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Here to answer one of the questions we should all ask when starting a new business, “How will I scale and grow the business?” is entrepreneur and founder of A Human Project, Wesley Chapman!


First, there’s automation.  If there is any way to package what you deliver into a replicable process, such as recording a training as a series of videos, that allows the customer to consume the training at their convenience.  


Next, comes leveraging other people’s content.  If there are other people in your niche or other companies who can provide resources and solutions to your customers, perhaps partnering with that person makes sense.  (Similar to a “supplier” relationship, if you’re in a business with physical products.)


Another great tip is to make yourself more accessible in more places.  For instance, if you have a video blog, why not start a YouTube channel?  Why not start a podcast and get your content on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher Radio, and more?  


And, finally, what about people?


For Wes, what he found was when you are perfectly aligned with your passion, and you are communicating that out to the world, you will find others who share your passion and want to be a part of what you’re doing.


Don’t keep your mission a secret!  Let other people know what you’re doing so they can help you make it happen, even faster! 


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