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How can you not be inspired by John Lee Dumas’s story?  To launch out of NOWHERE and become a 7-figure podcaster in under 18 months?  We’ve got his journey, and it’s truly remarkable.


John welcomed us into his sweet San Diego crib, right on the water, where he records and produces his podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, featuring inspirational and motivational interviews from top entrepreneurs 7 days a week.  


We even saw what’s in his fridge!


And, then the fun really began when he told us his whole story of how he went from not even being an entrepreneur, being employed at a typical job, to finding a mentor, getting guidance and coaching, trusting his gut, and launching what had never been done before…


A 7-day a week podcast, which defied the beliefs of even the mostly highly respected experts as he went on to absolutely CRUSH it with his show.


We know you’ll love this interview!


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