at our Life on Fire event. We want you to have breakthroughs and transform your life, and truly experience what it is like to live a life on fire!

Living a life on fire means all areas of your life are working, and you are happy in every aspect of life. Your finances are increased, your health is good, and you have faith or your spirituality at the center. And you have love at the core.

We help you create this with specific skills and techniques we teach you, techniques that create lasting change in your life. It's about creating the full and complete picture of your ideal life. It’s an event that is designed to literally transform your life - so you have more love, more money, better health and you’ll walk out playing at a bigger level!

People have left this event, quit their jobs in the next 30 days and gone on to create 5 and then 6-figure businesses…after never having made money in previous businesses. And they do so because we help them remove limiting beliefs, both in finances and other areas, and help them build a strategy to create lives they love.

We’re bringing in some of the best speakers we know: Joseph McClindon III who is Tony Robbins’ top speaker and a multi-million dollar business owner in his own right. As well as Commander Mark Divine, who was first in his Navy SEALs BUD class. This man will show you how to do 20x more than you thought possible - I know firsthand because he’s done it for me!

Our goal is always to make each event bigger and more transformational than the previous one. We want you to join us in living full out, and the first step to doing so is to come to our Life on Fire event in December. We are so excited to see you there!



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 204 of Life on Fire. The power of vision and purpose is something we’ve talked about before but on today’s show I’m sharing one of my favorite client’s stories that really illustrates what happens when you embody your vision.

Tracy Sekhon is one of my favorite clients and her story will inspire you to go from pushing to make things happen in your life, to allowing yourself to be pulled forward by something bigger than you. Tracy has found her calling and is living it. Listen in and follow the technique outlined on episode 204 of Life on Fire and you can too!

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What the 3 S's are and how they changed Tracy's life. (2:10)
  • How to find your personal stance: the questions to answer. (4:05)
  • Why fear is a normal response to finding your purpose! (6:35)
  • How to turn fear into motivation. (8:40)
  • The power of stepping forward in faith. (10:50)
  • And so much more!

When I first met Tracy she had signed up for one on one coaching at a Life on Fire event. She came to us because she wanted to grow her insurance brokerage; she’s very good at what she does and wanted to help even more people.

But as we sat down and I listened to her story, we dug into something even bigger and deeper than her brokerage. To do this, we started with my 3 S’s: story, stance then strategy. First, she shared her back story with me, then I helped her find her stance in the world and then we implemented a strategy to make that stance and vision a reality.

As she shared her background story, I could see the mission and drive she has in her life. And when she talked about her son and his autism diagnosis, her passion really shined through. She shared how his autism and his treatment became her greatest mission in life: she was determined to find a better way to treat and help him because she was unhappy with what was available to her as a mom.

Through her own research, legwork and determination, she created her own formula to treat her son and she radically changed his life for the better. His autism barely registered on the autistic-spectrum, something that rarely happens.

I could see how much fire and passion she had about helping autism so when we got into the second S of stance, I asked what makes her angry and what really ticks her off.

She quickly realized her stand is to make a difference in the lives of autistic children.

Next we talked about strategy. I asked her if she won $100 billion in the lottery what she would do with her life. I told her to assume she had traveled, given to different organizations, etc. I asked her what would light her up? What legacy would she want to build and leave behind?

Then it became crystal clear: she saw it! She knew she wanted to devote her life to beating autism, she wanted to build a treatment center. Her vision and purpose are one: to help as many people with autism as possible.

Like most people, Tracy became afraid when I asked her what would happen if she made that treatment center vision a reality. But with guidance, she declared publicly she would build her treatment center vision! Today is she has faith in her vision and takes the necessary steps as they unfold for her.

She also has written herself a letter of what it will feel like when the treatment is built and is a thriving center for people with autism. Every day she reads that letter to herself and it pulls her forward through her fears and into action.

If you want to feel that same clarity and that same pull towards your vision, I have created a free training for you that is linked below in the Resources section. Use it to find your purpose and vision, take action and turn your fear into motivation. Listen in to hear that and more on episode 204 of Life on Fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 203 of Life on Fire. Today it’s just you and me talking about the value of accountability and coaching in creating lasting, powerful results.

Recently I asked people to take a survey and share with me the top challenge or frustration that was holding them back from living their life on fire. And the #1 response was lack of action. Most people know what needs to be done, but they find reasons not to do it.

On this edition of Life on Fire, we’ll be exploring why accountability is the easiest way to get ourselves to take action and why having a coach is one of the best accountability tools you can have in your personal toolbox.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What is the pain vs pleasure Tony Robbins talks about?
  • Why it all comes back to motivation.
  • What is the shortcut to getting higher personal performance?
  • How to achieve 20x more than you think you can.
  • And so much more!

We all know what we need to do to make our goals a reality, but many of us find different ways to avoid doing what it takes. We find other busy work and at the end of the day, the week, the month or the year, we haven’t achieved our goals.

The one thing that changes all of that is accountability. Personally, accountability is one of the main reasons I have a coach, and why we offer coaching at Life On Fire. All of us are far more likely to go the extra mile and exceed what we believe to be our potential when we are performing for someone else.

Here’s a great story to illustrate my point, it’s how I learned this firsthand. I participated in Commander Mark Divine’s Navy SEALs experience. In that group setting, he proved to us that we will actually perform so we don't let others down and outperform what we believe we are capable of. He says we can go 20x past what we think is possible in a group setting!

At his event, called The Unbeatable Mind, we all arrived and dropped off our things in our barracks. I had no idea what to expect, and neither did the other guys there. When we went downstairs we were sprayed with hoses and told to do 50 push ups. If any of us faltered before we all reached 50, we would have to start over and keep going until we all did 50 together! 

There were 15 of us and I didn’t want to be the one who let everyone down. At that point in my health, I was recovering from knee surgery and could only do about 30 push ups on my own. But I was not going to be the guy who didn’t make it to 50!

Being in that group setting made me pull out more of my own potential, for the sake of the group. And that’s true for all of us: we are all more inclined to work harder and at a higher potential when it's for others and when we are accountable to someone else.

Having coached hundreds of people, I have seen this time and again. I have found that when people come to their coaching call and declare what they are doing they are more likely to do it. They don't want to let their coach down!

I’d encourage you to find a coach or someone you admire and ask if you can be accountability buddies for a month. Call each other at the same time every day and declare what you are doing for the day. That little piece of not letting someone else down will help you get so much more accomplished!

Tune in to episode 203 of Life on Fire then find yourself an accountability partner or join us for our 90 day sprint. Email my Life on Fire team to get more details - and get started living your life on fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 202 of Life on Fire. Have you ever found yourself not taking action because you weren’t sure on your purpose or because you wanted more clarity? Our guest for today’s show, Calvin Wayman, was in that same boat. But Calvin did something that may seem counterintuitive: he decided to take action to create clarity.


On this edition of Life on Fire, Calvin explains how attending a Life on Fire event and participating in strategy sessions helped him see action was the key to clarity. He applied his unrelenting drive and energy to those actions, which gave him the clarity he had been so hungry for. Listen in to hear how taking action can help you find clarity too.


In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What door to door selling taught him about connecting. (2:10)
  • How he almost got thrown out of an event! (6:00)
  • Why action leads to clarity, and not always the other way around. (7:05)
  • How he built a successful social media business in less than 8 months. (8:20)
  • Why feeling like a fish out of water is normal when leveling up. (9:30)
  • And so much more!


Calvin was like many of us not long ago; he was working in a good job but a job he didn’t love. He wanted to have his own thing and one day he decided to take a giant leap in that direction: he quit his job.


He had no back up plan, nothing in the works but he did it anyway! As you might have guessed, Calvin is fearless with his actions. He is a great example of someone who runs through wall after wall to make his vision a reality, and he shares what some of those walls were on today’s episode.


After he quit, he was excited for about the first 24 hours! Then reality kicked in, as did fear and anxiety. He was living in Utah at the time with his family, but opted to take a job in southern California knocking on doors to sell solar.


Since he wasn’t sure what his passion was he decided to hone his skills while he figured it out. Door to door sales was a great way to do this because one of his mentors had once told him if he could sell door to door he could do anything!


While in southern California, he heard about Life on Fire and an upcoming LOF event. Calving had watched me interview Gary Vaynerchuk and also saw that John Lee Dumas was going to be attending. So Calvin signed up, and with his usual gusto, decided to get as much out of the event as he possibly could.


Being at that event didn’t help him get clarity around his purpose or passions, but it did help him get crystal clear about the lifestyle he wanted to live. He created a plan based around that lifestyle, and part of that plan including replacing his door to door sales income.


His next steps were to take action. Even though he was so uncomfortable following those steps, he did it. As we talk about on episode 202, this was key for Calvin and is key for you.

You're not always going to have clarity about what it is you want to do. But by taking action, you’ll bring greater clarity into your life.


So Calvin got on Periscope, got his first email opt-ins there and then took his Periscope knowledge to get on Huffington Post, and The Social Media Examiner.


Taking all of those steps helped him understand he loves fast-paced and cutting edge subjects, he loves things that are always changing. And what is more changeable and fast-paced then social media? Calvin chose to start a social media business. And even though no one knew him 8 months ago, today he’s running a thriving agency and publishing his first book, Fish Out of Water.


Listen in to this edition of Life on Fire to hear more about why he wrote this book, how it can help you, as well as his offer of a free social media audit!

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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 201 of Life on Fire. There are certain similarities in the journey of all entrepreneurs, no matter what industry they are in. Luke Nessler and Jeff Welsh are a great example of that.

On this show, Luke and Jeff talk about the origins of their digital marketing firm, Impakt Marketing. They explain why they got started, how they made the leap from local experts to working with national big names, and how they’ve overcome their biggest challenges. Listen in to hear their story, learn from their experiences and get closer to living your life on fire.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What was their original vision for their agency? (2:50)
  • Their intern strategy for lean growth, and how you can you use it. (4:15)
  • Why they’ve never needed to advertise to get more clients. (5:20)
  • What is the biggest challenge they've overcome? (8:05)
  • How did they almost double the attendance for MotoCross? (10:05)
  • And so much more!

Luke Nessler and Jeff Welsh are the co-founders of Impakt Marketing. The two met while working at a co-working space. They began to collaborate on projects for local agencies, until they realized they could work together for their own clients!

With that light bulb moment lighting the way, they took the leap to go out on their own. Today they have a crew of their own working for on large campaigns for nationwide brands. On payroll, they have 11 people including themselves. And on any given day there are a few interns working in-house as well, growing the office team to 16.

And those interns have been a key part of their strategy to grow in a lean, controlled and progressive way. Their offices are in a college town in West Virginia and they tapped into the local market of talented college students to help.

After asking one of their former professors to send over his best and brightest, Luke and Jeff took those interns under their wings. They taught them about the business and utilized the interns’ talents. Rather than the usual coffee runs and print job assignments, these interns gained valuable skills they could use as graduates.

And some of those interns have even stayed on staff. In fact, one of their best employees today started as an intern with them. Because of that, Impakt Marketing has a reputation on the West Virginia University campus as a great place to get an internship.

Impakt Marketing has also built a reputation with their clients. They’ve never had to do any advertising since they opened shop! Rather than advertise, they invest in relationships. They go to events and network, and build connections with people. That was the key to going from being a locally-focused agency to a firm that works with big name national brands with extensive campaigns.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels or neglect their roots, they’ve created an on-demand video product that helps small businesses do what Impakt does for their large clients. So the small companies that Impakt normally wouldn’t work with, still get the benefit of Impakt’s expertise, and Impakt gets an ongoing source of revenue.

To hear more about how and why they’ve created their launchpad program as well as how they doubled the attendance for one of their clients’ events, listen in to episode 201 of Life on Fire.


Hey hey! Welcome to episode 200 of Life on Fire. This is another special edition: straight from our private mastermind is the one and only Dr. Matt Hubbard. Dr. Matt is back to chat with us about one of the fastest ways to create your life on fire: your vision.

On this episode of Life on Fire, he shares techniques to discover and claim your vision and provides tools on how to maintain that vision and your purpose even when times get tough. I couldn’t think of anyone better to deliver this message than Dr. Matt so sit back, tune in and soak it up!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What are the guard rails in your life? (5:00)
  • Why core values make life so much easier. (12:00)
  • Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of what? (26:00)
  • What should you do if your vision hasn’t been realized yet? (36:35)
  • Why you must “weed” your mind every single day. (1:00:10)
  • And so much more!

On today’s show, Dr. Matt begins by explaining why you must know what your energy leaks are and you must address them when claiming your vision. Even if you are going for it and are on point to achieve your goals and your mission, those energy leaks will stop you or thwart you if you don’t address them along the way.

Once your foundation is in order and those leaks are properly addressed, there are typically problems with our internal state that may stop us from achieving our vision. For most of us seeing is believing, yet vision is defined as the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

We are all born with incredible imaginations and from those imaginations come our unique dreams, visions and callings. No one else has the same dream as we do, it’s ours from God. We shouldn’t expect anyone else to understand our dream or our vision because God gave it to us and us alone.

But without imagination, we stop looking at what is possible. We let other people’s opinions and beliefs stop us from envisioning all that could be. So we must invest in understanding and shifting our personal belief systems, doing so will give us the ability to embrace our vision.

Dr. Matt spells out a great exercise to help us embrace our unique vision on today’s show. Take a piece of paper and pen/pencil, set a timer for two minutes and then write down anything and everything you want in your life. Go ahead and do it, then come back.

Now look at how many things you have written down. Do you have less than 10? 10-20? Over 20? Over 30?

Dr. Matt compares your numbers to how well your plumbing is working. If you have less than 10 you (your vision and your mindset) are clogged. If you have over 10 but under 20, your drain is draining slowly. If you have over 20 and under 30, you are okay. If you have more than 30 you are living a life on fire!

This exercise is from one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books and is an exercise you should be doing regularly to help expand your imagination, your vision and mindset. It’s a tool to get unstuck.

You can help even more by buying Success magazine, a travel magazine and a great homes magazine. Using pictures is extremely powerful - images get to the subconscious, words do not! So find pictures that speak to what you want and create a vision board or put them up around your house where you will see them regularly.

In fact, you want to see these images every single day. As Dr. Matt explains in this episode, our minds are “slimed” every day and the weeds of negativity are constantly growing there. We’ve got to “unslime” ourselves and pull out the weeds on a daily basis.

Also on episode 200, he explains how to use a core value sheet to find out what really matters to you and why surrounding yourself with people who will call out your blind spots is incredibly important. He brings tremendous value on those topics and so much more - check it out on this edition of Life on Fire!



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 199 of Life on Fire. Fear and faith have something in common: they are both the belief in something you cannot see, hear or touch. And which one do most people choose? Fear. Which do you believe when you are faced with a challenge: faith or fear?

On this edition of Life on Fire, I’m sharing with you a recent talk I gave at my church about the importance of choosing faith over fear. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this conversation will stretch you and help you think…especially the next time life offers you a challenge and the opportunity to embrace faith, or give in to fear.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • How and why I surrendered, and what happened as a result. (1:30)
  • What my knee surgery and recovery taught me about having faith over fear. (3:50)
  • Every challenge is a what? (5:05)
  • What experience has radically changed my life? (8:00)
  • Why embracing suffering can produce positive results. (8:20)
  • And so much more!

I’m so honored to bring this special show to you today. When my pastor asked me to speak at my church during the upcoming Sunday service, my immediate reaction was fear. I hadn’t ever done something like that before, how could I do it now?!

But then my faith kicked in, and I said I’m going to do this. And the result is what you’ll hear on this episode. I tell the story of my knee injury, surgery and recovery, and how I learned an invaluable lesson about having faith over fear.

You see, when my knee became injured I had just given myself over to God. Little did I know the tests that were immediately ahead of me! One Sunday I surrendered to follow the Holy Spirit, and not long after my knee gave out and I was told I would need surgery.

What I also didn’t know was that my insurance company had dropped my coverage, but had sent the letter to the wrong address. They had no trouble finding me to send me my bill, but they couldn’t mail me to tell me my coverage was gone!

But I chose to have faith, and I went ahead and hired the best surgeon to repair my knee and oversee my surgery. And even though I had the best surgeon, did all the physical therapy and exercises they told me to do…even though I did everything I was supposed to do, my knee wasn’t recovering.

They were telling me I’d never be able to do CrossFit again, may never be able to run the way I could prior to the surgery, things like that. Again I had to have faith, and I did. I decided to embrace my faith fully and started attending men’s prayer circle at 5am.

One morning at circle, a man shared how the group’s prayers had helped him heal his foot. My immediate response was “good for him, it won’t work for me.” But when I heard that thought I again knew I could give in to fear - the fear that I would pray for my knee and it still wouldn’t be healed - or I could have faith.

So I asked the man with the now-healed foot to pray for me. And I surrendered, gave myself over to the moment and allowed the Holy Spirit to work through me. It did. I went to CrossFit right after the men’s prayer circle and was able to squat again, something I hadn’t been able to do! In fact, I did the entire workout and my knee felt great. It was well and truly healed.

On episode 199, I share more about the power of faith over fear including the opportunity that lies within every challenge we face. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, this show is a great lesson in the power of faith over fear, and how having that faith can help you create your very own life on fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 198 of Life on Fire. Since The Secret became a worldwide phenomena, most of us have created vision boards or at least have heard of them.

But if you’ve created a vision board only to have it not come true, there may be some crucial steps you haven’t taken.

On this show I’ll explain the key components of creating a vision board guaranteed to make your dreams a reality. I’ll also give you several examples from my own life highlighting how I’ve used these strategies to buy and sell a business by 30 and to meet and marry the woman of my dreams! Check it out on episode 198 of Life on Fire.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • How can you reframe fearful thoughts? (3:45)
  • The role action plays in creating a vision board that works. (4:55)
  • What my tattoo will teach you about achieving your goals. (8:30)
  • Why are monthly incremental goals are so crucial? (13:35)
  • My letter describing my next vision: a real-life example for you to follow. (15:00)
  • And so much more!

When I was 28 years old, I was 50k in debt. I had had 11 business failures since deciding to be an entrepreneur at the age of 28. Everyone was doubting me, telling me to be more like my brother and get a “real” job, etc.

But one day my mom gave me a copy of The Secret, the book, and wrote I believe in you inside. For a split second all the fear, stress, and overwhelm, all melted away. In that split second I had the courage to believe in me too. So I read the book in one sitting, and it changed my life! It was exactly what I needed at the exact right moment.

The Secret showed me how my thoughts were creating exactly what was showing up in my life. What we think about we bring out, and I was bringing about more fear and stress with my thoughts.

After reading the book I felt inspired and decided I would sell a company in two years, by the time I was 30. Even thought I didn't have a business to build and sell at the time, that was my goal. So I created a vision board to help me visualize that goal over and over again.

But I didn’t stop with a vision board, I took even more action: I wrote a letter to myself. This letter was written as if I had already achieved the goals I created in my vision board. This is a key step after you create your vision board: write a letter to yourself as if your goals have come true and your vision board is now reality! 

The next key step is to break your vision down into monthly goals, and post them publicly on Facebook. That is exactly what I did after creating my vision board and writing a letter to myself.

And here’s what happened: even thought I didn’t have a business at the time my vision was to create one, build one and sell one before I was 30. So when I saw an advertisement for an Eben Pagan event, I went. At the event I was inspired to learn Facebook ads and help other business owners with their ads.

It didn’t take long for my business to take off, my Facebook marketing agency was growing like crazy. It was my first major career success, part of my vision had come true.

Now I had built and grown a business, the remaining piece of the puzzle was to sell it. It was two months from my 30th birthday when one of my clients offered to buy my business. They wanted more of my time and I said no, I wanted to stay diversified. So they offered to buy my agency.

I agreed and the sale of my business happened just before I turned 30; I had achieved my goals and my vision board had come true!

Now if you’re thinking this was just a fluke, listen in to hear how I used this same technique and set of steps to find and marry the woman of my dreams. Join me for episode 198 and be inspired to envision and create your life on fire too!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 197 of Life on Fire. Having coached over 2,000 people now I have found there is one critical component to creating their biggest vision and their most epic life on fire: clarity.

If you’ve ever felt stuck or felt like you had to fight for everything then today’s show is for you. When you have clarity and vision, everything in your life shifts. You are called into action, you have a fire in your belly to make things happen in a way you didn’t before. It is possible to be pulled by your vision, and not to push your way through life. Clarity makes that happen.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • If you don't have a vision for your life, what happens? (1:15)
  • Your biggest mess is your biggest what? (4:20)
  • What are the things in your life that have formed your vision? (8:35)
  • Why what pisses you off will help you create your legacy. (9:50)
  • The exercise to help you craft your stance and define your movement. (10:25)
  • And so much more!

If you don’t have a vision for your life nothing great happens. Think about - all great, incredible leaders have had a vision that has called them into greatness. They didn’t just arrive there, they were called by something bigger than themselves. Each of us has that calling, and by taking the three steps outlined below you can find yours.

1. S is for Story.

With story think about what has happened in your life that has led to where you are today. What experiences, moments, events have happened that have shaped you? Think longer term then just the last year or two years.

I’ve coached over 2k people and I've walked many through this process. When I first say story people only think about the last year or two, but you want to go back throughout your entire life. What has happened to you in your life that has made you uniquely you? Go all the way back!

Revisit your entire life: take a piece of paper and write down the timeline of your life. You'll see the biggest challenges from your past. When you see them take note! Get excited - your biggest mess is your biggest message. On today’ show you’ll hear a real-life example of this from a client of mine, let his journey inspire and motivate you to do the same.

2. Stance: What do you stand for?

What is your stance in the world? What pisses you off? What do you want to change about the world? What movement are you creating?

And when you’re thinking about this think about it in terms of other people, in terms of your contribution and your legacy, and then answer the question what pisses you off! By finding out what bothers you you can find your movement and your passion for creating change.

3. Strategy.

This S is how you take your vision and make it a reality. You can't sit back and wish it to happen, that won’t work. Positive thinking and affirmations are important, but you have to get into tangible action. And when you have a vision for something bigger and greater in this world that will call you into action and help you create your strategy. Perhaps it’s writing books, or speaking at conferences, or hosting your own events, or something else. All of these are strategies you can use to bring your message into the world.

If the 3 S’s speak to you and you want to map them out for yourself join our Life Vision Challenge. You’ll be joining other people on the same quest as you are, and you’ll get support, accountability and partnership! Check out today’s episode and then join us as we bring your vision to life, and start creating your very own life on fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 196 of Life on Fire. Have you ever wondered how two people could learn the same thing and one could be super successful with it, and the other not? The difference maker is their vision or lack thereof in the not-successful person.

Today you’re going to find out exactly why vision is such a powerful way to create the life you want. And you’ll be learning it from one of my personal favorites and my dear friend, Dr. Dave Jackson. Dr. Dave is here to talk about the power of purpose, why goals alone don’t work and how to turbocharge your vision of your life.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • The bigger the why the easier the what? (4:45)
  • What is pissionate? (19:05)
  • What is one strategy that will truly move you forward? (22:15)
  • How to get your spouse or significant other on board with your entrepreneurial vision. (36:20)
  • Why not to steal someone's struggles. (54:00)
  • And so much more!

Today Dr. Dave Jackson is an ultra-successful chiropractor helping other chiropractors build thriving practices, and saving thousands of lives in the process. But he went through tremendous challenges and obstacles to get where he is; as he says he has ETR: earned the right to speak and share his message.

The first major challenge he faced was at 16 years of age. He was hit head on by drunk driver and naturally, was put in the hospital. He broke his neck, and had permanent damage to his body. At the time he was a pro skateboarder but he was determined to become an orthopedic surgeon when he went to college. He had broken his arm 5 times during his skateboarding career and his orthopedic surgeon became his hero because he put Dave back together again each time.

However after he was hit by a drunk driver, his surgeon couldn’t fix him. No one could: not numerous surgeries, rehabs, drugs, etc. None of it worked. But Dave’s girlfriend at the time worked for a chiropractor.

However he was a typical kid: he didn’t believe chiropractors were “real doctors” and made fun of her employer. He called his girlfriend’s boss a “chiroquacker” and didn’t lend any credibility to the chiropractor industry.

But eventually he gave in to her continuous suggestions and he saw the chiropractor. As you might have guessed, he was better with one adjustment. He had feeling back in his fingers that were supposed to have permanent nerve damage. On that chiropractor’s table Dave decided he would pursue that career path and become a chiropractor himself.

So he earned his chiropractic education, and opened a practice. He proceeded to fail 9 times with 9 different practices. As he relays on this episode, he failed "hard core"! Two and a half years later, he took his diploma, threw it in the trash bin and lit it on fire! He traded his degree for wrenches and became a mechanic for the next six months.

Another turning point came after those six months however. Although he had no money, no confidence, no self-esteem but agreed to his first blind date. It would prove to be his last. He fell in love with his now-wife that night and they were married five months later. As he describes, they have been in an epic love affair for the last 26 years.

Dr. Dave took his commitment to his wife seriously and committed to succeeding as a chiropractor. On this episode he shares how a simple mindset shift changed everything for him and took him from broke, and numerous bankruptcies to a thriving, 7-figure practice. One day someone asked him what he does for a living. He responded by saying: “I am a chiropractor, I save lives through the power of chiropractic.”

And from that moment on everything shifted for him. He believed in those words, he believed they were true for him and that was all it took. After that everything he touched in his business turned to gold! That is the power of purpose and of living out your why.

On this episode, Dr. Dave explains how to think about purpose and vision, and why thinking about your vision differently may be the key. He also shares why it’s so important to have your purpose, vision and goals in alignment - and he shares a personal story of what happened to him when his were not. It is a powerful story he hasn’t shared more than a few times before today!

You’ll definitely want to hear the lesson he learned from that experience, as well as what he did to generate $128,000 in sales in one night (when he knew nothing about online marketing at the start). Finally he wraps up with an explanation of why a “to be list” is so much more important than a “to do” list.

Dr. Dave is a powerful example of what life can be like when your vision, purpose and goals are in alignment. Listen in and then take action on what you learned - leave a comment below with your top 3 values, values are a critical piece of living a life on fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 195 of Life on Fire. Today our extra special guest, Joseph McClendon III is back! He’s so great we wanted you to hear him for two weeks in a row.

In case you missed last week’s show Joseph is the top trainer and coach for Tony Robbins. He is also an international motivational speaker who has graced the stage in over 30 countries, while running 6 businesses that gross over 42 million in revenue. I first saw him at one of Tony's Unleash The Power Within events and through connections was able to bring him to a private group of 50 entrepreneurs.

On episode 195 of Life on Fire you’ll hear the second part of the talk he gave to that private group. Today he shares the top biggest mistakes most speaker make on stage; he shares what not to do and what to do so you can connect with your audience in the most impactful way possible. Whether or not you are a speaker or ever plan to speak on stage, today’s episode is valuable. It’ll help you learn the most effective ways to reach your target market and create the strongest bond of trust possible!

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What is Kirlian photography and what does it have to do with you? (5:35)
  • What is the connect/disconnect model? (9:55)
  • Why motion is emotion. (14:50)
  • Who you are and how you define yourself speaks as loud or louder than what? (20:50)
  • What is a pattern interrupt and how do we use it to better ourselves? (30:45)
  • And so much more!

When you experience today’s episode you’ll see why Joseph is Tony’s top coach! He is a dynamic speaker and leader in his own right. So when he talks about the things most speakers do from stage that cost them dearly, you’ll want to pay attention. He outlines the following common mistakes speakers make from stage:

Not preparing well enough.

Joseph says most speakers don’t prepare themselves well enough before they get in front of their audience. They aren’t psychologically, personally and emotionally ready to give their very best to the group they are presenting to, and that costs them not only money in sales but the opportunity to create connection.

Not prepping the stage and the audience ahead of time.

Also most speakers don’t prep the stage and the audience before. This is about focusing positive energy and intention on them. As he explains Joseph says what you give your attention and intention to will expand and grow. He explains how this works on today’s episode including how engineers have proven this to be true!

Speaking and not presenting.

Put very simply this is about talking to an audience, versus connecting and enrolling the audience in a dynamic way. If you are only speaking to them you miss out on a chance to connect and enroll them into doing something.

Call to action.

And that is number 4: call to action. Often speakers don’t have a strong or clear call to action. A call to action is the only thing causes the audience to do something so be clear and present your call to action.

Be at your optimum.

Last but certainly not least is being at their optimum level. Many, many speakers miss this one but if you think about like this you won’t miss out again: your audience deserves you at your very best. And if you give it to them, they know it. Your very best and giving your all is what they connect with, and that is when they feel your passion and respond to you.

After Joseph shares what not to do from stage and where so many speakers are missing out, he shares what to do to create the most powerful relationship with your audience. On this episode you’ll hear him explain what predictive emotional impact learning is and why motion is intrinsically tied to emotion.

He also talks about why breath and breathing is so important. Often speakers forget to breath deeply when speaking because they are nervous. If we only take shallow breaths we cut off airflow to our nervous system and that stops us from thinking clearly. If we can’t think clearly we aren’t going to fully convey our message to the best of our abilities.

Listen in to episode 195 to hear all of that, plus why you must revisit your audience’s why over and over and over again. That’s just a sampling of what Joseph delivers on today’s show, tune in to hear more and then start implementing his teachings with your audience to live your best life on fire yet!


Hey hey! Welcome to episode 194 of Life on Fire. Today we have another special guest for you, Joseph McClendon III. Don’t know who he is? He’s the top trainer and coach for Tony Robbins. Joseph is also an international motivational speaker who has graced the stage in over 30 countries, while running 6 businesses that gross over 42 million in revenue.

I first saw him at one of Tony's Unleash The Power Within events and through connections was able to bring him to a private group of 50 entrepreneurs. On episode 194 of Life on Fire you’ll hear part one of the talk he gave. He dives into the power of impacting others with your unique voice, whether it’s the person who takes care of your dry cleaning or an audience of 50,000. This is a powerful episode so focus in on his message and let it change your life.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What was the turning point in Joseph's life, and what booked helped him? (12:50)
  • A species is defined by what? (26:30)
  • Is there a difference between presenting and speaking? (37:15)
  • What does your voice allow you to do? (38:50)
  • Why is knowing something only 10% of the equation? (41:10)
  • And so much more!

On this episode Joseph shares his back story and how one stranger’s gift of the book Think and Grow Rich changed the course of his life. Joseph goes into the full details, but to quickly summarize he had been beaten very badly by a group of men because he is African-American. That experience started a downward spiral that landed Joseph on the streets, homeless.

One day a stranger gave him the book Think and Grow Rich. Joseph had already decided his life was going to change, and he was determined to make that change no matter what. The book found him at the perfect time.

When he later tracked down the stranger who had given him the book, Joseph asked what he could do to repay the person. Their only request was that he dedicate his life to helping others, and paying it forward. Joseph took that request to heart and his journey to who he is today began. He went to college and learned neurolinguistics. In college he was taught his patients would need to work with him for 3-7 years before they were better.

That seemed like far too much time to Joseph so he set out on a quest to learn to help people faster; that's exactly what he learned how to do.

One of the ways he does so today is by helping people understand his organizing principles. There are two on today’s episode. The first principle is: any time you are interacting with one or more persons you have the unique privilege and opportunity to impact their lives for the greater good and help them.

Whether it's 1 person or 1000 people, or in person, or online, or in webinars, or from the stage, we always have the opportunity and the privilege to impact others' lives. And that is an awesome position to be in, especially as entrepreneurs and business owners. We have a message, a product or an opportunity to change others’ lives. And people are looking for what we have! People want to be helped, they want to be impacted.

This is true any time you interact with anyone: someone who parks your car, or attends your webinar, or hears you speak from stage.

What’s also true is that our own voices, our stories and our experiences become our tools, those things are how we stand out and how we can best make an impact. It’s also about how we use our voices - our enthusiasm and passion in conveying our messages.

Joseph makes a point of distinguishing between presenting and speaking. He defines speaking as the practice of impacting people with your words.

Presenting, on the other hand, is the art of empowering people with your words, your thoughts, your energy, your psychology and your physiology. And impacting them to the point that they take action and do something. Whatever it is you are presenting to them they bring it into fruition. You cause them to buy your products and do something.

Otherwise if you’re just speaking you're merely giving them words. With just words they will fall back on their programming. And this is where so many of us lose sales because most people’s programming when it comes to sales is ‘’m going to wait, or I’m not sure, or this person is trying to sell me something, etc. But if you present to people you help them move beyond these thoughts and programming and into action.

Also on this episode of Life on Fire you’ll hear Joseph’s second principle (and it’s a great one!) as well as what prosequences are versus consequences. Listen in to hear his empowering, and impactful message so you can create your own Life on Fire.



Hey hey! Welcome to episode 193 of Life on Fire. You’ve heard the saying: “You’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” But what do you do if you want to change who those 5 people are? How do you find positive, support and encouraging people who are up to big things in the world like you are?

One place to find people like that is the Life on Fire movement. Rather than talk to you about the benefits, today’s show is a highlight reel direct from our members. You’ll hear from six different people about what they’ve gotten out of being part of the Life on Fire movement. From community to support to actually achieving goals they’ve set, each person has something to share about the contribution this community has made to their lives

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • Why Life on Fire is more than just a cool name!
  • How has this movement helped people be more productive?
  • The power of taking action with the support of others, and why it matters.
  • The larger your network, the larger your what?
  • And so much more!

To really find out what’s happening within the Life on Fire movement you’ll hear directly from people like Calvin Wayman. Calvin says Life on Fire has helped him find his gifts and find what he had to share with the world. According to him, the weekly calls are the tangible things that keep him in action. Those calls help him set goals, and keep commitments to himself: the weekly calls keep him accountable and in action!

Calvin says life on fire is more than just a cool name, it's a movement! It's people getting together and creating something bigger than themselves. It's a community coming together to create a life on fire and create something bigger than they would ever create on their own.

Idris has found the focus on action to be particularly helpful to him. He loves the training Life on Fire provides through calls and videos: “…you can put it into action in your life. If you want to be productive this will get you there!”

For Peter, he is grateful to be a part of like-minded people who are connecting, growing, evolving and having fun! He says the group impacts the world around them and as a result, they are able to generate change and wake people up.

He is “…grateful to have met Nick and Megan and the Life on Fire team, and to be a part of something bigger than myself." Peter recommends joining the Life on Fire movement If you’re wanting to connect with a community where you will feel support, and you want to grow and evolve as an individual.

Carlos joined for similar reasons. He wanted to be a part of like-minded entrepreneurs, but it's the community that keeps him coming back. He says, "The community of Life on Fire is really open and everyone is on that same journey. For me that connection with the people has been amazing." This group has helped him get down to the nitty-gritty of what needs to be done in his business and what he needs to learn in his industry.

Ben is another member of the Life on Fire movement who also raves about the connection and the network expansion the group provides. His investment in this group has been 10x by the return he's gotten! For him it's been about the connection, the people as well as the tools and resources he’s received by being a part of the group. And he has been using all of those pieces to build his network because Ben reminds us “…the larger your network the larger your net worth.”

Whether you’re looking to grow your network and your net worth like Ben, have more accountability and support like Calvin or simply be a part of a group committed to changing their world like Peter, you’ll get it out of the Life on Fire movement. Check out today’s episode for a few more testimonials, and then pop over to Life on Fire to join us!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 192 of Life on Fire. Productivity is an essential piece of getting more out life, and creating your own life on fire. To help you become more productive, I’m offering a double your productivity challenge. And on this show I’ll be detailing the how and the why!

Specifically I’ll lay out the benefits of joining this challenge and how it will transform you and your life in 30 days. Listen in to also find out more about the tribe you’ll be a part of when you participate and the awesome incentives planned for you! 

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What is one of the main benefits of this challenge? (1:20)
  • How participating will reframe your old, unrealized new year’s resolutions. (3:20)
  • Why does community matter to this challenge and to your productivity? (3:50)
  • How to get more done in 5 days than you normally would in 5 weeks! (7:00)
  • And so much more!

One of the reasons I’m doing this challenge to double your productivity is because I know if you are listening to this show or watching this podcast it’s because you want to get the most out of your life. You won’t settle for mediocrity, you want more and you’re willing to go after it.

In all the work I’ve done with entrepreneurs, business owners and employees, I’ve found that when we aren’t our most productive selves we feel drained. We feel stressed and unhappy. But when we can be in our zone more often and get more done, we naturally feel happier and more confident in every area of our lives (not just our work).

Another benefit to being more productive, in addition to being happier and more confident, is you will learn to communicate with yourself better. You’ll learn to motivate yourself to do what needs to be done, no matter what. You’ll find you get more done in less time; your relationships will be better because you have more time for them, more energy for them and more of your own happiness to share with them. Believe it or not you’ll also get more done in less time and make more money!

Now that you know the benefits, let’s look at what the challenge actually consists of. There will be  a one hour call every single week, a live call you can join. If you can’t make it to the live call there will be a recording of it. You’ll be able to hear the replay within 4 hours.

So to get the most out of this challenge you simply need to show up for the call every week for 30 days, either live or on the recording.

When you listen you’ll hear me share exactly how to double your productivity and live your life on fire. I will teach you our goal-setting method based on our very own proprietary technology. This is not the normal goal-setting you’ve been taught! This type of goal-setting helps you get clear on what you want, and then helps you go out and get it. This goal-setting helps you build the habit of knowing what you want with clarity and certainty and then going out and getting it.

You’ll also be participating in an amazing community of others dedicated to doubling their productivity. You’ll have support from people from all walks of life: athletes, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, etc.

And last but certainly not least are the perks! Just for joining you’ll receive a Life on Fire t-shirt, a car decal and a wristband. You’ll also get a Life on Fire perks card for discounts at participating retailers. And when you participate you’ll get raffle tickets for a chance to win awesome prizes, including a cruise!

As an added bonus we will take 10% of the gross revenue generated by this challenge and put it towards our Pay It Forward movement. As a group we will go out, on camera, and do random acts of kindness. Our mission is to help you live your life on fire, and to change our collective world.

So while you build the habit of doubling your productivity, being happier, and having more momentum in your life, you’ll also be giving back to your community, supporting others and having a chance to win great prizes! Listen in for more details on episode 192 of Life on Fire, and then join us.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 191 of Life on Fire. Would you like to do twice as much in less time? Of course you would! And that’s exactly what today’s episode is devoted to: being more productive. I’ve picked the top 7 steps to doubling your productivity.

On this show you’ll find out what each step is, why it’s important and how to implement it. When you take action on these 7 steps not only will your productivity in your business and career improve so will the other areas of your life. So tune in and check out these 7 steps to double your productivity and reignite your life on fire.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you shouldn't check your email first thing in the morning. (1:00)
  • What is one of the fastest ways to drain your productivity and your spirit? (3:05)
  • What is Parkinson's Law and why is it important to know? (3:30)
  • What is the root of procrastination? (5:40)
  • Why taking more free time and not LESS is key to being more productive. (11:55).
  • And so much more!

In keeping with today’s theme of being more productive let’s not waste any time and jump right into the 7 steps, working backwards from 7.

7. Conquer your email.

Do you check your email first thing in the morning? Has it ever wrecked your morning or even the rest of your day when you have? Stop doing it! I have and it’s been a fantastic way to get more done and stay focused.

Now I only check email twice per day, and for most of us this is possible. Rather than checking in often set up an away message that says “In the spirit of giving 110% to my clients I will be checking my email twice per today at 10am and 4:30pm.”

You’ll be amazed at how much more productive and effective you are. It’ll also help you get down to Inbox Zero!

6. Batching.

Parkinson's law states that anything you do will take as much time as you allot it. So if you decide a presentation you have to make is going to take 3 months to create it will take you 3 months to create it.

If you decide it will take you a day it will take you a day!

So take your tasks and clump them together, this is called batching. Group together all of your tasks that are similar and do them in the same chunk of time. For example if you have to be on the phone with appointments do them back to back to back.

My schedule is set up this way: Monday is coaching calls all day. Tuesday is a team call and then copywriting, or other creative tasks. Wednesday I’m on coaching calls again and Thursday I make videos like this one!

Try batching, it’s what I’ve used to get more done in less time.

5. Make faster decisions.

If there is one thing that kills productivity it is making slow decisions. Often people get stuck because they are afraid of making the “wrong” decision. But in reality if you simply make a decision know that you have the control to make it the right one. Keeping that in mind practice making faster decisions, you won’t be making a wrong one.

To get started try this the next time you go to a restaurant: make your decision in less than a minute! Doing so will start to train your mind to make fast decisions.

4. Disable notifications.

Turn these off! All of those notifications tug on your brain. And then you’ll get wrapped up in either checking those notifications or thinking about them.

Instead turn off your notifications, even your text messages while you’re working. And then schedule time in your calendar to go on social media. It’ll give you more free time and more freedom!

3. Eating the frog.

This is a strategy I learned from Brian Tracy, but it’s not about actually eating a frog! All this phrase means is to do the hardest thing first, the thing that will make the biggest impact on your business. Go after it first thing in the morning, get it done and you’ll have more accomplished than if you procrastinated doing it.

Be a finisher!

2. Calendar everything.

The day I turned pro is when I started calendaring everything. And I mean everything: calendar when you’ll check you email, your social media, your frog-eating time, and your other tasks too.

When everything is on your calendar it makes it easier to get everything done. And because you'll know when you can schedule something it’ll be easier to make decisions, make commitments and find more free time for your life outside of your work.

You should even calendar that - calendar your free time. I know it’ll change a lot for you, it has for me!

1. Take more free time.

Speaking of free time the #1 tip to doubling your productivity is to take more of it.

That sounds counterintuitive right? But if you keep pushing and pushing at something, it doesn't make your more effective or productive…it only tires you out more.

Instead come back to that task or that issue when you are fresh mentally and physically because you can put your best efforts in and get more done in a fraction of the time. Think about the last time you went on vacation: what was it like before you went? You were super productive right? You were - because you wanted to enjoy your vacation.

So why not schedule fridays off if you’re an entrepreneur and can do that? Make sure your weekends are blocked off, whether or not you can take Fridays off too.

When you schedule your free time it changes everything: you will come back replenished and more productive as a result. Your tank will be fully again and you’ll be ready to tackle your work week head on.

So take this on as another challenge: take your work week and remove a part of it, replace it with something fun! Treat yourself and reward yourself with that free time: go to the beach, get a massage, etc.

The brand Life on Fire is about living your life, and that means being successful, being happy and enjoying your journey and loving your life.

These 7 steps are just the tip of the iceberg. To turn this into a habit join us on our double your productivity challenge: we have a big community and a tribe participating. These are all folks like you who want to be the best versions of themselves, they want to excel at their business and operate at the next level.

in this group challenge we're doing live training sessions. The sessions are designed to help you reprogram your mindset and how you think so by the end you are in the zone!

What happens is we will help you create a habit out of these productivity steps. This challenge will take place over 30 days, and offers group accountability as well as prizes and giveaways too! Throughout the process of this challenge you'll build the habit of doubling your productivity, being happier, having more progress and momentum in your life.

For the details on all of that and more check out episode 191 of Life on Fire


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 190 of Life on Fire. As an entrepreneur you know the meaning of hard work - but are you rewarding yourself for that hard work? Most entrepreneurs are not, and until recently I didn’t either.

On today’s show I’ll be talking about my recent reward: a Dodge Viper, and a recent Life on Fire list activity Megan and I did that was a memory we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives. When you watch this episode you’ll understand why I’m encouraging you to make rewards, hobbies and having fun a bigger priority in your life and why doing so is the fuel to refill your entrepreneurial tank. It’s all part of the fun of episode 190 of Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • Buying a Dodge Viper was the reward for achieving what goal in my business?
  • Why having a Life on Fire list isn’t the same as a bucket list.
  • What’s the best way to refuel your entrepreneurial tank?
  • When do you grow the most?
  • And so much more!


Recently I had set a goal for the Life on Fire business of reaching $1 million in revenue. And I created the reward of buying a Dodge Viper when we hit that mark. Happily we reached it recently and my wife and I are now the proud owners of a Dodge Viper!

The reason I’m sharing that experience with you on today’s show is to highlight the importance of setting goals and rewarding yourself for achieving them. How often have you set a goal, or a milestone and then reached it - only to move on to the next thing? I’m sure you’ve done it, I certainly have. But I’ve learned it is important to refuel your own tank by rewarding yourself for achieving your goals.

And it’s equally important to create a life on fire list, it’s like a bucket list but not as morbid. With a life on fire list you aren’t checking things off your list before you die, you are checking things off your list as a part of embracing your life!

I’ll give you an example. My wife Megan and I recently took the Viper out to the race track for a weekend, it’s been on our life on fire list to do it.

We prepared for it - Megan practiced driving stick shift in a parking lot ahead of time - and then we went for it. We had a crazy first day on the track and had a blast. Even when we didn’t have a driving instructor with us like we thought we would, we still had fun. We raced on the regular track and also did some autocross on the second day. It was a blast!

In fact it was so much fun we think we’ve found a new hobby! We both work so hard but have made the commitment to take time to enjoy our lives fully. And that's why we have a life on fire list where we write down all the great things we want to do in our lifetimes.

A Dodge Viper and racing made the list because I have wanted a Dodge Viper since I was a child, and I’ve dreamt of being on a race track since I was a kid too! So I added both to my Life on Fire list, and set some goals to make those rewards from my list happen in.

Often it takes time to accumulate the cash to do things on your list, it did for us, so keep your rewards in your vision and go after your goals. When you work really hard you have to reward yourself, otherwise you feel like you are running on E. The reward is how you fill yourself up.

Now when we look at our Dodge Viper we can be so proud; there was so much blood sweat and tears that went into building LOF to get to the point of earning this car. And to have a weekend like this - our first weekend of racing - we will never forget this! We will remember it forever. Creating memories that will last a lifetime is what a life on fire list is all about.

So do the things that push you, do the things that scare you and get out of our comfort zone, that's what a life on fire is all about. When you're doing something outside of your comfort zone and doing something that scares you that's when growth happens - and that’s when you’re living a life on fire.

Check out all of that and more on episode 190 of Life on Fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 189 of Life on Fire. If you’ve watched or listened to an episode of the show before you know I’m a big proponent of attending events. You also know I walk my own talk which means I go to events as much as possible. One I recently attended is called Emerge and the focus of today’s show is my 3 biggest takeaways or “ah has” from the event.

On this episode we’ll talk about why you’re capable of more than you know, why who you spend time with has a significant impact on your life and why thinking like a kid again can be so beneficial to fully realizing all of your dreams.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Can you push yourself further than you think is possible? (1:50)
  • Who are you the average of? (3:15)
  • What in your life do you want that you aren’t asking for? (5:55)
  • Where are you settling, and how can you stop? (6:05)
  • And so much more!

Emerge the event was like a “mancation” with 700 other men; we were all competing in challenges, camping and doing other great stuff together. We had pull up challenges, bench press competitions and even a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest while keeping their head in ice water!

The first thing I learned from Emerge was that we are all capable of at least 10x more than we think we are. Take the ice water contest for example. With this contest there was a certain environment happening: the guys holding their breath could hear when others were bowing out, giving them extra incentive to stay in and push themselves to a whole new level.

And that’s exactly what happened: one guy pushed himself to staying under for 3 minutes and 56 seconds!

Another example of this was a guy on our team during the bench press competition. We could all physically see that his muscles had given out, but he pushed himself for another 5 reps past that point! He did so because of his environment: the encouragement, support and accountability around him helped him go farther than he could have by himself.

The second lesson I took away from Emerge is the importance of proximity and the people around you. In essence that means any time you can be around people who have the lifestyle you want or are the type of influencers you want to be, be around them and it will elevate you faster than you can on your own.

We’ve all heard we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, and it’s true. This event was just another great reminder of that fact.

And the final takeaway from Emerge is the idea of thinking like a child. When kids are young they believe anything is possible, any dream, wish or hope they have can come true. They have no limits in their minds and they ask for anything and everything they want.

What would happen if you were to take that approach in your life? What if you dreamed big like you were a kid again and you asked for what you wanted, instead of settling for what you got? How would that change your life? What would be different, how would you be different? Start dreaming, start asking and stop settling - and you’ll be well on your way to truly living a life on fire.

Tune in for more details and more inspiration on episode 189 of Life on Fire! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next week.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 188 of Life on Fire. Today we’re talking about what I learned from recently competing in a Tough Mudder competition. If you don’t know what a Tough Mudder is it is basically a 10-12 mile obstacle/mud course that you and your team run together.

Recently Megan and I participated and you’ll see footage of it on episode 188, thanks to our teammate Carlos’ GoPro footage! You’ll also hear the four biggest lessons I learned from competing. You’ll definitely want to hear those - especially a technique I share that you can use today to make your goals a reality (even if goal-setting hasn’t worked for you in the past).   

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you have to let people in and ask for help. (2:35)
  • How our mental perception is often worse than reality. (4:50)
  • Are you capable of more than you think you are? (6:20)
  • What is the difference between a goal and a commitment? (8:05)
  • Why integrity matters so much, and how to keep it. (10:45)
  • And so much more!

Doing a Tough Mudder was on our Life on Fire list - something I encourage you to do too. Megan and I wrote out 100 things we want to do while living our life on fire, and then each month we do one of those things. We call this a life on fire list which is more positive and inspiring than a bucket list!

One of those things on our list was a Tough Mudder, and even though it lived up to its name I’m so glad we did it! Both Megan and I learned so much, and today’s episode is all about my four biggest personal takeaways.

4. Teamwork.

Number four is the importance of teamwork. In a Tough Mudder I went through crazy obstacles, obstacles that I never could have completed without the help of my team. There is no way a person can do this thing alone. Just like every aspect of life from career to health to your personal life, you can’t do it and it’s okay to ask for help.

The lesson here is don’t try to keep doing things by yourself, especially if you are running a business. Join a mastermind, get a team to support you and help you through the good and the bad.

3. Perception.

Coming in at the number 3 spot is perception. The perception I had before doing the Tough Mudder was that the electroshock therapy part of it would be terrible!

Based on the Tough Mudder video and my friend’s experience I had the perception that this part of the race would be just awful, but looking back now it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. And don’t you say the same about certain things you’ve done in your life now? Remember that the next time you are faced with a challenge - your perception is making it worse than it will be!

2. You are capable of 10x more than you think you are.

One of the purposes of the Tough Mudder is to show you this. When you are going through these crazy obstacles you have to dig deep to keep running. Once you’ve done this in the race you realize you can do more than you thought you could in the rest of your life: you can ask for that promotion, start that new business, etc.

1. Goal-setting.

And the number one takeaway from doing a Tough Mudder is goal-setting, specifically why making a commitment is different than setting a goal. Commitments have more power: think of marriage vows: do you make it a goal to stay true to your spouse or do you commit to it? You commit to it of course, it is more powerful.

A simple technique I used to achieve our goal of doing a Tough Mudder, and to make it a commitment, was to share it publicly. There’s no way I would’ve stuck to doing the Tough Mudder if I hadn’t done this!

I shared it with my Facebook community that I would do a Tough Mudder and I also shared the date by when I would do it. In the mean time I started to get in shape, started training for it.

As the date got closer I thought people would’ve forgotten about my commitment to competing in the race, so I considered not doing it. I have a lot of other things I could do with my Saturday, and some other fears started to creep in. But between Megan’s encouragement and my public commitment, I went for it and completed my goal of competing in a Tough Mudder.

I believe it’s important to honor your commitments like I did with the Tough Mudder, personally I would’ve lost the respect of many of my clients and my mastermind community. Instead I chose to stay in integrity and have congruence between my words and my actions.

The next time you are setting a goal use this technique: share it publicly and watch what happens to your results! You’ll begin to see goals differently too. So why not get what you want out of your own life on fire and share your commitments publicly? Listen to to episode 188 to hear all of that and more, then go share your goals with your Facebook community.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 187 of Life on Fire. Last week we brought you the top 7 proven strategies that six and seven figure business owners are using. Today’s episode those very same high income earners are sharing their 7 favorite resources that help them grow their audience and increase their bottom line.

This is from the same invite-only mastermind event hosted by my good friend and business coach Suzanne Evans. Again the only people you’ll be hearing from are those who are earning a minimum of 7-figures in their businesses. And the main focus of their businesses is events.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • One resource that generated a $100k check. (4:30)
  • How opt-outs generate six figures for one business. (6:35)
  • What site creates 300,000 unique views? (8:20)
  • Is the Wingman Coaching team right for your business? (12:30)
  • A site to find the best credit card point deals for your business expenses. (17:30)
  • And so much more!


The first of the nine resources we’ll list here is Crowdfire. While you may have heard of Crowdfire you may not be using it the way this entrepreneur does. He calls it “stupid simple”! Here’s what he does: when someone follows you on twitter Crowdfire sends them a direct message.

In that direct message you can customize it, and his messages all say: “Hi what kind of business do you have? I have a show available every Thursday on iTunes.”

Nearly all of his followers will reply, and as a result he has seen a 20% opt-in conversion rate! He has never see anything like from Twitter before. He recommends using Crowdfire and then have your assistant go back and direct message the person to see if it can lead to something more.

Another interesting resource recommended is an opt-out page. You might think why in the world would an opt-out page do anything for someone’s business? Because he cleverly created an apology video which is on that page. He has also listed resources the person opting out might find useful, they are all affiliate links. From those links alone he makes six figures!

The third resource offered up is The man who owns says he gets 300k unique visitors a month from content on Zergnet. They post content related to their event for a reasonable fee and that content brings people to their site, and eventually to their events.

The fourth resource we’ll list here is This is a resource we use at Life on Fire, and here’s how it works: go to the site and enter a keyword. The site then pulls up all the related posts that have the most likes and shares on social media. With that information under your belt you can curate content that is proven to be viral.

And you can use that information to create content too; when you know what topics have gone viral you can base your own content on that and increase your traffic.

Fifth is another resource we use at Life on Fire and it’s called This is a tool to manage all your social media. With Agora Pulse all of your updates, comments, notifications are in one dashboard. And it’s far more sophisticated than hootsuite or the like.

To make the most of your social media hire one person and train them on Agora Pulse. Their only job is to get to inbox zero! They don't have to scour all of your platforms, they do it all from Agora Pulse’s dashboard.

Sixth is a site devoted to helping you find credit card loopholes. For example if you spend a lot with Facebook ads consider getting the Citibank double cash back card. The man who shared this bit of advice buys a new piece of real estate every 8 months with the cash back money he generates from his Facebook spending when he uses his Citibank double cash back card!

He also recommends negotiating credit card points into your event contracts. He does so now and scoops up another 100k-200k points every time he signs a contract for an event!

The seventh resource we will touch on is from the same man. He recommends using a particular type of font, Courier, when emailing your list to ask them a question. He swears this works better than anything else he’s tried, but only if you are aiming at the 30-60 year old crowd.

If you are then use Courier font to make the question you ask standout from the rest of your email. When you do there should be a significant increase in your conversations. He says it seems to work so well because it strikes a chord of nostalgia in that particular age group. It reminds people of typewritten letters from their younger days.

But again he only uses it for questions, and when he does he gets a ton of responses. Typically about 750 people write him back when he asks questions using the Courier font, so keep that in mind if you want to boost your response rate from your audience.

Those are just 7 of the resources these top performers recommend, there are plenty more on today’s show! So tune in to hear the rest on episode 187 of Life on Fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 186 of Life on Fire. One thing all entrepreneurs do is look for ways to grow their business. What if you could find seven strategies that 7-figure earners have used to 10x their business? In today’s episode that’s exactly what you will hear!

My good friend is business coach Suzanne Evans and she recently hosted an invite-only mastermind event. The people at this event had to be earning a minimum of 7-figures in their businesses with events as their primary focus.

While at the event attendees were seated in groups and each group had to choose the best strategy from their participants. The chosen strategy was shared with the entire audience and you’ll hear seven of those on this episode. You’ll hear everything from teleseminars to beta testing to bring a friend contests, and each strategy is explained in detail.  

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What simple technique has generated $25 million in sales? (4:10)
  • How to avoid cancellations and chargebacks from your clients. (5:10)
  • Should you open your event with an offer? (8:30)
  • Why running a beta version of any program or service makes you successful in the long run. (10:20)
  • How to successfully run a "bring a friend" contest. (12:05)
  • And so much more!

The first technique we’ll cover is the teleseminar. This group used a teleseminar as a way to introduce people to their live events. They kept the strategy simple: 5 days with 2 hours of content a day for a flat fee of $500.

This gives people a preview of what the live event will be like without requiring much effort on the part of the participant; they simply have to pick up the phone from the comfort of their home. The people who used this strategy believe that is one of the reasons it works: it is simple, easy and uncomplicated.

Using this method they estimate they have generated $25 million in sales! They also don’t have cancellations or chargebacks, and their upgrade percentages are much higher than they were when using Skype.

Another strategy discussed today is when to make the offer during your event. One group voted this strategy as the best from their table: open your event with the offer! Sound crazy? Maybe, but it worked.

Although she didn’t give specifics, the woman behind this idea said their company had their highest conversions ever when they opened the event with their sales offer. They also had their highest caliber group of people ever. And this group signed up, committed and gave deposits during the event.

She attributes the success of opening with an offer to several things: it takes the pressure off because the offer has been made (and people aren’t wondering when it’s coming like they would normally). Also everyone feels they can be authentic, they could have genuine conversations because the proverbial cat was out of the bag. It created an environment of authenticity and connection, and that in turn created more sales from people who genuinely wanted to participate.

Another intriguing strategy discussed is the beta test. In essence a beta test is a trial run of a new product or service you want to offer. In exchange for your participants’ feedback and involvement in the testing of your product or service, they pay a reduced fee for whatever it is you are selling.

The beauty of the beta testing is you are expected to screw up! Your audience doesn’t expect everything to work perfectly, and they are expected to let you know when it doesn’t. You learn what works, what doesn’t and what could be improved. They gain valuable lessons and information, at a reduced rate.

Very important is the fact that you also gain case studies, cash and curriculum. Once you run the beta test you have case studies for your live event. You should generate cash from the sales of the beta test, cash you can put into your live events. You also have a buttoned up curriculum that has proven to be successful when your case studies used it. Those 3 Cs: case studies, cash and curriculum, are the basis for a solid live event.

In addition to those three strategies there are four more on episode 186. Get ready to take some notes, take action on these proven techniques and start truly living your life on fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 185 of Life on Fire.Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or creating your ownbusiness there are 5 ways you can unlock your own freedom, andtoday I’m talking about each of them.

The five ways are knowledge, purpose, relentlessaction, networking up and utilizing a coach. In this episode I’llexplain what each component means and why they are critical tocreating and sustaining your long-term success. These apply toeveryone from 9 to 5 workers to CEOs to solopreneurs.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why purpose is important.(2:50)
  • How your biggest messes can lead to yourbiggest messages. (5:05)
  • Why proximity is important to your success.(9:10)
  • A strategy I used effectively to work withDaymond John! (9:45)
  • Why a coach is so critical to creating alife on fire. (13:05)
  • And so much more!


5. Knowledge.

We’ll work our way down from five and start withknowledge. If you want more freedom you need to have knowledge: totruly develop yourself, your business and the best version of youyou’ve got to know how to do that and that comes fromknowledge.

There are a few ways to acquire knowledge, booksbeing the obvious one. Whether you listen to the audio book and orread the hard copy, books are a great way to learn more. A goodpractice to have is to get up every morning, do some sort ofmovement (like walking, running, hiking, etc) and listen to a bookat the same time. 

Another way to increase your knowledge is to go toevents. If there is something in particular you want to learn aboutfind out when there will be a conference on it and get there.Chances are the very best in the industry will be at the event andyou can learn from them, and network with them.

4. Purpose.

Fourth on this list to unlocking your freedom ispurpose. If you don’t have a strong why behind you then wheneveryou achieve whatever you have set out to do, that achievement won’tfeel as fulfilling. If your purpose is big enough it will pull youthrough the difficult times and will make you want to jump out ofbed in the morning!

A great way to discover your purpose is to do anexercise I call the 3 Ss: story, stance and strategy. Write outyour story in a timeline format: map out the big milestones of yourlife and take a step back. You’ll see the dots and connect themwhen you do this.

Then think of your stance: what really fires you upor makes you angry? That is what you are passionate about and willbe what you create your movement around.

Finally is strategy and that simply consists ofputting your story and your stance into action.

3. Relentless action.

Work your face off! Not literally of course but puteverything you have into your efforts. Personally I spent most ofmy 20s sacrificing everything else for my business: relationships,friendships, family, even God…I put it all second to my business.So today I work my face off but only during certain hours, I keep astrict schedule and I adhere to it. But during those hours I takerelentless action to achieve what I want, and I recommend the sameapproach to you.

2. Networking up.

When you’re at a networking event be sure you arenetworking up. And what I mean by this is find out who the topinfluencers are in your market. Now create a strategy to connectwith them by adding value to their lives.

More than likely the influencers you want to connectwith are very busy, so if you want to build a relationship withthem the best way to do this is to give to them. Always startrelationships with giving as your top priority. Ask yourself howyou can gain their wisdom and still give back.

Find a way to make their lives easier because themore successful someone is the higher the chances are that they areoverwhelmed! So remember to give first and add value to theirlives.

1. Get a coach.

And finally the top way to unlock your own freedom isto get a coach. I always recommend this whether or not someonechooses to get coaching through Life on Fire because when I hiredmy first coach at 30 it changed everything for me!

You can go it alone but it will be so much harder andtake so much longer if you do. And don’t let lack of money stopyou. If you don't have the cash flow what can you do to get closeto them and learn from them? Can you work for them? Volunteer attheir events? All of these are great ways to learn and grow fromtheir knowledge.

All five of these pieces are critical to success:knowledge, purpose, relentless action, networking up and getting acoach. When you listen to episode 185 you’ll dig into each one soyou can start implementing them in your life. Doing so will helpyou be well on your way to creating your life on fire!



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Megan and I have been wanting to pay it forward to the media team at C3 church for months and months.  The media team works incredibly long hours and they are responsible for creating all of the video production and design that makes the experience at C3 Church so incredible.
We figured that there’s no better way to pay it forward than to do it on camera Pay it Forward Friday style!
So here’s the plan…
We purchased the brand new Phantom 4 Drone along with an extra battery and sweet backpack.  From there, we also decided to get a silver metal briefcase to stuff with money of course lol.
Next step is that we had to figure out how we could surprise them with it.  So we got Pastor Jon Heinrich’s involved.  He reached out to them and told them that Nick, Megan, and Life on Fire will be shooting a behind the scenes documentary.  This would give us a reason to be in on the media team’s weekly production meeting.
From there, we then needed to come up with a reason to bring in a package. 
Of course we called Michael O’Neal from to come join us dressed up as a UPS man, with hat and all :).
The stage was set and I think we pulled it off nicely.
The best part of paying it forward is not actually the feeling and happiness that comes from the act of giving…the best part is knowing that the receiver will actually pay it forward in the future.  
I love imagining what they will be doing to pay it forward to others in the future.
It’s the ripple effect that we love and why we do this.
So, how about you!?  I’d love for you to share something that you’ve done to pay it forward OR any ideas that you have to go out and pay it forward.
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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 183 of Life on Fire.  For this episode we’re doing something special and something different - we are going behind the scenes of someone else’s event! The someone else is Tai Lopez, a truly successful entrepreneur who is a friend and has given so much to me and the Life on Fire movement.

You’ll see what happens before and during this sold-out event: including several of the talks I gave his group and a private lunch for Life on Fire supporters who were at Tai’s event. It’s a fun and informative look at what goes on behind the scenes, and where I’m taking Life on Fire next.  

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • How to grow your audience and attendance at your own events. (2:45)
  • What's the biggest obstacle most entrepreneurs face? (3:35)
  • Why having a big why is vital. (4:25)
  • How to get into state, and what that means. (9:45)
  • What does courage actually mean? (9:50)
  • And so much more!

In the first segment of today’s episode you’ll join me as I prepare to speak to Tai’s group and share why it’s so valuable to connect with other people’s audiences. I’m always intent on growing my audience, and growing the attendance at Life on Fire events so tapping into someone else’s audience is a great way to share my message, bring more people into the Life on Fire fold and touch even more lives.

But the most important reason for speaking to Tai’s group is I wanted to give back to him. Tai has always been a great support for me and what I’m doing with the Life on Fire movement so I wanted to help him and help his community.

I shared with them why having a big why is so important, how it calls you to jump out of bed in the morning rather than grinding through your day just to get it over with. Being passionate about what you do is vital to success in your business, and in the rest of your life.

If you’re wanting to find out what you’re that passionate about ask yourself what you would if you had $100 million in the bank. If you had that money and you had traveled, and given back in whatever ways you desire to give back, and had taken care of all the loved ones you wanted to take care of what would you do? Who would you serve and how would you serve them? What would you do with your days?

Answering those questions is how you find your mission, your movement and start building your Life on Fire.

After I spoke to Tai’s group I held a private lunch for Life on Fire followers who were in attendance. I wanted to get them all together to talk about my vision for the Life on Fire movement, and share with them something I’m doing that I have wanted to do since starting this business - but have been afraid to do before now! You’ll have to listen in to find out what that is, it’s exciting and I’m pumped to do it now!

After lunch and after Tai spoke to his group I wrapped up the day with a discussion on how to get into state, and why it’s important to do so often. When’s the last time you thought about your most courageous moment in your life? Now when’s the last time you worried about money? Or about your health, or a loved one?

Why do most of us spend so much time worrying about things, and listening to negative thoughts, and so little time focused on the positive things in our lives? You can turn that around by thinking of your most courageous moment and writing it down.

Really get into the details of it, feel the feelings you felt and remember what you saw, heard and even smelled in that moment. Write it all out and think about that every single day. Let that become your touchstone when things get difficult, go back to that courageous moment when you find yourself spiraling down into negative thoughts and pull yourself out of it. Get your mind and your body back to that moment of courage and embrace it. Doing so helps you be present and live full out every day, and start living your life on fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to a bonus edition of Life on Fire. Our guest from episode 182, Jenn Beninger, has such a compelling personal story I had to bring her back to share it with you.

If you’ve ever felt like you were wandering around your life like a lost puppy you’ll relate to Jenn. On today’s show we talk about how she went from being that lost puppy to living a life on fire, and what that life on fire looks like for her now.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • When did Jenn’s life shift? (3:20)
  • Why negative thoughts pop up when we’re up to big things. (4:45)
  • Why we used the phrase “Bye Felicia!” to help Jenn, and how it will help you too. (6:55)
  • How Jenn made 3 calls and landed 2 clients! (9:35)
  • And so much more!

Jenn has been self-employed for quite awhile. She started her first business back in 1997, it was a wedding consultant business. While she was successful at it for many years she also felt like she was lacking purpose, there was something more for her beyond what she was doing.

Life has a way of stepping in and it did not long ago: her business fell apart and Jenn began to wander like a “lost puppy” (her words!). The wandering went on for a good six months til Jenn attended an event where I was speaking, an event she felt she absolutely had to attend.

Prior to the event we hadn’t met; in fact she hadn’t heard of me or my company before I was on stage that day. But after I shared my story she felt compelled to introduce herself. We talked a bit and I gave her my card, she promised to get in touch but never did.

Something about about her and our conversation stuck with me so when I didn’t hear from her I reached out to a mutual friend and asked for him to connect us. Even though he thought it was weird he did!

After talking with Jenn I suggested she take part in one of my coaching programs. She was reluctant to make the financial investment, her business had gone under after all so I suggested we do a VIP day together. I promised her if she didn’t get a breakthrough and didn’t have an incredibly transformative experience from the VIP day I’d give her her money back.

She took me up on it and came to San Diego. After a lot of avoidance on her part we came up with her passion and purpose: she loves video and helping people spread their message with video so she is now a YouTube marketing expert.

Since that day she’s started an entirely new company with more passion and more purpose then she’s had before. In less than a year since that fateful VIP day she has built a thriving company serving other successful entrepreneurs with done-for-you services and products. She’s raised her health game as well, dropping 30 pounds! Her business, her health, her family and her life are all a reflection of finding her true passion and purpose.

On today’s show we talk about how she broke through her negative thought patterns to create a truly amazing life on fire! Have a listen for all of that and more on this bonus episode of Life on Fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 182 of Life on Fire. If you want to get more leads for your business and reach more people you have to know how to effectively market yourself. And one of the hottest ways to do that is YouTube advertising.

On this edition of Life on Fire I’ve brought YouTube advertising expert Jenn Beninger on to talk about the 5 ways to optimize YouTube advertising and grow your leads, your audience and your business.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What are the 3 ways to research keywords? (2:00)
  • What is an in-stream ad and when should you use it? (4:15)
  • Jenn shares a super secret tip just for you! (6:50)
  • How to read your viewership numbers, and why it’s important. (8:00)
  • What are specific ways to make an authentic video? (11:00)
  • And so much more!

Jenn is one of the best and brightest I know when it comes to YouTube marketing. She knows the ins and outs of making these types of ads work for you, and today she breaks down her top 5 tips to doing so.

1. Research your keywords.

When people are looking for something online they typically type in the words “how to” followed by the word or phrase they are searching for. People do this on Google and  on YouTube. If you know what word or phrases they are searching for you you’ll then know how to reach them.

Jenn gives three specific ways to find those keywords using Google analytics, and YouTube. She also explains how many searches and views you should be looking for too.

2. Choose the type of ad you’re going to run.

Now that you have your keywords and your video ready you will decide if you should run an in-stream ad. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you have a great video simply create a 15 to 30 second intro for the video and run an ad with that. Jenn says doing so and using an in-stream ad will give you the most bang for your buck!

3. Connect all of your accounts.

You want all of your accounts to be connected so you know what works and what doesn’t with your ads. To do this go to and get your unique code. Then take that code and put it in your Adwords account.  Next make sure your YouTube channel is connected and your web site too.

It’s important to do this because you have to know where your people on youtube are coming from so you can be sure you reach more of them.

And Jenn’s super secret tip she shares is this: go under Adwords and in the tools section find the button that says conversion pixel. Next create the pixel and add it to your thank you page (or ask your web person to do it for you). Now you can track dollar for cent what is happening on your youtube channel!

4. Read your numbers.

Now that you are up and running with your ads pay attention to who is watching. You can do this by looking at your Adwords account and paying attention to your demographics.


If your ads are running to 18-24 year olds but they are not watching your ads and your market is 30-45 year olds, turn off the ads for the 18-24 year old group. If a group isn’t in your target market and they aren’t watching the ads turn off the ads! Save yourself money and target the people who are watching and are the people you want to reach.

5. Create real, authentic videos.

All the effort and planning in the world won’t do you any good if the videos you make aren’t really you. If you get in front of the camera and are trying to be someone else you won’t connect with your audience. So don’t make videos based on what you think other people want to hear about or subjects that seem popular at the moment - make videos that reflect who you are, what you stand for and what you are giving to the world.

On today’s show Jenn also explains why you don’t have to be perfect on camera to create a great, compelling video. She is a fountain of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to YouTube advertising. Get ready to dive deep and take some notes on episode 182 of Life on Fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 181 of Life on Fire. One of the most popular mediums today is live streaming video, and because it’s so popular there are plenty of myths attached to it! Here to help you overcome these fallacies and fully capitalize on this simple yet effective business technique is Mike Koenigs.

On today’s show Mike talks about his background, his everywhere-now-system and his tips for making the most of live video streams and webcasting. Whether you are new to the Internet marketplace or a seasoned pro he has great ideas that your business will benefit from. Listen in to hear all of that and more on this episode of Life on Fire.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you should get wealthy with a purpose. (6:05)
  • How he produced a book in 4 days. (20:50)
  • What's on the other side of fear? (32:35)
  • How Mike helped John Assaraf generated 14k leads a week. (34:55)
  • Why focusing on high quality, high value will change your business. (44:25)
  • And so much more!

Mike Koenigs visited with us last on episode 158 where he shared the 3 commandments of webcasting, if you want to listen to that check the Resources section below. He covers a ton of great info on this same topic in that show, but something we didn’t talk about much was his background.

Mike was raised in Eagle Lake, Minnesota - and yes you may hear his accent slip out from time to time! Because he’s been unemployable nearly his entire life he’s been an entrepreneur since the beginning. The turning point for him came when he was running a marketing agency called Digital Cafe. Business had slowed down and he was paying his employees with credit cards, and buying food for himself with his gas card.

Around that time he heard about Tony Robbins, and was intrigued. One evening when Mike came home from work he found a new credit card in his mailbox with an $8500 credit limit. He brought his mail inside, turned on the television and there was Tony Robbins. Mike ordered the program Tony was selling, and began listening to it as soon as it arrived.

Not long into it Mike was hooked: he knew Tony and Tony’s work could help him with his business. Mike picked up the phone and called to sign up for all of Tony’s programs. That was his turning point. In six months’ time and with a lot energy and sweat equity Mike bailed out his company and was on his way. From that experience he learned the value of investing in himself, and he had the results to show it.

Mike shares the wisdom he learned on that journey on today’s show along with the most common webcasting myths, and why they are just myths.

1. The first myth is no traffic or list.

Even if you don’t have an audience or a list you can find people by putting your webcast on various sites, and they’ll promote it for you. There’s a full list of Mike’s suggested sites in the Resources section below, but a few of them are and

2. You don’t like the way you look on camera.

There is a very simple remedy for this: Mike says you should get over it! And that perfect people don’t sell as much as interesting-looking people; less than perfect sells more than perfect so stop worrying about it so much and get on with your webcast.

3. You’re not an expert or an authority.

There’s another simple solution to this: interview experts. You build your own credibility by interviewing other experts for your show, and sharing that person’s knowledge with your audience.

4. You are not technically-inclined and don’t have a studio or access to one.

Mike spells out exactly what gear you need to get started, and it is what most of us already have or can easily buy and use! You don’t need technical savvy to know how to create a webcast, anyone can do it.

5. You are not good at marketing or copywriting.

Again another misconception: you don’t have to be, you just have to be good at answering questions from your audience. You don’t need to do any more than that, just talk and answer questions because that’s all copywriting is at its core.

6. You don’t like to sell.

Like the previous answer this is about answering questions authentically. Your audience will fall in love with you if you do that for me, you become a teacher to them and a source of knowledge. They’ll naturally want to buy from you when you do that for them.

7. You don’t have a team.

You don’t need one - you need a laptop and to push buttons on it! There isn’t a whole lot more involved in the process, and you definitely don’t need a team of people to run a webcast.

8. It won’t work for your business.

As long as your business involves demonstrating, teaching, answering questions and/or building a relationship with another human being webcasts will work for your business.

Mike busts those myths plus recaps his 3 commandments on webcasting and explains why business is about building intimate relationships (and how you can do so). His lessons are valuable teaching moments whether you’re new to entrepreneurship or have been in the game for a long time.

Have a listen for all of that and more on episode 181 of Life on Fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 180 of Life on Fire. Can you remember a moment in your life when you decided that other people could do something that you couldn’t do? And in that moment you told yourself there was just something about you that meant you weren’t going to have what they did.

If you answered yes you are not alone. In fact everyone has done this, it’s part of the human experience.

On episode 180 of Life on Fire Michael Bernoff, legendary personal development coach and ultra successful entrepreneur, shares a time from his childhood when he told himself he couldn’t do something that others could. He shares his story, as well as the three steps necessary to breaking through the chains of that story.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • When does everything become a learning experience? (6:20)
  • Do we all create boxes for ourselves that tell us what we can and cannot do? (22:30)
  • Why you’re better off without a plan! (27:05)
  • What Samuel Adams can teach you about success as an entrepreneur. (29:35)
  • Why building stability is important. (32:25)
  • And so much more!

According to Michael one of the greatest challenges we will face as entrepreneurs is having been raised in a middle class family. That’s why so many people are comfortable: they have enough food, a warm home and clothing. They didn’t come from a foreign country with no money and no belongings, so they aren’t motivated.

But Michael has had that spark within him since he was a kid: a hunger to do more, be more and express more in the world. And as an entrepreneur or someone who wants to be an entrepreneur you do too.

Rather than creating a plan for your success Michael suggests you simply jump in. Take Samuel Adams for example: when he started brewing beer he wasn’t worried about growing or expanding his business. No, his only concern was selling his first 12 pack! Once he’d sold some kegs and saw people were interested, then he began to put together a plan for his business.

Those topics highlight the first two of the three steps to changing anything in your life: decide you are hungry for it, you aren’t happy with where you and then take action to produce consistent momentum.

Let’s look at each of those steps more in-depth.

1. Decide you aren’t where you want to be.

You must realize and decide you are not where you want to be. Decide for yourself you are not okay with things as they are right now. Because if you’re comfortable with everything as it is then you won’t have the same hunger, fire and passion for change.

2. Consistent action and consistent momentum.

Now that you’re hungry for change take action. Get yourself to take consistent action and create consistent momentum. If you can do that you are on your way to leading a richer, more fulfilling life.

3. Change your perceptions and how you see things.

Do you believe certain things aren’t for you? Why do you believe that and is that belief really true? Or did you just make it up or buy into it because someone else told you it was true?

Michael shares the story (one of many great ones on today’s show!) about a client of his who told Michael the doctor diagnosed him as having persistent anxiety. The doctor also told him he’d have it for the rest of his life. When the man told Michael this he challenged him to examine that perception: does he really have to have anxiety for the rest of his life or could it be that he hasn’t found a way to better understand himself yet and alleviate those feelings?

Consider where you have created limiting beliefs, and boxes for yourself in your life, and then consider whether or not they are actually true. Is it possible you could take something you gain from listening to this show or attending a Life on Fire event and change that limiting box you’ve created? Could you allow what you learn to become that person you really want to be?

Listen in for an exercise Michael walks you through that examines those questions, plus some very funny and insightful stories he shares about the secrets to being a successful entrepreneur. It’s all here on episode 180 of Life on Fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 179 of Life on Fire. If you could learn from someone who has been succeeding in the online marketing space since the 1990s do you think that would be valuable? You’re in luck because that describes our guest for today’s show!

Steve Olsher, aka Mr. Bold, is a New York Times best-selling author who has been making his living online since the early 1990s and he’s here today to talk about how to grow your influence, actually become an influencer and leverage new technology to do so.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is a blurgin? (8:40)
  • When 500 is better than 10,000: Steve explains. (15:35)
  • Why and how to run your own race. 17:35
  • Why you should start with one platform and focus on it for a year. (18:20)
  • Who is KingBach and why should you care? 20:20
  • And so much more!

On this episode with Steve we talk about why now is such an incredible time to become an influencer, how to choose the platforms you should be using, plus a breakdown of Blab!

Never before in the history of media or technology have so many people had access to the world. Literally from the palm of your hand you can connect to the world like never before - from Facebook to Snapchat to Instagram, there are dozens of ways to spread your message.

It’s a great time to get into the game because anyone can get into the game. On the flip side anyone can get into the game! Which means not everything produced online is of quality and worthy of people’s time.

Podcasting is a great example of this and on today’s episode Steve shares how he produces his podcast and how his process makes his show standout from the others in the marketplace today.

The secret to his process is no secret at all; it’s the message in his book, What Is Your What. It boils down to this: Steve knows his “what”. He knows what his core gift is, the vehicle he is using to share that gift and who is he sharing it with. Knowing that information has helped him find his target audience and deliver content to them the way they want to receive it.

And that’s how you become an influencer: find your core gift, find your audience and then figure out how to deliver content to them. You don’t need to be the best of the best, you just need to be able to speak to the people who are behind you in their process. If you’re delivering content to them and it helps them get further along and find success you will grow your audience, and grow your influence.

This is where Steve recommends finding one platform and sticking with it for a year, before even looking at anything else. Knowing your vehicle (in other words your platform or your medium) by which you’ll share your content is critical.

Let your people tell you which platform to use: find out where they hang out online and how they receive their content. Are they into audio? Great, then create a podcast to reach them. Are they video lovers? Then Blab or YouTube is the way to conned to them.

Also on today’s show Steve shares what influence actually is and why it’s something all of us can obtain, what Blab is and why he loves it so much and why an engaged group of 500 is far more powerful than an email list of 10k!

This is an eye-opening, thought-provoking episode that will ultimately move you into action and creating your own life on fire. Thanks for listening and thanks to Steve for being with us on episode 179 of Life on Fire.


•Free Influencers Directory!

•Steve Olsher’s website

•What’s Your What? by Steve Olsher

•Reinvention Radio

•Push Button Influence

•Life on Fire website

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•Write a Review on iTunes

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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 178 of Life on Fire. When you think of branding do you think of logos? Here to explain why branding is far more than just your logo is branding expert and head honcho of Branding For the People, Re Perez.

Re spoke to our most recent Life on Fire event attendees about the what branding is, how he started his company and the top 5 tips he has for positioning your brand. Whether you’re just starting out or are already established in your industry you’ll definitely benefit from what he has to say on the all-important topic of branding.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why branding is more than just a logo. (6:10)
  • What a pair of 18 karat gold earrings can teach you about brand positioning. (12:25)
  • What is Re’s 3 word definition of a brand? (14:15)
  • Why you should have a distinct voice. (20:00)
  • Is everyone meant to be your client? (25:30)
  • And so much more!

Before starting Branding For The People Re worked with Fortune 500 companies to establish and position their brands in the marketplace. But even though he had a successful career and a high-paying job something Re desired more. So after a difficult break up and a move from Dubai back to New York, he took six months off to figure out what was next.

In his heart he knew he wanted to work with brands that were making a social and economic impact in the world. During those six months he also went to Sedona and got connected to himself on a soulful, spiritual level.

From there Branding For The People was born. He would take his knowledge and skill set and build a company that serves entrepreneurs, and the “do-ers” of the world who were making a difference. And today that’s what he and his staff do worldwide!

On today’s episode he shares a great example of brand positioning, his three word definition of a brand and 5 tips to position your brand.

According to Re brand is a desired perception. You don’t actually own your brand, it resides in the minds of the people you are talking to. Branding is the process of creating, shaping and influencing the desired perception you want to create with your target audiences.

For example, FedEx is a package delivery service but their desired perception is they deliver peace of mind. Harley-Davidson deliver motorcycles but their desired perception is freedom on the open road. Disney delivers amusement parks, movies and Mickey Mouse but their desired perception is wholesome entertainment.

If you want to better position your existing brand or have a new brand to offer Re has five tips for you.

First be clear on who you are, and who you are not. What can you own? What is unique and different about your brand? And what is relevant to your target audience? Answering those questions will help you know who you are and who you are not.

Second align with brands that elevate your own brand. Your network is powerful, be selective in who you align yourself with. Re gives a great personal example on today’s show.

Third have a distinct voice and personality all your own. Many people say it’s better to be polarizing because you create a distinct group of raving fans. 20% of people will love you, 20% will hate you no matter what and 60% will be in the middle. Go for that 20% that love you and focus on them by creating your distinct personality and voice in the marketplace.

Fourth be everywhere. Be hustling: get speaking gigs, go to networking events, be seen online and offline. Exposure gets you visibility and visibility generates client opportunities.

And finally don’t be everywhere - be selectively everywhere! It sounds like a contradiction to the fourth tip but it really works in tandem with it. You should be out making your brand known, but be particular about where and with whom you are generating that exposure.

Re also breaks down the two things to ask yourself to be discerning in your choices to be everywhere on this episode, plus why he almost fired me during the branding process of Life on Fire! It’s a funny story that will teach you the importance of listening to experts and surrounding yourself with the right people. Listen in to hear all of that and more on episode 178 of Life on Fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 177 of Life on Fire. If you’ve ever struggled to create a marketing funnel, and to bring in your ideal clients today’s episode is going to rock your world!

Russell Brunson of Click Funnels attended our recent Life on Fire event and he spent over an hour talking about the simplest, most specific tactics to use when marketing online. And we are bringing it to you in today’s show.

He sheds light on why he keeps things so simple with his funnels, what the secret formula is for bringing in your ideal clients, how to capture compelling video testimonial using only your phone, and how to take people up your value ladder.


In this episode you’ll hear:


  • The formula to attract ideal clients and repel all others. (14:55)
  • How to properly capture a video testimonial, step by step. (27:55)
  • What are the three core funnels? (39:25)
  • Most of your customers want to buy from you unless what? Russell answers. (43:30)
  • What is funnel hacking and how do you do it? Russell’s three step process. (51:25)
  • And so much more!

Russell gave an incredible amount of value from stage, so much so I wanted to share it with you in this show. The first thing he talks about is keeping his funnels simple. Remember this is a man with access to thousands of entrepreneurs’ data so when he says he does something there’s a solid reason for it!

To keep his funnels simple he starts with one of the key components of his dot com secret blueprint: the secret formula. This is the formula to use so you can work with only your ideal clients (and repel everyone else).

The formula boils down to this: who, where, bait and result. First you must know who you are excited to work with, where they are so you can connect with them, then what bait to offer (what will get them excited to have from you) and finally the result you’re going to provide for them.

Russell explains each stage of the formula and gives specific examples from his own experience and his clients’ experiences.

On today’s show he also walks you through each step of how to capture compelling video testimonials (and why). As he explains you don’t need a big camera crew to shoot a great video: you need a nice background, proper positioning of your interviewee (they should be off-center) and then you must ask them certain questions.

When you have all of these plus a little editing and good music you’ve got an incredible video testimonial. Russell tells what video testimonials have done for him, including one he shows that has generated nearly $1 million in revenue for his coaching business. That portion of the show alone is a game-changer!

And he wraps up with the three core funnels every online marketer should use. They are the trip-wire funnel, the perfect webinar funnel and the high ticket funnel.

1. The trip-wire funnel is where you give something away for free or low cost and it is of value to the person. This could be something like a sample of your product or a free book.

2. The perfect webinar funnel is a webinar you give to them that again adds value and gives your recipient something that enhances their lives. Russell has a proven formula for his webinars and the link to it is below in the show notes under Perfect Webinar Secrets.

3. The third funnel is the high ticket funnel. The high ticket funnel is for a high ticket item like a $10k mastermind, or $100k event. It’s generally your most expensive offering of all your available options.

In keeping with his philosophy of simplicity for funnels recommends choosing one of these three funnels, building it up and focusing on it until it is generating a million dollars for your business. Then you can pick a second funnel and repeat the process. Finally move on to the third funnel and follow through by building, focusing and growing it to a million dollars or more.

As if that wasn’t enough Russell also explains how to funnel hack in three steps, what it is and why you should do it. He gives examples from his own life and shares what’s he’s learned along the way.

This is an episode fully loaded with fun, useful information you can start implementing right away. Get out your pen and paper, take notes while you listen in. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 176 of Life on Fire. I’m always pumped up to bring you one of our shows, but I’m extra fired up to bring you today’s! Our guest is my friend and yours, Dr. Matt Hubbard.

Dr. Matt has joined us on a few previous editions of the show, but you can never have enough insights and wisdom on mindset from this man. He is crushing it in every area of his life from work to family to adventure.

And the reason he’s able to do so is his mindset. On today’s episode he drops valuable knowledge bombs about the 4 steps to take to make changes, and the 3 things you must have to create a powerful, positive mindset no matter what is going on around you.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you must honor yourself. (11:10)
  • The reasons finding your tribe is imperative to success. (16:00)
  • Why a study proved group collaboration is more powerful than individual problem-solving. (18:05)
  • What is number one thing that cuts off dreams? (27:35)
  • All breakthroughs happen where? (30:30)
  • And so much more!

Dr. Matt is always a welcome guest to this show, he is someone I am modeling my life after. In fact both Megan Ann and I decided - independent of each other - we wanted to model ourselves after Dr. Matt, his wife and their family. They are amazing examples of people living lives on fire.

It all starts with mindset. Because you’re here listening you’re on the right track. And you fall into one of three types of people: you’re either sick of what you’re doing and looking for something else. Or you’ve got one foot following your passion but one foot lagging behind in your old life, and you’re looking for that push to put both feet into your passion. Or you’re already living an epic life, but you know there’s more of you to develop.

The first step in moving out of any of those categories and fully embracing your ultimate life on fire, as Dr. Matt shares on this show, is to first get real with yourself; acknowledge there is a burning desire within you and you need help to release it.

Second find your tribe. Find the people who are going to lift you up and support you, and hold you to the highest standard. Stay away from the naysayers and the Negative Nancys of the world - they won’t get you anywhere and will only drag you down.

Third is discover your plan. Whatever it is that you want to do, find that out. Whatever you are most called to do, whatever you have been put on this earth to do go out and do it.

And the final step is to execute that plan. You may not know how so get help. Talk to people who are doing great things, seek their counsel and surround yourself with them. Acknowledge you don’t know how to follow through on your plan, and seek the help you need to figure it out and execute.

Dr. Matt also shares three keys to a powerful mindset: environment, accountability and correctability. You have to plant a seed in soil where it will flourish. Just like you can’t grow an orange tree in winter in Montana you can’t have an idea and then have negative thoughts about yourself and about fulfilling that idea, it’ll never come to fruition.

Also you must have three people to hold you accountable to your ideas and your dreams. This is absolutely key to your dreams coming true; in fact, not having accountability is the #1 thing that cuts off dreams from becoming reality. Get accountability and get your life on fire.

Finally you need to be correctable. That means you must be coachable, do what your coach tells you to do because that is why you hired him or her. And don’t give in when it gets uncomfortable, that is when you are closest to your biggest breakthrough! Embrace it, move forward, be coachable and be correctable.

Along with those keys to a powerful mindset Dr. Matt shares how to honor the space between the old you and the not-yet you, and why collaboration is critical to success (and isolation is a destroyer). On episode 176 of Life on Fire Dr. Matt not only educates, but he also entertains! So tune in and check it out.


  • Dr. Matt Hubbard’s web site
  • Dr. Matt on Twitter
  • Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John J. Ratey and Eric Hagerman
  • Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton
  • Who Switched Off Your Brain? by Dr. Caroline Leaf
  • Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf
  • 21 Day Brain Detox, Dr. Caroline Leaf’s program
  • Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine
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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 175 of Life on Fire. If you’re like many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs you have a vision for your business - but you hate selling! But you also know sales are important: without them you don’t have a business.

Here to share an authentic way to sell, without being pushy or sleazy, is Lisa Sasevich. Lisa is known as the Queen of Sales Conversions, and runs a multi-million dollar business that’s been ranked on Inc.’s list of the top 500 fastest growing privately-owned businesses!

She got there by using what she has coined as The Invisible Close; today she shares the framework and positioning for that close on this episode.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What Lisa did to become the queen of sales conversion. (14:00)
  • If she lost it all what would she do to get started? (17:20)
  • What are the 3 ways people find you? (25:15)
  • Why speaking for free is so beneficial. (29:30)
  • Why you're helping your competition if you aren't making your offer. (46:05)
  • And so much more!


On this show Lisa lays out what she calls “the invisible close”, including the 3 ways people find you and the mechanics of making your irresistible offer.

The first thing to know when creating your offer and making the close is that you have all the expertise you need. You don’t need to earn more degrees, or learn anything else. Be ready and step up with what you’ve got right now. By adding structure to your knowledge you will be fully prepared to share your message with more people, and grow your clients and increase your revenue.

At the heart of everything is your irresistible offer. In a moment we’ll break down the mechanics of making that offer but first you need to know the 3 ways people can find you and hear your offer.

The three ways are networking, speaking and online promotion. Networking means meeting more people, connecting with others and sharing what you do. Speaking can be everything from live to virtual. So getting on stage, giving interviews on podcasts, radio shows, virtual summits and telesummits all fall in this category. Online promotion delivery is email campaigns, Facebook and other social media.

If Lisa had to pick one way to deliver a message it would be speaking. As long as you’re prepared ahead of time with what you’re talking about there are lots of speaking opportunities. Lisa started with chamber of commerce groups. You can start there, you can search for meet up groups or other organizations in your area - lots of people are looking for speakers!

And this is where you assume your throne. As she shares on this episode today no one is going to discover you, you have to assume your throne. By speaking to groups and positioning yourself as the expert on your topic - which you are - you are assuming your throne.

As you speak to various groups you will find your target audience, you will get clear on your brand and you will hone your signature talk.

The final component of this is your irresistible offer. Ask yourself what is the offer you want to make? Once you know that then you can create these 3 pieces of the offer:

1. The main dish.

This is the main way you will deliver the transformation you are promising. Will it be coaching calls? Will it be an online video course or a weekend workshop? Whatever it is spend about 10% of your time sharing the delivery mechanism, and 90% of your time talking about the transformation it will provide.

2. Bonuses.

There is an old school model that most of us have seen where there are thousands of dollars of bonuses thrown in to the main offer. While that may work in some arenas still Lisa recommends offering a few bonuses that are tightly-related to the main offer.

3. Include a limiter.

A rookie mistake most people make is to forget this last piece of the offer puzzle: include a limiter. There are two types of limiters: time and quantity. You can give a certain time limit on the pricing of your offer, or even your entire offer. Or you can make the make the offer only available to a certain number of people. Either of these limiters will help make your offer an irresistible one!

Also on today’s episode Lisa expands on how the systems she uses are designed for heart-centered entrepreneurs, and why they’ve been so successful. You’ll also hear the story of how she started speaking for free and soon made $10k in 90 minutes at one of her presentations! Listen in for all of and more on this edition of Life on Fire.


  • Lisa Sasevich’s web site
  • Lisa Sasevich on Twitter
  • Life on Fire website
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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 174 of Life on Fire. Growing your brand and getting more exposure to potential clients is an important piece of having a successful business. And one of the best ways to do this is by hosting a virtual summit.

Dr. Sky Blossoms recently did just that! She is a relationship coach and best-selling author who helps successful men find the loves of their lives.

And she joins us for today’s show to share how she successfully created a virtual summit in just a few short weeks - and the benefits it gave her, her audience and the speakers who participated. She shares her firsthand knowledge about virtual summit creation, and how you can attract the love of your life!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to cross-promote your virtual summit and grow your audience. (4:50)
  • What is branding by association and how does it apply to virtual summits? (5:35)
  • How did Dr. Sky land her anchor speaker for her virtual summit? (6:55)
  • How setbacks actually helped her create an even more powerful event. (9:10)
  • What is the value speakers get from being on your virtual summit? (11:05)
  • And so much more!

Dr. Sky and I met when one of her friends encouraged her to attend a Life on Fire event. She had just picked up her badge and was walking down the stairs of the hotel when I was walking up those same stairs. We said hello and I hugged her and thanked her for being at the event. She likes to say I had her at hello!

During that event she saw the value in joining our elite Firestarters mastermind group, and doing so helped her when she decided to create a virtual summit.

As part of the coaching program she had access to step by step instructions on creating a virtual summit, so she took action - a key part of her story - and followed each module. Over the course of the next three weeks she would go from idea to completion of her virtual summit.

On today’s episode she she shares the value in virtual summits for herself, the attendees and the speakers who participated, as well as the product she created solely because she created this summit.

As the head of the virtual summit Dr. Sky received many benefits: she gained great contacts and deepened relationships with other entrepreneurs, her brand recognition grew, her audience grew, her revenue increased and she brought on more clients.

But one thing she didn’t anticipate receiving was a new product! She had an idea for her own product: Seductive Communication. And the only reason she came up with this creation was because of her virtual summit. She committed to including something of her own in the product bundle they were selling to the audience, and that is what she created.

She says she never would have the idea otherwise, and she certainly wouldn’t have brought it to market as fast as she did without her virtual summit.

Naturally her audience who attended the summit also received tremendous value; they heard from experts on many topics relevant to their lives and learned valuable information they could apply right away. And they also had the option to purchase a product bundle valued in the thousands - and they could get it for a few hundred dollars because they attended the summit.

Dr. Sky shares all of this on today’s show, as well as how to provide value for your speakers and how to position your virtual summit to attract an anchor speaker.

She also talks about a major setback she had in the process of landing her anchor speaker, and how that actually helped her land the perfect fit. It’s an important lesson in persistence and trusting in the process of what you’re doing.

Listen in to episode 174 of Life on Fire to hear that and so much more!



  • Dr. Sky Blossoms’ web site
  • Best Thing Ever, by Dr. Sky Blossoms
  • Dr. Sky Blossoms’ complementary gift
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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 173 of Life on Fire. Whether or not you realize it you are in sales. Every day you are selling something: you’re selling yourself to your clients if you have your own business, you are selling to your boss if you work for someone else, you are selling your kids on doing their homework, etc.

But if the idea of selling gives you the heebie jeebies like it does me you’ll want to listen to today’s guest, Ben Chaib. Ben is a master salesman who has generated over 926 million dollars in sales in his career.

He was a speaker at our most recent Ignite event, and he gave a rousing presentation on authentic sales. He explains the two tips necessary for effective communication and sales, as well as the reason most people fail in sales and how you can avoid doing the same.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you're in sales, even if you don't think you are. (5:10)
  • Why do most people fail in sales? (6:55)
  • How to give a dollar value to the word NO. (8:00)
  • When is price only an issue during a sales conversation? (16:00)
  • You receive an objection for one of two reasons: what are they? ( 16:10)
  • And so much more!

With over 926 million dollars in sales under his belt Ben knows the sales process better than most people. That kind of success can only be the result of a true and authentic understanding of what works and what doesn’t work during the sales process.

On this episode Ben shares his two keys to dramatically increasing your business through more sales. The first tip is to embrace the no. While you may have heard this from other sales professionals, Ben takes it a step further: he teaches how to attach a monetary value to each no you get.

Take how much your product is worth - Ben uses the example of $28,000 on today’s show - and then the number of conversations it takes you to get a yes - again Ben’s example is 35 - then divide 28,000 by 35. The answer is the monetary value of each conversation.

By mentally training yourself to think of each conversation being worth that number you’ll have more conversations, regardless of the outcome. It’s a terrific tip to staying unattached to the outcome and staying focused on the action.

Ben’s other tip is significance. Price is only an issue in the absence of value. So as long as you’re talking to someone who wants what you have all you must do is build value, and build trust. And the easiest way to do that is by uncovering the other person’s problem and having them share what the implications of that inaction has on their business and their life.

Today he also shares why it’s important to find out what a solution will mean to them and have them get present to that possibility, and why doing so will create so much value your price point won’t matter! Listen in to episode 173 of Life on Fire to hear that and so much more!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 172 of Life on Fire.  Today is an extremely special episode with none other than Daymond John.

Daymond was the guest speaker at our recent Ignite 2016 event and he graciously attended a private lunch for our Firestarter community. He spent 30 minutes answering questions from the group, and that’s what today’s episode is about.

The questions ran the gamut from how to spend $1k if you’re starting your business to the toughest challenges he faced and the most important metrics to focus on when starting your business. He also gives us insights on his upcoming book, Power of Broke.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What does living a life on fire mean to Daymond John? (0:30)
  • A true entrepreneur does these three things, what are they? (3:15)
  • What is the only thing we are selling in any business? (4:00)
  • OPM theory: what is it? (6:55)
  • What are the key points for evaluating strategic partnerships? (11:45)
  • And so much more!

If you don’t know Daymond you surely know his brand: FUBU. He grew that business into a six billion dollar business (yes billion with a B). Today he’s a best-selling author, speaker, and co-star of the world famous TV show Shark Tank. He’s also been named Global Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by the White House.

But first and foremost he is an entrepreneur; no matter how successful he’s become, or how well known or rich he has stayed hungry. And that’s one of the points he touches on today: why he’s kept that hunger and why it’s so critical to your ongoing success.

Today he also touches on the importance of strategic partnerships. He says they are far more valuable than cash, so if you only have a thousand dollars to invest in your business start with strategic partnerships. Who can you team up with to create a winning relationship on both sides? What can you offer them and what can they give you?

Daymond also talks about his greatest challenges, two challenges we all face: time and health. None of us can create more time, and we can’t ever get it back once it is spent. If we don’t have time our health often suffers as a result.

To better leverage your time there are certain metrics you should focus on as a business owner. There are only three ways to run a business, these three should be your focus:

1. Acquire new customers.

2. Upsell existing customers.

3. Have your customers buy more frequently.

That’s it, there is no other way of operating your business. Daymond learned these three ways form Jay Abraham, a mentor of mine.

Another question he was asked was when to get an investor: when you run out of cash or when you want to go to the next level? Daymond’s answer is when you want to go to the next level.

He continues: if you are running low on cash you need to do everything else before bringing on an investor solely for that reason. Dig in your couch! Stop going out to dinner twice a month, sell some of your TVs. Use your credit cards, ask the bank if you can get lower financing than your credit cards first but use those if you need to. Then go to friends and family and strategic partnerships, before resorting to an investor.

Also on this episode he responds to questions like where to start first, how to build your team and outsource in a way that grows your business, as well as his predictions for the next 10 years. You’ll hear answers to all of those questions, and a few more - plus why he says retail is absolutely dead! Check it out on this edition of Life on Fire TV.


  • Daymond John’s website
  • Power of Broke, by Daymond John
  • Daymond John on Twitter
  • Ignite Your Movement
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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 171 of Life on Fire. At our recent Life on Fire event - Ignite 2016 - I had the pleasure of welcoming my friend to the stage, Mr. Tai Lopez.

Today’s episode is Tai speaking to the Ignite crew, and you’ll hear him talk about motivation, procrastination, and change. Specifically he shares what the 4 M’s are, his exercise to find what fuels you and how to balance your selfish and unselfish needs to truly lead and live a life on fire.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What role do habits of the mind play in our success? (5:40)
  • How is motivation different than purpose? (8:30)
  • Tai’s exercise to find what fuels you. (11:15)
  • What are the four M’s? (15:35)
  • What are the two things Mark Cuban in his office and why do they matter? (33:50)
  • And so much more!

I met Tai in 2010 at an event called Magic Bullet. And since then I’ve come to know him as one of the most generous, thoughtful and intelligent people in our industry. He is a partner, investor and advisor to over 20 companies, all of which are doing 7 figures or more a year. And he has one of the largest audiences of anyone I know.

As you might imagine he knows a lot about human behavior, psychology and business: he is a man worth listening to! He shares his incredible insights on motivation versus purpose and finding what motivates you using something he calls the 4 M’s.

When it comes to vision or purpose almost everyone has this. Just ask someone what they’d do if they won the lottery and you’ll know what their vision is. But how many people actually make that vision a reality? Not as many.

And one of the reasons many don’t is because they don’t know and don’t access what fuels them. Having a vision is like being in your car with the GPS set to your final destination (that’s your vision) but not having any gasoline in the tank. You won’t get far with just a final destination/vision, you need the fuel to drive your car there too.

That’s where his 4 M’s come in. This exercise is simple: take a sheet of paper and make two columns. The column on the left side should be labeled selfish and the other column labeled unselfish. Understanding it’s okay to have selfish desires is an important piece of this as well.

Once you’ve done all of that write these four things down, one on each line. Material/money. Mating. Mastery. Momentum/movement.

  • Material/money is the desire to be wealthy.
  • Mating is the desire for a romantic partner, marriage and family (or some combination of those three).
  • Mastery is status and being the best at what you do.
  • Momentum is movement: being able to do what you want when you want where you want.

Now write those again but in the order you think you are motivated by. This is where you have to put aside any negative connotations you have about all of these. It’s okay to have selfish needs, in fact the world needs you have to them! As long as you do positive things to offset them and do good in the world selfish needs and fulfilling them is okay, according to Tai.

To know which of these are truly your motivation ask yourself what makes you envious? Which are you most competitive on? If someone has more money, a better relationship, more status, more movement are you envious of them?

Whichever area you feel most envious in that is your dominant selfish desire. Take that desire and flip it to use it in a positive way. Be selfish in that area and you’ll have access to the fuel to drive your car to your ultimate destination and vision. Without it you won’t get as  far.

You’ll also want to hear what Tai has to say about a trick he taught his friend to overcome unhealthy eating habits using one of the 4 M’s as the fuel, and what Mark Cuban shared about getting out of poverty and feuding with Donald Trump. It’s all here on episode 171 of Life on Fire TV.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 170 of Life on Fire.  On today’s episode we take a look at what happened at this year’s Ignite Your Movement event in Los Angeles!

Our event this year was by far the best we’ve ever had.  We had such amazing speakers including Daymond John from ABC’s Shark Tank, Tai Lopez, Russell Brunson, Michael Bernoff, Dr. Matt Hubbard, Lisa Sasevich and Mike Koenigs.  All the speakers brought their “A” game and shared with our attendees what it takes to grow their business and life on fire!

We also experienced some major breakthroughs with our glass walk and board break, crushing through limiting beliefs!  Watch what some of the attendees had to say about this year’s Ignite and we hope to see you at the next Life on Fire event!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 168 of Life on Fire. The Internet is always changing and the latest trend is live streaming. Whether it’s Periscope, Snapchat or now video on Facebook live streaming content is the hot hand!

On today’s episode I’m joined by Vince Reed of Internet Traffic Live to talk about how to live stream video on Facebook and how to leverage that content to its fullest extent and grow your audience in the process. Vince is a lead gen and traffic expert who helps his audience create their own economy through programs, systems and 1 on 1 coaching.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What does it mean to have Facebook verified fan page? (2:10)
  • Why being the first to market with a strategy is so powerful. (5:45)
  • The many ways to leverage content you create. (10:00)
  • What should you do if you can't get verified? (11:10)
  • Why having enough leads is the saving grace for your business. (14:45)
  • And so much more!

Vince is the go-to expert in his industry: lead generation and traffic. He stays on top of the latest advancements and changes in that marketplace; and today he’s sharing what he knows about the latest tool from Facebook: live streaming video.

By now you’ve probably seen the notification about a live streaming video from someone you follow on Facebook. Right now they’re in the testing phase of this option and eventually, once the bugs are worked out, it will become available to all Facebook users.

Right now you have to have a verified Facebook page to live stream, and there’s a link in the Resources section below that shows you how to request to have your page verified.

Of course if you don’t have a Facebook fan page set one up! Start growing your audience, gaining fans, sharing content and generally interacting with your community there. Once you’ve done that then use the link to request verification from Facebook.

Whether you have a fan page, and whether it’s verified or not it’s good to be one of the first to market with a new tool. With live streaming video in particular it’s great because of the multiple uses and ways to leverage the content.

For example when your video goes live and is being broadcast a notification goes out to all your followers. They can share the link with their friends and connections on Facebook. After you record your video you can post it on YouTube, you can email your list and you can also post it on your Facebook page. Even better? You can run a Facebook ad to it!

Vince explains those multiple uses in greater detail on today’s show and we discuss his upcoming event, Internet Traffic Live. His event is happening here in San Diego in May of this year and it’s an annual occurrence.

In addition to the connections you’ll make with your fellow attendees and the incredible speakers, you can also expect to learn new and innovative ways of getting more leads. Vince shares his secrets on exactly what he’s doing right now, and why! He says it changes so often, in fact what he’s talking about on stage this year is different than what he spoke about last year.

By attending you can expect to have more leads in your business thanks to the deep level strategies you’ll learn - and you’ll walk away with information to help you get better results and benefits right away.

Don’t miss all of that plus what Vince says to do if your Facebook isn’t or doesn’t become verified! It’s all here on episode 168 of Life on Fire TV.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 168 of Life on Fire. Today we’re talking with our very special guest, none other than Firestarter Elite Joni Young.

On today’s episode Joni shares with us why she and her husband sold their $20 million business, how she discovered what she’s truly passionate about, how she started building that business and what it was like to land her first client contract worth almost six figures!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What was Joni’s turning point? (3:30)
  • Why you should reevaluate your definition of a life on fire every year. (4:15)
  • If you aren’t offering something that you know you should, what does it mean? (5:55)
  • What was the impact of attending her first Ignite Your Movement event? (6:50)
  • How Joni landed her first coaching client, worth $96,000. (13:30)
  • And so much more!

Joni and her husband had a dream they were building together: they wanted to have a business worth $100 million. But on the way to realizing that dream something got lost: their relationship and their relationship with their children.

They had what most entrepreneurs are gunning for: a healthy $20 million in revenue every year, worldwide travel to help their clients and a massive, thriving enterprise they had created together. And it was fun, for the first few years!

But soon the travel took its toll on them, their marriage and their family. They knew something had to change, so they took the leap and sold their business.

Joni knew this time she wanted to do something that was about others. Their last business had been about what she and her husband wanted, this time it would be about serving other people and building a legacy that would outlast them both.

But she didn’t know what that business was exactly. She wasn’t worried about the “how” piece, she had faced the unknown before and achieved great things.

So when a friend invited her to attend an Ignite event in 2015 she and her husband jumped at the chance. They took a vacation to San Diego and jumped in with both feet.

Being at the event, doing the glass walk in particular, relit the spark within Joni to serve others. She knew she had built something great with her last business, a business most entrepreneurs only dream of building, so this time she wanted to help others do the same thing. Her next business would be helping others build the business of their dreams.

Joni was so inspired by her experience at the event and my coaching she signed up as a private coaching client, and had a VIP day with me. Together we helped her get crystal clear on who she would serve and how.

Soon word spread around her old network that she was now a business coach and consultant. Not long after she received a contract from her first client for a healthy $96,000. She was ecstatic and I was thrilled to help her reach that milestone!

That was just the first step that Joni took to realizing her life on fire, and she is continuing to blaze a trail today. Listen in to Joni’s story today and let it inspire you to do the same!



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Tis the season to be jolly, and "on fire" :)

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas from all of us at Life on Fire!

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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 166 of Life on Fire. As an entrepreneur you know the #1 thing that will make or break your business is sales. And here to share her expert insights on the topic is Lisa Sasevich, who is also one of our speakers at January’s Ignite event.

Today Lisa takes us on a tour of her home and talks about what she did to skyrocket her business to $2.2 million in 10 months, why she called 2015 her company’s “leap year”, and why it’s so important to dial in your sales offer.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is “business nirvana” and how do you reach it? (10:40)
  • Why saying yes was pivotal to Lisa’s success. (11:30)
  • When burning your boats is a good thing. (15:15)
  • What it means to “dial in” your offer, and why doing so frees you up. (38:35)
  • Why figuring out what not to do is priceless. (41:25)
  • And so much more!

Lisa’s background is in sales and coaching. She really loved helping people get clear on their offerings and their sales process. But what she didn’t love was spending time away from her family to serve all of her clients on an individual basis. Not to mention the cap it put on her income!

She decided to attend an event, which was about learning to serve more than one person. It was the perfect venue for Lisa to learn and implement strategies to grow and scale her business.

One of the speakers from the stage offered the audience an opportunity to join her long-term training program. Even though Lisa had vowed only to attend the event she was drawn to this woman’s offer.

It was a pivotal moment for Lisa: she could look back on this and think of it as something she could’ve done or she could go for it. She went for it and signed up for the speaker’s $100,000 elite level program.

And it paid off! She began raising her rates for her coaching clients, offering VIP days and people gladly paid more to work with her. In fact her clients started getting better results after Lisa started charging more!

Within 10 months she had boosted her income to $2.2 million as a result of that decision and the coaching she received in the long-term program.

On today’s episode Lisa explains what she knows now about the value of charging a premium, as well as how to invite sales into your business and the necessity of using an irresistible offer system in your sales process. You’ll hear all of that as well as get a behind-the-scenes tour of Lisa’s amazing home on this edition of Life on Fire.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 165 of Life on Fire. If there’s one thing I know for sure about being an entrepreneur is that events have the power to radically change your business, your life and YOU.

On today’s episode I’ll share how an event changed everything for me back in 2010, and why I’m so committed to as many people as possible having the same experience at my annual Ignite event in January of 2016. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is at the heart of my intention for the Ignite events? (2:15)
  • Why Ignite is different than other events today. (2:30)
  • Can you live your life in a flow state? (3:40)
  • What is the hottest place to advertise right now? (5:00)
  • Exactly what you’ll walk out of Ignite 2016 with. (6:30)
  • And so much more!

In 2010 I was in $50k in debt and nearly at my wit’s end; I was ready to forget the entrepreneurship path. Until I found Eben Pagan on a late night commercial, and signed up for his event. It took the last bit of money I had to do so, but I did it.

It changed everything for me. His event left me not only inspired but clear on my mission, my my gifts and the movement I wanted to create with my life. It also gave me knowledge from the experts on stage and in the audience: all of which helped me go from $50,000 in debt to selling my business two years later. And I sold that business to someone I met at Eben’s event!

Because his event had such a tremendous impact on me and my life, I’ve been inspired to provide the same experience for others in the Life on Fire community. Every year I host my annual Ignite event, and 2016’s is going to be bigger, and better than ever!

Whether you’re beginning your entrepreneurial journey or wanting to take your business from six figures to seven figures, the Ignite event is designed to help you get there.

Each of the three days of the event has a theme and is a necessary component to your success.

On day one it’s all about mindset and personal development. We spend the day diving into mindset hacks, how to 10x your performance, learning NLP techniques and how to reframe your neural associations with fear to associations that empower and embolden you. We cap off the day with a glass walk and a board breaking exercise.

Day two is about business: creating your personal brand, creating your movement and innovative strategies to spread that movement. In 2016 we have the world-famous Daymond John, serial entrepreneur and multimillionaire. He will be keynoting day two and kicking us off!

After Daymond speaks, other experts will take the stage to talk about the keys to creating a personal brand, finding and identifying your movement. They will also cover specific ways to make that movement stand out in today’s crowded marketplace including how to be a guest blogger for Huffington Post, how to use Facebook and YouTube to advertise and more.

Finally on day three we make sure you’re ready to get out and ignite your movement. You’ll leave with a plan of action to carry you forward and get the results you’ve been wanting. Unlike other events that pump you up and send you out into the world, we go a step further and provide a plan to keep that momentum moving you forward.

Ignite 2016 is about helping you have the best possible year of your life. This is the event to help you create the life on fire you’ve always wanted. Grab a friend and join us at Ignite 2016 and tune in to this episode for a glimpse at what you’ll be getting!




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 164 of Life on Fire. Returning for a very special edition of the show is our friend Dr. Matt Hubbard.

You’ll remember Dr. Matt from episode 151 on the Wizard Academy. Today he joins us to give a tour of his home and to talk about core values, purpose, and his keys to staying positive and attracting the right clients. 

One of the reasons I brought Dr. Matt back to the show is how positive he is and what an inspiration he is for me. From business to family to faith he is a man I emulate, a man whose footsteps I want to follow in. He truly lives a live on fire and we’re diving deeper into how he does that on this show.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What does living a life on fire mean to him? (14:50)
  • Iron sharpens iron - what that means for life and business. (19:05)
  • If you're burned out what does it mean about your clients? (28:20) 
  • What is PTC and how can it help you? (29:35)
  • Two health tips from Dr. Matt you can implement now. (40:30)
  • And so much more!

In this episode Dr. Matt and I cover many topics from what he believes it means to live a life on fire, to finding your core values and their connection to your purpose and how to flip your scarcity mindset into one of abundance.

For Dr. Matt living a life on fire means living passionately and purposefully while being congruent. He loves to be around people who are living this way: what they do, what they say and what their lives are focused on are all in alignment. When those things are happening only greatness can follow!

But what if you don’t know what your purpose is? How can you start asking questions to uncover it? First you must start with your core values. You have to know what they are and often they lead to your purpose. Whatever your purpose is it must be congruent with your core values. So first find your core values - there’s an exercise in the Resources section below from Dr. Matt - and then start your quest for your purpose.

Dr. Matt has tied his core values and purpose into his career. He is a chiropractor by trade but calls himself a “hope dealer”. He speaks hope, life and love into people. Chiropractic just happens to be the vehicle that allows him to do so, it is his instrument.

He also shares how he works only with his ideal clients, and he gives specific examples on how to attract yours to your business. When you’re clear on your core values, your purpose and your ideal client they will knock on your door!

But if you’re not working with your ideal clients right now there could be two reasons: one you are trying to help people who don’t actually want to be helped (this is common for big-hearted people who want to serve) or you’re locked into a scarcity mindset and believe you must have those clients, no matter how awful it is to work with them, because you need the money.

The truth is a scarcity mindset is rampant, it wouldn’t be uncommon for you to feel this way. But Dr. Matt has some tricks up his sleeve to help you overcome this with patience and practice. As he says in this episode he didn’t learn Spanish overnight so don’t expect to be a master at flipping your mindset overnight either!

But one of his favorite tools for changing your mindset to one of abundance is called PTC or present time consciousness.

PTC is the act of setting aside two minutes to check in with yourself. Set a timer for two minutes and ask yourself what were you just thinking about? Were there some negative thoughts? Probably if you’re like most people you were not on a positive train.

Instead of following the negative thoughts go to a place of love and harmony. You can do so by saying the word “love” out loud til the two minute timer goes off. Do this at random throughout your day to boost your mood and your mindset. 

That’s just one of the many tools Dr. Matt gives on this show. He also shares how he uses music to get out of a funk, and what he’ll be speaking about at Ignite January 2016. Tune in and check it out on episode 164 of Life on Fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 163 of Life on Fire. As an entrepreneur do you focus on what you can control or what you can’t? Where you put your focus and your attention can have all the difference in your results, and no one knows that better than our guest, Tai Lopez.


Tai is a certified financial planner who has gone on to become an investor, partner, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. He’s here to talk about purpose, mindset, and marketing. As you might expect, he has an insane amount of wisdom on those topics!


We kick off today’s show by talking about Tai’s background. He was raised in a single mom household in the ghetto of Long Beach; his father was in jail when he was born. By the time he was in his mid to late teens Tai realized the world was a complicated place with an overwhelming number of choices and options.


So he decided he’d find the smartest person he knew and that person would have all the answers for him. He wrote a letter to his grandpa who was the smartest person Tai knew, and asked him for help.


His grandfather wrote back quickly but not with the response Tai wanted to hear; his grandpa told him life was too complex for one person to have all the answers. Instead he told Tai he’d be lucky if he could find a handful of people who would point him in the right direction. 


Within a week of his grandpa’s response Tai also received a box of books from him with a note to read them. Tai’s quest began with those books; to this day he is a voracious reader, one of the things he attributes his success to.


In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What can you control and what can't you control in your life? 5:05
  • Why snapchat is going to be huge. (24:30)
  • The 10-10 Principle: Tai explains it, and what it has to do with social media right now. (28:40)
  • Of the 100 brands in last 20 yrs how many used paid advertising to get there? (46:35)
  • How much annual income has been proven to provide an increased level of happiness? (54:00)
  • And so much more!


In those books Tai discovered clues about life, and he shares his discoveries on this episode.


For example if you are wanting to become a millionaire most people will tell you to find others who are already millionaires. Good advice, but Tai says to go one step further: hang out with people who would be embarrassed to only be millionaires!


On the practical mundane side of things Tai also has many recommendations including simple marketing tips and strategies to build your audience. He has the chops to prove his recommendations worthy: he has over 300 million people worldwide watching his content in over 70 countries and has one of the most watched channels on all of YouTube!


Whether you’re a savvy entrepreneur or just starting out Tai’s marketing tips will benefit you. First he says to get good at video. Although non-video formats of marketing are still relevant, video creates deeper connections. Be sure to have a video up on your home page, don’t hide it on page 3 of your site.


For social media pick one or two outlets that are your favorite, develop a strategy for each and then test that strategy to see if it works. If it doesn’t, adapt and try again. Repeat that process until you find what does work and then stick with that.


Tai calls this AGF: adaptive growth framework. Don’t bring any sort of conclusions into your business strategy (for social media or anything else), instead use the AGF approach and bring hypotheses. Then implement those, and adapt and adjust on a continual basis. Doing so will give you infinite power in your business.


Once you’ve understood AGF you can implement it with KSE, which stands for Knowledge, Strategy and Experiment. Here’s an example:


Let’s say you want to start a podcast. The first step is K - knowledge. Who is crushing it as a podcaster? Find three people and listen to their shows. Pick one person you want to follow and focus on the next step of S for strategy.


Strategy is a personalization of the knowledge you gained from the first step. The person you’ve chosen to follow in the footsteps of - who are? What have they done? Is it applicable to you, can you do what they have done? Why or why not? Be sure to answer these questions and create your strategy.


From strategy move on to E for experiments. This is where you test your knowledge and strategy to see what works, what doesn’t. Based on your results continue to gain knowledge, strategize and experiment.


Those are just a few of the knowledge bombs Tai drops on this episode! He also shares how to create success with paid media, what he’s most excited about for 2016 and why he’s investing time and energy into live streaming apps and Snapchat. Tune in and check it out on episode 163 of Life on Fire!




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 162 of Life on Fire. Have you ever considered public speaking might be the thing that makes you stand out from everyone else in your industry? Our guest for today’s show is here to explain how it can and how you can do it effectively.

Dr. Andreas Boettcher joins Life on Fire to talk about the principles of his program, Amplify Your Talk, and how you can apply those lessons in your next speech (or your first!) to create more authority, authenticity and connection with your community.

Early in his career Dr. Andreas used public speaking to set himself apart from other chiropractors in his area. Although he was terrified to give his first workshop, he experienced the full power and impact of public speaking his very first time out. He didn’t stop with that first presentation and has gone on to work with such greats as T. Harv Eker and Brian Tracy.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is the most cost-effective marketing tool you can use? (3:20)
  • What is a trademark talk? (17:05)
  • Why you should only share 3 key points during your speech. (23:15)
  • What are running ovations? (27:50)
  • How speaking helped him build a multi-million dollar wellness center. (29:30)
  • And so much more!

When Dr. Andreas first started building his own practice he was frustrated by his various attempts to connect with his community. He went to all the networking events, tried all the usual routes but didn’t have the results he was looking for.

But the one thing he noticed at every event was that the speaker always left the room with the most connections. Whether it was a BMI event or any other group it was always the speaker who seemed to talk to the most people and get the most leads.

So Dr. Andreas decided to host his own workshop so he could be that speaker. He was so nervous before the event that as soon as people started coming in he wanted to run out the back door!

But fortunately he didn’t. He was however a flustered, nervous mess for the first few minutes of his presentation. And then he did something that changed everything: he stopped his speech, shared with his audience how nervous he was and addressed the elephant in the room.

The entire tone of the night changed and everyone from Dr. Andreas to his audience members relaxed.

And that’s one of the tips he shares on this episode: address the elephant in the room whatever the elephant is. Is there a crying child? Talk about it. Are you so nervous because it’s your first time? Say so. It helps break the ice, and unless you talk about it your audience will focus on it and miss what you’re saying.

But before you even begin your speech Dr. Andreas suggests using his Trademark Talk approach. This strategy starts with asking yourself WIIFM?. That stands for What’s In It For Me? and it’s the question everyone in the audience is asking themselves consciously or unconsciously.

So take a step back and think about what you know that you can share with your audience and your community that will best serve them. What drives you and what does it mean for others? How can it help them? That’s where to start.

Now that you know the concept you’ll be speaking on you’re going to begin writing it and creating it with the end in mind. What is the destination you’re leading your audience to? Is it a strategy session with you? An online program you want them to purchase? Whatever it is figure it out, that is your offer.

With your offer in place focus on how you’re going to deliver it. How do you invite the room to participate in your offer? Remember everyone likes to buy, but no one likes to be sold to so get clear on your invite.

A good way to do this is by following the 3 Es: make your offer easy to use, easy to understand and easy to buy. Ask a child or someone who doesn’t know anything about your work if they understand your invite. If you follow the 3 Es it should be clear to anyone.

Next you’ll want to create the actual content. Use only three main points in your actual speech, any less and you won’t be providing enough material but anything above 3 will be overwhelming. While you’re creating those three points ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is the point you’re making?

2. Why does it matter to your audience?

3. Why is it important now?

4. And what will your audience be able to do or achieve as a result of your offering?

You’ll also want to include stories and personal anecdotes in your points as you’re sharing them. These stories help you to feel more at ease while you’re speaking; they aren’t something you have to memorize, you already know them - and they also build connection with your community.

As Dr. Andreas tells us in this episode connection is currency! And when you have that connection you’re helping people go from being interested in what you do to actually invested in what you do/how you help them (i.e. they buy from you). 

Dr. Andreas and I go on to talk about his personal speaking experiences that led to working with T. Harv Eker and Brian Tracy, his event coming up that you can attend (with him, Brian Tracy and me!) and much more. Tune in and check it out on episode 162 of Life on Fire!


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  • Amplify Event
  • Dr. Andreas’ Amplify Your Talk program
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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 161 of Life on Fire. If there’s one thing that stops most entrepreneurs from living their ultimate life on fire it’s sales. If that very word makes you cringe today’s episode is perfect for you. And even if you’re great at sales today’s show will help you take your game to the next level.

Joining us for today’s show is Ben Chaib. Ben is a master salesman, in his career he has generated over 926 million dollars in sales!

Listen in as he shares his 8 step process called S8. Ben also gives us specific exercises to use during your next sales conversation to help you feel more at ease, create stronger relationships with your clients and ultimately increase your bottom line.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How he made the leap from $100 million in sales to $826 million. (5:00).
  • Why you want to get a “no” from prospects. (7:35)
  • What to do if you’re talking to the wrong people. (12:15)
  • When is the only point in the sales process to talk about your offer? (29:10)
  • What a deck of cards can teach you about being emotionally detached. (32:10)
  • And so much more!

Where most people go wrong in their sales process is pitching their offer too soon. To overcome that Ben has an 8 step process he calls S8. Below is each step and its description.

1. Share

The first step in your sales process is sharing. This is where you ask questions of your client, build a connection and get to know them. Often people will buy from you simply because you’re friends, this is where that friendship starts.

2. Suitability.

The second step is suitability. Suitability is about confirming your prospect’s needs, and if they are the right audience for you.

During this step you can say something like “I want to understand if I can help you find a solution. The goal of our conversation is for me to help you.” Saying this let’s them know you are there to help them, not sell to them.

3. Significance.

Step three is significance. Now that you’ve uncovered their problem you’re going to find the significance of not making changes. You’re getting to the heart of the matter here - why do they need to change and what will happen if they don’t?

This step is important also to help you identify where they are and where they want to be, help them see the gap between the two.

4. Stretch.

You still don’t jump in with your offer - not yet according to Ben. A lot of people get this far and then pitch their product, don’t do it.

This is the step where your prospect imagines the possibilities of having their problem solved - they stretch to imagine in step four. What is available for them now? What is possible in their lives because they have the solution to their problem?

Ask questions and make this as visceral as possible, you’re allowing them to sell themselves on the solution. Then take them back to significance.

5. Significance.

Step five is going back to significance. Take them back to this step and ask them if they are they willing to give up on all the things they’ve just imagined having. Help them see if they don’t make a change they will be giving up on those things from step 4.

6. Select.

It’s still not time to pitch, it’s time to select. In step 6 you want to find out what other options have they explored, what other options are available to them, where they have invested their money and why are they talking to you at this very moment?

Ask what other experiences they’ve had with whatever you are offering. Ask why they are interested in talking to you - what about your conversation interests them? Then allow them to respond, and just listen.

7. Spend.

This is still not the moment when you pitch - not yet! Ask your prospect a question like: “Would you be willing to spend X (the cost of your item) if it got you X (their goal)?

Find their intent. Help them imagine a scenario in which you have their desired goal available but it’s only available for the next hour. Now they have one hour to come up with the asking price of your product - find out how they’d do it. Help them see they have the available resources to do so.

8. Start.

Step 8, start, is where you make the ask. During this step you confirm their intent, when they want to see their results and their desired outcome. Ask them when they realistically want to start seeing results.

Also ask them how much it’s costing them on a daily basis NOT to have those results.

Here you will refer back to the notes you’ve taken throughout your conversation, confirm with them you have understood everything they’ve shared. After they’ve confirmed you have understood them ask if you can have their permission to share what you do.

Now is your chance to make your offer. Provide your solution and interweave their problems and how you solve those problems as you do. Then ask for their commitment and the sale.

Ben says most people have sold themselves by this point so all you need to do is confirm and make the ask. If you get nervous he has some tools he shares to overcome those asking jitters. He also provides ways for you to be emotionally detached about the outcome of your sales conversations, something that stops most sales people. Listen in to episode 161 of Life on Fire to hear those and more!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 160 of Life on Fire. Events can be the catalyst for extraordinary change in any entrepreneur’s life when approached with intention and a commitment to action.

Recently I attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within with Megan Ann and some friends. We all got some incredible nuggets - and we walked on hot coals!

On this episode I’m going to share my behind-the-scenes experience before, during and after the event. I’ll give you specific takeaways and action steps you can use in your business and in your life to unleash your power within. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you need to set intentions when attending events, and take action after. (2:10)
  • Getting into state" - what is it, how can you do it and why should you? (3:40)
  • What is the hardest part of any action or goal? (7:50)
  • How people are able to walk over hot coals. (9:25)
  • What is The Dickens Process and how can you apply it? (15:10)
  • And so much more!

Unleash The Power Within was over four days and each day had a specific theme to it. Day one was about getting into state: what state you’re in, what state do you want to be in and how can you change your state?

This was also when Tony Robbins got us fired up for the firewalk. The preparation and the actual experience drove home the message of the entire event: the first step is the hardest part. Once you take that first step you’ve committed and it gets easier from there.

The second day was about creating momentum. Tony shared the 5 pieces to doing so:

  1. Get into peak state.
  2. Find your passion.
  3. Decide and commit to your passion.
  4. Take massive action to achieve momentum.
  5. Be honest with yourself on your progress and reward yourself for the actions you’ve taken.

If you find yourself stuck at number 4 a simple way to get unstuck is to write down 3 things you’ve been meaning to do for awhile. They can be as simple as clean your closet! Then do those 3 things. Taking that action will compel you to take more action in other areas of your life.

Day 3 was one of the most transformative days of the event. The day was focused on The Dickens Process. This process is something I’ve done several times and it’s radically changed my life every time I’ve done it!

Here are the three 3 steps to how it works; you can do them any time but I find this process is most effective when I do it every 6 months.

1. Get very clear on what you want.

And this goes for every area of your life from business to health to relationships to love.

2. Get clear on the consequences of not having it.

What will your life look like if you don’t have these things? If you never make them happen? Go deep into this, even though it’s painful.

3. Identify the limiting belief that’s holding you back and replace it with a positive affirmation.

What do you believe to be true about yourself that is stopping you from achieving your goals, your hopes and dreams? Hone in on one and then replace it with a positive affirmation.

Mine was I can’t lose weight. After I identified that belief I instead told myself “BS! It’s easy to lose weight and I’m in the best shape of my life.” You repeat it over and over again. When you do this in the right state and with enough repetitions you get your brain to think the affirmation.

And now you have the tools to flip that limiting belief if it shows up again. With those tools you’ll be able to take action and create momentum. As you create more and more momentum you become unleashed!

The biggest takeaway I want to share with you is that process: get clear on what you want, what it means for you if you don’t ever get what you want and then identify what’s stopping you.

The action piece of today’s show is to implement The Dickens Process and it’s final step: reframe that limiting belief into a positive affirmation and then take action to create your life on fire! And I’d love to hear from you in the comments below about what you’ve gotten out of attending a Tony Robbins event or any other event and what actions you’re taking now.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 159 of Life on Fire. For all of us wherever we are in our entrepreneurial journey there comes a time when we realize something is holding us back. And what we do about that realization makes all the difference in how successful we become.

On today’s episode I share my own journey in realizing what was holding me back and the steps I took to break through to the other side. This isn’t a story I’ve ever shared before, and it’s incredibly personal.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What’s the first step in creating a breakthrough? (1:30)
  • A rising tide does what? (4:20)
  • What does it mean to “turn pro”? (5:15)
  • My fears of breaking through and how I overcame them. (5:50)
  • The moment I broke through what was holding me back. (9:00)
  • And so much more!

There are four steps in this process, the first is awareness.

1. Identify what is holding you back.

We are all capable of achieving greatness, but not all of us do. So why is that exactly? Those who do go on to do great things and realize their potential are the ones who break from from whatever it is that is holding them back.

All of us have an anchor in our life that is weighing us down. For some of us it might be an old relationship, or how we view food; it doesn’t necessarily have to be bad but there is something there.

For me it was alcohol and I’ve known it for many years, but I hadn’t done anything about it until just recently. 

2. Surround yourself with the right people.

The second step in breaking through is to surround yourself with successful people who support you, who are the kind of people you want to become and who have what you want to have.

A rising tide lifts all boats and I found this out firsthand. Throughout my 20s I struggled with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. When I finally sold my first business at 30 and began Life on Fire I started hanging out with more successful people. These were people who were living the kind of lives I wanted to live.

And as I did so it became clearer and clearer to me that alcohol was holding me back, yet I swept it under the rug and never fully committed to giving it up entirely.

Recently I read Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield and it dawned on me that to turn pro I needed to give up alcohol and stop drinking. But I was faced with a new fear: what would I do with my friends now? I had always been the life of the party and we met up to grab a bite together and drink. What would we do now if I wasn’t drinking?

3. Face your fears and the ramifications of your choice.

That led me to step three: I had to face my fear of giving up alcohol and the what it would mean for my life. I knew I couldn’t perform at my highest with alcohol in my life; I couldn’t be the best husband possible nor could I achieve my fullest potential with my business with alcohol in my life.

I’m not condemning anyone who drinks alcohol, I simply knew for me it was the anchor that was weighing me down and it had to go.

That fact was further cemented when I went to a doctor recently and got every possible test done. The results were shocking: I had bad bacteria in my gut, a severe deficiency in my neurotransmitters which meant I should be on anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants. I was experiencing fatigue and weight gain because of my digestive system issues.

The doctor told me one of the major contributing factors was my alcohol intake.

4. The critical decision point.

That led to the fourth and final step: my critical decision moment. I decided to turn pro and give up alcohol entirely. For me this happened as a result of my faith, for you it could happen in any number of ways.

But however it happens when you reach that fourth step everything changes after you embrace your decision to break through whatever has been holding you back. From that moment on you commit to giving up the anchor that’s been weighing you down, and embracing whatever comes next as a result of that commitment.

I’ve stayed on track, even through a nasty physical detox, because of the vision I have for myself, my family, my business and my life. I see where we are going and what will happen in our lives as a result of breaking through what’s been holding me back.

Like I said I have no judgment on anyone who drinks, I’m sharing this because I want you to think about what is holding you back. Do you have the guts to identify it and make the decision to change it? What are you going to give up to turn pro and break through to your life on fire? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 158 of Life on Fire. There’s a new frontier in online marketing that every business owner should be using: webcasts. To explain what they are and why you should be using them is the de facto expert on this topic: my good friend and former guest of the show Mr. Mike Koenigs.

On this episode Mike and I are talking about the opportunity webcasts provide for differentiation in your market, why webcasts are the best way to reach a massive audience, and the three commandments of webcasting.

As you’re tuning in pay attention to those topics but also pay close attention to the way we present this webcast: examine the flow of it, what we share, when we share it and how we share it. I want you to notice those things so when you do your first webcast you can follow in our footsteps and be successful!

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs right now and how does webcasting resolve it? (5:40)
  • The three commandments of webcasts. (40:30)
  • What makes you 27% more likable? (44:50)
  • How and where to start if you don't have a product or a list. (1:13:00)
  • The moment that turned everything around for Mike. (1:19:50)
  • And so much more!


When I asked Mike what he saw as the greatest challenge for entrepreneurs and business owners right now he said it’s standing out, generating and keeping an audience’s attention and deepening that relationship. In other words the biggest pain point for many of us is finding and growing a rabid fan base.

One of the easiest ways to solve that pain point is webcasts. Webcasts provide a place for you to connect with your audience, find out what they are struggling with and provide solutions to that struggle.

When you become the person who helps them you deepen that connection and grow your relationship with them. And who do you think they’re going to be talking about? YOU! So with webcasts you are finding, growing and creating connections with your audience.

With webcasts you’re also creating content you can repurpose into other videos, or books or audio podcasts. Now you’re providing even more value to your audience making it easier for them to know, like and trust you.

And there’s a big big market for them. Over 70% of the human race is engaged online, usually with multiple devices. Obviously webcasts are online and they plug you directly into that 70%.

Also webcasts give you the platform to know who your audience is, how to speak to them, what they love or hate and how they communicate. By asking questions and listening to what they ask during your webcasts, and how they ask it you’ll know them on a deeper level so that you can have that rabid fan base and audience.

Now that you know why you should consider webcasts, let’s look at Mike’s three commandments of webcasting.

1. Get People to Sign Up.

Sounds simple right? It is simple but not necessarily easy. If you correctly advertise and market your webcast it becomes easier. For example if you are talking health consider a headline like 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy.

Giving specific benefits about the content you’ll cover in your webcast makes it easier for people to want to sign up.

2. Get People to Show Up and Engage.

The real secret here is to be friendly! Smile when you’re on camera, use the most powerful word in the English language: YOU. Doing both of those things will make a huge difference in your audience participation levels.

3. Get Them to Take The Next Step.

Basically start with the end in mind. Do you want them to buy a product at the end of the webcast? Then seed the sale by talking about what they want and the outcome they’ll get from buying your product.

The second secret to commandment three is to present social proof, such as testimonials. You’re showing people others like your product, trust it and have benefitted form using it. This is one of the most powerful forms of marketing there is.

And the third secret to this commandment is to use the phrase “so that you can”. This phrase tells people what they will get from taking the action you want them to take.

Those are your three commandments to webcasts. On today’s show Mike and I also talk about when and how to use irresistible bonuses, the order of importance for the social media outlets today. Plus we bring in a very a special guest who shares his experience hearing Mike at a recent Life on Fire event and how doing so changed his life. It’s all here on episode 158 of Life on Fire!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 157 of Life on Fire. Sometimes as entrepreneurs we think we can only give back after we’ve reached a certain level of success. But today’s episode is all about the power of giving back, no matter where you are in your business.


On this show both Megan and I give away Starbucks gift cards as part of Life on Fire’s Pay It Forward Fridays. These Pay It Forward Fridays were designed to be random acts of kindness.


My hope is you’ll be inspired to pay it forward to other people as a result of this episode! And when you do I’d love to hear from you in the comments below about what you did and what it was like for you.


In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What happened when Megan Ann approached strangers versus when I did? (6:35)
  • Who drops by for a special cameo? (8:00)
  • Why giving to others is so much fun. (11:50)
  • Ideas you can use to brighten someone else's day. (11:55)
  • And so much more!


The power of giving back is just that: powerful. It’s taking a bit of time out of our day to think about others and do something nice for someone else.


It doesn’t have to be a big gift or a dramatic gesture, it can be as simple as paying for the coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru. Small, thoughtful gifts are just as meaningful; and random acts of kindness are just what they say they are: kind. Can you imagine what our world would be like if we all did one random act of kindness every week? How many lives would we touch? How would someone else’s life change?


Giving back doesn’t always have to be about knowing the impact we had, giving back is about making a positive difference in someone else’s life whether or not we are directly thanked by them.


The power of giving back is the power of giving to others, and has very little to do with being recognized for that act of giving.


On today’s show pay attention as Megan Ann and I both give these gift cards to random strangers who pass by us. Notice how people react: some people just ignore us, others are too busy to stop, other people are skeptical and others are appreciative of our gifts.


Then ask yourself which of these groups of people do you fall into? How often are you too busy or skeptical to accept someone else’s gesture of kindness?


Think about it after you watch episode 157 of Life on Fire, then go out and do something kind for a random person. Come back here and let us know what you did and what your experience was like!



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 156 of Life on Fire. Today we’re visiting my good friend Mike Koenigs. Mike is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, creator of Traffic Geyser and internet marketer of the highest caliber.

On today’s episode Mike and I talk about how his battle with cancer helped him produce not one but 3 best-selling books! He details his exact process for you to follow. This is a step-by-step system to finding your purpose, your passion and bringing it to life.

Mike also shares how to get off the trading time for dollars treadmill, what makes the greatest marketers and what the impact of having a book can do for your business.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • The 11 words to network with ANYONE. (24:30)
  • Why authenticity wins every time. (36:00)
  • what makes the greatest marketers the greatest? (51:55)
  • What is the most powerful lead generation vehicle? (1:04:45)
  • The exact process of creating a best-seller on amazon - and why ANYONE can do this. (1:18:00)
  • And so much more!

Mike is well-known in internet marketing circles and has created such powerful tools as Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer. He’s long been a man on a mission to help entrepreneurs build customer relationships, leverage their assets, and scale their businesses for success.

Along the way Mike has discovered one of the most powerful tools for any business: a best-selling book on Amazon.

On this episode he explains how to leverage the tools Amazon gives you to create that best-seller, and why it is so powerful for your business. And even better? He shares how and why the process of creating and fulfilling your book will help you find what you are most passionate about, and what you are meant to bring to the world.

To get started writing your book Mike has found the 10x10x4 system, and he gives the full details on today’s show. To sum up it’s a simple process you can do in a few short hours, and it will give you a ton of great content to started with!

We also dive further into the book discussion; Mike explains why having a best-seller is so powerful and why it makes such a great lead generation tool for your business. In fact he says it is the most powerful lead magnet you can create to grow your business.

There’s something about a best-selling book that exponentially increases your value and your credibility, and it can be done in any industry by anyone. You are seen as a thought leader and are far more likely to land speaking engagements with a book than without.

In terms of your business, a book is the perfect way to create authentic and personal relationships with your customers. Mike explains how he does it by giving away valuable products to people who buy his book, and also share their personal information with him in the process. Mike tells us how he fully utilizes that personal information for his customers’ benefit and for his business’ benefit too.

Mike is full of value bombs on this episode so there’s lots more here - like why podcast leads are better than a Facebook lead, and he even tells us something no one else knows about him! Listen to episode 156 of Life on Fire for all of that and more on today’s show.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 155 of Life on Fire. Even if we find monetary success we can be miserable; if we aren’t living our purpose life can seem empty and unfulfilling, no matter how many nice things we own and how much money is in our bank account.

On today’s episode I’m sharing my story as told to my church’s Pathfinders group. I give them my background and how I went from 11 failed businesses to financial success and finding my purpose in life.

Even if you’ve heard my story before you’ve never heard it told this way. Listen in and see how it applies to your life and your business today. Are you really living a life on purpose? You’ll know after listening to episode 155 of Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • Why I got a backwards tattoo. (4:50)
  • The question to ask yourself to find your true purpose. (5:35)
  • Why I achieved my first goal and was miserable. (7:50)
  • What purpose has meant to me and my business. (9:00)
  • And so much more!

As you may or may not know I had a dream as a child to build a successful business and sell it. My dad was always busy working, and I wanted to be a dad when I grew up too - and have a successful career that allowed me plenty of time to be with my kids.

So all through my 20s I dug deep and invested all my time, energy and sweat equity into creating that successful business.

And I failed. Over and over and over again. In fact I failed 11 times, and family members were starting to tell me I should give up and be more like my brother. But my mom wasn’t one of them. She bought me the book The Secret and wrote “I believe in you” in that book.

When I read that book it fired me up; I was ready to use what I learned from it and create the success I hadn’t yet had. I was so committed to that success and realizing my goal I got a tattoo across my chest inked backwards to remind myself every single day of what I was going after!

And I did find that success. I started a business as a Facebook marketer and exploded that company’s growth, eventually selling it.

When I sold it I had achieved my childhood dream. To top it off I moved to San Diego, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I finally had a nice home, a beautiful place to live and a lifelong goal under my belt. I should’ve been ecstatic, but instead I was miserable because I hadn’t found my true purpose.

With the help of my church and its’ Pathfinders group I was able to network and connect with people who have helped me and allowed me take my next big leap: to help as many people as possible find and live their life on fire.

And it’s working. As of today that business has quadrupled in income in the last 12 months!

Ultimately I’m sharing this so you can find your own success. And to do so you simply need to ask yourself: if you had all the money in the world, had donated as much money as you wanted, traveled all you wanted - what would you do with your time? What would you be working on?

The answer to that question is the answer to finding your purpose and living your life on fire.

Listen to episode 155 of Life on Fire for all of that and more on today’s show.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 154 of Life on Fire. Our most valuable and precious commodity is time, it’s something we can never buy back or replace. So how can we make leverage our time to crush it in our businesses - and enjoy our lives in the process?

That’s what we’ll be talking about on today’s show. Specifically we’ll cover my top productivity tips that will help you no matter what industry you’re in or where you’re at with your business. And you’ll also hear a live hot seat session with two of my elite Firestarter clients.

Productivity is an area we can all improve in. As I’ve grown Life on Fire I’ve learned a lot of helpful tips and suggestions to make the most of the time I invest in my business. I’ve got 12 tips for you - directly from my own experience! 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What part of the day is most critical to success? (8:20)
  • Are you creating profits or just busy work? How to know the difference. (16:20)
  • The importance of deadlines. (19:30)
  • Why what you eat plays a role in your success. (31:20)
  • How to handle the challenges of being an entrepreneur. (39:30)
  • And so much more!

1.) My first tip for more productivity is to create a morning routine. How you start your day is up to you, you CAN choose to be a morning person! The key is to make it fun and you’ll want to get up and get going.

Make some time for exercise, listening to inspirational material and eating a lean, clean breakfast. Do it for 30 days and see how you feel.

2. Focus on profit-producing activities.

An easy way to do this is to journal your days. Put everything you do in your journal and you’ll see where you are spending your time. Then you can tell if you’re doing income-producing activities or just busy work.

3. Calendar everything.

This goes hand in hand with #2. Whatever it is you’re going to do for that day put it in your calendar and stick to it. Give yourself a start time and an end time for each day.

4. Create time blocks.

When you’re creating that calendar use time blocks and batch your time according to the activity you’re doing. Set aside a specific day and time for making sales calls, for doing coaching calls, etc.

It’s important to do right-brained activities on specific days and left-brained activities on other days, otherwise you’re going to tire yourself out and you won’t be at your best. Also give yourself time to work ON your business from a high level standpoint, and not just in it.

5. Give yourself a break.

You need time throughout your day to eat, drink plenty of water and get in short bursts of exercise. Doing those three things will keep your energy up and keep you from feeling fatigued (also telling yourself you’re going to have energy all day will help!).

So schedule breaks regularly and in short intervals.

6. Binaural beats.

There’s an app called Relax that I use. It is a binaural beats app that tunes your brainwaves to help you focus better on the task at hand. I pop in my ear buds, listen to it while I’m focused and I get more done in less time!

7. The fuel you feed your body.

What you feed your body plays a pivotal role in how much energy you have, and the more energy you have the more you can accomplish in less time!

For 30 days try not eating carbs, and drinking more water during your workdays. Add in some greens - I like Amazing Greens - for extra energy between meals. You’ll feel the difference when you do.

8. Get a standing desk.

You don’t have spend a few thousand dollars to do this, try something like Varidesk that goes on top of your existing desk. I do this, and it definitely has boosted my productivity!

9. Be aware of your emotions.

Learn how to detach yourself from certain outcomes or situations. Your self-worth shouldn’t be tied to whether or not you make a sale. You’ll create more energy and more joy in your business if you don’t depend on a specific scenario to be happy in your business.

10. Set micro goals throughout the day.

I do this for myself, you might’ve guessed by now how much I love setting goals! But when I get everything accomplished for my day I stop what I’m doing, even if it means my workday is over at 5pm rather then the 6pm I had scheduled.

And then I reward myself, something you should do as well. Give yourself the gift of a massage or go enjoy a hobby of yours when you’ve finished early that day. You’re worth it and your business will thank you for it!

11. Make time for fun.

Yes you should take your work seriously but not so seriously you never have fun! Be your best, do your best but enjoy life too. Everyone has challenges and once you embrace those challenges everything in your business will become more enjoyable.

That’s part of being an entrepreneur: the more successful you become the bigger your challenges will be. If you’ve got big challenges you’re doing something right!

12. Journal your week.

Write down what happened in your week and reference your calendar when you do. It’ll be easy to see what’s working, what’s not working and where you can adjust when you calendar everything and then write it out in your journal.

And those are the top 12 ways I recommend to be more productive and have more joy in your business. Take whichever of those appeals to you and apply it to your business, create your own blend of tips and make it your own to fit who you are and what you do.

If you have anything you’d like to add leave a comment below, I’d love to know what has worked for you!

On this episode we also talk with two of my Firestarter clients about what they’re doing in their health and fitness to make a big impact on the world, and I put them on the hot seat! There’s plenty to discover from what they share so tune in and enjoy episode 154 of Life on Fire.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 153 of Life on Fire. Today I’m giving you one of the keys that took me from being $50,000 in debt to selling my business within 2 years of implementing it.

What is it exactly? It’s a mastermind. On this episode I’ll be walking you through each of the 8 steps to creating your very own successful mastermind. We’ll cover the two reasons to start a mastermind of your own, how to choose the purpose of your gathering, and where to host it.

My first experience with a mastermind came at a point in my career when I was failing at everything I touched. One business idea after another fell flat, and no matter what I did I couldn’t make anything work.

It wasn’t until I went to a mastermind event put on by Eben Pagan that things started to come together for me.

In this episode you’ll hear

  • Two reasons to start your own mastermind. (1:45)
  • How I’ve implemented masterminds in my Life On Fire business. (3:05)
  • Why the purpose of your mastermind is key to success. (3:45)
  • How to be sure you have the right people in the room. (5:00)
  • What’s the best venue for hosting your mastermind? (6:45)
  • And so much more!

From attending Eben’s event I learned and implemented these 8 steps to a successful mastermind. After running many of my own I can tell you firsthand these types of events can absolutely change the course of your business. So let’s take a look at each of the 8 steps.

1. Identify your purpose with the mastermind.

What is your primary reason for wanting to have a mastermind? Is it to help your attendees have “ah ha” moments and on-the-spot transformations? Or are you more interested in the networking angle? Or do you want a hybrid of the two? Whatever you want it to be choose your purpose before going on to step two.

2. Make sure you have the right people in the room.

Once you know why you’re gathering people you can choose who you are gathering. For instance if you’re wanting to help fellow entrepreneurs create more income you’ll want to gather entrepreneurs; it wouldn’t make any sense to have people with jobs be a part of your mastermind. 

3. Set the date.

This is of course a critical piece of your mastermind event: choosing a date. Ideally you want to pick a date that is 120 days out, 90 days is okay too but 120 is the sweet spot.

4. Get the venue.

The number of people you’re going to have and the purpose of your mastermind will help you determine where to host your event. If you’re having a smaller number of people - like 20 or less - you could have it in your home or in the back of a quiet restaurant.

But for larger groups you’ll want to choose a hotel. And when you’re working with a hotel make sure you thoroughly review your contract and all the details so you’re getting the best deal possible.

5. You’re ready to go!

Get everything ready so your start to the event goes smoothly: have registration ready with name tags and paperwork for everyone and get people into the room by 9am. An early start is good!

Also have an ice breaker you can do with your group, something that will set the tone for the event and also connect the people in the room. You want people to bond and begin to form relationships with each other.

6. Choose the format of the mastermind.

Do you want to do hot seats for everyone there? If so everyone gets a certain amount of time and they answer specific questions about what they do while on the hot seat. This way everyone in the group knows what they do and can give solid referrals that can lead to business.

A wonderful way to facilitate this is to provide referral slips for everyone. This is a great way to prove the value for your attendees - have them actually have generated business as a direct result of being at your event.

7. Food!

Make sure you have food that keeps people active. No gluten, no pasta, keep it clean with salads and lean meats. And be sure to provide it on-site. As far as the dinners invite other amazing entrepreneurs who will add value. This is where people are creating relationships and solidifying bonds. Keep the dinner on-site or nearby. This is the time when people really get to know each other, they have a few drinks and loosen up; before you know it information is being exchanged and business deals are in the works!

8. Weave in fun and adventure into your mastermind.

With our Life on Fire crew we’ve done everything from jetpacks to flying trapeze to spending a day on a double-decker yacht together! And it’s been so fun for everyone who joins, and really creates a bonding atmosphere.

Whatever you decide to do with your group make sure it’s fun and adds adventure to their experience, two critical pieces to helping people form long-term connections. They’ll remember you and your event when you do!

On this episode of Life on Fire we also talk about specific real-life examples we’ve done with our LOF mastermind events, examples that show you how to make the most of your future masterminds. So listen in, take some notes and then go out and start your own mastermind! 


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 152 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re talking with none other than Katherine (Kat) Humphus of Savory Made Simple and Kat’s Kitchen Collective.

Kat has an interesting and inspirational story to share. She is a classically-trained and award-winning chef who has worked in the finest restaurants under some of the most prestigious chefs in the world. But she left the restaurant world to teach the world about food, and healthy eating.

On the 152nd episode of Life on Fire TV Kat shares how she went from Kat’s Kitchen Collective being a blog to a first-rate meal delivery service, in under 30 days!

Kat doesn’t have a typical chef story. She didn’t know she wanted to be in the world of food professionally until she was 19. In an effort to hide from customers at her hostess job she asked the chef for a job in the kitchen. Almost instantly she fell in love and knew she had to work with food, it was her passion.

To bolster her career and her talents she applied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. If you’re not into food it’s the school where Julia Child learned to cook, and has since become THE school for professionals chefs to be trained.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • How naivety worked in her favor. (8:20) 
  • How she fed an extra 800 people in August (17:00)
  • Why to lead with profit-producing activities and build as you go. (20:40)
  • What's been her biggest challenge? (29:30)
  • How to embrace the suck. (36:50)
  • And so much more! 

After her time in Paris, she applied to work for some of the best restaurants in the world. Today she chalks it up to naiveté - she didn’t doubt herself or her experience level, she just went for it. And she worked with some of the greats including Thomas Kelleher at one of the top restaurants in the world, The French Laundry in Napa.

She came home to San Diego after  after working with these incredible chefs and opened multiple restaurants, earning the title Best Chef in 2014 and Top Female Chef among other noteworthy acknowledgements.

But with those titles and honors came grueling long hours, and something inside of Kat knew she could apply her some work ethic, knowledge and skills to create her own successful business. So she left the restaurant scene, not knowing exactly what was next but wanting to share her passions on her blog Kat’s Kitchen Collective.

She was smart and from the beginning grew her mailing list. And when she came to an Ignite event with other Life on Fire attendees she was inspired! She signed up for a VIP Day and together we uncovered her movement and her promise around food.

From our time together Kat came up with the idea for Savory Made Simple, a meal kit delivery plan for people who wanted simple, savory and easy-to-make meals at home. 

Within the next 30 days Kat had 50 customers and had gone to earning five figures a month with her idea! And she also fed 800 people who would’ve gone without; she donates a portion of every sale to the San Diego chapter of Feeding America. 

Today she has every intention of expanding the operation to go well beyond San Diego into the rest of California and then eventually the entire United States.

On this show we dive into what she’s learned along the way, what her biggest challenges have been and why it’s important to take action even when you don’t know how everything is going to work out! It’s all here on this episode of Life on Fire TV. 



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 151 of Life on Fire TV. Today Dr. Matt Hubbard, my personal friend and fellow entrepreneur is here to recap and share our experience at Wizard Academy.


No we didn’t run off to a Harry Potter camp for a week! Don’t let the name fool you, Wizard Academy is a space for innovation, creation and growth. It’s a place where some of the top entrepreneurs in the world come together to learn, grow and expand every aspect of their lives.


Dr. Matt was there with me, along with about 30 of the best and brightest entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We had our minds blown time after time. From Myers-Briggs tests to drinking wine before 10am to learning about portals, Wizard Academy showed us some of the keys to serving others more fully.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The important role environment plays in fostering innovation. (8:00)
  • What is the most popular and most legitimate personality test? (10:50)
  • What is The Diamond and what can you learn from it? (19:50)
  • What is Principle 13 and why does it matter? (22:20)
  • There are 40 ways to look at a problem and only 40: true or false? (23:30)
  • And so much more! 


One of the days we were there was spent learning about the Myers-Briggs test. We took the test, got our results and then learned about the various types of people. This is one of the few legitimate personality tests out there. 


With our results in hand we did various exercises to see the personality types in action, and how we can interact with people no matter how different or similar they are to us. Knowing your type helps you better understand who you are, and also helps you understand others, so you can create better relationships with the people in every part of your life.


Roy Williams, the wizard of ads, joined us and again, blew our minds. One of the most pivotal lessons he taught us was a piece of copy he wrote that connected with all the personality types. He is the absolute king, and it was masterful. Dr. Matt shares that example today.


Dr. Matt also raises another important lesson we learned: the importance of going to conferences and events outside of your industry. When you go to a conference, weekend seminar or other type of experience in your industry you get to network and connect of course, but you’re also talking with people who probably have the same types of problems you have.


To bring some innovation and creativity to solving your problems get out to other events, interact with people who don’t do what you do and you’ll find new perspectives and experiences that may help you rethink your situation in a new way. You may find an unexpected solution you wouldn’t have found inside your industry.


On this show we also talk about the 40 Triz Principles (and why hardly anyone knows what they are), as well as how Henry Ford revolutionized automobiles and why that matters to you today. So grab a pen (or 3!), get ready for some notes and enjoy this episode of Life on Fire TV. 




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 150 of Life on Fire TV. Today you’re going to see and hear why it’s important to make time for family and friends. As entrepreneurs we work so hard to create the business of our dreams, the cash flow we’ve always desired and a legacy we can leave behind. 

But none of that matters if we don’t have family and friends to share the journey and the fruits of our labor with. So on this episode you’re going to see me do just that: enjoy with friends and family.

I’ll take you along with me as I travel from San Diego to Detroit to Connecticut where I  drop in unexpectedly on my brother and our friends, and my fiancee’s bridal party! 

In this episode you’ll also discover:

  • The importance of making time for friends and family. (:40)
  • My secret love of gaming. (1:40)
  • What is Clash of the Clans and why does it matter? (2:00)
  • Why I dressed up as the Barbarian King! (3:20)
  • And so much more! 

This show is a double surprise and I wanted you to see how much fun it is to play hard too! At Life on Fire we spend a lot of time talking about how to create the business you want, with the clients you want and to generate the income you want; so I thought it was equally important we spend time talking about the importance of quality time with friends and family.

It’s far too easy to get caught up in the everyday demands of our work and our careers so we have to make our personal lives a priority as well. And I took time out of my busy schedule to fly home and surprise my brother & our friends at a party they were having, and then I made it a double surprise by dropping in on Megan Ann at her bridal shower!

Only a few friends knew I was coming so you get to see the true joy and laughter on everyone’s faces when I pop in! 

This is a special episode about living life on your own terms, showing the people who matter to you just how much you value them - and having fun in the process! It’s all important to living a life on fire so sit back and enjoy this week’s episode of Live on Fire TV.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 149 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re diving deep into the world of Facebook advertising. Although it’s a topic we’ve touched on before it’s up for discussion again. Why? Because it’s the #1 issue I see most entrepreneurs have: how to generate quality leads. And effective Facebook advertising is the answer.

On this episode we will go over the key elements of a successful ad campaign and a marketing funnel, explain how Facebook ads can grow your email list and help you build a celebrity-like presence for your brand. 

And our special guest Valerie Shoopman, Facebook marketing ninja, brings it home with a live demo of how to create the ideal Facebook ad. 

When it comes to the key elements of a successful marketing funnel and a successful ad campaign the bottom line you must be addressing is:  what’s in it for your audience? That’s the question they’re going to be asking themselves when they see your ad, your opt-in page or your offer. 

This is where simplicity matters most. Keep the copy simple and brief on every part of your ad and your marketing funnel. That simplicity is important for a number of reasons ,which we also discuss in this episode.

In this episode you’ll also hear:

  • What's the biggest problem most entrepreneurs face? (4:10)
  • Where have we seen the most explosive growth with Facebook ads? (17:50)
  • What percentage of the revenue is in the follow up? (21:50)
  • Valerie breaks down how to create an awesome Facebook ad. (48:00)
  • A powerful ad tip we discovered from our virtual summit. 1:16:00
  • And so much more! 

In terms of Facebook ads there are a number of strategies and approaches to use depending on your audience and your current subscriber base. 

1. Consider the environment, and be personal.

Consider where you are running your ad: you are in people’s social media feeds. Why are people on Facebook? They aren’t looking to buy something or to be sold to - they are there to connect with friends and family.

So the more approachable you are and the more personal you are the better your ads will do. The most successful ads are the personal ones.

2. Let Facebook’s philosophy guide you.

Facebook wants your ads to generate revenue, naturally, but they also want your ads to enhance their users’ experience. So Facebook is going to reward you for creating interactive and engaging ads. The more engagement you receive the lower your costs will be. 

So make your ads friendly, have pictures of yourself or your team on the ads and people are more likely to click on them. 

3. Connect with your audience.

This is obviously an important strategy that goes along with the first two approaches. You can connect with your audience by using conversational copy and a conversational tone in your ad. 

Also keep your text to less than 20% of the overall ad; if it’s more than that Facebook will automatically delete your ad.

4. Warm targeting to your own email list.

If you have your own email list run ads to them. They already know you, like you and trust you so export your list and upload it to Facebook. It may seem redundant to target your own list but email open rates are very low so people on your list may not read what you send them. Connecting through a Facebook ad can only help you.

Doing so also has you being seen everywhere, which only enhances your brand’s image! When people see you everywhere your brand becomes incredibly successful in their eyes, so run ads to your own email list.

5.  Warm target your own Facebook page likes.

You can target your own Facebook page likes. By targeting people who have already liked your Facebook page you’ll have higher click through rates, lower costs per click and lower overall lead costs. 

6. Facebook remarketing.

Ever been to Amazon or eBay or any other site to buy something, and then see that very same product offered in your Facebook newsfeed? That is Facebook remarketing and it’s very effective. You use this by adding a Facebook pixel to your web site.

But if you want a really ninja move add that pixel to your checkout page, or to a page about your services. Then you can create an ad specific to people who visit that page but don’t buy from you or sign up. You can offer them a special deal or a freebie and tailor it to the page they were visiting.

7. Cold targeting with a lookalike audience.

If you already have an email list you can run another ad targeting a lookalike audience. You do this by taking your current email list and upload it to Facebook. 

Facebook works it’s magic to create a lookalike audience. These people are very similar to your list, hence the name lookalike audience! By reaching out to your lookalike audience your ad is very impactful and powerful.

8. Cold targeting with interests.

What if you don’t have a list? Then opt for cold targeting by interests. Ideally target your audience based on their interest in your competitors. 

Here’s the real trick to making this incredibly effective and powerful: create several ad sets to target different competitors. Create one ad set for each competitor, itemize it and track it separately so you can tell which is converting the best and you can focus on that one going forward.  

9. Tracking.

The bottom line for Facebook advertising or any other kind of advertising is this: you have to know how much it costs to acquire a customer. 

Why? When you know how much you're spending you know how much to reinvest. If you know your math, you can reinvest accordingly. The ideal here is to see that every $1 you invest you get more than that on your return.

In addition to those 9 techniques of Facebook advertising Valerie also walks us through a step by step set up of the ideal Facebook ad. She explains where to find audience insights like demographics and activities, as well as how to better target your audience based on other key attributes.

She breaks it all down easily and keeps it simple. Watch and learn how to get the most powerful Facebook ad campaigns to grow your email list, your brand presence, and expand your business. You’ll want to hear all the details so tune in to this week’s episode of Live on Fire TV.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 148 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re covering a very important topic for you: Facebook advertising. 

Specifically you’re getting the 7 must-have advertising strategies for Facebook! These 7 tactics will remove the stress, hassle and confusion that normally goes along with Facebook marketing! 

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to attract more of your ideal clients, grow your email list, your brand and your business - but it can be a very confusing and overwhelming tool to use. How do you know where to start, which tactic to apply and if any of it is working? And how do you do all of that without spending a fortune?

The answer is by using these 7 must-have advertising strategies. 

In this episode you’ll also hear:

  • What does it mean to itemize your Facebook ads?
  • Why you should target your own email list with ads.
  • Get the most clicks for the lowest cost by doing this.
  • Should you market to your competitors? 
  • 2 cold-targeting techniques that work: what are they?
  • And so much more! 

So without further delay let’s get into those 7 techniques! 

7. Itemize your ad sets.

Create several ad sets to target different competitors. Create one ad set for Competitor A, another for Competitor B and another for Competitor C. 

Once you’ve done that look at the click through rates and find the best response for the lowest lead cost. Whichever of the three ad sets is performing best you will focus on. Shut down the other two and double down on that one!

6. Warm target your own Facebook page for likes.

Once you have quality likes on your Facebook page then you’ll want to target them with a Facebook campaign. 

The key here is to know you're rewarded for the more interactive your ad is. So the more clicks and the more interaction, the  lower the cost of your campaign. Be sure to make your ads friendly, and conversational when targeting your own Facebook page likes.

5. A like campaign for your Facebook page.

To piggyback off of number six create a like campaign for your own Facebook page, and then create another campaign to target those likes (which we just discussed in the previous strategy).

A great way to do this is to make an ad that connects with your ideal audience; create an ad that says Click here if you like ___. And then fill in the blank with an interest of your audience, or your industry itself. I give a specific example in this episode.

4. Cold targeting with interests.

One of the most important and impactful of all of the seven Facebook strategies given here is this one: cold targeting based on interests. Market to your competitors based on interest and then itemize your campaign, like we discussed in #7.

3. The lookalike audience.

This is another cold targeting tactic I recommend. You do this by taking your current email list (and current buyer list if you have one), and upload it to Facebook. 

Facebook then takes that information, identifies profiles attached to that list and and then picks out key characteristics of those profiles. The final step is creating an audience based on those key traits, your lookalike audience. These people are very similar to your list. As a result your ad resonates with this group and is very impactful and powerful.

2. Warm target with Facebook remarketing.

Have you ever noticed Facebook ads show up in your newsfeed that are from the same web sites you recently visited or products you’ve been searching for? That is the result of Facebook remarketing. 

You can use this strategy as well. You’ll create a tracking pixel in Facebook and then add it to the code on your web site. For a step by step explanation check out the video linked below in the Resources section.

1. Warm targeting your own email list.

Run ads to your own email list is a highly effective technique and here’s why: even if you’re in contact with your list regularly emails simply aren’t being opened. The open rates continue to plummet for everyone in every industry. 

For example if only 10% of your list opens your emails that means 90% of them aren’t! 

So why not create Facebook ads to reach that remaining 90%? You’ll also have the added advantage of being seen everywhere - which changes everything in your business. When you’re seen everywhere people perceive your brand as more successful, which means you can attract bigger clients, charge more and serve even more people.

And those are the 7 must-have techniques for effective Facebook advertising. If you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown of each there’s more in our Facebook Ads A to Z webinar. It’s completely free and walks you step by step through each strategy so you can use them to continue to create a life on fire!

You’ll want to hear all the details so tune in to this week’s episode of Live on Fire TV.




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 147 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re doing something a little different: you’re coming along with me as I reward myself! Megan Ann and I have dubbed it Operation Viper.

On this episode you’ll tag along with me and Megan Ann as we complete Operation Viper and talk about the power of micro-goals, paying it forward and why it’s so important to reward yourself as an entrepreneur.

Setting a reward for yourself is just as important as setting a new goal, and the latest reward I’ve been gunning for is a Dodge Viper paid for in CASH. I fulfilled that goal and I’m super excited to share it with you on today’s show.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Do we ever find out what’s inside a bank vault on this episode? (5:00)
  • How much horsepower does my new Dodge Viper have?! (10:40)
  • The importance of rewarding yourself as a business owner. (11:05)
  • How I’m paying it forward. (11:40)
  • And so much more! 


As you already know, working for ourselves makes it easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and hustle. There’s always something more we can do and often more we think we should do before we’re satisfied. 

But that’s an easy recipe for burn out for anyone. Over the years I’ve learned the way to avoid potential burn out is to set a goal and create a reward you’ll give yourself when you achieve it. 

So to fulfill my mission of paying for a Dodge Viper in cash Megan Ann and I take you to several banks to get the necessary dollar bills. You’ll also get to see if our request to go to the bank vault is ever fulfilled, and why robbing a bank doesn’t really make much sense!

This is a fun show about setting and achieving goals; and it’s also about paying it forward. As a way of saying thanks for all I’ve received I’m giving away a car on our next Pay It Forward Friday! You’ll want to hear all the details so tune in to this week’s episode of Live on Fire TV.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 146 of Life on Fire TV. Today is an extra special episode that I hope you enjoy. When I find something that radically alters my business or my life in any way I want you to have it too, so today’s show is how faith doubled my business.

Rediscovering my faith and committing my life to God has more than doubled the revenue of Life on Fire, attracted ideal clients easier and brought me a greater sense of peace and calm. 

If you’ve listened to the show before you’ve heard me talk about my faith on occasion. Perhaps you’ve heard the role God and Jesus have played in bringing my soon-to-be-wife into my life, Megan Ann.

But at my last Life on Fire event I decided to include an optional session to talk about the details of how I rediscovered my faith and how it’s been so pivotal in my personal and professional transformation. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What it means if you've ever felt that itch for more. (13:00)
  • The day that changed my life forever. (19:30)
  • Is there a reason for all things that happen in our lives? (40:35)
  • How faith healed my knee. (35:00)
  • How I doubled the amount of Firestarters from one event to another. (47:00)
  • And so much more! 

Although I was raised Catholic and attended church growing up, it never really fit for me. I didn’t understand what the priests were saying or why they wore funny hats! 

But one day at a church in San Diego called C3 changed all of that for me. A friend had been asking me to go and when I saw how she manifested the man of her dreams through her faith in God, I finally agreed. It was a day that would change everything for me. 

The experience was so unlike my previous experiences with faith, and it moved me at my core. That part of me that had always been reaching for me, wanting more in my life and from my life, had been fulfilled. I knew it was like now to feel connected to something greater than myself, and that was something was Jesus.

From then on I began to grow my faith, and began to give up having to control every aspect of the things I did and the projects I worked on. I gave it over to God.

As a result I grew my audience, I grew my client base and I grew my income. I even found my ideal partner in Megan Ann.

I saw miracles happen time and again; my knee was fully healed through prayer, our Firestarter private coaching group doubled in size. And private coaching clients began to show up out of the blue (many clients - not just one or two) and they were clients who paid in full with no conversations needed. Nothing like that had ever happened before and I attribute it to my faith.

And I share this with you to give you the opportunity to see what faith can do in your life, and to reflect on where your faith has helped your success. Listen in to episode 146 of Life on Fire TV and reflect on those thoughts as you do. Feel free to share the episode after, and many thanks to you for being here.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 145 of Life on Fire TV. In this show we’re talking about one of the hottest topics around right now: video marketing. Sharing her real world wisdom and passion on how to make this tool a staple in your business toolbox is none other than Suzanne Evans.


Suzanne is an entrepreneur and business coach - I’m one of her students! She has grown her business to $7 million a year in under 6 years. 


Currently she has 15 full-time employees, she’s been on Inc 500’s Top 5,000 list 3 years in a row and has the 6th fastest growing company in South Carolina, where she’s headquartered. She’s also a New York Times best-selling author. In other words Suzanne is the real deal! 


On this show she shares how she created her tremendous success, and how you can apply the same strategies in your business. Specifically we dive into why video is a necessity, the 3 types of video you should be doing as an entrepreneur, and how to cash in using video.



In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What are the 3 sources for business loans? (21:05)
  • Why stories sell. (43:00)
  • How many videos should you be doing per month - minimum? (1:04:10)
  • Sales is a transference of what? (1:05:00)
  • What Suzanne believes the real purpose of money is. (1:11:20)
  • And so much more!

Suzanne is living proof of the value of video marketing. To make video marketing easy she breaks it down into the 3 categories or types of videos we should all be making for our audience.


1. Positioning.

Just like you need great copy, you need great video. And similar guidelines apply here: put your best message forward in a high quality and professional manner. 


If you aren’t seeing results from your marketing it’s because you are being beaten by people who are better positioned than you are. They may not be as good as you but if their positioning is better they’ll beat you every time. So get your best message out to your people in a clear, concise and professional way with video.


2. Personality.

This is where you let your freak flag fly! This type of video is the expert on-the-go type. These videos should be a mixture of iPhone, on the fly type videos as well as professional-produced videos. 


In these videos you show you are warm and homey, this is where people fall in love with you. 


Suzanne’s tips for doing this: 

1. It’s how you say it, not WHAT you say. 

2. Know when to stop talking! These are great at 2 minutes and under so know when enough is enough! 

3. Talk to ONE person. Just like with your copy you find a person and talk to them…do this in your videos to create connection with your people.


3. Promotional.

These are the videos where you sell your stuff and make money! They MUST be high quality, because high quality = more sales. These videos must also hold engagement and attention. If you're spending money on videos from only one of these categories spend it here!


Suzanne has a few other tips for us in this episode. She says when you make the leap into video be certain you are working with a videographer who knows marketing. They have to know how to edit and make it sizzle; they need to know the world of marketing and video so do your homework before hiring someone.


And at a minimum you want to be making 1-2 videos per month, that’s the bare minimum! You want to position video marketing in your mind as a key component of your marketing toolbag, it’s not just a one-off.


Suzanne’s wisdom continues on today’s show - hear all of her wisdom and enthusiasm when you listen in to episode 145 of Life on Fire TV. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time.




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 144 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re talking about another important topic for entrepreneurs: technology. Specifically how to scale, automate and grow your business with technology

And here to cover the ins and outs is Scott Robley from InfusionSoft. Scott was a teacher for 2 decades and has always had a passion for helping people learn and apply that knowledge to improve their lives. When he made the switch from education in the school system to educating entrepreneurs he knew he had found his home. 

Today he gives us the 3 phases of lifecycle marketing and how to utilize them, 3 things every entrepreneur needs to be successful and and why having the right system, like Infusionsoft, is so vital to your success. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why people don't buy WHAT you do, but WHY you do it. (10:00)
  • If you want something right - DON'T do it yourself! What to do instead. (17:15)
  • Think your market is everyone? Think again - Scott explains. (19:20)
  • Everyone is in this business - what is it? (22:30).
  • An advanced strategy for getting referrals. (28:20)
  • And so much more!

The three phases of lifecycle marketing are important to know, they are the linchpin of your marketing process. 

1. The first is attract.And there are three components to the attract phase: know your target audience. attract interest. collect your leads. 

When you know who your people are you can attract the right fit for your business. And when you know them you can find out their pains so you can offer solutions. 

From there it’s a matter of giving and serving. Scott says if you want to out-earn your competitors you have to out-give them. So after you’ve found your right people, attract them and give them great information that helps them and solves their problems. Naturally you’ll need to have a lead capture process for all of these interactions.

2. The second phase of lifecycle marketing is sell. As soon as some people find you they are ready to buy from you, but not most. So you’ll have to educate them, give them an offer and then close the deal. 

Educating is most important step because you’ll add value, nurture, and share what you do and WHY you do it. In this stage and all others the more value you add the more natural it is to offer them something. 

And when you make an offer you need two things: 1. relevancy and 2. permission. If you are relevant and they give permission it's offensive not to offer!

3. The third phase is the wow phase. In the wow phase you must deliver and wow, offer more and get referrals. 

As Scott shares on this episode remember you've got to be different to make a difference. What do you do to wow your customers? What's your cookie ala the Doubletree Hotel chain? 

Your wow doesn't have to be anything expensive but it must be something. And from this stage on it's game on! Offer more, wow them more. Sometimes it doesn't have to relate at all - just offer them more. 

The last piece of the wow puzzle is get referrals. Scott has a very simple strategy to making this happen: ask for referrals!

On this episode Scott also gives the pyramid of success for entrepreneurs: the 3 things each of us need to be successful in what we do no matter our business model. 

The first is to get a coach, someone who is a few steps further down the road than you are. The second is find a community of like-minded people to support you and help you on your journey - and people you can also help. 

And finally the last leg of the pyramid is to have a solid customer relations management system in place, like Infusionsoft, to automate and drive your lifecycle marketing process.

There’s plenty more where that gold came from - listen in to episode 144 of Life on Fire TV to get it all! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 143 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re hearing from my good friend and previous visitor to the show, Mr. Cole Hatter.

Cole is a man living an incredible life, and he’s doing so because of his views on money. On this episode he shares how his entrepreneurial views on debt and making money matter have led him from being broke to a multi-millionaire who lives with purpose and passion. 

The first topic he touches on is mindset and how we’ve all been raised to think about money. Specifically Cole shares the difference between good debt and bad debt. 

Most of us have been raised to believe debt is bad, no exceptions. But Cole makes a clear distinction between the good and the bad: the good is debt we use for leverage to help us create assets and streams of income. Bad debt is used to buy possessions, expenses and consumer goods. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What Zig Ziglar's wife can teach us about money. (10:30)
  • Is opposite ever better? (17:30)
  • What Shark Tank can teach us about good debt. (29:20)
  • The mindset shift that took Cole from broke to millionaire in 20 months. (56:30)
  • What is a for-purpose business? (1:02:05)
  • And so much more!

Cole hammers home one very important point: don’t use debt to buy things that cost you money, use it to create MORE money. The next time you get out your credit card to buy a brand new TV reconsider, Cold would tell you that’s an example of bad debt. 

But if you’ve started a new business or want to get in on an investment deal and the only way you can is to use your credit card, go for it. That’s what good debt is all about: leveraging debt to make a successful business or create another income stream for yourself.

In short: if it makes you money it costs you nothing. Read that line again and let it sink in!

In this episode Cole also shares the different quadrants we can live our lives in financially. The one we’ve all been taught to go after is the earning quadrant. This is when we make a lot of money but have little to no purpose for our lives. Nearly everyone has been taught either directly or indirectly that the more we earn the happier we will be. That’s an example of the earning quadrant.

But Cole disagrees. He believes we can live in another quadrant: the thriving quadrant. This is when we make money and that money matters, it makes a difference in the world. 

The thriving quadrant is when our purpose and our profits combine. We earn plenty of money and can be comfortable, while we can still give of our time and our dollars to worthy causes. Or we can even devote our businesses to worthy causes. We create for-profit businesses in this quadrant. 

And finally Cole shares the three key points he wants each of us to take away from his talk. They are each important and incredibly valuable! Check it all out on episode 143 of Life on Fire TV!.Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time.




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 142 of Life on Fire TV. On this episode we’re talking with the one and only John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire.


John and I have a one on one chat about how he revolutionized podcasting with his show and brand, Entrepreneur on Fire. We also talk about the mental muscle necessary to face his fears along the way.


If somehow you haven’t heard of John or his podcast Entrepreneur on Fire, you’re one of a handful in the world! His podcast episodes are downloaded by over a million unique users and are heard in over 145 countries around the globe.


The format is simple: he asks entrepreneurs a series of questions in the span of roughly 30 minutes. His unique twist is how often he publishes: 7 days a week. 



In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What quote inspired John to start his podcast? (12:00)
  • What is the Impostor Syndrome and who suffers from it? (12:55)
  • His first step in creating Entrepreneur on Fire. (18:35)
  • His strategy to land interviews with Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss. (22:30)
  • What is OPA? (32:00)
  • And so much more!

Seven days a week was unheard of in podcasting back in September of 2012 when he launched. Everyone told him it hadn’t been done because it couldn’t be done! But John followed his gut and went for it. 


On today’s show he tells his story of how he spent years searching for that thing he was meant to do, he knew his heart there was something he was meant to create but it took him years to find it.


During this interview John shares how he overcame many mental hurdles and difficulties from the inception of his show to today. He candidly talks about how he stared down his own fears and conquered his own Impostor Syndrome to create Entrepreneur on Fire, a world-wide brand.


We also dissect his daily strategy and how he sets up each day for success. He uses what he calls focus: Follow One Course Until Success. He does that with his projects and also his daily tasks. He works one thing, completes it successfully and then moves on to the next.


And we wrap up with two things most people don’t know about him - you’ll definitely want to hear his response to that question! Check it all out on episode 142 of Life on Fire TV! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time.




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There are no words, pictures, or videos that can adequately describe what happened at our IGNITE Your Movement event but this video clip will give you a nice peak behind the scenes.


This video showcases some of our “Firestarter Pro & Firestarter Elite” clients and their journey to success.


By watching each person you will quickly see that literally EVERYONE has to go through a “season” or test before becoming successful.

My goal is for this video to inspire you.


To inspire you to just say “screw it” and go for your dreams.


To realize that literally ANYONE can do it…it just takes belief.


The big question is… “If not now, then when?”


When are you going to make the decision to step into your greatness and play a bigger game?


And if not you, then who?


The truth is that only you can decide to take your life & business to a whole  new level.


Sure, we can help you every step of the way but it first starts with your decision to go after your dreams.


Then…once you make that decision the best part is that it’s your “choice” to make your decision right.


I truly hope this video inspires you to just “go for it.” 


In doing so, I also hope that you decide to get yourself a coach.  Whether it’s me or someone else, please…just get a coach.


Everything changes when you have someone in your corner helping you every step of the way. 


I choose to live life with no regrets BUT if I had to pick 1 regret it would be…not hiring a coach sooner.  I waited until I was 30 years old.  If I had a coach sooner I would not have had to suffer through all of my 20’s failing at business over and over.


Take the shortcut to abundance, happiness, and a life on fire.


Again, whether it’s me or someone else…just get a coach.


If you’re serious about going for your dreams and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves then let’s talk.

There’s only so much time in the day and I can’t coach everyone.  The few private clients that I take on will experience more abundance and happiness than they ever thought possible.

To apply and see if you’re a fit go to:

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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 140 of Life on Fire TV. Today’s episode is about one of my favorite topics to share: how to create a virtual summit and promote it with Facebook ads.

This is one of my favorite topics because it benefits you no matter what stage your business is in. Whether you’re just starting out like I was or you’ve been in the game for awhile, a virtual summit is an exceptional way to position your brand, your business and yourself in your marketplace.

Personally I’ve used this strategy to sell my first business by the age of 30 and I’ve used it to build Life on Fire into a seven-figure business. I’ve also helped many of my clients use it to generate six figures for themselves!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why I never wanted a regular job, even as a kid. (6:55)
  • How I became a Facebook marketing expert. (11:40)
  • The one simple rule to follow when educating others. (12:05)
  • What are the four main benefits of doing a virtual summit? (16:50)
  • And so much more!

So let’s dive into the 11 steps necessary to make a virtual summit successful, and how to use Facebook ads to promote it.

1. Answer a few questions.

Answer these specific questions: what are you passionate about? What do you love to do? If you had all the money in the world what would you do?

2. Modeling is number 2.

You want to model your ideal lifestyle after someone who already has it. Who has a lifestyle you would like to emulate? Then figure out how they got that lifestyle, and commit to doing the same.

3. Your third step is to find out who your ideal customers are. 

What are their biggest problems, challenges? What is their income, occupation, age? Create an avatar, one person who embodies all the characteristics of your ideal client and name that person. Now when you communicate in ads, or on your summit talk to that one person.

4. Now name your virtual summit. 

Pick something that is simple and easy to remember when you chose your name, that way it’ll stick in people’s memories!

5. Number five is graphic design.

Now get your graphic design together, your visuals matter so make yours professional and make sure they stand out.

6. Get an anchor speaker.

Get the big one and they'll bring everyone else.

Reach out to this person by edifying them authentically, then make sure they understand the benefits of being in your summit and give to them. Add enough value and they'll say yes.

Sure you might feel afraid but remember your fear is an indicator you're going to grow! Recognize it and embrace it, turn those feelings into motivation.

7. Now get the rest of your speakers. 

Reach out to everyone else after you have your anchor. As soon as your anchor is in go to others you want and let them know your anchor has said yes. Those people will say yes because they want to be associated with your anchor too!

8. Your eighth step is getting your actual launch traffic. 

What's the best kind of traffic? The best traffic is endorsed traffic: there's an implied support of you when it’s coming from someone established in your industry. Their endorsement goes a long way.

Ask your speakers to email info about your summit to their list, this is a way to get endorsed traffic. 

9. Facebook ads. 

Speaking of Facebook ads the second best traffic is paid, endorsed traffic. Social media is a great place to do this: create ads in which the person's face is pictured with you, then target their audience. 

10. Deliver the sessions.

For the tenth step you have your choice of various Google hangouts, teleseminars, webinars, etc. How you deliver the content is up to you, you can interview them, or let them do their thing. I wanted to be seen as an equal so I interviewed my speakers, but the choices if yours.

11. Now leverage this content.

Here again you have your choice of where to share it from podcasts to YouTube. Once the content has been created you can and should share it via different online platforms to grow your list, and promote your speakers.  

And those are the 11 steps to creating an awesome virtual summit! Like I said earlier these are the steps I have taken to create mine and to build my business income to seven figures; I love to see my clients take this information and run with it. I hope you will too! 

For all the specifics check out on today’s episode of Life on Fire TV and then create your own virtual summit.




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 139 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re talking to one of the top 3 people I know living a life on fire, Mr. Cole Hatter. 

Cole joins us for his second visit, and this time we’re talking about prospering with purpose and making money matter. Check it out on today’s episode of Life on Fire TV.

Even though Cole’s been on the show before we didn’t spend a lot of time digging into his backstory, and that’s something we do on this episode. 

Cole is an exceptional businessman, father, husband and friend. Ever since he was a child he wanted to make a measurable difference in the world. His first calling was to the brotherhood of firefighting. 

But a severe car accident ended that dream, and also ended the life of one of his best friends. Cole remembers very little about the accident except the ER surgeon telling him someone must have plans for Cole because there’s no reason he should have survived.

Just two months later Cole lost his other best friend in a tragic dirt bike accident. Buoyed by his church family and his internal commitment to his friends’ too-short lives, Cole was determined to make his life mean something. Because his friends had passed away far too early in their lives Cole was committed to making the rest of his life matter and be a testament to their memories.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Can money buy happiness? (16:00)
  • One immediate way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. (17:20)
  • Why you have a responsibility to run a profitable business. (26:00)
  • How to create a for-purpose event: Cole breaks down the steps. (27:00)
  • Why did Cole shoot videos for his upcoming event? (34:30)
  • And so much more!

And Cole has done that, he has prospered with purpose. And because of his commitment to living a life on fire, he is now teaching people how to prosper with purpose and how to make money matter. He says the two aren’t separate, you can and should have both!  

In this episode Cole shares a simple way to practice this in your business whether you’re in the start up stage or you’re an existing organization: add a charitable angle to what you’re already doing. 

You can give a portion or a percentage of all of your sales to a non-profit, and advertise that you are doing so. Let people know their money is going to a good cause, as well as to your business. And don’t worry about losing that money you donate, Cole believes your sales will actually increase because people love to contribute to organizations that do good.

Not convinced? Think of these two companies: Tom’s Shoes and Sevenly. What are those two businesses really? They are a shoe company and an apparel company. And aren’t there already hundreds of thousands of companies in both of those spaces already? So why did they make such a splash, create brand loyalty and astronomical sales? Because they give a portion of their sales to non-profits, and people love to feel their purchases are going to help others. 

Because he’s a man on a mission Cole is also spreading this message at his upcoming event, Thrive. His for-purpose event is to teach people how to make money, how to protect that money and how to make that money matter, create the most impact. And the proceeds are going to a non-profit, A Human Project our good friend Wesley Chapman spearheads.

Have a listen as Cole breaks down the steps he took to create his event, and how he got some of the biggest names in the world to join him even though he had a tiny mailing list! Check it out on today’s episode of Life on Fire TV.



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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 138 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re wrapping up the third installment of your 3 day motivational challenge. Our focus is increasing your performance tenfold by getting into the zone easier and staying there longer!


I’ll walk you through how to create a powerful morning ritual to supercharge your day, how to master your calendar and how to stay super motivated no matter what challenge crosses your path. Check it out on today’s episode of Life on Fire TV.


To create a powerful morning ritual that supercharges your day there are six steps I recommend:


1. Get up earlier.

2. Say three things you’re grateful for the minute you wake up.

3. Tap into your spirituality through prayer or meditation, if you’re into that.

4. From day 2, read the letter you’ve written yourself and let the emotion of that letter fill you up. 

5. Eat something light and healthy to boost your energy and fill your body with the proper nutrients.

6. Finally kick off your morning with some exercise. Listen to something uplifting in your ears when you do!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to get in the zone and stay there longer (1:35).
  • Why your morning sets the tone for your day (3:10).
  • What is batching and why should you do it (9:40)?
  • What is Parkinson’s Law (11:35)?
  • This one thing absolutely kills energy and motivation - what is it (12:50)?
  • And so much more!

Whether you have kids or you aren’t a morning person, you can still do these things to start your day. If you only have 15 minutes then condense them into those 15 minutes! 


Take what works for you from that list above and make your morning ritual something you look forward to when you go to the bed the night before (it’ll make it that much easier for you to get up early!).


I give several other tips on how to 10x your daily performance, including mastering your calendar. My top tip for this? Batch your activities. Sprint, then break, sprint and then break, sprint again and then break.


What I mean by that is this: whenever and wherever possible batch together similar activities. For example, I do all of my coaching calls on the same day. I batch them together, then take a break and get back into them after my break. 


By batching I’m solely focused on the calls, and I’m not distracted by the blog post or sales copy I’m writing later on. I save those activities for other days.


Another tip to mastering your calendar is to schedule your vacation and your breaks, and do so liberally. Ever notice how much you can accomplish before you go on a vacation? You’re super productive and manage to get it all done, even when it seems impossible! When you know a vacation is coming up you’ll keep that same intensity level.


On this episode I also give you an awesome email challenge that will help you stay focused during your day, and a powerful way to stay in a flow state. Check it out on today’s episode of Life on Fire TV!




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 137 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re talking about the REAL way to set and achieve your goals. This is exact process I’ve used to sell my business by the time I was 30 AND to meet and soon marry Megan Ann, the love of my life. 


We’re building off of what we learned in the first day of the motivation challenge: how to change our internal state quickly by tapping into our own life on fire moments. In day two of the motivation challenge we’re discovering how to reach any goal in your business or any other area of your life.


Whether it was a New Year’s resolution or any other type of goal almost all of us have set goals at one point in our lives. But how many times have you set a goal and then not reached it? And how discouraged did you feel when that happened?


The process I’m sharing with you today is going to change all of that for you; I can say that because it did for me too!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why I tattooed my chest (2:45).
  • How I found the love of my life (6:50).
  • Why it’s so important to get your “reps” in when setting goals. (12:40)
  • The importance of public accountability in achieving your goals. (16:15)
  • What are goals on fire? (17:40)
  • And so much more!

The first step in this goal setting process is to get into state. By that I mean get into the right frame of mind for setting goals. Get excited! Use that moment on fire technique from day one to get pumped up.


Next get clear on what you want; I recommend starting with a monthly set of goals. By the first of the month get those goals written down on paper. 


When you’re writing them out make them attainable. Don’t say you’re going to go to the gym every day. Life happens and you may not be able to go every day. You want to make your goals attainable so you can begin to build congruence, or what I call getting your reps in. The more goals you write down that you actually reach the stronger your goal-setting muscle will become.


You can also stretch yourself even with attainable goals. Sign up to run a 5K or a Tough Mudder. Now you’re motivated to work out because you’ve got a race coming up! 


Now that your goals are clear and you’ve written them out, print them out so they are visible in your home or at your office. Post them in your bathroom or above your computer. Put them somewhere you will see them every day. You want them to be visible because you’re going to read them every day. 


You also will be making them publicly known. You can do what I do and add them to a Powerpoint, then take a screen shot of your goals for the month and post that screen shot on Facebook. 


If you don’t want to post them on your personal page you can post them in our Life on Fire Facebook group where people will hold you accountable. And that’s the key reason for posting your goals in public: accountability!


Now that your goals are written, posted where you can see them every day and posted publicly, write a letter to yourself. This letter is going to be about how you feel AFTER you’ve reached those goals. Be vivid, make it emotional and be specific. How do you feel after you’ve reached your goals? What is your life like now? Write it out.


And you’re going to read that letter to yourself every day. Imagine how much a difference this letter will make while you’re achieving your goals: how much easier is it going to be to tackle those challenges now that you’re reading how great it feels after you’ve overcome them? That’s why you read your letter every day!  


On this episode you’ll hear me read my goals for this coming month and my personal letter to myself after I’ve achieved them. And then check out the cheat sheet below to help you set and achieve your goals next month! Thanks for being here for episode 137, be sure to come back for part 3 of your motivation challenge. We’ll see you next time on Life on Fire TV!




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 136 of Life on Fire TV. Today starts day one of a three day motivation challenge we’re hosting for you! By joining the challenge you’ll find out how to tap into your mindset, how to clear your negative thoughts faster and replace them with positive ones to help you stay fired up!


This isn’t about motivation that passes and then you go back to your everyday life, this is the kind of motivation and enthusiasm you can tap into whenever and wherever you need it. 


The purpose of the three day motivation challenge is to help you create sustainable motivation, the kind that has you inspired and fired up to get out of bed in the morning. This is about creating the kind of internal state that you want for yourself no matter the outside circumstances, and tapping into that state when you chose to. 


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Can you change your internal state in a moment? (3:45)
  • 3 steps to being motivate and energized in any moment. (9:30)
  • How can you leverage your personal moment on fire? (11:55)
  • The key to breaking through any challenge. (13:40)
  • A personal example of how I overcame a fear. (15:45)
  • And so much more!

The first step in creating the internal state you desire is to find your moment on fire. Think back to a time when you accomplished something no one thought you could, or a time in your life when you were incredibly proud of your achievement. 


It could be sports-related or academic, or a personal thing you did that made you feel like you were on top of the world.


Now drill down to a precise moment in that experience when you had that feeling of satisfaction and attainment. What exactly were you feeling? Remember those feelings and take that into step two: your physiology.


What was your physiology in that moment? How were you standing, what was your body doing? If you completed a marathon perhaps your arms were stretched out over your head and your smiling as you crossed the finish line. If you earned a degree maybe it was when you were walking across the stage with your head held high and your walk was tall and proud.


Take that physiology and put your body into that exact position again, feel those same feelings in this moment. And that will take you to step three: the meaning.


Step three is about attaching a meaning to that experience and that moment of achievement. Does that experience mean you can do anything you want and so can anyone else? Does it mean you really are smart, brave and confident? Choose the meaning you want and attach it to that experience.


So now you have your life on fire moment, you know how your body was in that moment and you have a meaning attached to it. Combine all three and you have the perfect way to change your internal state and be motivated at any time.


And you can apply this technique to give yourself motivation, or energy or focus or any other state you want to create. Want to be energized? Think back to a moment when you were energized, remember how your body was and then attach the meaning of energetic to that experience and body language. Now you have your energized moment on fire and you can tap into it whenever you want more energy!


In this episode I give you a concrete example of my own moment on fire and how I’ve used it to create MORE moments on fire, and how I tap into them whenever I need to shift my internal state. 


You can hear all of that on the 136th episode of Life on Fire TV! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time.




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 135 of Life on Fire TV. On this episode we’re talking about one of the most important ways to leverage yourself in your business: how to hire a virtual assistant, and how best to work with them.


As entrepreneurs we love to do take it all on and do it ourselves! So often we think no one can do it as well as we can. But the truth is hiring someone else to help us is one of the best ways we can grow our businesses. And while we may be very, very good at something if that task isn’t profit-producing and income-generating it is a task someone else can do for us.


Early on in my business I hired Donna who you will hear from on this episode. Donna has been with me throughout my entire business journey. I hired her to help me with social media 5 years ago and since then she has grown into greater roles with greater responsibility. She’s been critical to my success and I’m happy she is a significant part of the Life on Fire team.


Today Donna talks about how she’s grown into her current role as the hub of our customer support team. She’s also hired and trained several virtual assistants (VAs) over the years and has figured out what to do and what not to do with VAs! She shares all of that on this episode.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The two tools to make your life easier when training a VA. (18:30)
  • How to be ready to let go and let your VA handle work for you. (31:50)
  • Are VAs employees or contractors and how does that impact your business? (35:00)
  • How to trust your VA with your social media tasks. (42:00)
  • Should you outsource your Facebook ads? (51:00)
  • And so much more!

The first step in hiring a VA is to make a list of tasks you would like to give your assistant. Even if you aren’t in a place where you can hire someone right now this is still an important step to take because when you are ready you’ll know what you need help with. When you know what you need done you’ll have a better idea of who you need to hire. 


And when you’re ready to hire you have many options. To take the guesswork out of what company to use Donna and I share our experiences with several different companies we’ve used. In the past we’ve worked with Employee 123 and had good experiences. 


We also have worked with Virtual Staff Finder, my friend Chris Ducker’s company. They blew us away with the level of detail and attention they provided. It literally took Donna two days to decide from the candidates they offered us because they gave us so much information on each person - which is a good thing! They made sure we had everything we could possibly need to make the best choice for us, and we did. 


If you aren’t looking for a part-time or full-time VA but you have a project you need completed you can use a web site like oDesk. I’ve used this in the past and it’s worked out well. You sign up, post your project and how much you’ll pay to have it done and then people apply. You choose from the applicants and once you both agree to the terms they start working for you.


Whether you go with oDesk, Employee 123 or Virtual Staff Finder your next step will be to document how you want your tasks completed. You can use a tool like Jing or Snagit to do so. Jing is free and Snagit is inexpensive so they’re both great options for you.


Now your VA is ready to work so your only responsibility at this point is to track their progress and manage them. You can track the progress of tasks by using a tool called Asana. You assign, track and manage tasks within Asana so everyone is on the same page; it’s a much simpler and easier way to keep the workflow flowing.


And that’s how you hire a virtual assistant and manage them! It’s one of the best practices I’ve implemented in my business and it’s paid off handsomely. 


On this episode we also answer some specific questions like how to pay an overseas virtual assistant, how to trust your VA with your social media and why scheduling is so critical to succeeding in business, and in life. 


You can hear all of that on the 135th episode of Life on Fire TV! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you on the next episode.




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 134 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re talking about how to be an unstoppable entrepreneur with perseverance and faith! I’ll share exactly how to get back up when your entrepreneurial journey knocks you down, and actually enjoy it.


Personally I’ve seen my share of ups and downs throughout my career as an entrepreneur, and something I’ve discovered is that I look forward to the challenges, the obstacles and the beat downs that life sometimes has handed me.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • When you hit a new level there’s always a new what? (1:30)
  • The two things you need to enjoy every experience: the good and the bad. (2:10) 
  • What is moneyopoly and how did it bring an extra $30k+ into my biz? (5:45)
  • How to ignite your own movement (11:40).
  • And so much more!

That may sound strange or even counterintuitive but when I’m excited about getting back up again after a knockdown, it makes the getting back up part easier. 


Two things have helped me do so: perseverance and faith. Perseverance is knowing challenges are going to come your way, and tackling them head on each and every single time. 


The backbone of perseverance is a big why. When your journey isn’t just about you or about how much money you’ll make, you’ll find a way lean into the fears, doubts and challenges. 


And when you are pulled by something greater than yourself you’ll rebound faster from those knockdowns and come back stronger than before. 


Faith is the second key component of successfully overcoming any obstacle you face. Whatever your belief system if you have faith in something greater than you that faith will help you stay strong. 


I’ve relied on my faith countless times, and surrendered to a higher power and trusted in that higher power to help me. And countless times it has!


When you have faith, and move persistently in the direction of your dreams in any area of your life from business to personal, you’ll find the motivation, drive and power to overcome any challenge that comes your way.


When you’re ready to harness your faith and your persistence join us at Ignite 2015! I’d love to see you there and to see you living a life on fire. 


Thank you for being a part of Life on Fire TV and we’ll see you on the next episode.




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 133 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re talking about one of the hottest topics around: podcasting. 


Obviously you know what podcasting is, but what if you wanted to have your own podcast? Do you know how to create and launch a podcast? Or what the potential pitfalls and the possible benefits of having your own show are? 


I’ll walk you through the fifteen steps necessary to launch your podcast, get your show off the ground and make it a smashing success. Learn from my mistakes and my wins so you can create a successful podcast, grow your audience, your client base and your revenue!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a video podcast? (7:40)
  • How I got over 15,000 organic, unpaid views of my show. (15:00)
  • The 3 S strategy: how to use it to create your podcast. (25:40)
  • What do 99% of my coaching clients have wrong in their business? (38:30)
  • How to choose the format of your podcast. (40:20)
  • And so much more!

I’ve learned a lot in the time since this show was first born and I’d like to share with you each step that has helped me go from our initial launch to being one of the top-ranked video podcasts on iTunes. 


Here are the steps:


1. Choose something you’re passionate about. 

Get in alignment with your purpose and your passion and create a show based on that. 


2. Define your outcome. 

Why are you doing this and what will you get out of it? What will you give your audience?


3. Research and model.

Go on iTunes and see who is doing what. Look at their logos, their descriptions and their categories. 


4. Define your ideal customer.

Who would you love to work with? That is your ideal customer and that is who you will target with your show.


5. What is your format?

Do you want to do interviews, Q&A’s, a scripted format, or a how-to? Depending on your format you may or may not choose video. 


6. What is your twist?

Before John Lee Dumas started Entrepreneur on Fire no one was doing a 7-day a week show. Everyone, including his mentors, told him he was crazy and it wouldn’t work. He proved them wrong. So what can you do that is unique and will add your own spin?


7. Get your gear.

You will need certain gear to make the audio great, so do some research on this. Even if you’re doing video you still need great audio because you can make two shows out of it: one of video and one of audio only. 


8. Produce your show.

Production is obviously very important. Your intro should frame for your listener what they’ll get out of the show and your outro should be a call to action. And your editing needs to be on point, if it doesn’t sound good people won’t listen!


9. Logo of your show.

You need to have an eye-catching logo and include a video icon in your description. If people see the video icon they’ll know you also have an audio version of your show (and you should) so they’ll look for that if they prefer audio. 


10. The technology.

If you’re doing audio only you’ll upload your podcast to Libsyn. But if you’re doing video you want to host your videos on Amazon S3 and post them on YouTube. Don’t host your videos on Libsyn.



11. Submit to iTunes.

Optimize your keywords for the best possible ranking. And be sure to answer your audience’s one burning question: What’s in it for me?


12. Launch strategy.

Have five episodes ready to go the day you launch and then release one a day for however many days you choose. After that go back to your normal schedule (once a week, twice a week, three times a week, etc). 


13. Marketing your show.

Have a subscribe and review contest, ask friends and family to participate and share your show. Get on other people’s podcasts and give value to their audiences so those people want to listen to you too. It’s a fast and simple way to reach more people.


14. Rise up the charts. 

Take advantage of being on New & Noteworthy your first 8 weeks. Get a high ranking in your category so it’s easier for people to find you.


15. YouTube marketing.

If you’re doing a video podcast you want to post it on YouTube as well. YouTube is the second-highest ranked search engine in the world so it’s an especially good source if you are creating a how-to podcast. 


I go into great detail on all of these steps on today’s show. I know it’ll help you launch a successful podcast so dive in and get to it! Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire TV!




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Super successful real estate entrepreneur, Cole Hatter, takes us inside his home and tells us his story of how he walked away from his business completely, only to come back even stronger after his journey of self-discovery!

Sometimes in life, no matter how well it appears things are going, we feel stuck.

We’re not always aware of it when we’re stuck, but Cole was.

He completely disengaged from a thriving real estate business and left the country for 10 straight months to embark on what became a life-changing self-discovery journey.

Upon deciding to leave, he had no idea the next 10 months would reshape his entire life.

It was a journey of selfless giving to others who have impoverished lives and living situations. In return, he gained the clarity which lead to him propose to the love of his life, build a business that brings in more money than he’s ever made, start a family, and give more than he’s ever given.

One of the huge pieces that helped Cole stay focused was accountability, and surrounding himself with people who would hold him accountable to living up to his potential and following through on his commitments.

Another secret of his is finding quiet time to plan and think through your decisions.

“You are where you are today because of the decisions and mindset you had yesterday.”

From there, we hit on purpose, which is the main focus of everything Cole is doing right now. He sums it up with a great quote. “You’re not supposed to just survive. You’re not supposed to figure out a job that pays your bills so you can have an ‘okay’ lifestyle.”

Next, on the topic of marketing, for someone who is looking to get better at speaking Cole has a great tip by following his 20/20/60 rule. Assume 20% of your audience is not connecting with you and you won’t win them over, 60% like you, and the other 20% love you. Speak to the 20% who love you.

And, on the 4th and final pillar of a life on fire, networking, Cole’s advice is “invest in relationships in any way you can”. You don’t always have to spend thousands of dollars to network with high-caliber people, but you do have to find a way to hear the messages of the influencers in your niche. In addition, he suggests eliminating the relationships with the “toxic” people in your life who are “emotional vampires”.

One of Cole’s last tips was his best, which is don’t be afraid of a “no”. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and by hearing no or being rejected it actually just means you’re in the same place where you started. So, never let that hold you back.

Thanks for watching!


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Cole’s Website 

Book: Start With Why by Simon Sinek 

Book: Simon Sinek Ted Talk 

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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 131 of Life on Fire TV. Today I’m helping you figure out how to quit your job now and prosper with purpose. 


Most of you tuning in are either entrepreneurs or wantrepreneurs (people who want to be entrepreneurs). This show is devoted you! Whether you want to leave your job or you simply want to find that thing that really lights you up, this show is for you. 


Today’s episode highlights the strategy I use to help my clients who are in the same spot you’re in. It’s the 3 S strategy and I’m going to share the story of my client PJ Dixon to show you how he quit his job and now prospers with purpose - and how you can do the same!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What PJ's story can teach you about living your life on fire. (1:50)
  • What is the 3 S strategy? (4:20)
  • What's one of the important aspects of finding your purpose? (12:40)
  • How community plays an impactful role in entrepreneurship. (22:00)
  • Why investing in yourself is so crucial to success. (25:50)
  • And so much more!

When I met PJ Dixon he had a corporate job and was spending up to 13 hours a day either at his job, going to his job or getting ready for his job. He was grateful for it, but he knew in his heart he was meant to do more. He had a purpose and he was determined to find it and create a life based on it.


During his one on one private coaching session with me, we used what I call the 3 S Strategy. We really dug into his life and helped him discover what it is that calls to him.


Let’s look at each of the S’s in the 3 S strategy PJ and I used to find his new business and his purpose:


1. The first S is story. What is your story? 


PJ and I went deep into his story: what were those moments in his life when he felt most alive and most inspired? You can ask yourself the same questions and answer this for yourself.


2. The second S is stance. What is your stance, what is your mission?


Once we dove into his story and looked at what makes him come alive, we had to define what it was about those moments that have been so powerful for him. What did he stand for in those experiences? When we answered that question we found his stance, his mission and his movement. 


3. The third and final S is strategy. How can you make your stance into a business?


This is where the rubber really meets the road, and where most people’s fears and limiting beliefs pop up. They did for PJ! We knew his story and his stance, but how could he take those two things and create a viable, thriving business from them? 


And when we did come up with the idea for his business that brought up his fears and limiting beliefs: was he really going to be able to support himself with this business? Would anyone pay him to do this for them? Would it, could it actually work?


The answer was yes! He started by working with clients one on one, gained some reps in the trenches with them and also gained social proof for his business. 


And when he attended my Ignite event in December of 2014, his business skyrocketed. He met people who referred their friends to him and his client list grew and grew. He had found his purpose and he was ready to quit his job, which is exactly what he did!


Today, because he was willing to invest his time and energy into his life and a new path for himself, he has a whole new future. 


You can have that too by implementing the 3 S strategy we talk about in this show, and by investing in your future with a coaching program and community like Life on Fire.


Listen in to hear all the details and much more on today’s show. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire TV!




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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 130 of Life on Fire TV. I’m super excited to share today’s show with you for two reasons: the first reason is this topic: it’s so critical to living a life on fire! And my second reason is my awesome guest: Michael O’Neal.


Today Michael and I are talking about hobbies and the important role they play in living a life on fire. If you don’t know Michael he’s the host of one of the best podcasts out there today: The Solopreneur Hour. Check it out here ( 


I brought him on the show because I recently decided to take up a hobby and I needed help in choosing one. Michael introduced me to the world of audio equipment and autocross racing; I’ve been hooked ever since! But this episode isn’t about me, it’s about what hobbies can do for YOU.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why are hobbies so important? (1:20) 
  • The balance outside interests will bring to your entrepreneurial life. (5:00).
  • Can a hobby ever make money for you? (8:00)
  • Why the journey is more important than the end goal. (9:30)
  • What losing my grandfather taught me about priorities. (12:05)
  • And so much more!

As entrepreneurs we can easily spend from dusk til dawn on our businesses, but if we add hobbies to our lives they give us an opportunity to gain perspective and add another kind of fulfillment. 


There are of course times when we have to be head down and completely focused on our entrepreneurial endeavors, but there are times when we can turn off our phones, our laptops and our tablets and spend some time on something that isn’t about business. 


One of the greatest advantages to being an entrepreneur or solopreneur is time freedom, doing what we want when we want. So why not take up a hobby and enjoy some of that freedom? Take an exercise class on a Tuesday at 3pm, practice the banjo on Thursdays over your noon hour. It’ll be good for your business and for your life!


The most successful businesses and entrepreneurs in the world are the ones who enjoy the journey, they have a destination in mind and are working towards it but they enjoy the process along the way. 


When we add hobbies to that journey we enrich ourselves and create more vibrant, fulfilling experiences as we enjoy the entrepreneurial journey. 



After you watch today’s show send us a Tweet and tell us what your hobbies are or what hobbies you’re interested in taking up. Thank you in advance for the Tweet and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire TV!

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Hey hey! Here we are again with another episode of Life on Fire TV. Thanks for being here and tuning in. Today we’re talking about webinars and the top 5 ways to market yours. 


I’ll give you the nuts and bolts of the five most effective tactics I’ve used to market my own webinars and my clients’ webinars. These strategies have generated millions of dollars in my own business, and in theirs. On episode 129 we dive into the details of these five tools.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to create a buzz with social media. (3:30) 
  • Why videos are so effective (5:00)
  • Why you need to help others, before asking them to help you. (8:30)
  • When and how to share your personal story. (10:35)
  • A technique that can generate 4x your ROI! (14:20)
  • And so much more!

Let’s get to ‘em!


5. Social media.

Social media is a great way to market your webinar because your audience can share it so easily with their people. It’s simple, it’s effective and when done right, will grow your audience.



4. Video.

This is the fourth option for marketing your webinars: video. Videos are great because they are easy to share, and you can provide a great deal of content about the actual webinar. In your video give your audience a quick summary of the what, the why, the how and the what’s next about your webinar.


3. Joint ventures.

Joint ventures are partnerships, and when you use this technique to market your webinar you need to think about them from that perspective. 


There are specific ways to create tremendous value using joint ventures - and there things to avoid doing when using this tactic! Who you chose as well as how you approach them are critical components. 


On this episode I cover both of those points in detail to set yourself up for success using joint ventures to market your webinars. 


2. Email.

There are really two reasons to use email to market your webinars: to build excitement and buzz about the webinar and then to follow up after the webinar. 

One key point to remember is to provide value throughout the entire email process, beginning to end. You always want to be giving to your audience!


1. Facebook ads.

This is the top way to market your webinar. There’s a lot of versatility with Facebook ads: you can upload your own email list to create a custom audience, and you can reach new people with Facebook ads. 


On this episode I share details on how to use Facebook ads that has the potential to generate a four-fold return on your investment!


Check that out and much more on today’s show. 


And when you’re ready to dive in even deeper check out our webinar training page here too! It’s a completely free resource we’re providing for you that gives you all of the details we talk about on today’s show, plus much more. 


Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire TV!




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