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Go behind the curtain with us in this episode and listen in on one of our private group business coaching calls where I talk through how to land big clients using what I call the “anchor client strategy”.  Hear out how I used it to land one of the “sharks” from the hit TV show, Shark Tank and several more ideas and strategies one just this one call!


So, to start, what is an “anchor client”?  


The concept comes from the design of retail shopping centers.  Often their will be an “anchor” store such as a Target or Macy’s.  That is the main store that draws in buyers and the shopping center is then able to attract other retailers due to having the anchor store in place.


The same concept can be applied to your business.  


Think for a moment about your niche, and who the most influential names are.  Names that, if other people had heard you had done business with them, they would automatically assume you were an authority.


The approach you want to take is to reach out to that individual and offer tangible value.  It’s all about how you can help them and what’s in it for them at this stage.


In the past 30 days, I have used this strategy to open doors with Daymond John (from Shark Tank) and one of the most well-known names of all time in the personal development space, Brian Tracy.


From there we shift gears to talk about Brendon Burchard’s Facebook marketing insights that I learned from Joe Polish’s $25,000 Genius Network event!


Brendon dominates on Facebook, sitting at over a million Likes.  


Some highlights of his strategy includes 4 status updates per day, as well as having an “evergreen” marketing funnel, recycling his previously posted Facebook content (along with curating other people’s content), and strategically buying other Facebook pages!


One of the massive takeaways from that mastermind what the higher level of thinking that comes from simply being in that environment and being around people who think big.


Then, we bring on one of our top coaching clients, Firestarter Elite, Valerie Shoopman,  dives into brand building using the anchor client strategy, adding value while networking, and our book project!


So much stuff packed into one coaching call!


And, one challenge to leave you with…


Make a list of 5 potential anchor clients in your niche, and go after the biggest, most impressive, most intimidating one TODAY!


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Want to know how to start and run a $75,000,000 company, and how that success can allow you give back?  


Today we’ve got a very special guest on the show who has done just that through his company, Petretti & Associates, and the organization Pencils of Promise.


Larry Petretti has spent his entire adult life in the contraction business.  He started at the bottom and worked his way up to running a $50 million dollar company as CEO, then in 2010 started his own company.


When Larry started his company, he had a clear philosophy, “We were never looking to be the biggest.  I told the boys, let’s be the best.”


“Exceptional service.  Period. That’s it.”, is how Larry treats all of his clients.


One key to the success of Larry’s company was that he was incredibly specific about his niche and value proposition. He wasn’t taking on any and all construction projects.  He wanted to do corporate interiors for fortune 500 companies.


Many people have heard the term, “success leaves clues”.  Narrowing your niche is a common theme with successful people.


Another clue we can take from Larry is that he spends about 75% of his time meeting with clients and potential clients, which is the highest and best use of his time.


Way too many entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs waste 80, 90, or even 100% of their time in lower-level activities like managing email or doing technical work that could be delegated to someone else.


It’s actually very simple to determine what you should do in your business and what you should delegate.  You should do what ONLY you can do.  Everything else should be delegated.


After having been in business for quite some time, and having been approached for all kinds of fund raising activities, Larry was introduced to Pencils of Promise.  


And, after meeting the people who ran the organization, he gave them the largest donation they had ever had at that time, $1,000.


This was eye-opening for Pencils of Promise and completely changed the way they looked at fund raising.


Fast forward to today, as we shot this interview, we’re sitting in Guatemala with Larry meeting the children we have committed to help and seeing the schools we have committed to build, and for Larry, that experience was one of the most touching and memorable of his life.


It is a rare experience to meet the recipients of your charitable donation face-to-face and to personally receive their gratitude, not to mention getting your hands dirty and actually helping with the mission.  


For Larry, and for us, that was the most impactful part of our experience as donors.


What an amazing inspiration Larry is, both as a business man and philanthropist! 


Interested in finding out how you can help?


Just go to for more info!


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We are honored and excited to share this special episode with you where we give you a sneak peek into how we’re giving back, through the organization Pencils of Promise, and building a school in Guatemala.


One of the things that massively fuels us as individuals and as a business is giving back.  


Last December we raised over $5,000 to purchase Kindle eReaders and donate them to foster teens to promote reading and entrepreneurialism and it was an amazing experience.


This year we are raising the bar and have pledged $25,000 to build a school through the organization Pencils of Promise in Guatemala.  


We experience, first hand, the difference of in the quality of the school we are helping to build vs. the existing structures and see how much better and more conducive of a learning environment these children are going to have.


And, after immersing ourselves in the cause and the culture, and most importantly, spending time with the children in the community, words can’t describe the way it feels to know you’re making a difference at that level.


We hope the footage from this experience inspires you to find a way to give back and to think bigger.


Many of us are always trying to think bigger about what we can accomplish.  But, rarely do we think bigger about what we can do for others.


Challenge yourself.  Set a goal to give.  And, see it through.


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Host of the podcast, the Competitive Edge, Scott Britton, is back to teach us some of the secrets he uses to connect with highly influential people that are usually impossible to reach! 


First and foremost, Scott encourages you to recognize that influential people are busy and they often have a ton of people asking for their time.  


So, you have to meet them in a place where they aren’t getting bombarded by others, such as messaging them on Instagram, as an example.


Another great approach is to look at your knowledge, experience, and skill set and come up with ways you can add value for that person, even before you ever speak to them.  


For instance, we’ve had clients who have graphic design skills introduce themselves to high-level influencers by creating new social media cover images (for free) and giving them to the person.  


Scott saids, “The fastest way you can get where you’re trying to go is through people.”  That could be mentorship, coaching, networking connections, referrals to clients, you name it!


Scott’s words are a great reminder that the more relationships you have, and the more you give, the faster your connections and your business will grow!


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Here to answer one of the questions we should all ask when starting a new business, “How will I scale and grow the business?” is entrepreneur and founder of A Human Project, Wesley Chapman!


First, there’s automation.  If there is any way to package what you deliver into a replicable process, such as recording a training as a series of videos, that allows the customer to consume the training at their convenience.  


Next, comes leveraging other people’s content.  If there are other people in your niche or other companies who can provide resources and solutions to your customers, perhaps partnering with that person makes sense.  (Similar to a “supplier” relationship, if you’re in a business with physical products.)


Another great tip is to make yourself more accessible in more places.  For instance, if you have a video blog, why not start a YouTube channel?  Why not start a podcast and get your content on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher Radio, and more?  


And, finally, what about people?


For Wes, what he found was when you are perfectly aligned with your passion, and you are communicating that out to the world, you will find others who share your passion and want to be a part of what you’re doing.


Don’t keep your mission a secret!  Let other people know what you’re doing so they can help you make it happen, even faster! 


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One of the best ways to start, grow, and leverage your business and experience is to package and sell your knowledge.  Here are some great tips on how to get started!


If you’re brand new to your niche, then you need to start building your expert status by getting real customers and adding value for them.


You can coach, train, or provide services to anyone who meets your ideal client profile who knows less than you.


A great step to take when starting out is to seek out an anchor client.  An anchor client is someone highly recognizable and influential in your niche.


Getting that real-life experience is what gives you the information you can package into a product, training, report, and so on.


Once you have a compelling story and the results to back it up, another great step is to seek out the top blogs in your industry and offer to write a guest blog post.


Posting on other popular blogs is likely to get you out there much faster than just posting on your own. 


So, how do you “package” your information?


That can be a short series of videos, audios, and downloadable report that you give away in exchange for an email opt-in, or other program that you sell.


When creating a training course, one great method is the “build as you go” model.  What that means is you can create an outline of what the course will include, offer it for sale, gather your sales over a short period of, say, 10-30 days, and then begin delivering your training live.


You record the live sessions using something like GoToWebinar, and those recordings become your product that you can later sell to others.


This prevents you from getting stuck in the product creation phase.


A great “value proposition” goal to have when creating a product is knowing that you have the ability to help your customers generate a 10 times return on their money.  So, if your product costs $1,000, you want to be confident they can generate at least $10,000 of revenue within a reasonable period of time.


When you’ve got this formula dialed in, the sky is the limit!


This topic can easily get detailed, fast.


So, we’ve put together an even deeper dive where you can learn how to launch a product, brand or coaching program within 90 days that we’re going to teach, LIVE!


Register for free by going to!


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On the hot seat with us today is A-list entertainment reporter and editor-in-chief of Risen Magazine, Kelli Gillespie Richardson, here to talk interview tips and how to give a great interview for a podcast, article, video show and more!


Kelli’s journey started out right out of college when she knew she wanted to break into the media field.


What started opening doors for her first was her willingness to work harder than others and do what others were unwilling to do, such as begin the first ever intern on the Morning Show, simply because nobody prior to her was willing to get up that early!


Many times we assume the things that separate the ultra successful, top achievers from the rest of society is that they were willing to go leaps and bounds beyond what others were willing to give, and it’s always interesting to find out that it doesn’t always require miles and miles of extra effort.  Sometimes it’s just about working hard and going that extra inch, like Kelli did.


Her drive and passion to pursue a career in media has lead to a 12-year career in entertainment reporting and having interviewed nearly every big-name celebrity entertainer you can think of!


When it comes preparing for an interview, knowing as much as possible about her guests in advance allows her to be confident in approaching the interview and it shows that she respects the person for taking the time to learn about their project or background.


Another solid interviewing tip from Kelli for traditional media, podcasting, you name it, is to know where you hope the interview will go in advance, but to be open to it going a completely different direction.


When working through how to interview someone, one of the biggest rookie mistakes Kelli sees is simply not listening to the person.  It’s easy to get nervous or to always try to think of the next thing you want to say, which can pull your awareness away from the person you’re there to focus on.


Kelli’s tip on how to get those hard to get interviews is two fold:


1.  Longevity demonstrates that you are someone worth talking to.  The more interviews you have done or the longer your publication or podcast has existed, the more respect that typically offers you.


2.  Do your homework on the person.  Find out what they have going on. Do they have a new book, a new program, product, or event that they want to get the word out about?  Those can be great opportunities to get an interview with high-level influencers.


And, finally, for Kelli, when working with the top celebrities in the world, one of the things that helps keep her grounded and focused is her spirituality.


When you are serving out a higher purpose, whether that’s through spirituality or charity work, and so on, living for something that is bigger and outside of you creates what for many is essentially a mission they are on in life.


Great advice, Kelli!


Can honing or stepping up your interview skills open more doors and lead to more great things for you and your business?  


Take the first step today and watch what happens!


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Live with us today is Instagram expert, Sue Zimmerman, to give us her tips on how to use Instagram for business!


Using Instagram for business can be a fantastic strategy, if you follow Sue’s proven method!


So, why Instagram?


For Sue, when she implemented in her brick and mortar business, she saw a 40% increase in sales!  


Instagram is one of the newest, hottest social media platforms, and it is still in it’s growth stage (which is where some of the best opportunities lie).


If you’re new to Instagram, here are three great tips from Sue on how to market on instagram:


1.  Make sure you build out a full and relevant bio, including your keywords that relate to your business.


2.  Make sure you have a great hashtag strategy.  You can use up to 30 hashtags (not to say that you need that many).  And, when doing so, it’s important that you use them in the secondary comments, not the initial comments.


3.  Have a photo posting strategy.  For example, when we recorded this episode with Sue, she wanted to take a screenshot of her and a screenshot of me so that she could combine them into one photo and share that on Instagram.  


Great tips, Sue!


Get your instagram marketing strategy started today!


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A virtual telesummit can be a fantastic way to get your list started, make high-level contacts within your niche, and instantly become an authority on your topic!  In this episode we’re going to break down how to create a virtual telesummit!


So, what is a virtual telesummit?


Essentially, it is a series of typically 15-30 recorded (or live) interviews with experts on a related topic, bundled into one package that customers can purchase (or receive for free, depending on your model).


The best place to start when planning is with your anchor speaker.  This is going to be a highly influential person in your niche.  


The key to securing your anchor speaker is there has got to be something in it for them.  Perhaps they are allowed to promote or sell on their interview, where others may not be.


Another significant factor in “looking the part” is you have to have great graphic design.  


Your design is one way speakers are going to judge whether they are interested in participating if they don’t know you.


As you’re securing your speakers, you want to select a monetization model.  


For our summit, we are choosing not to charge for the speaker content.  Instead, we are creating an additional bundle of fantastic products from us and other speakers, worth over $10,000, and we are selling that product for $97.  Every penny of which will be going to charity!


For us, and perhaps for you as well, when we making it about charity and about fundraising, it creates a far bigger purpose than just making it about ourselves.


Your goal should be to create the biggest “buzz” possible around your summit.  That can happen from your own efforts, the efforts of your speakers and affiliates promoting, and in our case, we are going to promote the fundraiser on the platform Indiegogo, which is a well-known crowdsourcing platform.


Most entrepreneurs approach situations and decisions with a “what’s in it for me” attitude.  


However, when you approach a project like how to create a virtual telesummit, and you ask yourself, what’s in it for the speakers?  What’s in it for the charity?  What’s in it for the customers who purchase the course?  


Suddenly, you have a very different perspective on how to approach the entire project and plan.  


And, that’s what it’s all about.  How can you add value to others?


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Musician and rockstar turned Twitter guru and marketing strategist, AJ Amyx, joins us for a follow-up episode to teach us how to build relationships, a following, and your business using Twitter!


For AJ, where it all starts in business is helping and inspiring others to pursue their passions.


Many times we feel stuck in a job we’re not happy with, or simply unfulfilled with what it is we do for work each day, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


A bridge that AJ found to quickly connect with people, join conversations, and build relationships (and ultimately customers) was Twitter.


What’s unique about the Twitter community is that unlike most other social media platforms where conversations are private, Twitter conversations are intentionally public and when you join the conversation with something valuable to add, you are welcomed!


One question that often comes up is how do I create meaningful, valuable content in only 140 characters?


AJ’s recommendation is start to think like a journalist.  View your tweets as headlines that are there to motivate someone to click your link to a longer article, post, etc..


Another common question that comes up is, since people are there to connect with other people, what percentage of the time do you weave in personal content or information?  


AJ’s tweets are about 5-10% personal (which are still related to his overall content strategy), and 90-95% his core content strategy.


Next, we’ve heard a common theme over and over again, when it comes to establishing relationships with influential people in your niche, which is to GIVE first.


On Twitter, that couldn’t be easier.  All you have to do is share or retweet pieces of their content that you like!


Direct messages, are they still relevant on Twitter?


Absolutely!  But, you have to use them in a genuine and “human” way.  Nobody wants a spammy auto response direct message to go buy something, etc..  


Using direct messages the way they were intended is a fantastic way to connect with people!


As AJ points out, “It’s all about relationships.”  And, Twitter is arguably the best social media relationship-building platform available.


One of the biggest opportunities we see on Twitter is the ability to advertise.  


Historically, new platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook went through a period of coming into their own with regard to advertising.  Twitter is approaching that tipping point.


So, how do you get started on Twitter if you don’t have a lot of time?


As AJ mentioned in his last episode with us, your graphic design is hugely important when it comes to how you and your brand are perceived.  So, make sure you have good design, a good photo of you, a great bio, and start building a history of tweets with high value content.


And, a final thought from AJ:


“Figure out what is your stance, and then buy into it that you are literally born to liberate somebody.”


That’s it! Go!  Liberate!


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Back to share some more marketing wisdom with us today is marketer and Twitter expert, AJ Amyx, to talk branding your social media and leveraging the “virtual real estate” the main social platforms provide!


Virtual real estate?




Your YouTube cover, Facebook cover, Twitter, and so on, those are all tiny little pieces of virtual real estate which you essentially own for your name or brand.


Think of those as virtual billboards.


When you think of it that way, it starts to make a lot of sense to advertise and create congruent branding across the various platforms, right??


One thing that often gets overlooked when we put our marketing hats on is that on social media people are still looking to connect with another human.  


So, put yourself in your brand.  Use imagery where you’re looking them in the eye.


Don’t have a huge budget for photography?


AJ has a great tip! Seek out photography students at a local college.  They often have access to high-end equipment and software, and would be happy to get paid anything at all to take photos!


When it come to generating ideas, look to model other pages in your niche or industry you like and pull from the different styles you see to create something that is unique to you.


We’ve quoted this before and we’ll probably quote it again, “In 2014, your graphic design matters more than your copy.”  So, definitely don’t skimp in this area.


And, one last idea you can consider is systematically changing your design.  


As an example, once a week we update our Facebook cover photo to highlight our newest “Firestarter of the Week”.  


Is there something in your business you could change or highlight on a regular basis??


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On the line today is none other than social media icon, and New York Time Best Selling Author of the “how-to” social media book, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”, Gary Vaynerchuk, to talk details on how to crush it on his favorite platform, Twitter!


We start off asking the question, “Why Twitter?”


For Gary, that was an easy one.  He says Twitter is the one place where we can get consumer’s points of view for free and not pay for data and we can action on these points of view, such as joining a conversation, and you’re welcomed rather than shunned for joining.


One challenge Gary points out (which is a great tip if you can be patient) is that Twitter is a long-term play.  If you try to move too quickly before you’ve built rapport and added value you aren’t likely to see success on the platform.  


As Gary points out, you can’t just throw “right hooks” (which is to take or ask), you have to throw jabs first (which is to give or provide value).


In Gary’s opinion, Twitter is the only true social media platform as it is predicated on community and conversation, as opposed to a platform like Facebook which is all “push” driven.


When it comes to establishing your account, Gary highly recommends using your own name, rather than your brand or company name.


Gary’s recommendation for how to get in the game on Twitter is to go to and just find people who are talking about your topic.  The key though, is again, the “jabs”.  You can’t just go straight at people with your sales pitch.


Gary sums it up well with a great analogy.  “Twitter is a cocktail party.  You don’t go to a cocktail party and deliver a presentation.”


It’s about connecting and building relationships.


When it comes to searching, you have to search what people are actually going to say, like “drinking a smoothy” or “hitting the gym” vs. just “smoothy” or “exercise” where you may get a lot of unrelated content or spam.


Another tip Gary shares is to weave what is trending into your content (without overdoing it, of course).


So much great Twitter feedback packed into one episode!


Gary, you rock!


To get a free copy of Gary’s book, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World” (just pay the shipping) go to!


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Joining us today is Life on Fire Elite-level coaching client and network marketer, Jeremy Batt, to share his story of corporate financial success, financial rock bottom, and his rise to 6-figures in network marketing!


Many people who desire success assume the path to achieve it is a straight line.  However, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth for virtually all entrepreneurs.


Jeremy got his start working up the corporate latter to the point that he was making good money, but the work and the long hours were making him completely miserable.


One day something snapped in him, and he knew he needed to make a change.


His first step was buying a gym.  He loved the work, the hours were still long, but, unfortunately, the financial prosperity wasn’t there.  So, in some senses he went from bad to worse.


It was right around that time that Jeremy was introduced to network marketing.  Like many, he was skeptical at first.  However, when he started using the product himself, others were interested in buying it and using it, and it was actually helping people, that was what told him he was headed in the right direction.


Having confidence in the value he was providing is what allowed him to get behind the product.


From there it was about building and growing.  


Jeremy’s big takeaway with how he’s grown is that he tries to meet people where they are.  


If someone isn’t interested in building a network marketing business, but they are interested in being healthy and getting in better shape, then that’s conversation he has.  


Conversely, if someone is interested in making a little extra money, or a lot of extra money, then THAT’S the conversation he has.  Therefore, he avoids ending up in the conversions that many network marketers find themselves in where they are trying to push something on someone that they don’t want.


One great issue Jeremy tackles is how do you deal with the “no’s” and rejection that comes along with being an entrepreneur?


For him, the solution was adopting the mindset that they value he brings and the solutions he offers, they aren’t about him.  It’s about helping other people and realizing that not every person you approach is going to want or see a need for your solution.


The big takeaway there is reframing how you feel about getting a “no”.  You have a choice of how you want to let that affect you, and Jeremy has figured out how to look at it perfectly.


And, one of the last great nuggets Jeremy leaves us with is a reminder to remain humble and to give to others, whether that be with your time, your talents, money, whatever you can.  


Great stuff, Jeremy!


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