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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 193 of Life on Fire. You’ve heard the saying: “You’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” But what do you do if you want to change who those 5 people are? How do you find positive, support and encouraging people who are up to big things in the world like you are?

One place to find people like that is the Life on Fire movement. Rather than talk to you about the benefits, today’s show is a highlight reel direct from our members. You’ll hear from six different people about what they’ve gotten out of being part of the Life on Fire movement. From community to support to actually achieving goals they’ve set, each person has something to share about the contribution this community has made to their lives

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • Why Life on Fire is more than just a cool name!
  • How has this movement helped people be more productive?
  • The power of taking action with the support of others, and why it matters.
  • The larger your network, the larger your what?
  • And so much more!

To really find out what’s happening within the Life on Fire movement you’ll hear directly from people like Calvin Wayman. Calvin says Life on Fire has helped him find his gifts and find what he had to share with the world. According to him, the weekly calls are the tangible things that keep him in action. Those calls help him set goals, and keep commitments to himself: the weekly calls keep him accountable and in action!

Calvin says life on fire is more than just a cool name, it's a movement! It's people getting together and creating something bigger than themselves. It's a community coming together to create a life on fire and create something bigger than they would ever create on their own.

Idris has found the focus on action to be particularly helpful to him. He loves the training Life on Fire provides through calls and videos: “…you can put it into action in your life. If you want to be productive this will get you there!”

For Peter, he is grateful to be a part of like-minded people who are connecting, growing, evolving and having fun! He says the group impacts the world around them and as a result, they are able to generate change and wake people up.

He is “…grateful to have met Nick and Megan and the Life on Fire team, and to be a part of something bigger than myself." Peter recommends joining the Life on Fire movement If you’re wanting to connect with a community where you will feel support, and you want to grow and evolve as an individual.

Carlos joined for similar reasons. He wanted to be a part of like-minded entrepreneurs, but it's the community that keeps him coming back. He says, "The community of Life on Fire is really open and everyone is on that same journey. For me that connection with the people has been amazing." This group has helped him get down to the nitty-gritty of what needs to be done in his business and what he needs to learn in his industry.

Ben is another member of the Life on Fire movement who also raves about the connection and the network expansion the group provides. His investment in this group has been 10x by the return he's gotten! For him it's been about the connection, the people as well as the tools and resources he’s received by being a part of the group. And he has been using all of those pieces to build his network because Ben reminds us “…the larger your network the larger your net worth.”

Whether you’re looking to grow your network and your net worth like Ben, have more accountability and support like Calvin or simply be a part of a group committed to changing their world like Peter, you’ll get it out of the Life on Fire movement. Check out today’s episode for a few more testimonials, and then pop over to Life on Fire to join us!


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 192 of Life on Fire. Productivity is an essential piece of getting more out life, and creating your own life on fire. To help you become more productive, I’m offering a double your productivity challenge. And on this show I’ll be detailing the how and the why!

Specifically I’ll lay out the benefits of joining this challenge and how it will transform you and your life in 30 days. Listen in to also find out more about the tribe you’ll be a part of when you participate and the awesome incentives planned for you! 

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What is one of the main benefits of this challenge? (1:20)
  • How participating will reframe your old, unrealized new year’s resolutions. (3:20)
  • Why does community matter to this challenge and to your productivity? (3:50)
  • How to get more done in 5 days than you normally would in 5 weeks! (7:00)
  • And so much more!

One of the reasons I’m doing this challenge to double your productivity is because I know if you are listening to this show or watching this podcast it’s because you want to get the most out of your life. You won’t settle for mediocrity, you want more and you’re willing to go after it.

In all the work I’ve done with entrepreneurs, business owners and employees, I’ve found that when we aren’t our most productive selves we feel drained. We feel stressed and unhappy. But when we can be in our zone more often and get more done, we naturally feel happier and more confident in every area of our lives (not just our work).

Another benefit to being more productive, in addition to being happier and more confident, is you will learn to communicate with yourself better. You’ll learn to motivate yourself to do what needs to be done, no matter what. You’ll find you get more done in less time; your relationships will be better because you have more time for them, more energy for them and more of your own happiness to share with them. Believe it or not you’ll also get more done in less time and make more money!

Now that you know the benefits, let’s look at what the challenge actually consists of. There will be  a one hour call every single week, a live call you can join. If you can’t make it to the live call there will be a recording of it. You’ll be able to hear the replay within 4 hours.

So to get the most out of this challenge you simply need to show up for the call every week for 30 days, either live or on the recording.

When you listen you’ll hear me share exactly how to double your productivity and live your life on fire. I will teach you our goal-setting method based on our very own proprietary technology. This is not the normal goal-setting you’ve been taught! This type of goal-setting helps you get clear on what you want, and then helps you go out and get it. This goal-setting helps you build the habit of knowing what you want with clarity and certainty and then going out and getting it.

You’ll also be participating in an amazing community of others dedicated to doubling their productivity. You’ll have support from people from all walks of life: athletes, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, etc.

And last but certainly not least are the perks! Just for joining you’ll receive a Life on Fire t-shirt, a car decal and a wristband. You’ll also get a Life on Fire perks card for discounts at participating retailers. And when you participate you’ll get raffle tickets for a chance to win awesome prizes, including a cruise!

As an added bonus we will take 10% of the gross revenue generated by this challenge and put it towards our Pay It Forward movement. As a group we will go out, on camera, and do random acts of kindness. Our mission is to help you live your life on fire, and to change our collective world.

So while you build the habit of doubling your productivity, being happier, and having more momentum in your life, you’ll also be giving back to your community, supporting others and having a chance to win great prizes! Listen in for more details on episode 192 of Life on Fire, and then join us.


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 191 of Life on Fire. Would you like to do twice as much in less time? Of course you would! And that’s exactly what today’s episode is devoted to: being more productive. I’ve picked the top 7 steps to doubling your productivity.

On this show you’ll find out what each step is, why it’s important and how to implement it. When you take action on these 7 steps not only will your productivity in your business and career improve so will the other areas of your life. So tune in and check out these 7 steps to double your productivity and reignite your life on fire.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you shouldn't check your email first thing in the morning. (1:00)
  • What is one of the fastest ways to drain your productivity and your spirit? (3:05)
  • What is Parkinson's Law and why is it important to know? (3:30)
  • What is the root of procrastination? (5:40)
  • Why taking more free time and not LESS is key to being more productive. (11:55).
  • And so much more!

In keeping with today’s theme of being more productive let’s not waste any time and jump right into the 7 steps, working backwards from 7.

7. Conquer your email.

Do you check your email first thing in the morning? Has it ever wrecked your morning or even the rest of your day when you have? Stop doing it! I have and it’s been a fantastic way to get more done and stay focused.

Now I only check email twice per day, and for most of us this is possible. Rather than checking in often set up an away message that says “In the spirit of giving 110% to my clients I will be checking my email twice per today at 10am and 4:30pm.”

You’ll be amazed at how much more productive and effective you are. It’ll also help you get down to Inbox Zero!

6. Batching.

Parkinson's law states that anything you do will take as much time as you allot it. So if you decide a presentation you have to make is going to take 3 months to create it will take you 3 months to create it.

If you decide it will take you a day it will take you a day!

So take your tasks and clump them together, this is called batching. Group together all of your tasks that are similar and do them in the same chunk of time. For example if you have to be on the phone with appointments do them back to back to back.

My schedule is set up this way: Monday is coaching calls all day. Tuesday is a team call and then copywriting, or other creative tasks. Wednesday I’m on coaching calls again and Thursday I make videos like this one!

Try batching, it’s what I’ve used to get more done in less time.

5. Make faster decisions.

If there is one thing that kills productivity it is making slow decisions. Often people get stuck because they are afraid of making the “wrong” decision. But in reality if you simply make a decision know that you have the control to make it the right one. Keeping that in mind practice making faster decisions, you won’t be making a wrong one.

To get started try this the next time you go to a restaurant: make your decision in less than a minute! Doing so will start to train your mind to make fast decisions.

4. Disable notifications.

Turn these off! All of those notifications tug on your brain. And then you’ll get wrapped up in either checking those notifications or thinking about them.

Instead turn off your notifications, even your text messages while you’re working. And then schedule time in your calendar to go on social media. It’ll give you more free time and more freedom!

3. Eating the frog.

This is a strategy I learned from Brian Tracy, but it’s not about actually eating a frog! All this phrase means is to do the hardest thing first, the thing that will make the biggest impact on your business. Go after it first thing in the morning, get it done and you’ll have more accomplished than if you procrastinated doing it.

Be a finisher!

2. Calendar everything.

The day I turned pro is when I started calendaring everything. And I mean everything: calendar when you’ll check you email, your social media, your frog-eating time, and your other tasks too.

When everything is on your calendar it makes it easier to get everything done. And because you'll know when you can schedule something it’ll be easier to make decisions, make commitments and find more free time for your life outside of your work.

You should even calendar that - calendar your free time. I know it’ll change a lot for you, it has for me!

1. Take more free time.

Speaking of free time the #1 tip to doubling your productivity is to take more of it.

That sounds counterintuitive right? But if you keep pushing and pushing at something, it doesn't make your more effective or productive…it only tires you out more.

Instead come back to that task or that issue when you are fresh mentally and physically because you can put your best efforts in and get more done in a fraction of the time. Think about the last time you went on vacation: what was it like before you went? You were super productive right? You were - because you wanted to enjoy your vacation.

So why not schedule fridays off if you’re an entrepreneur and can do that? Make sure your weekends are blocked off, whether or not you can take Fridays off too.

When you schedule your free time it changes everything: you will come back replenished and more productive as a result. Your tank will be fully again and you’ll be ready to tackle your work week head on.

So take this on as another challenge: take your work week and remove a part of it, replace it with something fun! Treat yourself and reward yourself with that free time: go to the beach, get a massage, etc.

The brand Life on Fire is about living your life, and that means being successful, being happy and enjoying your journey and loving your life.

These 7 steps are just the tip of the iceberg. To turn this into a habit join us on our double your productivity challenge: we have a big community and a tribe participating. These are all folks like you who want to be the best versions of themselves, they want to excel at their business and operate at the next level.

in this group challenge we're doing live training sessions. The sessions are designed to help you reprogram your mindset and how you think so by the end you are in the zone!

What happens is we will help you create a habit out of these productivity steps. This challenge will take place over 30 days, and offers group accountability as well as prizes and giveaways too! Throughout the process of this challenge you'll build the habit of doubling your productivity, being happier, having more progress and momentum in your life.

For the details on all of that and more check out episode 191 of Life on Fire


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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 190 of Life on Fire. As an entrepreneur you know the meaning of hard work - but are you rewarding yourself for that hard work? Most entrepreneurs are not, and until recently I didn’t either.

On today’s show I’ll be talking about my recent reward: a Dodge Viper, and a recent Life on Fire list activity Megan and I did that was a memory we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives. When you watch this episode you’ll understand why I’m encouraging you to make rewards, hobbies and having fun a bigger priority in your life and why doing so is the fuel to refill your entrepreneurial tank. It’s all part of the fun of episode 190 of Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • Buying a Dodge Viper was the reward for achieving what goal in my business?
  • Why having a Life on Fire list isn’t the same as a bucket list.
  • What’s the best way to refuel your entrepreneurial tank?
  • When do you grow the most?
  • And so much more!


Recently I had set a goal for the Life on Fire business of reaching $1 million in revenue. And I created the reward of buying a Dodge Viper when we hit that mark. Happily we reached it recently and my wife and I are now the proud owners of a Dodge Viper!

The reason I’m sharing that experience with you on today’s show is to highlight the importance of setting goals and rewarding yourself for achieving them. How often have you set a goal, or a milestone and then reached it - only to move on to the next thing? I’m sure you’ve done it, I certainly have. But I’ve learned it is important to refuel your own tank by rewarding yourself for achieving your goals.

And it’s equally important to create a life on fire list, it’s like a bucket list but not as morbid. With a life on fire list you aren’t checking things off your list before you die, you are checking things off your list as a part of embracing your life!

I’ll give you an example. My wife Megan and I recently took the Viper out to the race track for a weekend, it’s been on our life on fire list to do it.

We prepared for it - Megan practiced driving stick shift in a parking lot ahead of time - and then we went for it. We had a crazy first day on the track and had a blast. Even when we didn’t have a driving instructor with us like we thought we would, we still had fun. We raced on the regular track and also did some autocross on the second day. It was a blast!

In fact it was so much fun we think we’ve found a new hobby! We both work so hard but have made the commitment to take time to enjoy our lives fully. And that's why we have a life on fire list where we write down all the great things we want to do in our lifetimes.

A Dodge Viper and racing made the list because I have wanted a Dodge Viper since I was a child, and I’ve dreamt of being on a race track since I was a kid too! So I added both to my Life on Fire list, and set some goals to make those rewards from my list happen in.

Often it takes time to accumulate the cash to do things on your list, it did for us, so keep your rewards in your vision and go after your goals. When you work really hard you have to reward yourself, otherwise you feel like you are running on E. The reward is how you fill yourself up.

Now when we look at our Dodge Viper we can be so proud; there was so much blood sweat and tears that went into building LOF to get to the point of earning this car. And to have a weekend like this - our first weekend of racing - we will never forget this! We will remember it forever. Creating memories that will last a lifetime is what a life on fire list is all about.

So do the things that push you, do the things that scare you and get out of our comfort zone, that's what a life on fire is all about. When you're doing something outside of your comfort zone and doing something that scares you that's when growth happens - and that’s when you’re living a life on fire.

Check out all of that and more on episode 190 of Life on Fire.


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